Insane Clown Posse - 12 Lyrics

Revenge is mine
12 people will die tonight"

[Violent J]
Now I look and then reborn
Though I have just until dawn
I remember every face
Spirits show me every place
First one sleeps inside his bed
Place my fingers on his head
To each temple push and smother
Till my fingers touch each other

[Shaggy 2 Dope]
Next one makes love to his wife
Only wish to take his life
For his family's done no wrong
Place his children on the lawn
Tell the misses, leave the room
Less she wish to witness doom
Grab the squirming filthy goat
And shove the dresser down his throat

[Violent J]
I must quickly use my gift
Next two work the midnight shift
Drinking coffee in the back
I will listen to them chat
Hear them speaking of my death
Hear the laughter in their breath
But the laughter quickly died
When their heads collide

You're gonna die...

[Violent J]
Now my anger's growing worse
Next one's working as a nurse
Have to make a doctor's call
Drag my body down the hall
Grab a scalple and a blade
Time to play the nurse's aide
Operate and strap her down
Carve her face into a clown

[Shaggy 2 Dope]
Killed another then three more
Now we're down to only four
This man drives a taxi cab
Another wicked life to grab
Screaming that he'd thought I'd died
Let's go for a taxi ride
In the wreck of twisted steel
The stearing wheel becomes his meal

[Violent J]
This man watches his TV
Scanning channels endlessly
Stops at station forty-four
It's the Wicked Clown Show
Watch me juggle, watch me dance
In 3-D watch me enhance
Watch me crawl out from the screen
And squeeze your neck until you're green

You're gonna die...


[Violent J]
Even though, there's just one left
I feel my bones becoming stiff
And now I wonder endlessly
The spirits have abandoned me
My limbs are falling piece by piece
My ears and fingers in the street
But still yet see no morning sun
And here's my victim's early run

[Shaggy 2 Dope]
Quickly grab him from behind
Round his neck with fishing twine
Keep him still and pull the string
Watch his head go bobbaling
Listen to my riddle song
Even though my crime was wrong
Murder me just for your law
And I'll be back for all y'all

You're gonna die...

I'll be back for all y'all...

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Insane Clown Posse 12 Comments
  1. Albert Chiefbody

    I would like to see a juggalo who is a family man and wears congo shorts and sun screen kinda guy lmao.

  2. WaxedClassics


  3. Nisha Martinez

    They should have made a music video for this whole album.

  4. Alexa De santiago


  5. Mike Jordan

    Great Plot for a Movie. Played out just as the song goes.

  6. The Colonel

    I just saw icp live in corpus Christi tx on October 25th, and they performed this! It was such a good show. Woop woop!

  7. frenchi

    I'm not a Juggalo, but this legitimately just a really good horrorcore rap song.

  8. Psyra Black

    & ill come back 4 all yall

  9. Mortal Kombat

    Mary magdalene hates the thought of me going to hell the holy ghost gave me knowledge to kill

  10. Altingauss

    All these comments about the song being perfect and the lyrics don’t even add up to 12. ICP and their fans can’t do basic math lmao

  11. HetLedie


  12. Axl Smith

    Still holding the riddle box up. Much love to anyone still listening.

  13. Marc Van Leur

    I can no longer hear "the steering wheel becomes his meal" without thinking of Brightburn.

  14. ft Plaga

    was expecting rainingblood intro by slayer

  15. Shayne Lombardo

    Riddle Box was ICPs best Album every song a masterpiece

    Anthony Neu

    Shayne Lombardo I’m more on tha great Milinko is my I have to say. But no lie when I say the riddle box will always b tha best to both my fav

    Shayne Lombardo

    @Anthony Neu you are entitled to your opinion and your opinion is great The Great milenko is awesome however Riddle Box is superior to all Joker cards have a great day bro

  16. Shannon S

    Fuck the jury Fuck the judge. Guess that makes 13

  17. Jaximon Westar


  18. C Why

    I'm 36. Longtime ICP fan here. This is my favorite song. Lost on so many.

    Devin Rowe

    my mom used to put me to sleep with this album

  19. Mike Jordan

    Always one of the wickedest songs done by ICP.

  20. Clark Haynie

    2019 baby still loving this timeless classic!!

    Clark Haynie

    Mcl!! You lovely Beautiful folks!!

