Iron Maiden - Age Of Innocence Lyrics

I can't be compromising in my thoughts no more
I can't prevent the times my anger fills my heart
I can't be sympathizing with a new lost cause
I feel I've lost my patience with the world and all

And all the politicians and their hollow promises
And all the lies, deceit and shame that goes with it
The working man pays everything for their mistakes
And with his life too if there was to be a war

So we can only get one chance, can we take it?
And we only got one life, can't exchange it
Can we hold on to what we have, don't replace it
The age of innocence is fading like an old dream

A life of petty crime gets punished with a holiday
The victims' mind are scarred for life most everyday
Assailants know just how much further they can go
They know the laws are soft, conviction chances low

[Repeat chorus]

You can't protect yourselves even in your own home
For fear of vigilante cries, the victims wipe their eyes
So now the criminal they launch right in our face
Judical system lets them do it, a disgrace

Despondent public worries, where it will all end?
We can't protect ourselves, our kids from the crime trend
We cannot even warn each other of evil in our midst
They have more rights than us, you cannot call that just

[Repeat chorus]

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Iron Maiden Age Of Innocence Comments
  1. Aurora 57

    The lyrics are a bit boomerish. Dont know what they're referring to by the age of innocence. Crime had actually decreased in 2003 since when they were young

  2. Purple Aki

    Anyone who wrote it is a nonce

  3. Maximus Decemus Meridius

    Song is about situation in Russia(((

  4. Randy Marsh

    2003. Just got out of basic when this was released. It was a nice, fresh breath of air and freedom....

  5. Victor Luna

    This song is about Brazil!

  6. Rasool Lewis

    Stickman football 08

  7. Keith Holm

    I know Iron Maiden fans will argue with me, but this album is their ultimate masterpiece.

    Jack Ceccarelli

    Keith Holm im with you

  8. AniGer Zimik

    Set as best song ever discover

  9. susanne williamsson

    Gorgeous music.....the lyrics ?? OUTSTANDING...a living proof of the social decay, the degradation of society itself....INNOCENSE is just an illusion...not even children owns true innocense today.....Iron Maiden always tells the truth in their own poetic and brutal way

  10. ffarkasm

    I can't be compromising in my thoughts no more
    I can't prevent the times my anger fills my heart
    I can't be sympathizing with a new FART

    When Davey is on the guitar there is no innocence there.

  11. priestfan81

    In England. A 70+ year old man has just had to sell his home and move because of protests after he, EXCELLENTLY, killed a home invader.

    Britain is finished. Between immigration and moral and social decay, it's over. Our grand-fathers died, as did their fathers and generations upon generations of men died in fields across Europe for nothing, just to give our country to arabs, africans and degenerates.

  12. gothamjediknight

    The only inaccuracy in the lyrics is when Bruce says, "A life of petty crime is punished with a holiday"

    Now even the worst crimes go unpunished. Grooming gangs rape little girls and the parents go to jail for complaining.

  13. Christhian Carvajal

    Hermosa canción, buenos recuerdos, grande Maiden.

  14. Ace Macen

    I wasn’t that crazy about DOD when it first came out but it really grew on me. This is one of many amazing songs on perhaps their most underrated record. Incredible band! Best metal band ever!

  15. Scream For Me

    The intro reminds me to the X Factor

  16. Ken Johnson

    Great song, great album...flew to London for this tour...Earls Court!

  17. Aiman Shamsol

    Incredibly underrated

  18. Piero Graziani

    Atipica x gli Iron

  19. Johncharlesjennings Jennings

    this is so serious

  20. Naif Abdeen

    what matter this awesome band day by day like I lestening of it first time,I don't love any one except iron maiden n MJ

  21. susanne williamsson

    INNOCENCE, A VERY PRECIOUS THING....Unfortunately as you get older, the ability to see all the lies, deceit, and the hollow promises for what they really matter what blows you have to face, be honest and true to yourself.....

