Iron Maiden - El Dorado Lyrics

Gotta tell you a story
On a cold winter's night
You'll been sailing for glory
Before you know what is right

So come over here now
I've got a vision for you
It's my personal snake oil
It's just something I do

I'm the Jester with no tears
And I'm playing on your fears
I'm a trickster smiling underneath this mask of love and death
The eternal lie I've told
About the pyramids of gold
I've got you hooked at every turn, your money's left to burn

You'll be wanting a contract, Ha!
You'll be waiting a while
I'd like to keep you my contact
But that isn't my style
Well, you'll only get one chance
And it's too good to miss
If I didn't lie to you
Then I wouldn't exist

Greed, lust, and envy pry
It's the same old same old way
The smoke and mirrors
Visions that you see are just like me
I'm a clever banker's face
With just a little out of place
I know someone just like you know someone just like me

El Dorado come and play
El Dorado step this way
Take a ticket for the ride

El Dorado streets of gold
See the ship its oversold
You've got one last chance to try

So Gone is the glory
And gone is the gold
Well if you need a story
I'll come, it has to be told

Well you may say I'm a devil
And I wouldn't say no
But out here on the dark side
Hey! On with the show!

So now my tale is told
Big and bad and twice as bold
The ship of fools is sinking as the cracks begin to grow
There is no easy way
For an honest man today
Which is something you should think of as my lifeboat sails away

El Dorado come and play
El Dorado step this way
Take a ticket for the ride

El Dorado streets of gold
See the ship its oversold
You've got one last chance to try

El Dorado come and play
El Dorado step this way
Take a ticket for the ride

El Dorado streets of gold
See the ship its oversold
You've got one last chance to try

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Iron Maiden El Dorado Comments
  1. Emperor Zевs

    Drums at the beginning sounds like Hit the lights by Metallica

  2. Alex Spencer

    Esse disco tem a introdução mais chata e demorada da história do rock , mas depois vale a pena para ouvir esse chute na cara

  3. Pet Llazy

    10000 ways better than Metallica

  4. Sam Baroglio

    If the world knew you knew it was a cartoon, most of these relics wouldn't actually work.

  5. Sam Baroglio

    Disclaimer: It's Not Me. But I hope Antonio hears this.

  6. Jack Nixon

    For me, the only thing that tops this album is Empire of the clouds

  7. Mordo Rix

    doncella de hierro

  8. רוברט ויינגר

    This song won a grammy award, I wonder who are the people behind that grammy awards because iron maiden certainly have better songs, my guess is that those people from the grammy awards and the people who represent the hall of fame don't know nothing about music, this may explain the fact that a lot off great artists and bands never won a grammy award and they are not in the hall of fame till present

  9. The Rover

    The lyrics of this song can apply to that cock sucking fucker trump.

  10. Ricardo Marquez

    Where is the button "EPIC"? 🤘🎶🎸

  11. Echo XVI


  12. Carlos Eduardo

    Iron Midas* Maiden

  13. James Duffy

    "is it iron maiden?"
    "can you ride a horse to it?"
    "then yeah its iron maiden"

  14. Verissimo Ursulino

    Sou iron palmeirense maidem desde q nasci..graças a minha linda e amada mama.

  15. Pedro Benitez Herrero

    Wow, just read that Steve Harris thinks Iron Maiden doesen’t deserve a Grammy for this song
    In my opinion, he is wrong

    Jim Villain

    Ι have just read the same. He is surely wrong !

  16. Safedin Habibović

    How the fuck somebody can listen to this?

  17. Mike Villarreal

    Somewhere in time??

  18. Carlos Eduardo Cavalcante


  19. Jeremy King

    how the fuck after all these years are they still pumping amazing music like this out. Up the irons

  20. Shaban Satan

    The pre Chorus is the best part of any Maiden Song probably

  21. Individua 77

    This album came out 8 years ago??? Fuck, it was like yesterday.....

