Insane Clown Posse - Game Over Lyrics

Someone said there was a time when it costed a quarter
Maybe it still should sorta, enstill some kind of order
'Cause it's been weeks now since I put my balls to any water
Trash hoarder style, mildly I'm caught up in the slaughta
Fuck Judy and her fat booty, Call of Duty hooked me
I beat the game and cheap once in just 3 months it took me
Eyes open wide, they thought I died, at the TV they shook me
Mom cooked for me, took a look mistook me for a Wookie
I stay put and put the poop and pee and snot, whatnot in jars, and screw
The top tight, go through a lot, it's not right, insight
Last night mom learned it wasn't right to fuckin interrupt me
She ran back up stairs I took a butter knife, punctured her butt cheek
My life is the monitor, my body's the remote
Do I leave this chair, nope, don't own a pair of shoes or coat
I go through thousands of friends, they all live in my headset
Reset, how many lives do I get? Am I dead yet?

You put your mother so far in debt, she had to sell your grandmother's jewelry
Start the fuckin' game!
You have zero pigmentation in your skin
When's the last time you got some sunlight?
Let's get a game goin'!
You can be heard cursing all the way down the block, those are elementary students you're arguing with!
Put the fuckin' game in!
Don't you have any desire at all, to at least fuck some pussy once in your life?
Who wanna game?

Another year another day spent, in momma's basement
So much hair, don't know where my face went and momma pay's rent
Damn wasted! Aced it, erase and chase it
So close I can taste it. Fuck outta my face kid! Windows!
Spray painted red chair!
Blew the fuck back Button tappin', nothin' happen! Damn! I'm fuckin' nappin'
Kill the captain, chill or zap 'em! Trap em and slap em!
Eight twenty three or three to noon, so, I ain't leaving soon
Tell the bitch, eat a dick, talkin' shit, in my earhole
He fuckin' called me fat though. How'd the fuck he know?
Is there some kind of camera on me, is it so?
'Cause I was jackin' off, only minutes ago
For me it's nothing to tell, a 9 year old
Fuck off fast, and if he was standing right here, I'd choke his ass
A Warrior on the screen, but don't pull my plug
Or you'll find me, stuck in my chair a worthless slug

How is that chair even comfortable?
It looks like it was crushed by a monster truck!
Start the fuckin' game!
Oh my, Jesus Christ! What the hell is in all the nasty jars?
Let's get a game goin'!
Half the fucking yard outside is filled of pizza boxes!
The city trash wouldn't take em anymore!
Put the fuckin' game in!
Look at your fucking toenails, they look like prehistoric elephant tusks!
Who wanna game?

Carpultunnle Syndrome, only 3 figures left workin'
But still enough for me to claim, I'm an expert, in my profession
And my profession, is fictional! I don't get paid, I earn lives, in digital
I ain't been out in 4 years, doubt I'd fit up the stairs
Dreadlocks grown out of my nose, I've grown out my clothes
I'm naked, rockin' a blanket, my cock I spank my cockerspaneil
I smothered wide, under my thunder thigh
Hope I ain't do it to much pain, I'm to in to my game
Can't wait to see my girl again, next time
I'm playing Sims I'm a loof, not a total goof, I got time,
Truth I'm only 34. Mom what's the hurry for?
I had a cat a while back don't understand it though, it must of died, thought I smelt a dead animal
Big scary world out there, cold, inside
I'm tight, and every game I download, is a brand new life

All of your teeth are gone! What is it you got left there, what is that, 3?
Start the fuckin' game!
Have you even ever actually met any of these so called best friends that you game with?
Let's get a game goin'!
They could very well condemn this house based on the conditions of the basement alone!
Put the fuckin' game in!
What if you had a heart attack and died down here?
It'd be weeks before anyone even realized you were gone!
Who wanna game?

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Insane Clown Posse Game Over Comments
  1. Ronald Shotbothsides

    Track 💯🔥👍😎

  2. Michael Studdzz

    2029! Rage 2! Apocalypse

  3. Absolute Longplay

    This song will blow out your subwoofer

  4. CnG Trump

    call of duty? hell nah its about fortnite download that shit and add CnG Trump

  5. 100%aiden KILLER CLOWN


  6. 100%aiden KILLER CLOWN


  7. Luana silva 64

    Manda o cara para😣

  8. Ronnie Mc


  9. Michael Bell

    Icp sucks

  10. Michael Bell

    Nobody listens to the no more

  11. fluffball

    Me: How do you think about your album covers?
    ICP: -Paper Mario-

  12. Jay Riggs

    Fuck Gaymo Skeeeeeet

  13. Umbra Deus

    Idk... i like ICP but i also like gaming, buying new games and weed to go with'em is what motivates me to make money lol.
    You just gotta i guess find a balance.
    Time and place, sorta thing. Couple hours after work, or a slow ass weekend .