  22. atthegatesofurizen

    I'm a fan of Dave Murray's songs. They mostly seem to be unpopular and are rarely played live.

    Age of Innocence, Charlotte the Harlot, Twilight Zone, Total Eclipse, Still Life, Deja Vu, The Prophecy, Public Enema Number One, Chains of Misery, Judas Be My Guide, Lightning Strikes Twice, When Two Worlds Collide, Brave New World, The Nomad, The Thin Line Between Love and Hate, Rainmaker, The Reincarnation of Benjamin Breeg, The Man Who Would Be King, The Man of Sorrows and Sanctuary.

    susanne williamsson

    atthegatesofurizen at least two of his songs is in my top 10 of all their incredible music, and I really think he should take a larger part of composing, all of his songs turns out to be Golden Gems or even masterpieces......

    S.A.G.A Metal Experience

    Rainmaker and The Reincarnation of Benjamin Breeg are the best compositions of Dave by far. 🤘🤘


    Deja Vu is his best song


    Many of the bests for sure!!!

    Michal Svozil

    Cannot agree more! My top songs from this list of songs you picked up are (the order doesn't matter, all of them are equally good!): Rainmaker, The Nomad, Brave New World, The Reincarnation of Benjamin Breeg, Age of Innocence, Still Life, Deja Vu, The Prophecy, Public Enema Number One, Judas Be My Guide! Murray should really compose more!

  23. Jeison Farias

    Adoro essa música.
    A letra é demais!!

  24. Brent Bowman

    Great album, terrible cover

  25. ERICA Mariana


  26. shane medlin

    This is Maiden's Muslim invader song.

  27. lighthunder

    Chorus is fuckin' masterpiece!

  28. somesh kadam

    That intro sounds like a Megadeth song.....

    Akainu Yoa

    somesh kadam I think u meant megadeth's songs sound like iron maiden...

    somesh kadam

    @Luca Gentile Na lol.

  29. Luís Antônio. Antônio

    up the irons

  30. ILBK RTP

    iron maiden is life metal is life true metal gods

  31. LR HD

    Very very similar to Man of Sorrows from the new album.


    where are the similar parts?


    @alvaro andres allende matus the backing riffs . Gates of tomorrow sounds alot like The great unknown at some points too

  32. Lord_ike

    this song is so true and reflects on what's happening in our society today.... up the irons

  33. Victor M

    probably my favorite song of IM with" powerslave"

  34. Travis Linton

    Probably my favorite Maiden album.

    Αρης Μακρης

    Lunatic4Bizcas they fked up the album cover a little bit

    Brent Bowman

    Αρης Μακρης it's because the artist didn't have time to finish it before the band needed it so Iron Maiden settled with the unfinished cover and the artist requested to have is name taken off the album

    Disturbingly Ugly Pink Man

    This is the perfect example for "don't judge a book by its cover", or in this case, album.

    Flickeda booger

    The Album Cover is just as i wanted it. This entire album and the REUNION albums were all lyrically written by me -
    Signed - WOODY
    The band will let it be known perhaps when they return from their current tour. The Reunion albums from 1999 - FEB 2018 are what I wrote for the albums.
    Kinda hard to believe but they are IRON MAIDEN and they stick up for the fans. They liked what I was doing so they gained permission to RECORD. Money was not talked about, but using Dickinson copyright was mentioned and I accepted. Thereby BRUCEY is sitting back earning a cool $5 Million off WTF I DID !!! Yeah slight tendency to get pissed off.....
    Not certain what's on the next album, Bruce told me 3 songs but that was it.....


    Αρης Μακρης they fucked it up a FUCK ton.

  35. Fabrício Silver

    A letra é uma bosta, mas achei a música fantástica


    pq a letra é uma bosta?

    Fabrício Silver

    Achei mto superficial em relaçao as outras, direta demais, nao é o estilo maiden, apesar de falar sobre coisas reais nao to acostumado a ver esse estilo no iron.

