Insane Clown Posse - The Killing Fields Lyrics

[Violent J]
Laying in my bed, I think of many horror tales
Yet I barely move, my bed is made of nails
I try to roll, my skin slowly tears away
My flesh is stuck to my bed as I begin my day
Walking out the house, this morning, the sky is red
The streets are crowded with the bodies of the living dead
They're trying to die, they're leaping off of roof tops
Uh, they only scream in pain as their body flops
I'd rather stay inside my home and only pray to die
But my house is been on fire since like '85
I can only stand a night of the fatal smoke
But see you never die, you only burn and choke
So I leave out the house and walk the land
Wild pigs run and feed off the dying man
And look around you, there's bodies hanging from the trees
But they're not dying, they're only crying "please"
I hear the thunder in the sky, so I run in hide
The deadly rain may soon come down, you got to get inside
The lunatics see the lightning, they're screaming, yes
It's raining blood, the streets are a bloody mess
About once or twice a week though it thunder storms
That's when giant heavy red and black clouds form
It's raining blood, livers, and kidneys from the sky
Prepare cuz when you die, you're coming to the killing fields

"What shall that be? What shall that be? When that fine moment
comes. When the curtains are drawn, the windows are shut, the
doors close, and you've written what you've written, you said
it, that's it. What will you look to be? What about it, mister,
when you've had your last beer. You laughed at family and
laughed at your little wife. She begged you not to go out to
that bar."

[Violent J]
As I feed off a dead pig, I'm thinking back
To when I had a heart beat, and how I would act
I would steal from the poor, I'd laugh at the sick
But in the killing fields, you get your fucking neck ripped
So as I walk along, I meet a lot of strange folks
Some people with no eyes, and gashed open throats
And if they notice your eyeballs are working well
They try to dig em out your skull, and go for self
Now in the summertime, it's like a whole 'nother realm
Water victims, fire, and oceans overwhelm
To walk outside, the heat will surely cook your brains
Try to run across the street your hair will burst in flames
Victims in a panic run from the heated light
Underneath the city, into the sewer pipes
Into the fire storm this becomes your new land
But there's no food, so you feed off the other men
And now it's been seven months, I'm barely fed
I chase a Billy Billy goat with a human's head
He's steady screaming "Let me be! Let me be!"
But while I chase him there's another demon chasing me
All of time moves backwards, I'm growing old
And the clouds are burning fire, and so I'm told
That there's a lot of living souls such as the rich
That choose to live like a bitch, I'll see you in the Killing Fields

"You've had your big time of lust and sin and filth. What is
the end going to be when you realize that time is up? You've
crossed the finish line going in the wrong direction. What
shall it be? What about it, ya man? When you spent your life
in a few years time? You're burned out shell at 25 years of
age. What shall it be? What about it?

You could go to hell (what shall it be?)

Come, come on down, down (you're going to the killing fields)

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Insane Clown Posse The Killing Fields Comments
  1. Stick up Kid

    People miss the message of this song. They are talking about hell. Hell is not all fire&flames... It's like our actual life but much worse

  2. Nisha Martinez

    Riddlebox is my favorite album

  3. joey young

    This song reminds me of “basehead attack “ hell’s pit

  4. Stefan Mihajlovski

    The Dopest!!!

  5. Eric Heteronormative

    "It's been seven months, i'm barely fed. I chase a billybilly goat with a human's head. Instead he's screamin' 'let me be! Let me be!' But as i chase 'em there's anoth'r demon chasing me."

    Trully terrifying.....

  6. LonerNomad

    Dope beat



  8. Michael Knight

    Metaphorically speaking of prison💯

    TCB *

    The Free world is becoming a killing field far worse than prison.

  9. TheeJoeyLee

    Been waiting 2 days for this track to RIP with EAC. Couldn't wait anymore

  10. Rob 1978

    I'll glad 2
    Tell ya

  11. Lone Spirit Of The Night

    Come on down folks

  12. Ellie Tincan

    The sampling of the "You can go to hell!" sample near the end is chilling and perfectly executed. It speaks of so much pain due to poor decision making of humans too pompous to understand the ramifications of their actions, and how it hurts even themselves. ICP is fuckin' dope.

