Irene Cara - I Sing The Body Electric Lyrics

I sing the body electric
I celebrate the me and to come
I toast to my own reunion
When I become one with the sun

And I'll look back on Venus
I'll look back on Mars
And I'll burn with the fire
Of ten million stars
And in time and in time
We will all be stars

I sing the body electric
I glory in the glow of rebirth
Creating my own tomorrow
When I shall embody the Earth

And I'll serenade Venus
I'll serenade Mars
And I'll burn with the fire
Of ten million stars
And in time and in time
We will all be stars

Yeah, ooh, yeah!
Yeah, yeah!

We are the emperors now
And we are Czars
And in time and in time
We will all be stars!

I sing the body electric
I celebrate the me and to come
I toast to my own reunion
(my own reunion)
When I become one with the sun

And I'll look back on Venus
I'll look back on Mars
And I'll burn with the fire
Of ten million stars
And in time and in time
(And in time and in time)
We will all be stars!

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Irene Cara I Sing The Body Electric Comments
  1. Venusjones Jones

    Irene cara Movie Fame 😍

  2. Venusjones Jones

    Sing it Irene cara 😘

  3. Venusjones Jones

    I love it 😍

  4. Sylvia Whiteside

    I am thrilled it was performed at the Grammys but it doesn't equal the passion of this version.

  5. James R

    Timeless. Watch this after seeing the entire movie and try not to cry.

  6. Irrelevant Sophomore

    Everyone: who’s here after the grammys
    Me: whos here for Lana Del Rey?

  7. Jeff M.

    Isn’t the singer with red, curly hair also in Robocop (1987 version)?

    I think he played a henchman who drove the van

    Gilles Vaillancourt

    Yes, good memory

  8. Ceci Martinez

    This is matter what life gives me..i am now 47 yrs old and life has had its way with me...but my heart&soul still holds on too my passion..DANCE!!!!LIVE!!!!LOVE!!!!!!!!♡♡♡♡♡

  9. Charles Heil

    I worked at a movie theater when this came out and I probably saw this 50 times and never got tired of it.

  10. Terrence Ragin

    I remember this original from the original movie Fame. I also loved it when they redid it on this year Grammy Awards. It was awesome. I don't want you

  11. Star Cipher

    Acqua panna be like

  12. david miller

    arch your back, coco!  peace & vote, ya'll!

  13. Kgothatso Sentsho

    I first heard this on Life and Times of Juniper Lee. Good times :)

  14. Eduardo Vieira Machado

    Simplesmente incrível!!! (Brazil)

  15. RrrrIcKaShaY K9

    Cyndi Lauper singing Irene Cara's part at The 2020 Grammys was everything! ❤

  16. imari2305

    My favorite scene from this movie.. So glad they did this at the Grammys.

  17. Jen-Yueh Hu

    I'm here because our retiring deputy principal played this song at the high school graduation dinner in my penultimate year there. Our grade (Lower VI) was in charge of organizing the graduation dinner for the graduates. It was also the last year of that tradition since they were ending the A-Level programme at the school that year. Hopefully they bring back the A-Levels one day.

  18. Shelley Anders

    This was such a defining movie for my generation. I still get goosebumps when I get watch this performance ❤️

  19. Roman Angel

    ahhh the grammys took me back tonite. Thank you. I still remember the feeling when I first saw/heard the song back in the day. #80sKid Nothing will top the first time. Still make the hair on the back of neck stand. Talke about some great memories.

  20. Anti World

    This is one of the worst songs ever written.

  21. Marie Grimes

    Proof that classics never got old. The performance last night on the Grammy's was the best part of the show. As soon as John Legend mentioned this song was coming, I perked up. It was fantastic, energetic and actually made me shed tears. It took me back to memories of watching Fame, one of my favorite movies. Misty Copeland was radiant!! I just wish the camera hadn’t cut away from her & the dancers at the song climax. I thought the highlighted history making moments, especially those that tied back to the movie, were nice touches.

  22. moodylicious

    Grammys 2020 got me provided
    coming for my BE fix!
    Grammy's 2020 production was exhilarating and stunningly, brilliantly awesome!!!
    And I found the entire performance on Cyndi Lauper's Official site.
    Enjoy the 2020 version as we celebrate this wonderful, nostalgic one when we were all so much younger.

    Be well!!

    Marie Grimes

    Same. I had forgotten how magnificent this song was and still is!!

  23. Kidawn 777


  24. Thomas Futrell

    Grammys brought me here.