  36. Iron Maniac

    4:12 - 4:24. This sounds so misplaced. But overall this song is phenomenal

    Jack Ceccarelli

    Iron Maniac conservative dude 😄

  37. Carl Claessens

    So true:

    "And all the politicians and their hollow promises
    And all the lies, deceit and shame that goes with it
    The working man pays everything for their mistakes
    And with his life too if there was to be a war"

    Flickeda booger

    Yeah that's kinda deep, not sure where I went for those words... ((\,,/)) ((\,,/))
    Signed - WOODY

    Yor Jem

    Yes à spécial dedication To french yellow vest. Yeah uptheIrons

    Pedro Victor

    Democrats hate this verse hahaha

    papa stalin

    @Pedro Victor yea becuse republicans are so perfect and do nothing wrong /s

  38. dani ver

    The version of nicko mcbrain is better :D

  39. Chris Devine

    Is it just me, or do the lyrics read like a Daily Mail article?

    J J

    not just you

  40. giorgos korydallos 7

    From "Dance Of Death" (2003) 


    Tρελλα απλα.

  41. IronHarper

    When this song kicks in, does anyone else think "New James Bond theme tune!!!" or is it just me :P


    It does have that jame bonds sound to it..

    Lucas Cardoso

    +IronHarper Me too!!


    Better than the newest one eh lol

    Richard Ibbs

    Your bang on what's the matter with using this band for a bond theme, they'd smash it out of the park

  42. Megafayce

    A life of petty crime gets punished with some hollandaise

    Romix Lpm

    le correcteur automatique ? xD

  43. Anon Shadow

    The lyrics as a whole sum up this world and all of it's fucked up issues in a nutshell. Brilliant.


    Anon Shadow yup. This and face in the sand sum up how fucked up the whole world is. Killer song writing.

    Flickeda booger

    Thanks to BRUCE and his band of misfits bringing this song to life !!!!!

  44. mark reynolds

    So true.


    When Superpowers disates to collapse against each other we are fucked

  45. 6th Legend


    Tacio OB

    @naruto uzumaki  nice point

    Does this look like the face of mercy?

    Or maybe he hasn't tried and assumes sex isn't as good for whatever reason

    Alex Escolme

    No sex is the best


    MisterBubbles420 fuckboy

  46. Sean Bhoy

    Just cnt beat it iron maiden are amazin

  47. Anakin Skywanker

    One of my very favorite maiden intros, and that's saying something, considering it's maiden ! :D


    Listen to face in the sand... Oh wait you're Anakin... Nevermind.

  48. Javier Altamirano

    esta re bueno iron maiden 

  49. Aditya Bhat

    perfect music simulation of everyday happenings in the world. Iron Maiden is the 8th wonder of the world!!!

    susanne williamsson

    Aditya Bhat exactly my opinion...............

  50. Meme Machine

    When i type Age of Innocence i want iron maiden to pop up not a movie .

  51. Gabriel Baima

    I only have Nicko version in my computer, so I tought it was the original one :v

  52. eddwarriior

    the age of innocence is fading like an old cream ._.

    Lucas Fernandes

    eddwarriior old dream***


    Lucas Fernandes r/whoooosh

  53. Dethorder

    I WAS LIED TO...Thanks for the info though!

  54. Daniel Gone Guitar

    They're all good. Blaze bayley era is one of their best eras. Dark and melodic

  55. Entierren Estas Manos!

    the song you're talking about is "Face in The Sand", not this one...

  56. Rafael Villalva

    Sadly no.

  57. Noel Kotela

    You guys should listen to the version of this song sung by Nicko McBrain, the drummer :D

  58. Dethorder

    This is the only song Nicko McBrain did a double pass pedal with. Every other song is a single bass pedal.

  59. Mister Meow

    Drug money regulates the businesses. By stimulating the crime, it generates more crime. You can compare it to economy on a very risky scale, because of its thrill people will do it more when it's even more illegal.
    Drug money is laundered by the middle class bankers of America, folks. It pays for most of America's expenses, of course they have to punish the folk who control it for, so others can take their place. A constant demand/supply fluctuation.


