Iris, Donnie - A Sword And A Shield Lyrics

She's daddy's little girl
Leaving home today
One day he children will cling to her
As she has always done with me
Like a cavalry of hearts
Her love will shield them
Against the demons in the yard
I can't protect her anymore
From the monsters in the fields
But a father's love is so real
A power she will always feel
Wield it as a sword
Use it as a shield
And whenever you see injustice
Never yield
Better go now
For the wolves gather 'round your sheep
Don't worry about me
It's time for this footsoldier
To finally get some sleep

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Iris, Donnie A Sword And A Shield Comments
  1. Hector Diaz

    Im fapping right now

  2. Mousie Spanks

    I can honestly say that I am watching this on a Friday night Dec 10 2020 and I just had my night made. One of my favorite songs from the 80s and very sexy gorgeous women. Damn that made my night. Thank you!!!!

  3. deimoz lorenzo rojas nunez

    Real women not like mex ciity lol

  4. Jeffrey Kennon

    Great song brings back alot of memory with girls I've been with

  5. محمد mohammed

    احو عرب بالطيارة

  6. Denis Dumais

    Thumbs down people on this one must be deaf dumb and blind

  7. David Kramer

    how do I me Judge woman ...third from the laft

  8. jae dog

    Wow so hot

  9. Cliff Krauel

    Dam brings back some memories

  10. John Gowler

    Mmmm yummy!!!

  11. Doble Helice

    omg awesome, I'm a believer baptized in the fire!

  12. gjm666

    My all time favorite music video!

  13. Jeffrey Richardson

    Excuse me, but your ass is hanging out.

  14. Richard Chambers

    Killer tune!🎸🎸🎸🎶🎵🎼👍

  15. John Mckenzie

    This song is highly recommended for the spring break for college kids and new year day bowl games 2020 get ready

  16. Joel T

    1:26 in the black bikini and then the twin girls on the beach....OMG! What an ass!!!!

  17. angel williams

    man the good lord knew what he was doing when he made these women.

  18. angel williams

    this is by far the greatest video of all time period. I love this song but damn man the video, I wish I could watch this daily. GREAT

  19. Jeff Ring

    Omg so many beautiful random girls with rockin bodies.

  20. Jay Rainey

    And the meaning of the song is women know not what they want. And there Fuckin it up. Piss on Feminist and there isn't a hash tag for METOO, it is pound METOO.

  21. Sugiarta Arta

    😂😂😂😱😱😱wekenapa semua kelia tan nyoyo

  22. serge ringuette

    clean women not tats all over

  23. jimmy smith

    Awesome song. Great looking chicks!

  24. Gabriel Gonzalez

    Here We Go Again

  25. Tom Slack


  26. Black shuck

    I remember when videos were normal with good ol American beauty. Now you don't even know if they are women and or straight

  27. Leo Leo

    Eight measures of gut ripping guitars iconic rock n roll you know it

  28. Jeffrey Richardson

    angies chagrined

    nineteen years was looney binned

    only jody sinned

  29. kodar Grisss

    Ah! Leah!...

  30. Jack Wells

    You Tube Boob Tube ?

  31. Jack Wells

    Bloody Good Jam 🎸 Solo and Hot. Women is this a Great country or what ?

  32. Erryk Flows

    There's NO "JUGGS" ... NUFF Said ... “🍺Dilly Dilly”❗

    rollin' stoned

    I see a 6 pack @ 3:00...

  33. Ed Kennedy


  34. Mike Domingue

    How sweet it was watching those fine babes.On Fire ,

  35. Ezra Brooks

    I lick how flat they all is

  36. Ezra Brooks

    Me wanna et all the pussys

  37. chareles john

    Skanks and ho's...combined I.Q about 10.

  38. Jim Gagne

    I think the thing I'll miss the most, ... is all the beautiful women.

    Tom Snyder

    So true

  39. Rick Roybal

    God's most noble work of art is woman.

  40. Jan Schattenkerk


  41. Dr. killpatient

    Thanks for all the babes. I run it on my phone when I'm being bored to distraction by all the grandma's, fat broads, queenies, & uggo's, on the San Diego trolley. Lord, have mercy !!!

  42. nole fan

    The 80s were awesome!! I'd go back right now...😆😎🤘

  43. Rick Ciesielski

    Ahhhhhh Leah!!!

  44. Joel Williams

    What an inspiring video. Finally found one more better than the zoo by the scorpions👍😉

  45. Richard Berentson

    Ya baby, this video is red,white and blue

  46. Brenton Noe

    the guy at the end, screaming ahhhh leeeaaahhh nails it!

  47. Matt Constantine

    I dont need the hot chicks. The song itself just sends me back in time when my dick was hard as blue steel, cruising on a summer night, this song playing on the tape deck, & meeting the hot chicks. Ahhhhhh, very good times they were. I miss em.

  48. Ken W.

    The one at 3:16 looks like Cher when she was young.

  49. Jose H borba

    amazing video I agree with one of the coments I read this from the mid eighties God I love 80s.

  50. Jose H borba

    Wow great videos love the hot clicks in bikini rock on.

  51. lisa

    Are these ladies not absolutely gorgeous women. Knockouts. 🤙
    My younger brother & i always shared a love for this song✌

  52. The Donald John Trump


  53. Jeffrey Richardson

    angeliques johnna
    mike welchs marijuana
    know tijuana

  54. Terry Jackman

    If she was willing, I'd take the one at 1:20 for the rest of my life!