  25. Chocolate Poop

    Like everyone, I was highly moved when this first came out. But today, it's crap. Amateur, crappy dancing, crappy singing, crappy camera angles, crappy arrangement, crap. So to those of you who are still highly moved by it, go take a crap. (Hee-hee!)

  26. gina molino

    Camilla could not hit these notes as well as this girl in this video. in fact, the word "Sun" was awful. The rest of the performers in the Grammy's rendition were fabulous. Misty Copeland was phenomenal!!!!
    This video is sooooooooooooo awesome and so is this movie. Everyone should watch this movie.

    Olivia Christena

    She can hit the note... sometime it's just bad timing

  27. Laura Fragoso

    i love this song, the grammys just remind me of it, now im totally obsessed again

    Marie Grimes

    Me too!!! It's been playing in my head all day. :)

    Laura Fragoso

    @Marie Grimes same!!

  28. yethalski

    grammy 2020 and camila brought me here

  29. feline groovey

    No version will ever top this original.

  30. Reeda Harris

    Grammys 2020!!!

  31. Afra Evans

    Had to watch after seeing Body Electric performed on the Grammys

  32. Sonia Mejorado

    Me quedo con esta versión por muchooooo mas que el performance de los GRAMMY’s

  33. It'sJustEish

    Thanks Grammys I forgot all about this song. I sung this song for my elementary graduation c/o 92. In this time of mourning for the unexpected deaths personally and for KB family. I was feeling a little sad. This brought back good memories and I was surprise that I still knew most of the lyrics.
    Blessing to all. Be safe 💕

    Marie Grimes

    I hadn't heard this song in years but the words came right back to me.
    I was feeling sad the entire time watching the Grammy's and when this song came on and the dancers flew across the stage, the flood gates opened and I sobbed hard. I mean ugly crying!! Emotions over the loss of Kobe and his beautiful daughter as well as the other 7 lives and memories that came flooding back of my youth and watching Fame. It was powerful. Music has a way of doing that.

  34. Aaron B

    How many people are searching for this after the 2020 Grammys?

    Charley Burt

    I KNOW!!! I always loved this!!

    Tamara Pharo

    I have watched the original numerous times. Took dance because of Ms. Allen. Love Fames life lol not the movie i watched the showed backwards and forwards

    newf newf

    didn't watch them, had no idea it was sung there lol



  35. luj0va

    Im here because of The grammys

  36. Ramon Antunes

    Who came From Grammy's 2020?

  37. Maribeth Roldan

    Camila Cabello will sing this with other artist at Grammy today !

  38. Shannon McKnight

    In about 12 hours all the comments will be like “anyone here from the Grammys”

    Charley Burt

    I loved that the Debbie Allen Dance Academy was there dancing!! Great tribute!

    Lyn Will

    So true


    Wolf Lauren I totally agree!!! Your take on it would have been much more interesting and truer to the original!


    Nothing beats the original!

    Rose Valerio

    Ahh!!! Yes! I attended a performing arts HS in NY in the 80's so this song always hits home and brings me back to those days, when the arts were so pure and life looked so promising! Lol, never did become a star but I did become a PA director in the community I grew up in and paid it forward... It was a nice tribute but it had me deep in my feelings and longing to come here to see the original! Classic, timeless and can never be duplicated!!

  39. Maribel Ibrahim

    I still remember when I was watching ER and realised that Rocket Romano was the skinny red haired kid in Fame!

    Love seeing Mark Goodman (MTV DJ there too). I remember my sister's album (I was in 6th grade) and playing it over and over and over again!


    I had the same realization one day too! 🤣🤣

  40. Anjo Vingador Vingador

    Allan Parker..amazing.....

  41. Anjo Vingador Vingador


  42. Andorian323

    I used to think the girl at the beginning was Doris, but it's the girl who couldn't dance. Glad she found her talent.

  43. FunkBunny

    I remember singing this in grade school.

  44. chezniki

    ...and in time/ and in time/ we will all. be. stars!...

  45. Anthony Rinaldi

    The guy from Robocop was in this?

  46. MrReed314

    Did Ray always dance without a partner?

  47. MrReed314

    I wonder who that young woman sitting at First Chair?

  48. FemInBoots

    Integration of the arts! Why can’t we do this in election 2020? We are each other’s handmaiden.

  49. Ileana Lopez Vergne

    So many years have passed since this movie!!!!

  50. Kevin Froude

    Just brilliant...

  51. Aaron Morris

    40 years ago. Wow, were we ever that young?

  52. Syol *

    this is awesome !

  53. lar ts

    How did the red curly haired guy lose all his hair & become a gangster on Robocop in 6 yrs????

