Iris, Donnie - Intentional Infliction Of Emotional Distress Lyrics

Can't stop, can't eat
My lawyer wants me to
Won't take it on contingency
He's afraid we'll lose
I can't live without you
Guess there's nothing left to do
I'm so damn in love with you
That's why I have to sue

Deformation, malice, and duress
Mitigate my deep unhappiness
For walking past my bedroom
In that little red dress

Intentional infliction of emotional distress
Sue me, sue you baby
Sue me, sue you baby
Sue you, sue me baby
For intentional infliction of emotional distress

No doubt about it
The judge is on my side
He saw you in the backroom
Before we went to trial
Dancing with the baliff
Now that may not be a crime
But together with the evidence
You're gonna do time

Spare me your tears, darlin'
Come on, confess
You're a big bad wolf
In a little red dress
Come on baby
You've made such a mess

Cold flesh, hot blood
The way you were a cheatin'
I could a killed you baby
And I woulda had a reason
No jury in the world
Would have blamed me for leavin'

You're an old fashioned
Heart teasin'
Sneaky little demon

Spare me your tears, darlin'
Come on, confess
You're a big bad wolf
In a little red dress
Come on baby
You've made such a mess

For deliberate depiction
Of a bodily addiction
Intentional infliction of emotional distress

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Iris, Donnie Intentional Infliction Of Emotional Distress Comments
  1. Laura Douglass

    I didn't even realize the extent of the obvious intentional outrageous acts against my person and strange behaviors, extreme and outrageous, were caught on my surveillance cameras. No sound, but it is so blatant, anyone would notice and ask WTF? How did you not call the police.. I knew they had a mode of operation that allowed them to segue into a scenario appearing "normal", but not if they look at the camera footage, which actually would make their "nothing to see here" front prove the intentional and pre-meditation factors on top of the outrageous acts caught on camera as well. Thanks for sharing your great grasp of the subject and the ability to inform and teach effectively, a rare gift!

  2. FancyShoesVlogs

    How can I get this for a insurance accident, for them delaying trial and not paying me damages for my vehicles?!

  3. John Orr

    Intentionally ostracising someone through unfounded rumours and innuendos has to be the worst form or emotional distress. I got that after my office had closed, and it took 9 years to put all the pieces together. I didn't know who turned me in until three years later. Since the statute of limitations on my situation is three years, I'm stuck. Even that was intentional. If an attorney who works in tort law knew what I know and what I learned over the course of nine years, what might they suggest? I don't have the answer to this question. Each time I'm forced to revisit my situation, the person who brings it up tells me that I have to move on. Anyway, compared to whatever my supervisor and her stupid clique was doing while in the office, being kidnapped during a home invasion is a doddle. It's been nine years and my situation fills my thoughts ever waking moment. I wake in the morning thinking about it. I go to bed thinking about it, while sleeping, I dream about it. I can't concentrate on anything else. I was told repeatedly "as a volunteer, you have no rights. You have no legal recourse." There is a Federal Volunteer Protection Act that was passed in the 1990s. I'm also an EMT. As an EMT, do I have rights? I have kept a copy of the letters and emails regarding my situation. A copy is available upon request. I can't make any sense of it. My office closes in October 2009. In June 2010 I'm placed on probation for something that happened after my office had closed. In January 2012 I'm fired because it was discovered that I had been placed on probation. WTH! I'm just looking for a consultation on the matter.

    John Orr

    Every time I reach out to for help, I'm dismissed or shut down simply for asking for help. smh

    John Orr

    It took 9 years to find an attorney to point me to the right type of attorney who I should be talking to, albeit 9 years too late. So what do I do?

  4. l l

    Im a veteran and im experiencing landloard retaliation because im excercising my rights. I have no history of violence and no criminal history. Im in HUD VASH housing and the landlords are told that veterans in these situations have issus. In my case the landlords are trying to pressure me to move out for excercizing my rights. The methods they are using are falsely accusing me in writing of in-person harrassment of the office manager, false accusing me of not letting maintainence in and general character assassination. They have tried to use this method before. They are also sent letters in retaliation in an effort to intimidate me even though they have no legal reason to. The other day all of the stress triggered my depression and anxiety to the point I had to be hospitalized. And I have lost sleep, and anxiety. The president is a veteran and is aware of veteran issues and is trying to use that knowlege to portray me as a wild out of control veteran because im trying to excercise my tenants rights. Does that fit the definition of IIED?