  55. Neal Harrison

    love this song

  56. Bill Post

    Where's all the Black chicks?

    Gale Cook

    Twerking at da ebt office

  57. Todd Somers

    The 617 thumbs down must be gay dudes

  58. Brandon Adkins

    1:26. 🙂

  59. comicb00kguy

    now THIS is what music videos are supposed to be!

  60. Bryan George

    Lot's of Hotties !

  61. Michael Feezor

    The 80s rocked

  62. Michael Feezor

    I love this song

  63. David Smith

    My favorite Donny Iris song.

  64. Myrle Mueller

    Hot chicks BEAUTIFUL

  65. mojamed ahmed

    hot..This is since 2012 now 2019

  66. Phillip Lee


  67. Michael Stockman

    Thanks 😊😘 n I love you too... n I love you so much baby girl...
    I love you so much baby WORLD...n I love you so much baby girl
    WORLD... WATCH out for the DEVIL... She's
    Gonna get YOU from
    BEHIND... ! !

  68. Michael Stockman

    thnx....n............I LOVE YOU TOO<<<<<<<<<<<>>>>>>>>GIRL<<<<<<<<<<<>>>>>>>>>>I LOVE <<<<<<<<<<< the WORLD>>>>>>>>>>I LOVE my Baby Girl<<<<<<<<<<>>>>>>>>>>WATCH OUT<<<<<<<<<<>>>>>>>>>DEVIL <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<>>>>>>>>>>GONNA GET<<<<<<<<<<>>>>>>>>>>>From BEHIND<<<<<<<<<<<< ! !

  69. Justice4x4Yall

    I can not get this song out of my head. They dont make music like this anymore, I'm saddened that I didn't get to grow up in the 80s or even 70s and 60s. I grew up in a very strange world post 9/11 (born 1997) and nobody puts pride into anything anymore its disappointing

  70. DGOODWIN19

    These were the lovely women when I was young. How can I tell, no tattoos at all.

  71. Douglas Martin

    I hate that this is available for my husband to watch. It is degrading to women who had lived there a whole lives with a man taking care of them. And you are No longer as beautiful as these little things because they have gotten older and it hurts . it hurts their hearts , it hurts their minds, and it hurts their souls. And it depresses the women because they can no longer be beautiful and your husband’s eyes because they have all this garbage on YouTube and everywhere else that they can look at someone else that is more beautiful than their own wife’s.

  72. Calciefer X

    My names Leah 🥰

  73. nitedaze1000

    Damn. TY

  74. Philip E.

    boooooobies, nice, oh, someone just told me there was a song as well???? Really

  75. Johnno Villa

    Fantastic record, a stone-cold classic great riffs

  76. Papa Joe

    My favorite topping!!!!80's rock

  77. D RadarMan

    White women. The best! #1. None better. ………...Don't like what I say? Tough!

  78. D RadarMan

    There is just something about some "side boob" showing that is just so fine.

  79. ellitestar

    VIDEO: Awesomeness!!!
    SONG: Sucks Balls!!!

  80. ProgrammingFlaw 3489

    Perfect song to start off the Eighties.

  81. Benjie Fields

    Best video for the best song ever both a work of art

  82. monty carter

    A ... Real ..... { PLEXUS } .... Jam ..........

  83. L TR

    I did not know until tonight that Donnie Iris was a former Wild Cherry it like I'm the only one on the planet or is that not widely known?

  84. Papa Joe

    Yes sir, the American Peach or any Peach for that matter

  85. get wet

    This video makes me miss ugly pigs like Rosie O'Donnell. (just kidding)

  86. Papa Joe

    642, well lets just say they don't like women...So sorry for ya...But more for us....

  87. Steve Friedman

    The gold days

  88. AVCStereo

    Wanna Improve this Collage? Add a Variety of Women from Various Cultures. There are Many Beautiful Women from Around the World!

  89. Ovo926

    If this is Clickbait keep it coming so many beautiful white women all in one place. 😍😍😍

    Michael Stockman

    Thanks 😘 n I love you too...n I love you so much baby girl...
    I Love you xoxoxo 😘❤️❤️😘❤️😘 so much baby girl ❤️❤️
    WORLD... WATCH out for the DEVIL She's...
    Gonna get YOU from..
    BEHIND... ! !

  90. Mark Grinshpun

    Big tittie committee @3:04

  91. Kevin Karg

    One of my favorite songs along with gorgeous ladies in bikinis! It can't get any better than that!

  92. Richard James

    they all suck penis

  93. Charlotte Hanna

    Full back "undies"? No


    All Pittsburgh girls. 😎 Dominic Groupies 👍


    We are going to need some Wheat Fields, get the Young Women
    some appropriate Husbands & have all of them feeling very very Smug by the end of the Year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Wheat Fields, SMUG Women, White Babies!!!!!!!
    Yes, we want them all to have compatible & appropriate Mates
    so their happy & loved and all that good stuff!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Yes, 18 is the minimum age we are going to kind of keep that
    in line with tradition, etc ,etc ,etc & so forth & so forth,
    Mom's you should all talk that over & whatever
    17 & a 17, well depends, you all figure it out, okay!!!!
    gee, hope I didn't screw that up too badly.!!
    /SIDE NOTE: I am willing to sell my Sperm for $5000
    (just trying to help out!)

  96. David Devron

    So nice to see women without tattoos.....