  22. Riku Poika

    This riff is so epic

  23. FedererX

    Progressive as fuck boyzzzzz

  24. John S Rous

    The mighty Maiden. El Dorado. Love the opening drum line

  25. Mr. T. Robb

    Man that is hott..🤘✊

  26. Svetlana Andrášová

    They dont have a bad song. Say what you want - their new era albums rock!!!

    Winged Assassin

    how about....literally everything from a matter of life and death

    Shaban Satan

    They are not so interesting , they have good songs but everything after Seventh Son is kinda boring as an album,Book of souls and this are good but some songs are dragging on book of souls

    Jordan Kowalski

    Winged Assassin I’ll never understand why people don’t like that album. It’s one of my favorite Maiden albums! Every song is phenomenal, the composition is spectacular and the lyrics and themes are brilliant.

    Elvis Isn't Dead

    @Shaban Satan I personally love most modern Maiden albums, especially Brave New World, A Matter Of Life And Death and Book Of Souls

  27. David Catherman

    Fave to play on my axe. Love the gallup

  28. mws755

    80's wants it's album cover and sound back

  29. YourSpoonBearis

    wasted years

  30. Siôn Topps

    This song is about a con-artist who claims to have a city of gold, a perfect place, only to rob you blind, as he's done to plenty more people before

  31. FrightfulAccountant

    As much as I love their first 7 albums, I must admit I kinda lost them from their No Prayer For dying album onwards. That album and defenetly the subsequent album where still good, but not anymore as good as the previous. Right upto 7th son of a 7th son, it was like: damn this one is again better then the last one. And then you realised they could nog longer do better.
    then we got the Blaze era, which naming bad is an understatement. And it is not even that we can put all the blame on blaze, the songs were of no good, they sounded bad, did not have cathy lyrics and so on...
    since Brave New World they are kinda the band that is doing all the effort to make albums that would fit in exactly in that magic string of Iron Maiden upto 7th Son...
    And it all sounds like a copy. they are brilliant copies, good foice, great guitars, inspired songs, but in the end they still sound like copies...

  32. w7class

    Lyrics match in precision the case of the infamous greek investion in Skouries, Chalkidiki province

  33. Wilson Santos

    Muito loko

  34. carda retrda

    Well nice it's best

  35. nvm0

    don't get me wrong but the first time I heard this 7 years ago I thought I was listening to a complete starting band. I'm a HUGE fan of Maiden but El Dorado (even the song title, wtf?!) is a complete waste of space that shouldn't even have been released. The rest of the album is good though

  36. folladordeprostis

    El dorado was in Colombia 🇨🇴

  37. ryhansen1

    Intro kinda reminds me of Metallica's Hit the Lights

  38. Jack Egan

    This really sounds like A7X, I know they've taken a lot of inspiration from Maiden, like covering their songs

  39. Borna909

    I´m so into that harmony switch when he starts to sing "...I´m the jester with no tears..." - they still write great stuff. You gotta love this band. Oh, and did i forget to say that Bruce sang his ass of again?

  40. Saiba mais

    the Best song from this album

    Marcos Oyola

    contatoallien *talisman

  41. sixbrokeneggs

    hahha starts like hit the lights :D

  42. barry o

    it's not bad at all but then you put on powerslave or somewhere in time and then you realise it's not all that in comparison

    The Bruce Dickinson

    I'm of that era too but in all honesty I think could have been on Somewhere in Time

  43. Alfie Tallentire

    who else heard wasted years a bit at the start?

  44. Shadow Caver

    favorite iron maiden song second would be run to the hills then the trooper then ryhm of the ancient mariner and last but not least aces high.

  45. Ffarquhar Engine

    gold. both literally and figuratively

  46. L C

    I enjoy Final Frontier a lot more than Book Of Souls. Just better songs. Like this one. My mate agrees as well & he is a huge Maiden fan. This album is massively underrated . Piece Of Mind will always be my favourite though.