  5. Willard

    Excellent presentation Attorney Steve. Thanks for the great info.

    Steve Vondran

    Thank you, glad you liked it!! Happy 2020!! Steve

  6. DJ Warning

    Is the tort best to serve as the primary reason behind a cause of action?

  7. Beth Miller

    Love your videos. Very easy to listen to. Entertaining. And educational. 😀

    Steve Vondran

    Thank you Beth, I sincerely appreciate that! Steve

  8. Newriver

    What do you do when a guy at work attacked you and finally got a warrant on him. His Sister is the Court Clerk

  9. Nicola Griffiths

    Concerns this has happened my son broke my ribs, and is violent, he's no longer living with me but still tells lies. I don't know what to do, I live in fear of even being arrested for it as he's obsession with money, and I believe that o e day he might even pull this off, apparently social services says he's told them that it is not true now but even though they say this they still send me letters saying that he's being sexualy abused, so why havnt they destroyed it why keep typing it and sending it to me, I'm furious because as a victim myself, iv always made sure that this would never happen to my children, so it's the one thing that destroyes my sole, life is so cruel, I don't see and end to this, iv lost my reputation and my son, and he has no remorse,

  10. Nicola Griffiths

    Wow I feel like I'm normal listening to this, my son has being telling social workers that iv abused his sexualy and made lies up, and now this is written down in black and white by social services, my life and reputation is destroyed, this is extresm, and I'm expected to tolerate it because he's my son, but what gets me is the writer words will stay on file for life and never destroyed, even though this is not true. What my son has done is copied my past as a child and said it's happened to him now, apparently I like to have sex and make my son watch

  11. Mara Mermelstein Senior Student Loan Forgiveness Specialist

    Good info, will share. Thank you.

  12. Charles Smith

    Basically, IIED appears in extortive retaliation by sexual harassment offenders, when the offender is charged with sexual harassment at work. Extortive retaliation usually happens when the one intends to target the one accusing the offender usually in anger or rage in response to being investigated or caught with such harassment.

    If this happens in a sexual harassment case, the usual outcome is that this enhances the penalties or consequences on the offender due to IIED that results in the retaliation.

    So, say a sexual harasser who is accused and faces a tribunal at work or an investigation retaliates against the one accusing the person - and the accused already had faced a censure as punishment and no other sanctions. However....If word finds out that the accuser is retaliating, an IIED can be charged against the accused, and the punishment can be upgraded to say, termination or even a civil lawsuit if the accused is found liable.

    Charles Smith

    So "quid pro quo" when one is caught sexually harassing can cause that person to be liable to an IIED aggravation depending on the seriousness of the harassment involved. And guess what - "hostile environment" sexual harrassment can also mean an IIED aggravation as well!!!!

  13. Unicorn Poop

    Im am in Florida and on Thanksgiving my roommate/home owner was drunk, started a conflict with me while I was in my room with my 2 children 13, and 7. I told him to leave me alone and to go away at least 5 times. He refused to get out of our room. I finally got up and tried to force my door shut cause he was blocking me in my room from either leaving it or being able to shut my door. I finally got the door shut and locked it to secure my children and I in the room. He busted the door open, broke the door frame and hinges to the door. I had to call the cops, they did nothing, I now have no safe, private and secure place in the home for my kids and I. I feel I have a case for tort. I am glad I found this and will be proceeding in filing charges against him.

  14. Urban Delinquent

    Well I’m about to file a lawsuit on GameStop for stalking me and for lying and emotional distress I have ADHD and I can control myself and my words because I’m being stalked because I keep returning games I don’t like and the lies to me as well

  15. song boat

    Chemical weapons used by government for the purpose of eliminating resident from their private property. FBI claims no violation of Federal law has occurred. FBI refused to review hard copy evidence of complainant. FBI admits he used hearsay given by County Sheriff to a third party.

  16. Caleb Moyer

    Let's talk about false rape allegations.....

  17. Isabel Duarte

    Hi my name I s Isabel first of all I want to thank you so very much. I have try to reach out to who know how I feel after all those year cousin took everything from me house my heir cousin change my name use my name forgerty my name fraud. I just don't know who to turn to. I have try lawyer but again have no money . I am very slow hearing impaired and read lip there time it's hard for me too understand . My Father would of never let this happen he fought in the Korean war pass as a young age . A discharge with Honor certificate. I am a

  18. Soundguy1031

    When creating the initial complaint/plea form do we add this to the caption portion? I cannot find a CA Civ code for this. Thanks

  19. Wessel Zapffe

    Atrocious conduct = procreation

  20. David Levesque

    Knowing harassment, extortion, emotional distress is only words, why isn't torts in the same category as criminal law?