    I would jizz in my pants.

  61. Liam Williams

    cant wait to see maiden 4th august at the london o2

  62. Guiseppe Montenegro

    idk but they look like Microsoft windows logos with stars in the middle.

  63. MrVictor555

    They will

  64. Mercenary Bassist

    What are all these profile pictures I keep seeing?

  65. Tony Gazza

    the guy hasn't insulted anybody, as long as it's possible commenting people can say the fuck they want if they respect other's opinions, i think also the old maiden were better, i don't see the problem


    I like Nicko's version just as much as this one

  67. Ricardo Mendoza

    any live version?????? fuck!! what a great song!!

  68. Iron MaidenRules

    Awesome song. \m/ \m/ Up the Irons!

  69. Maidensfan1

    Oh God, that solo. UP THE IRONS!!!

  70. MissAntrophy

    holy crap, me too dude. :')

  71. Kenshin Hymura

    iron maide I´´love

  72. Mercenary Bassist

    Who Told you this?

  73. Mercenary Bassist

    They say this is the low point in the album, i strongly disagree this is one of my favorites.

  74. Gianni ginno

    WHAT A SOUNDS 4:10 !!!!

  75. MissAntrophy

    fuck yea!! thank u ! :)

  76. Kraig Highnam

    Ya Adrian was talking about it, he said they might try and do something 80s like but either way is fine because I like this progressive heavy metal stuff they're doing now

  77. MissAntrophy

    Really? OMG you made my year, ok no LIFE. :')

  78. Patrik Pažur

    You just made my year ;)

  79. Kraig Highnam

    new maiden album 2013

  80. keith rice

    Iron Maiden... what else is there to say?How did so much be given to so many by" so few"(Steve Bruce Dave Adrian Janick Nicko).

  81. Leo Schettini

    Ok, Maiden is not the same, but is one of the bands of the decade of 80 who remained rolling around, no deaths from alcohol or drugs. The number 12 that vibrates for them, also vibrates to a ferrari, time passes through and it is worth more. The 12 represents the man suffering and same time laughing. The 12 says : Feel the earth punishing your soul and give a smile for it.

  82. slipp3rysnake

    Age of innocennce?

  83. Mercenary Bassist

    And being that all the Albums have different themes keeps it interesting and Exiting.

  84. TheGroumpfy

    Frankly, I find the 2000's Maiden albums almost as good as the 80's ones. They're just the perfect band.

  85. nicolas valdenegro

    3:16 beautiful!!!!

  86. MX1i3

    Lyrics are true.

  87. alonzo jackson

    To tell you all the truth, I like the fact that this song has a fun sound to it, even with the serious lyrics (I do agree with btw). My personal favorite song off the album. Dance of death is also pretty good.

  88. ThePrzeszukiwacz


  89. Anderson mendonça

    Madona vai toma no cu

  90. Nichoals Dalton

    it wasnt "mainstream" enough for people...

  91. Monchi Pelon

    That top coment still there? its my turn .. like to this coment :D

  92. Janos Audron

    Leiste la letra? Porque tengo la sensacion de que no te gustaria si supieras lo que dice.

  93. greasybagel

    I don't understand how some people don't like this album, I thought it was great...

  94. jose maria soria

    no puedo comprometer mis pensamientos gran poema

  95. Justin Chue

    Although, it seems rather ignorant when one negatively comments on a video. Especially when said person compares new material with old. It's importance for fans to recognize the efforts of a band when they attempt to take their sound to a different direction. So long as it isn't a complete train-wreck, that is.
    Dance of Death is not a train-wreck. Dance of Death is amazing.

  96. BlackOpsFartakiss

    not realy. when i have a head ach i listen to iron maiden. it realy does cure head ach.

  97. BlackOpsFartakiss

    if u dont like there music get off of here.

  98. BlackOpsFartakiss

    bull shit. this is there best album for me. never understood why ever one thought the old stuff was better.