    I do have one rule about online gaming though, only play with people you know in reality.
    In fact when i play online, i see other players as a more advanced NPC.

    Also they said something about not making money gaming in this song and i want to point out that if i could i would rather make more money sitting on my ass playing a game professionally then making less working my ass off... or streaming games too,
    i know that shits bizzar people getting paid to play games while other people watch them, the watching parts even more bizzar lol. I guess the old saying still holds true though "Times change, you either change with it or get left behind".

  14. Dycyple Lo

    Lmfao....real shyt

  15. ashton nuckols

    Been a juggalo sense 5:03 ago

  16. Eternal2401

    Now these guys belong in the Whitehouse.

  17. Matt Well

    So this song is about how pathetic video game nerds are? I mean kinda random song topic but I can't stop coming back to listen its cringe but I low-key like it. Video game nerds are the worst tho. Theyre content with spending their whole lives in a room playing games %t%fwith no real life achievement. Fat, smelly, ugly, neck beards socially awkward as fuck and have gj ?.???uhh?

  18. SkyLINE801

    I have this track stuck in my head all damn day! Just START A FUCKING GAME!!! 💯💯💯

  19. Rocco Velasco

    Bruh.....This album is FIRE

  20. Wil E. Haze

    we NEED a video for this!

  21. JnM

    Clowns went nuts on this album . 10/10 !!! Whoop whoooopppp!!!

  22. Tha Blunt Roller

    The dude rapping sounds like Luigi (mama luigi) from the Super Mario World cartoon from the 90s.... and this song is about video games..the irony

  23. Charles Walker

    I’m a gamer. I think this is great.

  24. SaintLulzington

    N E X T L E V E L

  25. matrixdevonshire

    The chorus is horrible

    The duh ScRIP Shunn

    Na its creative as fuck

  26. Sam Tallarico

    This song sums up gamer culture and Gamer Gate. ICP murders PewDiePie.

  27. goat head

    I would eat a bowl of Broken glass and salt to see a good music video for this

  28. BigShane719

    I love Devaruxx & ICP collabs! So fire!!👍💎💎💎👊🐀🤡

  29. Kim Surbaugh

    Banger. Head starts bobbin as soon as the beat hits.

  30. Blake Rogers

    Am I the only one who been down with clown since day after I was born I'm truly dowm with clown can I get a whoop whoop I have every album they ever put out and fearless fred fury amd flip the rat on way yay cant wait

  31. D Colwell

    "Fuck man I'm so hot!"
    "Well, we're in the pit of Hell"
    I'm dying lmfao

  32. 6gun dogs games cartoons and bad comedy

    Likening icp is my sad secret

    Kim Surbaugh

    Fuck the rest. Be proud JUGGALO

    6gun dogs games cartoons and bad comedy

    @Kim Surbaugh dude when your 44 it's time to hide the hatchet but not hang it up peace also show some love and sub to my channel mmfcl

  33. Midwest Boss

    Lets get a game going ahhaahhhaaaaaahhhhaaaa fucking classic

  34. Melanie Scott

    I love gaming.. collection of 250 since 96.. but this is to funny

  35. SaintLulzington


    Manny Munoz


    8 bit pls, it be cheap and fresh af mcl

    Juggalo MAGA

    Like a GTA video.

  36. SaintLulzington

    This shit so fucking next level lmfaoooo

  37. SegaGamerSonic HighSkoolJuggalo347

    Juggalo since ringmaster #juggalovet

    Shaun Glidden

    SegaGamerSonic UndertaleGamer347
    BiZaAr biZzAr here

  38. Rouge's Gambit

    Jesus I am sick of these fucking "Daddy Yankee" ads between every song.......

  39. gringo livin

    Someone unlike so itll go back to 665 u dumb fuck nuggetz

  40. Tyler Comė

    I seriously wanna know how many juggalos got all in their feelings, and took this song as some personal insult to them. Haha

    Noel Z

    I had to reflect on my own life a little, looked around like, ya ur right J, started cleanin lmmfao


    I laughed my ass off at the song

  41. Blackmanson Blackmanson

  42. Gabriel Keith

    Instrumental version please

  43. SaintLulzington


  44. Tom Pinto Bean


  45. Tom Pinto Bean

    Lovin this album!!!!