    Steve Vondran

    It can be a fine line. Two different things. But if something is bad enough it can rise to the level of a crime (check your state laws).

  21. Elena Sibs

    Hi. Can I contact you for advise? I have a case.

  22. Linda Clark

    I have ptsd from an alcoholic sibling. Shingles, anxiety, continued verbal abuse.

  23. zerocapacitance1

    Great topic!!!!

  24. Lonnie Coyne

    I have the whole case with an adult child. 33 year papertrail, psychological evaluation, court cases, recoveries, oppression, patterns overlappings of deceit. I can prove "How to get away with Murder by Covert Abuse". I have all the evidence except I'm not suicidal, im grieving deeply,/being Murdering. My case could be a gateway... I'm seeing another professional, Dr. Crystal Williams at Mercy in Cincinnati Ohio...for feels like death...and you can't resist it. A stalker, manifested in my life by Pretending to be a good step dad for my 5 year old son. He was everything different! That was in 1986. This predator carries and uses, (used as bait) my son's photo that he stole... he was an evil step dad to several! Still Pretending as he still has my son's photo on canvas in his home Pretending to have been a good step dad to his 6th wife. Same patterns! He has no shame, he plants it onto others.

  25. Elaheh.v Nikpay

    We need information by for legal protections. But lack of actions and powers for all victimes. Resources with power of actions are main part of legal systems in U.S based democracy made centuries. Possibility for know real action with powers existence.

  26. Ali Qazilbash


  27. Francesca de Mattéis

    Great Information. Thank you!

    Steve Vondran

    Thank you! Steve

    Francesca de Mattéis

    Can you represent a client in Florida?

    Francesca de Mattéis

    @Steve Vondran Can you take a case in Florida? Where are you located? Thanks

  28. schmittie123

    Lots of people have fully justified stories to sue,
    Its a matter of education, ability and "courage"

    Tahj f

    IAM going through a lot at work with my floor supervisor this person keep picking with me and using the job work to get back at me


    @Tahj f Write every circumstance down with details, make sure you have enough evidence to reasonably accuse, edit your notes so they make sense to anyone, run those notes by an attorney whom you can trust. Then you can sue if you have enough evidence to prove workplace abuse in court

  29. MR. KILLR

    so say someone is setting up work schedules or playing mind games... all punishable?.. or say they linked my private stuff to their computers without m consent? crazy cause we have a lawn service on newspapers and all calls are being re directed... as a loss of money going somwhere else.
    wow they hit the last tort btw

  30. Eric Wilson

    And if the blind lead the blind, both will fall in a ditch. -Matthew 15:14. Congratulations on the $50,000,001 in punitive damages SFWC Bird Sanctuary! This could mean a huge embarassment for the Bureau.

  31. Total Public Exposure T.V. Channel

    what about the eggshell rule

    Steve Vondran

    This video I did might shed some light.

  32. Chronic Exposure

    If you use Linkedin I will find you
    I am Corinne Kuhlmann #oakleycelltower

  33. Chronic Exposure

    Landlord retaliation for my social media posts on LinkedIn about Oakley Cell Tower, 17 dead. Big Oak Mobile Home Park CA. 5years there, rent late once.

    60 day notice served for ESA off-leash on my lot and bc my shed left open and tools out.

    Neighbor and landlord harassment. I have PTSD. The two are in colusion, neighbor watching and telling every move to office.

    Only two weeks left, office billed and collected Sept rent (?). Out by Oct money, may be homeless.

    Friday the 13th Sept, owner's son hands me a seven day notice to comply or I may get a 60 day notice to vacate(?)

    My neighbor from hell contacted park's lawyer and had him write 7 day to comply (my 8 mo old pup gets out and won't let me catch her, barks)

    She, neighbor and lawyer had no idea 60 day was served to me Aug 1st, day after my mom died.

    I busted out laughing bc of the extent of harassment. I had last corresponded last yr to lawyer about my neighbor. He wrote back he won't be handling it and I need to speak with the office, partner in crime. So, my neighbor somehow got the lawyer to also harass me without the office knowledge.