    Melissa Peabody

    Hell yeah!!

    Alex Hernandez


  21. 85838 85838

    Juggalo since elemetary school

  22. Daniel Devore

    Whoop whoop. Mmfwcl juggalo 4 lyfe

  23. Tonya Lemmons

    It's 2018 Still Love This Song.

  24. Micky Smith

    The best

  25. Master Groshi

    true juggalos rock this

  26. Crimson Moon

    I wish I got station 44. Lol

    Mike Jordan

    Wanna watch the Wicked Clown Show?

  27. Matty McClendy

    I miss ICP

  28. FLEXXX

    so I'm just curious...... when you listen to the lyrics does anybody ever count the bodies? the lyrics don't add up..... at one point the verbal side of it comes to 13 but the body count stops at 11.... am i missing something?


    FLEXXX I count 12. He said but the laughter quickly died when their heads collide so that was two at once. Then later he said killed another and three more so that was four at once. Maybe that helps with the count?

  29. KingsleysAdventure

    Love you my brother.

  30. Sambo Slice

    The best Jokers album and the best track on it.

  31. Nyt Mare

    Mental Warp is also a classic

    DNK 1204

    yes that song is dope

  32. Graciela Reitz

    Prayers Extended Might Buy You An Hour Before Twelve

  33. Mike Harrison

    operate and strap her down carve her face into a clown

    Sean Staley

    Mike Harrison killed another then 3 more,now were down to only four. This man drives a taxi cab,'nother wicked life to grab.

  34. Suphian Rawahneh

    I love this song mmcl Whoop whoop

  35. Graciela Reitz

    Air-conditioner down their throats stones hopping, stepping & dancing!!

  36. Jason Moonsmith

    Take the ad off. This is not your material.

  37. Christopher Lynch

    Whoop Whoop Houston,Tx...

  38. Maria DeFrank 35

    Whoop whoop

  39. Jesus Espinoza

    WHOOP WHOOP MMFCL from Edinburg Texas

  40. Belicia Martinez

    but its O.K it isn't all that terrible. IF you don't listen to the lyrics

  41. Belicia Martinez

    the lyrics know

  42. Frater Simon

    Proud Juggalo since 96 this was my shit.I don't wear hatchet gear or buy none of the newer material post 2003 but i always stick up for the Hatchet .Stay up

    dominic hocutt

    Hells pit was the first time i got into their music, i been into icp since wwf and wcw back in 98.

    Aaron Rowe

    Frater Simon me too, I'm torn ever since Twiztid bailed out on Psychopathic Records.

    JJ The Cat

    Completely agree. I love the ICP but the quality of their material fell off a cliff after The Wraith albums.

    Noah Benson

    @mark mcghee the mighty death pop is pretty good



  43. bdb

    personal favorite... nice story work... back when j actually gave a fuck...

  44. FLEXXX

    I guess if after 6 7 8 9.... I guess the cab driver would be 10... so it has the 12... initially I didn't count him as 10

  45. FLEXXX

    And I'm aware of the jury process... im ex law enforcement

  46. FLEXXX

    That's what I was talking about.... the numbers were off....

  47. KM_392_NC

    This is gold, icp's new shit is just stupid, atleast twiztid still making good shit

  48. CelestialHaze

    By far their greatest song for true horror, or maybe second to "Amys In The Attic". I can't get into new ICP, because it's just zany "murder rap" now.
    Maybe they're clowns, but that doesn't mean it has to be done in such a light manner. If anything, their persona is perfectly projected in a track like "Loons".
    And this, with it's atmosphere, haunting sounds that almost sound like a demonic growl, and way it plays out as a story, is true horrorcore.

    Joseph Calabrese

    I could not have said that better myself. :-)

    Some Dude Named will

    Their new shit is barely murder rap.


    They got famous from this style then changed it up way too much.
    My question is why? Why fuck with perfection?

    Noah Benson

    The mighty death pop is pretty good

    Paul Hoving

    Amen to that how the fuck do you go from tracks like 12 ,and cemetary girl to crap like miracles they have a gift to make dark &deranged shit ...wicked geniusses if you have a gift like that dont let it go 2 waste mmfwcl❤️

  49. Erlyk Dalkien

    ICP gets a lot of crap from people like me........when I stop and think about it though I like quite a few of their songs, probably more songs overall then some of the other bands I admit to listening to in public =P

    Jason Newton

    +Erlyk Dalkien Well said man.

