Iron Maiden - For The Greater Good Of God Lyrics

Are you a man of peace
Or man of holy war
Too many sides to you
Don't know which any more
So many full of life
But also filled with pain
Don't know just how many
Will live to breathe again

A life that's made to breath
Destruction or defense
A mind that's vain corruption
Bad or good intent
A wolf in a sheep's clothing
Or saintly or sinner
Or someone that would believe
A holy war winner

They fire off many shots
And many parting blows
Their actions beyond a reasoning
Only god would know
And as he lies in heaven
Or it could be in hell
I feel he's somewhere here
Or looking from below
But I don't know, I don't know

Please tell me now what life is
Please tell me now what love is
Well tell me now what war is
Again tell me what life is

More pain and misery in the history of mankind
Sometimes it seems more like the blind leading the blind
It brings upon us more of famine death and war
You know religion has a lot to answer for

Please tell me now what life is
Please tell me now what love is
Well tell me now what war is
Again tell me what life is

And as they search to find the bodies in the sand
They find it's ashes that are scattered across the land
And as their spirits seem to whistle on the wind
A shot is fired somewhere another war begins

And all because of it you'd think that we would learn
But still the body count the city fires burn
Somewhere there's someone dying in a foreign land
Meanwhile the world is crying stupidity of man
Tell me why, tell me why

Please tell me now what life is
Please tell me now what love is
Well tell me now what war is
Again tell me what life is

Please tell me now what life is
Please tell me now what love is
Well tell me now what war is
Again tell me what life is

For the greater good of God [x8]

Please tell me now what life is
Please tell me now what love is
Well tell me now what war is
Again tell me what life is

For the greater good of God [x8]

He gave his life for us he fell upon the cross
To die for all of those who never mourn his loss
It wasn't meant for us to feel the pain again
Tell me why, tell me why

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Iron Maiden For The Greater Good Of God Comments
  1. Dr Mustafa Arık

    Maiden is the only band to shake the world after 40 years

  2. Daniel Garrison

    2020 still Rocking and holding onto my Arms!

  3. Phillip Sullivan

    Truly an Awesome Truth and amazing lyrically song. Long live the Irons.

  4. Wesley Santos

    2020 ✌️✌️✌️🇧🇷🇧🇷

  5. Thiago Zwar

    O IRON MAIDEN é foda.

  6. Darth Vader

    Please tell me what life is

  7. Charles Diaz

    Dam! First time I hear this song. Where the heck was I all of this time. Iron Maiden is freaking good.

  8. Lance Coleman

    so far no good

  9. Ricardo Chabla

    Sounds classic Iron Maiden from 1980s

  10. arrthur korodrau

    Drums go crazy then muthafuka

  11. Ignacio Martinez

    such kind of song very love it good Maiden....

  12. MariusChristianDwaZeroDwa MariusChristian

    I'm christian and I like this song.

  13. Talons of the Raven

    Perhaps one of the most antiwar songs ever written, with the biggest sympathy to all races and religions, if you feel like the world has gone completely mad and you feel like everyone has forgotten you and that everything is against you, remember that you are not alone and even if youre God himself has forgotten you then by the heavens and by the earth know that Iron Maiden has not, and never will, in that you can trust above all else!

  14. happyozzie

    At the moment there are 780 cock suckers with no class.up the irons

  15. Alexander Monroe

    I can’t stand Iron Maiden but this is maybe their greatest album ever very good stuff man

  16. Michal Svozil

    Amazing album! Whenever any Maiden song starts, and especially this one, it feels to me like it's telling a story. Then, a phenomenal voice of Bruce enters... I just can't describe how much I love this album. Too bad it's not more popular even between the fans, but I hope that every true fan of Maiden will surely appreciate every single music they made for us!

  17. Piirakka Liisa

    Album cover is tattoo material

  18. Brock


    This is the type of stuff that makes me love rock, you simply can’t feel that in most songs.

  19. michaeL Whitestone

    die hard meat of nothing

  20. michaeL Whitestone


  21. Nizar Nassar

    UP THE IRONS!!!!!! OI OI OI!!!!!!!