    Office found out about 7 day notice from lawyer and hit the roof.

    What is really going on?
    I have a free lawyer appt set for Sept 25

  34. Maria Makinen

    Yes. Yes. N yes. Thanks.


    Your Amazing

    Steve Vondran

    Aww.....thank you!! Steve


    I left your office a message, can you call me back ?


    I saw you have OC office too, I’m also from Scottsdale.

  36. Anthony Granger

    Ok here's my case, this x-police officer from around my community got fired and fell into drugs bad over the next couple years. My wife's sister met him and they went on with their drug binge for a couple months. Well my wife calls me one day to go pick her up, that he was beating her. I went and sure enough, she was distraught and crying, get kids were crying, I KNEW he was beating her. So my wife and I talked about it and even though she was on drugs, meth no less, but we would allow her and her kids to stay with us on the grounds that she understood that he was in no way allowed at my house. Well a couple weeks later my wife and I were at our son's baseball game when she got a call that this guy is at my house. I always carry a weapon, my record is clean, I'm in louisiana, open carry is legal. Well as I'm getting home he backs out my driveway, and parks on the road in front of my house. I get out my truck with my weapon in my hand, I told him in no uncertain terms he better leave cause I was calling the cops. Well I walk in the house and look through the window and he leaves. I climb her ass cause she knew he didn't belong there, but go off back to the baseball game. I get home and little did I know, THIS GUY calls the cops on me and tells them I shot at him. This is where I screw up. I never shot my gun at that time, earlier that day my friends and I were shooting in the field but I never shot my gun while this guy was at my house, so I go outside to tell my side of the story and boom, they arrest me for Aggravated Assault with a Gun. Bring me to jail. The next day I go in front the judge to set bail and get bonded out. Well this is where I find out that the guy goes the night before, hencethe same night of the indecent to the police station to drop the charges. The police tell him that if he did that, they would release me but arrest him... so he wasn't doing naturally, but they did tell him he could drop them the next day. Which he does, he signs an affidavit that he was overreacting and made false allegations against me. Well with this knowledge I didn't even bother with a lawyer. Sure enough, justice shined through and the state motioned to dismiss in pretrial. Now my problem is that from the night of the indecent, I lay my job, naturally, then fell into deep depression, withdrew from society, hell withdrew from life totally, causing extreme stress in my relations with my whole family, lost my vehicle due to no insurance cause of the no work. This happened on 3-7-2019 and now it's September, they dropped the case but still have my gun, I am still worried every month if my lights will be cut off, I am just starting to catch my head from this but with no money and not even a vehicle, I'm really in a bind and am still EXTREMELY stressed day in and day out. I can't find a lawyer around here to help me cause nobody wants to bite the hand that feeds them, so I really need help and this is the only way I know how to ask for it... Any and all assistance with this would be greatly appreciated by not only me, but my wife and 5 children also. Thank you.

  37. Carolyn Sioux

    Thank you for the education!

  38. Captain Jesus

    SPECTRE you caused me lots of emotional distress pain suffering sickness congratulations. I have to hand it to you SPECTRE you are a very formidable enemy.
    And I promise you SPECTRE
    you will be TERMINATED.
    Captain Jesus Incarnated Son of Jesus Christ God of gods

  39. Tina Markey

    Ok big facts here this is when Negative values come in. We don't take the advice literally we motion against this unless we want to be logged in the court and continue to weaken society, or the elemental Union.

  40. Barbara Bruhn

    Step monster, intentionally caused my dad death. Then sent me reeling for past 2 years of emotional mental distress. Hospital called it medical neglect. Losing my dad and her non action in getting him to the hospital. Made me get him to hospital. Then she did everything to keep me from getting to my dad. She needs to be in jail. Older brother and her. Decided to not call anyone for 2 weeks to say dad got pneumonia. Then did nothing for him about it. Till I came along got him out his house to hospital. Where he dies 4 days later causing my dad death. My mental emotional distress from not understanding any of this. I lost who I use to be. My trust is 0 for keeping me from getting on with my life. It's been 2 years I haven't been to my dad house there a will not been read yet. His house. She thought she could sell. But we stepped in and said NO that dad's house our house we grew up in. I'm so mad so sad my life has changed I trying to figure out live again.

  41. Sami Ahmed

    Hello all, I am on a sick leave based on Doctor's advise...documents were sent to my employer, etc.