    Mike Mohr

    me too i give them so much shit. but i dig riddlebox and ringmaster

    RockkToWn Drillinois Insane

    @loudawg17_85 lol

  50. FLEXXX

    I'm just curious..... has anyone ever counted the kills in this song? I don't get 12..... what am I missing


    @FLEXXX There are usually twelve members of a jury. This song is about a man who was convicted and sentenced to the death penalty coming back from the dead as a revenant to kill those who murdered him. It's a message against capital punishment.


    +FLEXXX DUDE. REALLY? (1) first one sleeps inside his bed. (2) next one makes love to his wife. (3&4) next TWO work the midnight shift. (5) next one's working as a nurse. (6,7,8&9) killed another then 3 more (now we're down to only 4??? This should be 3... that's an error. (10) this man drives a taxi cab. (11) this man watches his tv.. (12) LAST VERSE: quickly grab him from behind... fishing twine.. etc... SO THERE YOU HAVE IT, TWELVE WITH SOME BAD ADDING BY VIOLENT J.


    +FLEXXX J said in an interview back in 2002 that there was supposed to be a sequel to this song where he comes back to kill the 12th guy. The song was called "The Man That Never Died". It was announced by J as being on the Hells Pit album, but wasn't on there for whatever reason. I hope the song comes out one day.

    RockkToWn Drillinois Insane

    @TheBC313 I feel likke u bullshittin


    +EBKK Lazarus nah mate I'm not. I can't find the interview online so I can't send it you. but i m not lying.

  51. Spencer Emert

    This song has no cussing. That's rare. Whoop whoop


    @Max Warmack "now I'm woke and been reborn" or something like that is what I've always heard. When I was a kid back in like 1998 I noticed that this track didn't have any swearing. I even used it as one of the songs on the radio station that I had to do for technology class lol.


    @Phil S this isn't true at all. I mean they were technically under Disney's umbrella with Hollywood Records for a second but the Great Malenko came out uncensored. It was just taken off shelves within a day and ICP got dropped because people complained. This song is from Riddle Box though and came out before the whole Disney fiasco.

    Damien S

    @D85610 they were aiming for this song to get radio play


    @Damien S you beat me to making that joke :)

    Mike Jordan

    @Phil S They were not signed to Disney for Riddle Box.

  52. BiPolar Express

    Probably my Favorite Track of all time.

  53. Belreyne Firewolf

    Whoop Whoop!!!!! Gotta love this Wicked Shit!!!!!!!! Been Down since Ringmaster, but Riddle Box has to have some of the wickedest shit ICP ever did outside of Hell's Pit of course, but Ol' Evil Eye, 12 and The Killing Fields are fucking Amazing!!!! Also, the guy talking about how there isn't a positive message, listen to the lyrics.... the song is about someone who was executed returning to exact revenge.... It speaks AGAINST Capital Punishment... Not for it.... Gotta love the haters who have no clue about shit talking about how things are the OPPOSITE of the meaning.... I should know... been a Juggalo for 20 years!!!! Every TRUE Fam would know that this song has that meaning, if you got lost, listen to the final lyrics..... "Murder me just for you law and I'll be back for all y'all" And Hell Yeah Vinnie..... When this song was ever played at a show got a huge pop from the fam!!!!! Still would today!!!! MMFWCL!!!!!!

  54. Vinnie Matrascia

    This was there biggest hit back in the day. When this song came on live the crowd went nuts

  55. Michael S

    I feel like this is my favorite song.. :D

  56. sgt. Nickel

    when i was 15 i was at bootcamp, i was just falling asleep when boogywoogywoo came on. i thought the devil was talking to me. lol ever synce then iv been hooked. love most there stuff.

  57. sgt. Nickel

    i think all there shits reversed check out eco side reversed. sycopathic is anti illuminati thtas what im thinking...maby why the m&m vs icp thing? or its nothing and they are all in bed with the illuminati lol.

  58. Grizzly Adamz

    Lol "I said Faygo...fuck Mountain Dew!" ~Shaggz~I Want My Shit~

  59. Sempiturtle

    This is the first icp song I heard and it's still fucking great.

