Iron Maiden - The Legacy Lyrics

Tell you a thing
That you ought to know
Two minutes of your time
Then on you go

Tell tale of the man
All dressed in black
That most of them
Not coming back

Sent off to war
To play little games
And on their return
Can't name no names

Some strange yellow gas
Has played with their minds
Has reddened their eyes
Removed all the lies

And strange as it sounds
Death knows no bounds
How many get well
Only time will tell
Only time will tell

You lie in your death bed now
But what did you bring to the table
Brought us only holy sin
Utter trust is a deadly thing

To the prayer of holy peace
We didn't know what was lying underneath
So how could we be such fools
And to think that we thought you knew the answer

I can't begin to understand in all the lies
But on your death bed I can see it in your eyes
Just as clear as all the sweat upon your brow
It really makes sense I can see it clearly now

Tangled up in a web of lies
Could have been a way to prophecies
Unaware of the consequence
Not aware of the secrets that you kept

Nothing that we could believe
To reveal the facade of faceless men
Not a thing that we could foresee
Now a sign that would tell us the outcome

You had us all strung out with promises of peace
But all along your cover plan was to deceive
Can it be put to rights now only time will tell
Your prophecies will send us all to hell as well

Left to all our golden sons
All to pick up on the peace
You could have given all of them
A little least

Take the world to a better place
Given them all just a little hope
Just think what a legacy
You now...will leave

We seem destined to live in fear
And some that would say Armageddon is near
But where there's a life while there's hope
That man won't self destruct

Why can't we treat our fellow men
With more respect and a shake of their hands
But anger and loathing is rife
The death on all sides is becoming a way of life

We live in an uncertain world
Fear understanding and ignorance is leading to death
Only the corpses are left
For vultures that prey on their bones

But some are just not wanting peace
Their whole life is death and misery
The only thing that they know
Fight fire with fire life is cheap

But if they do stop to think
That man is teetering right on the brink
But do you think that they care
They benefit from death and pain and despair

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Iron Maiden The Legacy Comments
  1. Joaquín Menutti

    0:24 Bruce Dickinson: "2 minutes of your time, then on you go"

    The song: *Lasts 9 minutes*

  2. jefferson airplaine

    Для воинов гладиаторов

  3. tanner lafollette

    Wtf is up with those m16s lol good song.

  4. ekanthgopl

    I searched for this song for years in my collection.. Didn't knew the name. Finally found it in here 😭🤘🏽

  5. John Pfister

    A matter of life and death - the best of all the great Iron Maiden albums.

  6. Victor Vilela

    5:29 hits me like fucking hulk hitting the big ass alien in avengers 2

  7. Bhanu' Collection

    My Favourite Maiden' Song

  8. Raymund Soosai

    maiden is so good thats the fucking black sabbath got jealous with them and sharon ozzy s wife the bitch throw eggs on the maidens anyway uo the irons

  9. Aaron Barthel

    Google Translate Lyrics:

    Tell me something
    Then you should know
    2 minutes
    Then you will go

    Tell the story
    of all black men
    Most people
    Never come back

    Start war
    Play mini games
    After they came back
    Can't have no name

    Strange yellow gas
    I have made up my mind.
    Their eyes are red
    Delete all lies

    This is very strange
    Death is omniscient
    How many are recovering?
    The answer comes out only in time
    The answer comes out only in time

    You are now in a death sentence
    But what did you bring?
    Only bring us holy sins
    Total trust is fatal

    Pray for holy peace
    I do not know what is below
    So how are we so stupid?
    And I think we gave you an answer.

    I don't understand every lie.
    But in the bed where you are dead, I can see it in your eyes.
    Sweating on the forehead
    I can clearly see that this is very sensible.

    Participants in the lie network
    May have left the prophecy
    I don't know the result
    I don't know the secrets you protect

    Showing the front of a person without a face
    This is not something we can foresee.
    It is not a sign showing the result

    Let us hug you
    Commitment to peace
    But your salary contract is always cheating
    Is it disturbing now? The answer comes out only in time
    Your prophecy will send us all to hell

    Leave all our golden children
    Everyone must accept peace
    You can give them all
    At least have a chance

    Make the world a better place
    Given that they are just a little hope
    Imagine this heritage
    You know that you are gone

    It seems that life is in fear
    Some say the end of the world is near
    But there is life and hope
    The person will not die

    Why can't we treat our brothers?
    More respect and handshake
    But anger and hatred are common
    All aspects of death
    Become a way of life

    We live in an uncertain world
    Fear of understanding and ignorance
    Way to death
    Leave only the body
    For voots praying on the bones

    But some people do not want peace
    Their life is death and pain
    The only thing they know
    Fire is on fire, life is cheap

    But if they stop thinking
    Anyone at risk of falling
    But do you think the same thing?
    They benefit from death, pain, and despair

  10. Fallschirmjäger

    Why are the magazines on the far front end of the gun on the thumbnail

  11. The X Reviewer

    This song could've been one of maidens best songs. Instrumentals were amazing but this song was ruined by Bruce. What were they thinking at 4:48 and 6:43?