    However, the Regional Manager HR insist to meet me for an interview while they acknowledge i am on medication and sick. 

    HR sends me interview dates and says its "mandatory" otherwise they will considered it as a resignation and close my file. Keep in mind, Ido want to return to work after doctors approve. And I have no attention of resignation.
    Question is...can they do that?

  42. Kronickillness Nikolaos

    What if it's become physical and a combination of the two over 20+yrs? As he's done it to me! Let alone do it to my brother and it really messed me up growing up in it and my mother's the one who suffered the most he screwed her over in court in the marriage that she came back to and now its not legal she has nothing in her name she's worked as his employee and slave at home and not married he's the boss and then the wages what she litetally hasn't been paid! It is literal slavery through a false marriage and he uses emotional manipulation making her think she can't find anyone else but she is barely able to survive or have $ etc as she is his pet! And the emotional distress ALONE from myself I CAN'T imagine hers! He litetally sodomised her! What should I do? Cuz he ALWAYS kivks her out takes all her meds away locks them up takes the car's keys and house locks her out no food no clothes nothing at all! Then tries to have her locked up or he will let her take a car rhen calls n reports it stolen! And the cops pull her over and leave her stranded waiting hrs to be picked up! A real piece of work this ass hole. Idk if I should take him to court lord knows we can not afford an atty! We can't afford to get by. But I am done being a victim this yr! I just turn 35 and he did this on my bday physically assaulted me I'm so done ready to take him to court! They had a settlement for the nail shop they owned supposedly 50/50 well he kept all 100k$ and was mad about any penny she's spent! Omg 25yrs of THIS type of thing is THIS outrageous and extreme enough do I or she have a case?! plz help

  43. **Kristy Barnes**

    Great info. When you were talking about the, "physical manifestation of the injury may be required", did you mean NIED? If so, would an example be Dr. records?

  44. Stockton 711

    Florida law firm that are out seeking clients for personal injury , are like Rats that come out at Night .

  45. Steve Vondran

    Thank you all!! I do my videos for YOU THE PEOPLE. Everyone should know what's going on. I can't teach the entire law school agenda......BUT, I can teach THE GOOD PEOPLE the important things they should know, and most of my videos are based upon THINGS THEY WILL NOT TEACH YOU IN LAW SCHOOL!!!

  46. Stacey Jennings

    Thank you for this video! I'm considering taking my brother to court for this and other legal issues regarding my elderly father who suffers with Alzheimer's. I've been his full time care giver, DPOA, VA fiduciary, and everything for the past 3.5 plus years. My brother has been after my father's home and land from the beginning and has pulled some very disconcerting stunts causing us both severe emotional distress. I also believe recent events have hastened a decline in my father due to the stress my brother's actions have placed on me. We live in a very small town that isn't near any metro areas so finding someone to represent us is going to be extremely challenging. Thank you again for this information. I realize it's meant to help those becoming lawyers, but it has helped me understand the process so I know if it's plausible to pursue such an action and will help me in my search for legal representation. Bless you!

    Brigid Fian

    my brother(s) & wife took over my mother, got in her Will, got me the dutiful daughter cut out, now they've got her Estate worth over million. I'm forced to get my rights but too often people are gloating over a daughter cut out of the Will at the last month before she entered hospital. Deepset longstanding chauvinism, misogyny. Society allowed it to happen. Brother assaulted me causing permanent injury. He's allowed to do harm to his sister. Nobody in this society will stand up for the daughter. Good Luck.

  47. jfitz458

    What does it mean when Employer relinquishes Exclusive Remedy in LHWCA case? Title 33 section905

  48. Nyanchiew Gachgatwech

    mostly i do not like lawyers/Attorneys/Guilds, that lawyer is good.. great work on being good members of this society on Earth.

    Steve Vondran

    Doing my best to "be the change" - thank you!

  49. Esoteric Mystery

    What about a landlord forcing their way into your bedrooms with an element of surprise, when they were there for a WHOLE other reason? California.

    Steve Vondran

    Seems to be a bit outrageous on its face but maybe he had to pee really bad? You always have to look at all the facts....

    Esoteric Mystery

    @Steve Vondran This happened a week ago and I'm still in shock about it. My daughter and grandkids were there also. Doing a lot of researching.