  54. L Tragna

    One of my favorite movies . The music and dancing , absolutely incredible. Bring back so many good memories


    2019 and I still love watching this and get goosebumps every time. Thank you so much for sharing this with us 💕🙌🏾🙌🏾

  56. B Nor

    I attended a school of performing arts because of this movie. I moved to NYC because of this movie. I had an 18 year career as a professional dancer because of this movie. Thank you Sir Alan Parker for creating a film that inspired an entire generation to "celebrate the me yet to come". We are the Fame Generation!

  57. Mark Fowler

    Everyone who was in swing choir knows this song extremely well! 😜 In fact, if you even know what a swing choir is, you probably know this!

  58. Steve Bayt

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  59. Mike Smiles

    i sing out to the ocean for me and the see....i love me , i'm special

  60. A Cat

    I have sing this in choir got a lot compliments hopefully I get a solo part

  61. MJ NE

    Love for this song and movie fills my heart. Bring back the 80s.

  62. Nordlicht und stolz darauf


  63. Novel Dixon

    Oh my God this video never gets old
    I am a Leroy fan for life


    Goosebumps EVERY time. SE this when it debuted in Berkeley CA❤️❤️

  65. jujufactory

    Fame is not just a movie. It is a historic landmark and will forever be associated with American history of the 70's. Unlike modern movies which are about silly special effects and shallow and superficial plots... Fame is about talent, drama, youth and humanity. It has not aged a bit and some of the directors and producers who make movies nowadays should be obliged to watch Fame in shame.

  66. keep it REAL

    2019 and I'm still here... what what???

  67. gladitsnotme

    who gave the ginger a solo tho

  68. Lulu the cookie

    When i sing this song at school and it sounds better.Sorry

  69. Gold Lattes


  70. faico99

    My friend今天你如何?

  71. Preschool Dropout Yamagatagirl

    Brings tears to my eyes. The arrangement, the voices, the lyrics, the life is remarkable.

  72. Marina Banchetti

    The first time I heard this song, I had goosebumps! And I still find it incredibly inspiring! A brilliant mix of classical, gospel, and rock and also what a great tribute to Walt Whitman! After 40 years, this still thrills me and fills me with joy and hope. Beautiful song and performances!

  73. Jewel justjewel

    Im not sure but people back then seemed more talented back then

  74. Sue Ford

    Cried my eyes out😂

  75. Jacqueline Keijzer


  76. 1111nolanc

    I was only 10 when this came out and couldnt see it. But the next year I went to the inaugural year of Davidson Fine Arts public school in Augusta, GA. This is now one of the finest public arts High Schools in the country. I love this movie,same time,same crappy building,same joy and excitement of performing together!

  77. Brian Taylor

    I search YouTube for the perfect cover of this song and the original STILL puts them all
    to shame...Incredible ensemble
    I cry every time I watch this original knowing how perfect
    it really is...

  78. David Ribroma

    I don't know where I got the bug in my ear, but this song gave me chills like it did in 1980

  79. buttgoo magoo

    You tube ads are fhaggot lovers

  80. Sonya Jackson


  81. Turbulent ENFP

    Tears in 2019

  82. Jennifer Mondesire

    Philadelphia police: wake children up with orchestra music 🎼

  83. Kelvin Kiarie

    It was Great movie and its still a great movie.

  84. zanetierney

    this scene and song bring me to tears

  85. Jacqueline Keijzer

    €ye$$ND-t€ 🅿(H)[email protected]€ye

  86. Mara Lucia

    Impossível esquecer este show. Impossible to forget this show.

  87. mark p

    It's funny seeing Dr. Ramano from ER singing.

  88. 64214Jose

    The first fusion song ever?

  89. Yannick Sanchez

    What ART really is: there´s nothing greater rthan us, it knows no frontier of whatever class, it unite us all. A great song, this movie change my life and make me wanna be an artist.

  90. Michele640

    A great movie followed by a less-than-great tv serial.

  91. The Nomadic Historian

    I always loved the original movie and series but the remake was rubbish!!!

  92. Bob Zenbits

    Starts small then builds an builds and builds awesome.

  93. Marvina I

    Mercy that ending.. goosbumps the lady looks at the man going off with his music directing and the camera zooms in and then out @4:31-4:55. Loved this. I so appreciate the arts

  94. Marni Stone

    Getting some slight Queen vibes from this song!

  95. Gino Dominick

    Great Movie

  96. Jade T.

    Irene Cara was a superstar ❤

  97. Victor Hugo Ramallo

    Eu vi no cinema na minha adolescência e até hoje essa cena me emociona!

  98. Kathy Lewis

    I sang this at my High School graduation YEAR ago. 😊