  13. Ridiculous Sinner


    Does anyone know where this is from?

    Eighty Seven

    It was made for the song it's either rich or jump study


    It sounds like legz diamond to me but I'm not sure. Same voice as the preacher on hellaluja on milenko.

  14. qualix7

    I heard this track for the first time when I was in high school, and Hell never sounded scarier me! What a nightmare.

  15. Silva 209

    I dig their music. But honestly i hate how juggalos act like fucking idiots. Why cant you just kick back and smoke to this shit 🤷🏻‍♂️

  16. John Williams

    Violent J has the perfect voice for horrorcore..One of the many reasons ICP is so successful .

  17. Rob Kramer

    J's voice, the era, production and beat on this track makes it one of the greats. This slams


    I just realized the tree that j refers to In this song is the same as the dream in the marvelous missing link outtakes.

  19. Shannon Clark

    Soooooo cool

  20. Ridiculous Sinner

    Where is that sample from? Is it from a movie?


    It's their own. No movie

  21. SlipknotSlayer91

    Love the reference to Slayer’s Raining Blood fuck yeah two of my favorite bands ICP and Slayer metalhead juggalos where you at?! WHOOP WHOOP

  22. Eric Draven Nevermore

    one of the best tracks from this album...
    dead body man, lil somethin somethin, headless boogie, the show must go on, that's all I like from this album, Ringmaster was the best one, great milenko and hell's pitt, best of joker cards

  23. Jormungandie [formerly Nanban]

    God this is a masterpiece. Thise vivid hellscape imagery over this disonant, bleak and ethereal instrumental. Just an amazimg track.

  24. Randy Marsh

    Honestly... This is goddamn good. I feel the 90s.

  25. CrAzY JaY

    The imagery is insane it gives me chills every time MWCL

  26. Running With Spirit - Jake

    This beat reminds me of texas chainsaw massacre i don't know why

  27. Brian isley

    whoop whoop mmfwcl

  28. joesmith1797

    Good god I miss this shit. I've been talking to my homie about the change and it just feels like marketing, not the message.

    Timothy neil

    joesmith1797 totally.

    Bruh Yo

    thats what it basically is we sit here and enjoy these tunes and their making millions off marketing in my opinion icp are marketing geniuses

    Hal Jordan

    Listen to FEARLESS FRED FURY that album is amazing 👌 back to that wicked shit!

  29. Mysterious Maximus

    I grew up with Psychopathic Records. I've seen all the good and the bad. It's a phenomenon that ICP in particular catches so much shit for doing them. As if no other similar bands exist. Anyway, I personally don't think J or 2-Dope are lyrical geniuses. If I can be critical for a second, far from it. BUT, that doesn't mean I think they don't have talent and deserve a following.
    In a way, J specifically, I feel deserves his own credibility as a lyricist. It's a little hard to explain. He has a unique talent in the ability to tell a vivid story with his words. It may not always be the most profound shit ever...but some times it still is. And even when it's not, J's got this crazy story book vibe about him. He can paint a picture like nobody I've heard in rap. That deserves it's own props and some people obviously get that.
    This track and The Loons are some of the first tracks I think of as a prime example of his unique take on rap. Just because it's vulgar doesn't mean it's tasteless.



    Aaron Rowe

    Mysterious Maximus everything you said, I agree with my ninja! -been down since '99


    Killing Fields, Echoside, the Loons, Ol Evil Eye. Hells forecast, too. There’s a million of them. Genius story telling .

    Lace 7

    I always preferred 2 Dope. People always credit J, and I understand why, just always likes how 2 Dope sounded and he had some great verses.

    Steven Wiese

    100% real talk homie!! I'd bounce thru albums one after another skippin straight to the deepest darkest yet realest shit! Most people I've met from Saginaw, Michigan (my hometown) to Alabama liked the more mainstream dickin around songs. I'd sing along and seen the humor of Shaggs but when J got all serious and dark it felt like home! Still does to this day!!