    Elijah Bauer

    I agree. While Empire of the Clouds is great, many of the other songs on BoS are a little underwhelming. In contrast, most of the songs on this album offer something new and interesting, and none more than this song.

    Jordan Kowalski

    Elijah Bauer I really love the title track of Book of Souls. Phenomenal song. But other than that and maybe Speed of Light and If Eternity should Fail it’s pretty underwhelming. I don’t know why this album is so disliked by Maiden fans. I actually think it’s quite good. Not as good as NoTB but good.


    @Jordan Kowalski what about the red and the black? That was my favorite on BoS

    Jordan Kowalski

    Fallschirmjägergewehr Hmm... I haven’t listened to that song in quite a while. I went back and listened to and it’s decent. Not a great song, but pretty good! : )

  47. Davy Anilhaq

    This Is Their First Ever Grammy.
    What. In. The. Hell. Is. This. World.

  48. Jaz Manator

    when I first heard this album I wasn't impressed at all, I was thinking it was one of the worst albums, but after listening to it again and again I really really like it, it's amongst their best

    Frank A

    I haven't listened to it, yet I wanted to say that it's a good fan to listen to something they don't like over again to give it a chance. Sometimes new albums have to grow on us, eh?

    Jaz Manator

    +Frank A definitely. I really love this album

    Count Lieberkuhn

    This one I liked a lot more initially than AMOLAD and Book of Souls (which I still only think has 3 worthwhile tracks on), but it's also grown on me as well. The Talisman might be my favourite Maiden track now, and Satellite 15 & bits of El Dorado have elements of Bruce's solo work in their sound, which is fantastic.

  49. Valtteri Mäntylä

    Awesome song.

  50. Drugs Bunny

    Brutaaal! Colombia! ✌️😎🇨🇴😝

  51. Jackolaid




    Jesus JACG

    +Guilherme Pio

    Valtteri Mäntylä

    Jesus JACG El Dorado streets of gold! Yea.

    László Nagy


    maverick rickson


  52. Tyufoe96

    I feel like a shitty fan for only discovering this album a few days ago

    Chaz Fenwick

    It took me a while to get into, now I'm loving it!

    David Torrado Gaitan

    bad fans


    You’re not a bad fan, but this album is killer

  53. Renzo Morales Rodriguez

    El sooooolooooooooo!!!!!!

  54. Slapshot BR

    que venha o show em sp !!!! 2016

  55. Dylan Brown

    Its "see the ship its oversold" not "see those oversold"

    Dylan Brown

    +Dylan Brown its "my ship "not "the ship" my mistake on that one

    Kamil Sypniewski

    +Dylan Brown
    fear of the duck
    fear of the duck
    I have a constant fear that dolan is always near

    Dagoberto Godoy

    +Kamil Sypniewski lol

    Michael Shmykel

    Dylan Brown Everyone gets that wrong

    David Catherman

    "see my ship is over sold"

  56. Baerghet Trulmaelder

    Doesn't the intro sound a bit the same with Wasted Years' intro? :o

    Ryan Thompson Guitarist

    +Portgas D. Ace Kinda

    Unvultured Swine

    I thought it was more the end.

    Dagoberto Godoy

    there are played the same notes

    Shaban Satan

    No but hes playing the same style

  57. Raven Strategist

    This should be the Anthem of the Sith order, it fits them so well


    +Raven Strategist How would it?

    Raven Strategist

    @wigster600 if you know them well as much as I do you will see it. :)

  58. Zachary Blatt

    sounds like the new single speed of light

    Valtteri Mäntylä

    It is awesome too like this El Dorado :).

  59. patrick martin

    good album, not so good producing, I am the jester with no tears

  60. Even Berg

    This cover-art don't make sense at all. It is not Derek Riggs, it is not an album to be related. After all.. it is SHITE.