  46. Aaron Weaver

    Damn bro. I'm stoned.


    Aaron Weaver LMAOOOO

  47. spitonmycorpse x

    honestly surprised how good this whole album is i love how it brings back some older vibes with different styles. always been my favorite band since my family got me into them at a young age, this shits game changing. glad to be a supporter always, MMFWCL.

  48. I'm here

    I Played this for my mom.

    She's now my grandfather.

  49. Los3r squatta

    That beats so sick

  50. Zikavirus


  51. Big Boss

    Is that a DSP diss? Lol

    Bobby Boucher

    Its actually a diss to Jordie Jordan


    @Bobby Boucher LOOK HERE, LOOK LISTEN


    @Hal Jordan I have done my part. XD

    D Colwell

    @TankArcade Na I'm good homie. I don't wanna know more. Sounds like a dickhead Fuck boy


    @Hal Jordan I don't know about the DSP dissed in the song, but here's a dope DSP -

  52. Converse kid

    WHOOP WHOOP put a game in

  53. Matt Mulhearn

    I fuckin hate this song and shimmer..2 worse songs on the album

  54. Wicked 420

    Let’s play a fucking game

  55. Social Media

    Down with the clown til my testicles finally drop poot POOT!

    D Colwell

    Wait, WHAT?

  56. Mythic Mods

    Someone make an instrumental for this song

  57. You went full SJW, man. NEVER go full SJW.

    Hearing this song the day I passed 500 hours on Assassin Creed. haha

    Temple Fugate

    Don't forget to empty the waste jars and cut your toenails :)

  58. Maximillian Mandigo

    This album is not driving safe, goes to hard cant control myself😂😂😂

    Absolute Longplay

    This album will make you hit top speed without even realizing it.

  59. Josiah Burns

    1 of my favorite songs on the CD

  60. Monk Onyx

    Message received

  61. Josh Perez

    Not Even Chuck Reeves can Hate on this Album...

  62. Anthony demons Siller runb4ME

    I hear this and look at my ps4 like I want to murder it

    Temple Fugate

    That is the point of the album / song.

    Sam Tallarico

    Yeah same here. After listening to this I put a bullet in my PS4 and X-box 360 then cleaned my house.

  63. electro chemical

    i like how every album is a little different..... i am 37 years old, bin a juggalo since riddle box ! of course at this age its getting hard to hide my weirdness, although my kids embrace it lol

    Temple Fugate

    Exactly the same with me. My wife doesn't even bat an eye.

    Absolute Longplay

    Yeah Juggalo music is not that weird. Society just does not understand it and fears it. They should look at mainstream rap music encouraging heavy drug use and degrading women.

  64. Tony Elliott

    Funny as FUCK ! 😂

  65. juggalo7718

    Game muthafuckin on!!!!!

  66. Ethan Dominugez

    Holy fwuck this is the fuckin shit

  67. NuggGotti

    The only good song on this album I love icp but this album it probably the worst in the group career

    Ted Mayer

    What! You HIGH homie?

    ron paul

    No found is the worst album in there careers.

    ron paul

    I think he's got it confused with found I liked lost but found was just to popy to god In it and some people were saying it was like the wraith but it was not that at all but lost reminded me of hells pit.

    Justin Gray

    Nah bro, ICP's worst album = Found. By a wide margin too, that shit was basically assault and battery on the ears. This FFF is bumpin though!

    Tom Pinto Bean

    Hell no!! This album is fuckin awesome!!!

  68. Koda crowder

    *I love this challenge them on free speech* , *they won't hear this for awhile* *I feel like itwill be shadowbanned* , *I'd even go as far as to say it's fated to be demonized per say*
    *Hay that's just what I rekon*
    *this is totally a wicked mix*
    *waited almost 15 years then boom two albums*

  69. Page deogracias

    This is funny

  70. Odious Black

    I wish they would’ve got MC Chris on this one! Dope nonetheless.



    og juggalo

    I'm loving this album but with that being said I never knew icp to use auto tune nor follow trends (trap style songs) so maybe you listen to a different Icp? Lol McL

  72. leeroy jenkins

    watch J and shaggs nintendo might try to sue you for the mario bros sample. dont let nintendo see this.