  60. TheHystericalDude

    Yeah dude, the Wizard of the Hood is a fucking amazing album. The attention to detail is amazing. Did you notice that the bass on Yellow Brick Road is similar to Echoes' from Pink Floyd, but sounding more sped up? Or, atleast that's how I think it sounds. But that's insane because of the whole "Dark Side of the Oz" thing. Also how they add a rapper each song, just like how they add a character along the way in the movie. So awesome.

  61. wickedjuggalojester7


  62. TheHystericalDude

    I love your comment.

  63. TheHystericalDude

    lol true, but thats supposed to be funny. you can't seriously take lil somthin somthin seriously.

  64. TheHystericalDude

    This song is so fucking perfect, seriously. This has to be one of their bests, if not the best. And if you listen in the background.. oh my god, that guitar riff sends fucking chills down my spine. Mike E. Clark is a mastermind, and ICP on top of the beat is amazing..

  65. D K

    Mmfwcl whoop whoop!

  66. RAM2626

    Dear Advertisment Commercials,
    I know your trying to make money but playing a Wet n Wild commercial before listening to icp is just stupid!!!!!

  67. Sapphire Swearingim

    please people spell whoop W.H.O.O.P

  68. bkeul1

    fuck wikipedia


    That would hurt.

  69. Krixstal Zagukarexst

    Finally find this song, awesome

  70. TheBeavadelic

    Why do people hate you ask??? i have a theory, and it boils down to one word: insecurity. People are insecure so they must over-compensate by bashing others.

  71. Alex milburn

    like this song says your gonna die, your gonna die, your gonna die,

  72. Ashtin Peddicord

    Mmfwcl to all my fam out there woop woop

  73. Dirt Diggler

    i think its the musical equivelant of acid...

  74. Dirt Diggler


  75. Mark Garrity


  76. Mark Garrity


  77. Q Garcia

    anyone else notice he only kills 11 XD

  78. Jim Ratcliffe

    This song reminds me of the movie The Crow...does anyone else agree?

  79. artcrime2999

    I think the son was just to get people to think about this issue. Is it right or wrong to put down sick criminals who hurt others? Muder me just for a law?

  80. Dustin Barton

    fuck yea

  81. Kyrstin Garcia

    hell yeah they do it would be like the crow only better

  82. gostyle1

    this is a crazy ass song. catch me riding through the block bumping this ish

  83. FuxUrselfImFull

    When did we stop complimenting the music.

    I -Love- this song. Its so fun.

  84. Dejan

    Hate when top comments are replies? No problem! Click "see all" and press ctrl+f and type in the name of the original commenter.

  85. Roland Jade

    @qwerty4965324 true. true. nice way of putting it.

  86. Roland Jade

    @qwerty4965324 well it sure seems like the protagonist of the song is taking revenge on those who sentenced him to death, so it would seem reasonable to call it anti-exicution. In the music, J is depicted as killing pedophiles and whatnot. Perhaps the protagonist was sentenced to death for carrying out the violence seen in other ICP songs. Its definitely a good question, what did inspire this?

  87. Roland Jade

    @BigBootieHoles well it sure seems like the protagonist of the song is taking revenge on those who sentenced him to death, so it would seem reasonable to call it anti-exicution. In the music, J is depicted as killing pedophiles and whatnot. Perhaps the protagonist was sentenced to death for carrying out the violence seen in other ICP songs. Its definitely a good question, what did inspire this?

  88. JPZ610

    why do people need to hate? for real let us do our thing and you do your thing, its a life choice, you might think its gay or weird but thats fine i might think what you do is gay, if the hate stops it would help everybody.. theres no need for this shit

  89. dividedjester

    @JuggaletteXxXGurl well damn judgemental arnt ya? so u hate people cuz there not juggalo/lette? :p to be honest i dont particularly like my juggalo family so who knows maby im not a real juggalo but eather way im down with the clown even if im not down with my juggalo family

  90. JamalNichols92

    i hate when people try to put ICP against Eminem each other and why because i love Em and ICP. they're from Detroit and they made their own style of rap that shit with ICP dissin Eminem at that show was a misunderstanding they could of been let that shit go and collaborated with each other and make some crazy nice music

  91. xaviereartheart

    @MrBADGOOD eminem is a nut gobbling man whore

  92. Juggalo420Smoker

    Even though they both have children and wives, theyre gay huh? FTFO haters