  50. Steve Vondran

    Geez, this video is about to hit a 100k. Bring me only the most egregious cases. Needs to be something really serious... not just HURT FEELINGS!!! SV

    Esoteric Mystery

    I brought you something. You didn't believe me?

    Christine Seaborg

    Is the act of a brutal rape by a weathy... landlord, done to a single mother with disabilities ( head, neck , back...injuries, and not developmental. Also, PTSD and former anxiety and depression when first dealing with PTSD, learning about...)Also, his only hiring convicted felons to do maintenance...and the dirty work he wants done. Friends with county cops enough for them to give him a fake badge, which he did not use for the sole purpose of protecting himself while collecting rent..but to intimidate any and everyone he felt he could. He... would go thru my home, papers, receipts and condemn purchases and even stold my daughters 9th Birthday party favors, later claiming HE "GAVE ...TO THE KIDS!" He would look to my property to harm, pets and child if I was too numb. He condemned me for not fighting city hall when they were doing serious wrongs, meanwhile , so was he, others, tenants he taught to also mistreat me by humiliating me in front of plenty, in person or to my property...( management at the place we've lived at for the past 4+ years has too-plenty) On and on and on. 3 days after the brutal act, my mom passed away. On her death certificate it says that she bled out. That has always bothered me because I finally stopped bleeding the very same morning that she did the opposite while living around 1500 miles away. He knew my dad had passed away 4 and a half months prior to that and got progressively more threatening over that time period in 2010. At the time, I was able to look up his income in 2009 and it was over $499,000.00 for the properties he owned. He did not become a US citizen until my daughter and I moved to the other side of the state. I was honestly going to kill him if I did not find a way to move . I had gotten hit by a car in 2013 , I believe fully on purpose and after that, the city police began treating me poorly...He seemed to have the county police wrapped around his finger and could get away with seemingly anything, even portraying me as an evil gold digger and side chick against his wife...again, to get tenants to do wrong to me and my daughter,properly, pets...He had three different mobile home( and other) parks and never cut me a break on rent...whatsoever and my rent checks for 8+ years would prove that. If anything he cheated me terribly and helped continue to ruin my credit heartlessly. Anyway, always suffering and kept in ....areas, chaoses, running...going till the statute of limitations wears off" is pretty much the story of my doctors, staff, others messed up...irregardless of my ever having any intent to sue , spanning the great corrupt ...state of N.Y. to Florida...I do have injuries from head to toe, literally and records that prove it and threats all along my whole life, some acted upon and some not. I AM being rediculously bullied even now and I've lost all steam in life to get back up this time. I'm 53 years old and tired. I was not a dumby... even scoring a perfect 4.0 while pulling 28 credits at one time at a community college many years ago and when I tried to honor the promise back to myself to go back, my tailbone got broken 2 days before stating college again and that was sabotaged even by city bus drivers, as absolutely rediculous as that does indeed sound, it 100% is and was true. I think I showed to a local hospital with full on whiplash from all of the slamming of the brakes and gas, at literally every bus stop on that route and making a gesture that was outragious. I was the only person on the bus that afternoon and he took it to the limit. I am the opposite of a person who exaggerates and have proof of that too as it was heavily ingrained in me young to not show weaknesses....and I felt embarrassed that I could not even manage to handle a couple of punk bus drivers horrid, racist, real and disabled person discriminations of me....they were wring on too many levels and used those massive vehicles like weapons and are just allowed to, here in orlando. There have been many things done against white women in this area and I am ft from alone in noticing it, here and the other side of Florida and yet, it had always been treated as though it does not exist from blacks and Spanish folks. It is blatant and in our faces and has been at the low income levels, leaving a person more and more vulnerable while costing them so much more to live, ongoingly, often feels like exploitation to extort from any recourse left available...including false diagnosis...Its a hard life. if you have any advices I would like to know besides yet another turn down without a good exclamation that leaves me hanging and wondering wtf? Not only are scars.... visible, but documented as well. Please consider

  51. ucan grow

    Wow. These videos are better than law school!

    Steve Vondran

    Thanks, that's my goal!! SV

  52. branka Kos

    I wish you were here in Australia

  53. dimdim lumplump

    Fayetteville, North Carolina

  54. StealthWing FZero

    Is a vice president screwing my pregnant wife outrageous enough to file a claim in california? I now have PTSD symptoms cannot sleep. This POS had tried to contact my wife again after my child was born...i found this out 4 years later. Im from california.