    Nonya beezzzwaxxx

    keep your axe sharp an ready! IF they sue they will have to come to the US to Detroit fed. dist. court or a DC court

  73. Katya whoop whoop

    Strange you do a song like this after G mo, my conspiracy allegedly.

    Justin Gray

    Who cares what Gmo has done? He's living proof of why pregnant women shouldn't smoke crack and not even on the same level as ICP. He's just a pop culture rip off, DBZ especially

    Randall Rigney

    Gmo is the worst rapper alive.

    Steve Ratliff

    Fuck g-mo skeet!

    Bobby Boucher

    Justin Gray Jesus you bodied him lmao

  74. Skippyj420

    This a track with jj? j was saying that he’s on a track or so or had something to do with it

    Bayer Head


  75. Mateo Alejandro Ray

    This beat is fucking fire!!

  76. Brook Wigley

    This beat fire!

  77. ItsMichaelWayne

    I’m really enjoying this album.

  78. The Scripflip Network

    Bro I'm bumping this at the grocery store and when it checked out, the cashier said "you saved 6.65 today, thank you for shopping at Kroger"

    Ed Rock

    And then everyone clapped

    Chainsaw Wielding Maniac

    I'd have popped a rock solid trowzer beast at that very moment,walked out of Kroger,got down on my knees and screamed "THANK YOU DARK CARNIVAL !!!!!!"

    The Scripflip Network


  79. Neil Montgomery

    fuck the internet i be out here livin life--fuckin incells

  80. Nightmare LunaticOmega

    This was balls out amazing bro.

  81. Charlie Brooks

    Mario and pacman ready for the lawsuit😂😂

    I'm joking clowns. WHOOP WHOOP

    leeroy jenkins

    nintendo might if they here this. they are pretty greedy these days

    Nonya beezzzwaxxx

    Im sure it was licenced but just in case millions of family world wide undercover Juggalos ready set chop chop chop na they wont sue to scared they will get chopped Think about it THE FBI says we a gang you wanna sue the ring masters of a world wide gang? LMAO chop chop chop WCWWMF.........lets not forget we dont die!

    Charlie Brooks

    Did they really highlight my comment tho that would be dope

    Charlie Brooks

    Well it was highlighted

    Cody Southwind

    They sampled so much other artists your comment doesnt make no sense to a juggalo lmao

  82. 1031247

    Shot out and much love to all gamealos!!!

    Jay Bobafett

    C Note kill your hard on buddy, they just riding in Gmo


    @Jay Bobafett who is she??

    Jack Madrox

    If there is such a thing as a Gamealo, I'd be Emperor.

    Jay Bobafett

    C Note lol high 5 buddy, I appreciated that

  83. It's Just Miggs

    Next time I'm playing Sims

    Jeremy Colosimo

    Nah call of duty. lol

  84. Suphian Rawahneh

    Nice enjoyed this shit

  85. Juggalo Karnage7

    Violent J was on JJs stream talking about this song. Saying they might get the fuck sued outta them for all the sample cuts of video games 😂😂😂

  86. silver stasher

    Down with the clown till im dead in the ground

  87. UndeadCrackah

    i wonder if J's son JJ streaming on Twitch was inspiration for this song

    Like Like Creep

    Oh my god i hope so- thatd be perfect


    I was thinking of that

    Hal Jordan

    Right? Shittin on his son 🤣🤣🤣

  88. Pat Head

    So this is the neck beards anthem in guessing 🤔🤔

  89. Jeremy Milam

    Holy Fuck, This is great!!!

  90. Tribe


  91. Melanie Scott

    Your all way to desperate.. this album sucks major dick.. worst one they have made

  92. Drew Smith

    Lmao! "Don't you have any Desire to fuck some pussy?"

  93. Juan Carlos Morales

    I'm too focused on listening to the video game sounds effects; Super Mario Bros. and Pac-Man

    Ethan Dominugez

    I swear to god

    SegaGamerSonic HighSkoolJuggalo347

    Super mario bros. Pacman. Final Fantasy 7. And those sound effects from maxmoefoes deadley twister video

    Melanie Scott

    The best

  94. Taighan Smuinbreiner

    Damn this is the shit

  95. Mark mellow

    This is funny and awesome i love it

  96. A&I Service

    This fucking beat! 🔥


    A&I Service it’s so good I almost wished they saved it for a really wicked track

    Juan Carlos Morales

    Nintendo and retro arcade style


    Everything about this track is crazy