  22. Denis Sudario

    I keep hearing this song after 10 years that I knew this album

  23. Junior Kalipatama

    up the irons

  24. Roberto Mingo


  25. Leonora Johnson

    🇧🇷💁🏻‍♀️ música linda 👩🏻‍🎤❤️👍

  26. nevo inbar

    You shall press that like button


    Please tell me now what life is 🤘

  28. michaeL Whitestone

    rest die hard

  29. michaeL Whitestone

    777 best number in the world

  30. Samuil Iliev

    We can make the world a better place with peace and love! ❤️✌️

  31. Fabio Martins

    Simplesmente a maior banda de metal de todos os tempos 🤘🤘🤘🤘💥

    Vinícius Oliveira


  32. jdhdkjsjuaujs Lebas

    Dale maiden con huevo vaya al frente que se lo pideeee toda la genteeeee

  33. Kevin Curley

    I fucking the cover art on all of their music. Amazing album! Amazing art! Can't get enough of them 🤟🤟

  34. Thomas Fortuna

    One of Maidens best albums def in my top 5

  35. Nemo the Fallen Angel

    Matthew 7: 21-23

    Nemo the Fallen Angel



  36. Los mundos de el niño trol Vidal Martínez de murga

    Gran temq

  37. Carlos Pala

    esto es arte en su mayor expresion

  38. Matheus Silva

    Música fodaaa 🤘

  39. Spencer Eccles


  40. Rock Doriftar

    I love this song and the album as a whole. A progressive, powerful, heartbreaking album with strong lyrics.
    Anyway, the last 5 albums are just a cannon. And of course all albums is just masterpeace.

  41. Nico Contreras

    Last night I loved this song, from 7:00 seems hope is fighting back from war.

  42. Beto Astorga

    Who else came here right after two sold out shows in CHILE 2019?

    Nico Contreras

    Yo pero igual encontré entrada barata unos días antes.

  43. Nicolás Palma

    Yesterday they played this song live on Santiago, Chile and it was AWESOME!!!
    Legacy of the Beast 2019!

  44. michaeL Whitestone

    türkye bitches
    die aLL soon :)
    shiT sons

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  67. Keleigh Poling

    This song gave me chills when I saw Iron Maiden in August. Absolutely amazing

  68. Jhowzin44

    Algum Br pós Rock in Rio ?

  69. Marcus Torres

    puta que pariu as vezes eu esqueco que bruce é overpower demais caralho, foda d++++

  70. Mordekaiser Best

    Watched them on Rock in Rio 2019. THIS SONG IS FUCKING AMAZING LIVE

  71. Cleber Amaral Gurgel


  72. Tony Leidson Morais Araujo

    Melhor banda do mundo

  73. João Leonardo

    Who else came here right after rock in rio 2019?

    Leonora Johnson

    🇧🇷💁🏻‍♀️ muito bom 👩🏻‍🎤

    Fabiano Espíndola

    After Porto Alegre Concert, October 9th, 2019.

    Camila Lemos

    Fiquei frustada vendo que um pessoal não sabia cantar essa música.Fiquei cantando aqui em casa...

    Flavio Kersting

    you're welcome, brand new maiden fans.

    Rodolfo GB

    Douglas Almeida Rock in Rio, São Paulo e Porto Alegre!

  74. Farncisco Miguel González Pando


  75. SamueLuzbeL Brazsil

    😆😉Nós Todos Somos CRIADOR -Deus!!
    Exalte o Deus em Mim que Eu Exalto O Deus Iron Maiden em vocês!!!😇😆😉

  76. Ravin Dark Ambient

    I grew up with many people around me listening, and loving Iron Maiden.
    I didn't care much until this album (and THIS song) came out.

    It made me go back to all of the older stuff, seeing it all in a new light. And I fucking love it now.
    They kick arse.

  77. Emiliano Padilla

    I definitely know for sure that this song is ultra underrated because I went to a Iron maidens concert yesterday In Mexico and nobody sang this masterpiece.
    I really feel bad.

  78. Leonora Johnson

    🇧🇷 música linda 👩🏻‍🎤😊👍

  79. Yoav Israel Ayala Teran

    All ready on Mexico City. ❤👍😎

  80. Alexander Covalciuc

    Incredible song. So awesome they played it on the 2019 tour. 🙌🏻🤘🤘

  81. michaeL Whitestone


  82. michaeL Whitestone

    3 4 7 12

  83. Rasta Fonz

    the cover arte is amazing, pure talent. love this War stuff. i'd love a tattoo of this

  84. Eliam

    Tiempo sin oir esta obra maestra. Es interesante porque es muy poco conocida.

  85. michaeL Whitestone

    you life small
    you die hard


  86. michaeL Whitestone

    sons of whores

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  90. Chloé Vázquez

    No matter how I feel, their music always make me feel better.