  30. Jayden Newlander

    It's funny as fuck when people think that ICP and any member of Psychopathic records is trash. But if eminem were to sing this it would be the best song, but people are blind to the truth. MMFWCL for life!


    ur right!! especially about everything they did musicwise during this era when they were teaming with Mike E Clark they were too much underestimated
    motherfuckn hip hop heads only had gravediggaz or flatlinerz in mind in 1994 1995 1996 when it was bout horrorcore but ICP WERE MILES AWAY FROM THEM


    yeah, I put this in with some purists or whatever they call em, and they were like "this is some wicked shit what is this?" and I tell em "ICP" and they looked so fucking dissapointed in themselves haha

  31. Canadis

    ICP are straight up dope but this track right here is pure genius!

    Aaron Rowe

    Canadis you ain't never lied ninja.

  32. Prinz of Phx

    Damn I always love ICP beats and instrumentals.

    Brian isley

    Prince Hoskie where can I get ICP instrumentals?

    Prinz of Phx

    Brian isley I usually just search them up.

    TCB *

    @Prinz of Phx I know a guy who can make em

  33. Moonsidewalker

    "Some people with no eyes, and gashed open throats
    And if they notice your eyeballs are working well
    They try to dig em out your skull, and go for self"
    True Zombie Mentality

    Chad Chadinson

    Moonsidewalker As I feed off a dead pig, I'm thinking back to when I had a heart beat and how I would act. I'd steal from the poor and laugh at the sick, but in the killing fields you'll get your fucking neck rripped! This beat sticks with me hard God damn can't believe I overlooked it

    Aaron Rowe

    Rejinald Richard I feel ya my ninja, this shit right here, is some real bonafide wicked shit, OG Juggalo down since 99'

  34. Anthony Brave

    the only song that goes hard is I'm Coming Home other than that shits wack as fukk.

    Zach Harper

    Anthony Brave the imagery is amazing, rap isn’t just about fucking hoes and money.

  35. Fluttershy Stays High420

    MMFWCL Lotus

    Eric Wilson

    whoop whoop ninja /)

  36. DailyNytemare Man

    ICPs beats are always on point. They create a specific atmosphere.

    Frosty Butcher

    Was..... Mike E.Clark

    TCB *

    *Was on point

    Lace 7

    Why did he leave?

    kid vicious

    Unmatched then or now really

    Boss Galaga

    mike e clark is such an underated producer

  37. Goku Black

    Haha buttervvl was my old account..sick ass track.

  38. Satanic Warchief

    juggalos are so wack, but given this is from 1995 this fits with the era.


    Don't reply to haters. That's what they want.

    TCB *

    @Adventure Fishing shit I almost killed three juggalos. Don't act big

    6evil6 jesus6

    If we r wack why u listen to our shit get the fuck on

    Jorge Ceballos

    @6evil6 jesus6 factz

    Mr. House

    Wack uh no gangs who kill each other are wack were family not wack so please go listen to your kinda music ok.

  39. Joseph Burke

    Juggalos are fake ass wanna be pussy bitches bro for life

    Joseph Burke

    To hate

    Patrick McElroy

    man i fuckin love icp , im down with the clown, sure. but i aint a juggalo



  40. Lotus Wolf

    this is the shit

    Aaron Rowe

    Lotus Wolf ... and still is

  41. ometta7

    An interesting and very descriptive portrait of Hell is being painted in these lyrics, an entire world is being built from the imagination of these rappers, and all my fam can care about are how many views it's getting? C'mon, ninjas! Let's have an intellectual discourse about this wicked shit!

    Wicked Ways

    ometta7...funny how most arent actually in reality...they dont see important shit and take shit for granted...keep yo eyes peeled fam

    Aaron Rowe

    ometta7 you're right ninja, I feel like I was some type of hell my first time hearing this shit tho. Mcl


    The fucked up part is, if icp was just considered hiphop , they’d be revered as geniuses. You can teach a college course on the first 6 cards.


    ometta7 I'm glad some other people get it.

  42. OakForestBoys

    Dope ass beat

  43. Japan Movie HD

    how can a song like this only have 272 views ???? thats why our world is falling.

    v V

    mededmoon well it's up to 26k now. so hopefully the word of the dark carnival is spreading and people are listing and changing there wicked ways in life

    long live Peep and X

    2 yrs later, from 26k to 92k.. They are well known, besides.. ICP is for the select few 🤙

    Raw Sock

    92k now ninja