    Roy scar

    bruce is cool or you just think his vocals are just not so good in this song but bruce is best vocalist anyways

  12. Sweer Slav

    The magazine.......

  13. Pedro Carvalho

    on of their best albuns ever! this song in particular is a Steve's particular tribute to Genesis Gabriel's era :)

  14. Drugs Bunny

    Ea facil hablar de ells hoy que sabemos lo q8 eestan pensando, so little things o stragenge gas, only time will tell!¡ xDDD Si que podemos dominar al mundo antiguo pero pa hacer que .................... !? .... 😭😭😭😭😭😭 pa que!? Ellos tan makios ....

  15. Ivan carlos Ramos

    março de 2019

  16. RobertGamble1650

    This song has one of the best build up of tension of any I've heard.. Particularly after you've heard it once...

  17. Your Name

    One of the best metal songs

  18. Grigori Rasputin1990

    slow intro but eventually turns into a killer , great song, mediocre album.

    Travis T

    One of the best albums they've ever made. That's right, come at me bro.


    Perfect perfect perfect perfect song.

  20. GingerTube

    6:29 and then on, oh man.

  21. Bhanu' Collection

    My Favourite Maidens Song, It's a masterpiece!

  22. Mariana Delgado

    The best song on the album.

  23. danilo fernandes

    Up the irons

  24. Ross Smith

    Does anyone know what this song is about?

    Hassan .Waiel

    I think it's about WW1

  25. Raul Cofre

    The best maiden's album ever !

  26. GitGud


  27. Rodrigo

    What an insane tune!

  28. Dominique Molina Wallace

    My favorite album , iron maiden

  29. matrousnik

    This sounds soo much like Blind Guardian.

  30. Ángel Ruíz

    What an incredible song

  31. Akhil J Ajayan

    Most underrated song?

  32. Marija Milovanovic

    Најболја песма

  33. Trichila

    This whole album on vinyl is just beautiful, vinyl is the way to go

  34. Gabi 1889

    OBRA MAESTRA!!! La cancion es excelente, y a partir del minuto 5:30 es épica

  35. Naif Abdeen

    Excuse me going any where,doing any think,in ma imagine all time iron maiden

  36. Jandergil Cabral

    Extraordinários, magnânimos

  37. Beto FGT

    amazing song from an amazing album of an amazing band

  38. 100% covers

    gênios gênios, simplesmente gênios

  39. Marwan Rastello

    Salam The guitare s song is incroyable. It S The sheittàn songer

  40. derkommandent Nova


  41. Naif Abdeen

    Maiden renew my blood again please ur mine never go to end

  42. Danny Seymour

    iron maiden is a gem. it so easy to find gems in all there albums. started listening to there later stuff. enjoy all of iron maiden! so glad to have them when all other modern rock is so weak.

  43. Osewy Black

    Agunte fire HELL hellyiyo

  44. magicsinglez

    I'm starting to like all these songs. . what's wrong with me?

  45. G L

    2 are the most important days in the life of a metalhead! The day he was born and the day he first listened to Iron Maideeeeeeeeeeeen! \m/

  46. Jordan Fowler

    178 People profit from pain and despair

  47. serban roman

    5:12 is jut like classical music.... fitting perfect in orchestra.... just imagine....

  48. O Cinza

    Left to all our golden sons all to pick up on the peace!
    You could have given all of them a little chance at least!
    Take the world to a better place! Given them all just a little hope!
    Just think what a legacy! You know will leave!

  49. samhain3112

    Up the Irons

  50. Giulia Mariana

    Uma das minhas favoritas ❤ Não tem como não gostar dessa

  51. Baghu Elétrica e Automação


  52. Naif Abdeen

    tell u thing to see u up the flour

  53. MemeStealerStephan

    5:30 and onward is amazing

  54. Omar Brsli

    I wonder if this band have ever written a single bad song ..... magnificent

  55. Radioff Voices NoysyVision&NaClO

    i listen a lot of jethro tull in here.. listen to budapest for example...anyone?

  56. Cameron Flint

    In a career of so many great songs this one still stands out. Not well known, but so very good.

  57. Mine Bz

    best of the world!!! this song touches my heart this song make me fell my soul ❤

  58. Lord Charmander


  59. Sahil Rc

    This is fucking beautiful :')

  60. SonnyBoi1978

    One of Iron Maidens most underrated songs, sad that their more recent stuff usually doesn't get the recognition it deserves.

    BIMSY 657

    SonnyBoi1978 you are dead right

  61. Joshua Sanders

    the singer can put you to sleep and make you rage in the same song

  62. Güneş Seyis


  63. Mike Bielke

    I could not imagine this band with ANY other members . Nickos drumming , Harris, Smith,Murry, Gers, and the AIR RAID!!!!!!

  64. Vasilios Petris

    supernatural melodies

  65. Cheshire Priest

    fuck that was one tasty meal, time to smoke some blaaack gold baby

  66. Fly Does Gaming

    where the hell has this album been? its fucking amazing

  67. TheDarkKnight165

    I am not a hater just so some people know but i would have loved if they kept the tune from the start through the whole song

  68. Luís Antônio. Antônio

    up the irons

  69. Andeth The Wise

    I just noticed that those mag wells on those guns are most def in the wrong spot. Lmao.

