Iron & Wine - Godless Brother In Love Lyrics

Godless brother in love
You might as well
Lay down that rose
And fold the flag

She is money and tabs
That broken freedom in
See her big children burning rags
By the riverside

You can hear them on the hilltop laughing
Cursing every bird in the air
Telling her what fun they're having
Driving eyes closed

Godless brother
As far as I can tell
And I won't compensate the blight

She looks lovely
As lightning all
But what the hell

Her big kids all run down the road
With no memories at all

And you can hear them on the hilltop laughing
Cursing every bird in the air
Telling her what fun they're having
Driving eyes closed

Godless brother in love
You might as well
Lay down that rose

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Iron & Wine Godless Brother In Love Comments
  1. Joel Middaugh

    This song is about gold diggers and the fools who fall for them. Don't forget that.

  2. R C

    I see the annual hipster retreat went off without a hitch

  3. Jacob Jones

    What's all the hate for the video. Just watch it as it is and don't feel so compelled to compare and contrast to some media archetype. Doing that is way more lame than the video.

  4. Austin Hall

    The video is way too hip.

  5. Anthony Michael

    this guy has never written a bad song...wonderful.

  6. Banana Cheerio Writing

    Honestly, I wish I could do stuff like this with my friends. I would love ot do things like this and just enjoy life with them all by my side. I don't think any of my friends would ever do this though and that makes me so sad...


    Well, I can remember having these kind of afternoons and evenings and nights and early mornings with my friends, and those memories are worth more than gold.

    You know what? You could take it upon yourself to make these things happen. Go out, drive, take a bus, stay at home and hang around a couple of couches and play some sweet music. Play music together if you can. Call each other, and get it going.

    Maybe it's exactly what they need in their lives as well. If not, go into the night and find other people who do.
    Just don't wait for it to happen.


    Banana Cheerio Writing

    This was absolutely beautiful! Sadly, I have to wait so that I can finish school ; ^ ;@RaelWander


    this is just paid models walking infront of a camera... dont let that get in the way of your reality though.

    Josh Amsdill

    indeed :'(

  7. Salim Öztürk

    Allahsız birader aşık oldu????

  8. DoctorTastybeaver

    Listen to it with rainymoods.

    Banana Cheerio Writing

    +DoctorTastybeaver This is so beautiful, thank you so much for this!

  9. Diana Hadzega

    Its beautiful and I love is for everyone young and old!

  10. James Schollum

    0:26 is quite possibly the most beautiful girl I've ever seen

    Moritz Huettich

    Yeah man, she's definitely got the symmetry going, doesn't she?

  11. Christopher Liando

    These are the kind of people who got 25k+followers on Instagram.


    Ha.. yes, the irony..

  12. Enrique Garceran

    America y Simon and Garfunkel


    The music video is just ridiculously lame. good song though.

  14. barney906

    Love the song from 1:36 onwards...its like the Beach Boys suddenly walked into the studio

  15. Matthew Bond

    Either good troll or complete moron...

  16. 77woltman

    I havent checked out the latest Iron & Wine yet and will see them in a few weeks since they're playing where I work. Loved it 10 yrs back, have to say each successive album is less & less interesting. & I couldnt even HEAR this song because the images flashing before my eyes obliterated all else going on in my brain. Should he have got into hard drugs & bought a drum machine? I dont know, but this crap is all suckege, sad... (at the show) Hey Sam Beam Play some Woman King!

  17. Bishal Basnet

    there are still some artists who do not make music for robots

  18. ;askoefj

    1.58 seems a tad... well... pornographic?

  19. Sam Hewitt

    Beautiful, beautiful song

  20. Conor McNamara

    I totally support sam beam and the direction he's taken his music in but i wish he did this video himself instead. The video he did for southern anthem was fantastic and I didn't feel like i was just watching hipsters hanging out. He's got such a way with imagery, I would love to see another video he does personally,

  21. hippiebs

    Female armpit hair! I'm loving it! :}

  22. taylorb3321

    No, Urban Outfitters commercials are much sexier than this.

  23. P & D P

    Mmmjjgxz. !xc:;-) mlfaa1wep

  24. Jacob Dunn-Holle

    i don't know what anybody's problem is with the music video... The lyrics can be taken anyway, and nobody said it was political starting out of the gate. It could be interpreted as a song about several careless youth just as easily as it could be interpreted as a song about Iraq, the video is just one interpretation of the song, and a well-shot one at that. People need to lay off.


    Love Iron & Wine's soothing melody and vocal
    leave every thing behind and just listen to his songs!

  26. Wei Yee Lu

    Urgh. Beautifully shot, but really? Come on, Warner Brothers. Not every Iron and Wine fan is a head dress wearing hipster.

  27. Boo Radley

    Yentyl? Anyone?

  28. FreddyStewart12

    Iron and Wine always using Guitar but i love the Rhythm

  29. MattLaRiv

    0:09 The Fellowship of the Ring departs....

  30. MrTROYisLegend

    Hipsters paradise.

  31. MusicGoldCrown

    מדהים !!!

  32. krilla

    I saw him perform this live at the Jimmy Fallon show a few years ago. I won tickets to be down by the set. It was fucking amazing. I teared.

  33. Johnny Rosenkranz


  34. EyemJusSwell

    that is not even closed to 'super' hairy

  35. 9wyrd9

    they're supposed to look like hipsters. they're america's children...with no memories at all.

  36. west

    Absolutely beautiful music, and all you people can talk about is relating the video to advertisements. There is no fucking hope for you.

    SPOILER ALERT: your life is an advertisement for shittiness

  37. Michael Jacobson


  38. MrAbruer18

    I know, it's so surprising that an Iron and Wine video would have hipsters in it...

  39. acousticforlife8

    This song is wonderful and it's probably supposed to be about a simpler time but at 2:00 that chick has super hairy armpits.

  40. damasceno12

    @GreenGrassFotografia uma das bandas mais belas que eu já ouvi na minha vida

  41. aditistarr

    i always thought this song was called godless brother in law..

  42. OldJarrodGorbel

    Is this an advertisement for Urban Outfitters?

  43. launderground

    we love iron & wine.

  44. Tim Hogan

    I am shocked that the band would approve this. These are among the most amazing and heartbreaking lyrics I've ever heard, full of images of politicians with short memories and poor eyesight — yet they are reduced here to the soundtrack to a Levi's ad (as someone so aptly described it) with twenty-something fashion models. Music videos are barely relevant in the scheme of available content nowadays, but seriously, did anyone in the production crew bother interpreting this song? Lost opportunity.

    Josh Amsdill

    Are fucking kidding you pretentious fuckwit. this is clearly a song about a tender love between a man and a woman while an onlooker perceives the growing love and feels somber, yet still joyfully perceives it. get soem emotional depth before you even waste your time commenting on Iron and Wine.

  45. Monkey Records

    lovely thanks

  46. CA Van Zant

    Exactly, mijajfatal! Looks like a very fun weekend; brings back memories of similar times for me.

  47. noheijallu

    this is uploaded in october already, but why does it get publicity only now?

  48. Kevin Freeney

    Romance you could put on a hanger.

  49. meglocrush

    Kind of reminds me of a Levi's commercial. Nevertheless, the video is beautifully shot, the song is beautifully performed, and the whole thing makes me nostalgic for my youth.

  50. mijajfatal

    makes me want to hang out with you guys. :)