    +Nicolas Ribcage The cover art is great, this album, altough is good like every maiden album, is probably the worst from post 2000 maiden.


    @Maceta but book of souls is the second best ever after powers lave imo.


    @Nicolas Ribcage That would be too much for me, but at least TBOS is an improvement over the final frontier.

    Ryan Thompson Guitarist

    +vampiremoose It's clear that Eddie has seen better days lol

    bailey browne

    how DARE YOU just saying if you dont like it why did you search it up'

  61. The Chratheostic Pwner of Megadeth Fanboys

    the leads in this sound like the background music for doritos crash course. 

    The Chratheostic Pwner of Megadeth Fanboys

    well autists tend to have higher IQ's than most but whatever you say, simpleton. i bet you can speak for experience on the whole "handicap school" unlike me.

    The Chratheostic Pwner of Megadeth Fanboys

    @***** :) (used primarily when troll is in doubt that insults aren't enough)

    The Chratheostic Pwner of Megadeth Fanboys

    no i was happy.

    The Chratheostic Pwner of Megadeth Fanboys

    @***** back to the gay thoughts by the looks.


    @The Chratheostic Pwner of Megadeth Fanboys

    lol the fgt deleted his comments

  62. The Chratheostic Pwner of Megadeth Fanboys

    haven't stopped listening to this all week. favourite maiden track by far.


    This might be one my favorites. This song has something special in it

  63. rroe8807

    This is the best track on the album. Satellite 15...the final frontier is ok. Only really enjoy the second half of that song. Everything else is just slow and boring. Too bad because they are my favorite band in the whole world.


    @***** The first track on the album is called "Satellite 15...The Final Frontier." They do seem to be different songs but you can't listen to the final frontier without satellite 15 unless you fast forward because they are the same track. I think it's a big mistake to not separate them because one is ok as an intro to the album and the other could have been a single. It did get a music video after all.

  64. Makzimiser

    The bass in this song is haunting


    >mfw your house is haunted and teh goast corrups u and now u ded lel cuz song lel



    bailey browne

    they don't use the bass only electric guitars, drums, and his voice

    Archibald Dickworth

    @bailey browne What?

  65. Makzimiser

    Kickass song


    Ikr I saw this beast 2 years ago live. Sick as fuck song


    Nice I wish I had been to one of their concerts :(

    Shadow Caver

    im going to one in june

  66. Max Black

    The old farts are still kicking ass! And that is really good to know. Up the Irons!

    Ray Stel

    not a big fan of their post 1988 music...but goddamn this is a great song!

  67. haistakaa paska

    Pretty Megadeth

    Brendan McGlinchey

    Totally  ! 

    The Chratheostic Pwner of Megadeth Fanboys


    iron wolfe

    +haistakaa paska way better thn mega deth but i love them as well just not as much as maiden

    asd asd

    "Way better than Megadeth"? You are so ignorant and stupid kid.

  68. SirBagolicious

    Ha his subscriber amount as of now is 666

    bailey browne

    hahaha 'The number of the Beast'

    David Catherman

    The irony of it

  69. Polpo Siscion


  70. The Rageaholic

    Main riff is slightly nicked from Motörhead - Marching Off To War

    Oliver Grigg

    The intro is also Hit The Lights by Metallica, and the initial bass riff is from Iron Man by Black Sabbath. I think it's done more as a tribute but there isn't much originality in this song


    @Oliver Grigg you just say that because of you are metallica fan lol
    and how about I tell you that Hit the lights is actually intro of Hard Lovin Man by Deep Purple ?

    Oliver Grigg

    @iliabashel I say that because it's true. You'll try and insist that it isn't because you can't accept that Iron Maiden wanted to tribute those two bands. I mean the intro is note for note the same as HTL, listen to the cymbals. I wasn't aware that those intros were similar, but it doesn't bother me because it is what it is.