  70. Colban Cassian

    What kind of weapon has its magazine so near the muzzle?

    Vasilios Petris

    bren gun


    Uuuuhm, no


    There are no rifles that look like this. This reminds of an AR/M16. But why build such a long weapon if only 1/3 of its length is actually the barrel. This is just for the sake of art

  71. Pide Tods

    A great band that inspired many newer great bands after.

    Jackson Voorhees

    Awkward Lila like what? Maiden are pretty one of a kind in my opinion. Judas Preist is similar, but still they're not maiden.

  72. Panos Kalpidis

    Rif from 5:30 is the same as empire of the clouds!


    OMG,. awesome!!!!! HAHAHAHAHA

  73. VQN VQQ

    Bad audio quality

  74. Ibrahim özkan

    5:50 where eagles dare

  75. Sabrina Sartori

    6:16 empire of the clouds


    Sabrina Sartori I knew I've heard that solo somewhere but I didn't know where..


    So practically Dickinson steals the Gers' idea.

  76. stupidstufwtmyfriend

    why are those rifles' magwells so far forward?

    Anshuman Goculdas

    They don't have magwells.

  77. Panos Kalpidis

    Has anyone noticed the rif at 5:50 and later is the same as in the empire of the clouds?

    Jackson Voorhees

    Panos Kalpidis yeah it sounds like it

  78. Joseph Bárta

    This is masterpiece ! ♥

  79. Seba Maiden

    Otro mas con mal sonido. Tenes que grabarlos con mejor definicion!

  80. Nat Gallo

    god this is band is amazing

    Jackson Voorhees

    Nat Gallo Amen to that

  81. Sait Öztürk

    masterpiece..... up the iron maiden \m/


    aynen kanka xd

  82. Zachary Dannatt

    Maiden can not be stopped!

  83. Johnny L

    Last song of the last reaally good Maiden's album. Only pure childhood memories!

  84. Eduardoedgarapanzer Gara

    Iron Maiden in times forever

  85. Elijah Jim

    Fuck yeah. I love Iron Maiden, bad ass song.

  86. Herpy Derp

    1:35 sounds typically led zepplin :O

    Al R

    to put it simply
    no Zep, Maiden would've never been mould
    p.s. Maiden covered "Communication Breakdown"



  88. Soldado Fsantos

    Sem Palavras.

  89. Jay Tea

    Anyone else notice how the guns have their magazines way in the front?

    The Borg

    it kills me

    Bence Koczogh

    I mean it looks cool, but it just won't work.

    Jackson Voorhees

    Jay Tea yeah I guess so... never noticed that lol


    It's because if it were where it should be the mag would not be recognizable and would interfere with the cross

    Jay Tea

    @FriendlyNeighbourhoodCrusader Yeah, it'd look messy from an artistic standpoint.

  90. Maceta

    4:48 The desperation in Bruce´s voice at that part is haunting. The dark atmosphere they create with this song is incredible.


    its not desperation lol, its just high notes

    Vincent {Former Soldier/ Has PTSD}

    Maceta I


    All I hear is his voice straining

    Jordan Kowalski

    AgentOfOblivion He’s actually not straining at all on this song. He’s singing quite effortlessly up to E5, which is very impressive. I’m trying to work on singing this song myself and it’s way difficult. Bruce does tend to strain a bit on notes above C5 nowadays. However, some of that is just his tone up there. He thins out quite a bit and brightens the tone but pulls up a lot of girth in the sound, leading to a sort of squeezed sounding sound. But to my ears, he’s not straining.


    Why is this album So fucking Overlooked...

    Second only to Powerslave in my Book.

    Eric Jaeger

    +ProSTEEL RAIN I know man, everytime i see peoples list of favorites from Maiden but nobody ever mentions this one. Its my personal favorite.


    Most people I see rate it the best since Bruce and Adrian returned. Obviously the band loves it since it's the only album ever played in it's entirety live.

  92. Alessandro Frioli

    This AMOLAD is a powerfull album,pity that people does not talk about it. Very solid album from maiden.


    completely agree :)

    Grigori Rasputin1990

    better than brave new world no way!

    El Club de la Locura

    Brave new world is awesome too

    Rioeio Kha

    Alessandro Frioli what difference does it make if people talk about it?

    Oscar Pavez

    Yes sir!

  93. Chives5150

    The last 4 minutes or so is absolutely spellbinding. It amazes me how they can finish not only these songs, but entire albums, with such raw emotion, passion, precision, and brutality.


    none better when it comes to closing tracks!!

    Jackson Voorhees

    Chives5150 I wonder how many times they have to play their songs in the studio to get it this perfect.

    jj Tyson

    totally agree


    Scientific Seal they've been paying together for so many years..... so their chemistry is innate and inherent with what they write, imo

  94. Nick Wilson

    The song intro is spooky