  55. Renee Wallis

    Is it legal for a plaintiffs attorney to file with the court in a during a probate litigation that the case has been settled even if the other party never saw or agreed to any settlement?

  56. Renee Wallis

    Attorneys that use false allegations of their main witness to bring a lawsuit against an innocent party because the plaintiff doesn’t have any proof against defendant

  57. Breanna Villasenor

    So I'm not in law school, but I want to go. I'm saying this is good insight.

    Steve Vondran

    If you like school is a lot of this.....I loved it obviously!! Good luck. SV

    Breanna Villasenor

    @Steve Vondran I'm looking for a school and taking action. I'm interested... My friends call me the fake layer 🤣.... Thank you for the videos.

  58. Tinkerginamama

    I prob have one of the best cases ever and I have loads of video proof and medical proof but I live in California and with family court corruption I feel it’s better to just walk away for my own health, sanity and my children.

  59. D Malayev

    I hope lawyers like you die

  60. Its Just Me

    You ever hear of criminal tort under the color of law? Seriously. That is what I have come to define the cause of action of the American Civil War; a dispute solved out of Court that waives the immunity of both the government and the individual and authorizes confiscation, suspension of the writ of habeas corpus, and criminal prosecution.

    Is it not ironic, the American Civil War removed the emancipation proceeding from state original jurisdiction by force under the First and Second Confiscation Acts, reaffirmed by the Proclamation of Emancipation, adopted by the 14th Amendment, and safeguarded by the 13th and 15th with the 26th establishing the first enumerated right of emancipation to protect all classes and persons from removal of emancipation to a person of the 14th Section 1 as defined in Section 4, before the protections of emancipation a slave under the laws of property by default, and yet the states still hold tight in rebellion and insurrection to their original jurisdiction over the emancipation proceeding and the right thereof to refuse to emancipate any individual they see fit while terminating emancipation protections? All individuals are emancipated at the age of majority and children under the emancipation protections of their parents found in parental rights and responsibilities. Yet 26 states and every member of Congress in D.C. still hold to their original jurisdiction to terminate emancipation protections under parental rights and responsibilities while refusing emancipation to minor children in forced marriage in violation of the Palermo Protocols while the other 24 aid and abet these War Crimes.

    This is the world we live in. Where America finds itself immune from its own prosecution and a slave (child bride not protected under emancipation) is barred from any legal representation or the right to represent themselves until reaching the age of consent as property of the estate and if there is a grant of claim on the loss, left with the federal question on claim for attorney fees to defend against War Crimes forcing us child brides in America to defend ourselves against treason.

    Would you ever imagine in your days of law, that 156 years after the Proclamation of Emancipation and states still reserve the right to refuse to emancipate anyone or protect them under the emancipation of a legal guardian? Murder of a person of the U.S. Constitution in the first degree.

    I will tell you my side. I would have never imagined waking up in a country where the attorneys that can, key words can, defend the right for this nation to even exist, are either too uneducated, too bias, too partial, or too lazy to abolish slavery because they don't want to waste their time challenging tort law that the US has used to claim immunity from War Crimes for decades and its only a waste because they themselves are the waste of time.

    Which are you? Food for thought to think of. Do you wait until someone else does it first and then use the case law to work in the area of subject-matter or are you the kind of attorney that sets the bar on expectations and writes his own history?

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  83. William W. Campbell-Shepherd IX

    if any lawyers, law students or just law and fousey astir here what do you think of the potential for a claim of this tort probably not negligent but intentional regarding two parties so one party is the wife who is abandoned by her husband suddenly he left a simple and brief note in this let's say, hypothetical. now she's wondering if she can sue because she has some mental diagnosis such as depression maybe PTSD and anxiety disorder and she has suffered a great deal of emotional distress. The question I think really is other than necessarily proving the intent of the male party who abandoned the marital home suddenly, would be to prove that this act exceeded bounds of human decency or all bounds in a civilized society. The only similar case I found in the state were this is well the hypothetical, is Davis vs Davis in the Atlantic reporter I believe 2009 and then maybe 2011 in the court of appeals in Hartford which actually overturned the lower Court's decision saying that there was no marriage for that is the lower court said there was no merit to the intentional and negligent claims of emotional distress and they decided that they're indeed were. I don't know if any damages were awarded though, I found the case on case again any opinion on this hypothetical would be greatly appreciated otherwise I'll pester the lawyers on avvo lol

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