  71. Strongpoint100

    hit the lights intro xD

    Seni Dragoş

    Strongpoint100 lol i also noticed it


    how about Hard Lovin Man by Deep Purple ?
    you metalheads should expend your narrow knowledge a bit


    @iliabashel and you should stop being an asshole

  72. László Balogh

    Anyway up the IRONS!!

  73. László Balogh

    It'snot Iron Maiden style :( but its good...

    Ezequiel Josué da Silva

    I agree. Iron is "Back in the village" or "22 acacia"

  74. zombiekiller2112

    meh I dont like the album


    its good after you listen to it about a bijillion times


    its just boring nothing new

    Sydney Crabtree

    @Josef Hautala Oh I agree. Iron Maiden was amazing when they formed and STILL are amazing to this day! <3

    bailey browne

    WTF Really i love it


    zombiekiller2112 book of souls is better

  75. Sol Mdr


  76. Matsumoto Yudi

    Seikima II sent hugs!

  77. phodge14

    I don't know why but this is my favorite song by iron maiden

    Ryan Thompson Guitarist

    +phodge14 It's in my top 10, but My favorite is Satellite 15 the Final Frontier. That long progressive intro which kicks into a classic Iron Maiden style song.

    Testicles the Mega Monarch

    Honestly my fave is the title track of "Book of souls"

    Valtteri Mäntylä

    Nice :) this is one of my favorites too.

    Alfonso Muñoz Martín

    Pues seguramente porque no hayas escuchado una mierda de ellos


    Maybe because it's wasted years? 😂😂

  78. Yazerhoun

    Thank you

  79. a stupid genius

    He's saying there is only one letter out of place in the word 'banker', in other words he saying that it should should say 'wanker'. Which is a really strong insult.
    Bruce is calling the banker a wanker but very cleverly as to not have it censored.


    Im pretty sure its face as in fake Clever bankers fake. As in hes a scam artist.

  80. Yazerhoun

    I'm not english so could you explain the joke for me please?

  81. The Devine

    Great song, not bad for Maiden these days!

  82. Hazem park

    I still dunno y this song is named "el dorado" o.O


    because he sings it in the chorus


    Totally! Get a taste of English literature from Coleridge's Rime of the Ancient Mariner. Move to history with the Trooper and the charge of the light brigade then Aces High with the first air battle with Germany, Invaders for some Medieval history, and so much more. EVERY song is music class. Philosophy with Infinite Dreams and Wasted Years. Psychology with Number of the Beast, Deja Vu, and Fear of the Dark, Then head to theater with Phantom of the Opera. They are a Humanities major's dream.


    PANICBLADE Hello! Please check out my Tribute Videos on my channel. 👍
    Rock on.


    Don’t forget Alexander the Great

  84. Archer 250

    Nodding Donkey Blues is a joke song about a fat hooker.

  85. Mike Bates

    I learned that from the movie "El Dorado"


    Mike Bates but the song is about a city in Colombia

  86. Joey Zmigrodski

    Who needs school when you have Maiden?

  87. Liszt

    Explain to me?

  88. Fábio Mariano

    1:26 when another guitar starts.....THATS THE BEST PART

  89. HeadshotScout

    I do now :D

  90. Eightyseven CadillacMan

    Steve Harris says "STFU and enjoy what Iron Maiden has given you!!!"

  91. Mr. Banana

    same with a7x?

  92. Daniel Villagran

    Chile 2 octubre Santiago lml

  93. Jacob Burkey

    i dont?


    Loosely yes. In the same way Master of Puppets is about Puppets. More about society breaking down and becoming feral upon the end of the earth than it is the literal clock.

  95. Chuy

    2 minutes to midnight is about the doomsday clock.

  96. Eoin Everitt

    Number of the beast is about Steve Harris having a re occurring nightmare, nothing to do with dealing with the anti christ!!!! Get YOUR facts straight before you go on a rant mate.

  97. Lost_Johnny

    the intro like the final lol

    Valtteri Mäntylä

    Yeah right.