InMe - Secret Tragic Fiction Lyrics

I've got one simple statement to make (I am never going back 'cause I am finally awake)
I've reached my limit now and its all I can take
I've been living in a bubble whilst the trouble amounts (wasted seconds, wasted minutes tasted empty and dry)
I was looking in a mirror thinking "I don't know who you are" could it be this is all I am?

Every single day I wasted I am never getting back, but there is not a single thing that I can do about it
Every little drink that didn't satisfy me I cant unsink but now I think it's time to move on and prove myself wrong

I was living in a secret tragic fiction I was never a best selling just a shelf dweller I had to kill the author of my addictions I'm rewriting every word
I am the story teller I cannot blame her I can only blame myself for her choice (she was crying to me why did I not hear her sweet voice?)
If I find a glimmer of hope I know that I will rejoice

Could it be this is all I am? Wont you turn my pages I've got so much more to tell now that I've been through hell I wish to open all of the cages

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InMe Secret Tragic Fiction Comments
  1. Dolorosakil

    Some real tasty moments in this song! The songs from the HM sessions are so excellent! ...though I'm not too keen on Single of the Weak. I don't mind so much that this was only a b-side tbh, but Lets Go To Way Baby and Opion Luteus should've been on the album, for sure!


    Totally agree. Single of the Weak doesnt quite fit in HM. Sounds like it belongs more to Daydream Anonymous. And yes, Lets Go to War Baby should have definitely been the A-side - it's HM through and through

  2. Festesio666

    @Shredder249 Global Starcraft2 League, they play this as an intro to games all the time. if you're interested at all.

  3. 舞aru.

    @Shredder249 Global Starcraft League
    google it ;D

  4. SigningUpForPorn

    if only there was some way to mod the beginning of this song into the loading screen

  5. Shredder249

    @Mikesnype I do indeed :) but I do appreciate you guys enthusiasm as well!

  6. MichaelGonch

    K guys I think shredder gets it by now.

  7. gmpoto

    @Shredder249 Gomtv Star League. Its a Starcraft 2 Tournament.
    They take badass songs and use them for intros and whatnot.

  8. shane141

    Global Starcraft League! :D

  9. webz826

    @shredder249 GSL = Global Starcraft League, they use this song in the beginning of the show

  10. marcoxar

    Who knew Koreans had a good music taste? Go GSL!

  11. ckcornflake

    @Shredder249 A Starcraft 2 tournament in Korea, also known as the BEST THING EVER.

  12. Pyrominon


    Its a global starcraft 2 tournament based in South Korea.

  13. Pyrominon


    Its a global starcraft 2 tournament based in South Korea.

  14. 101McAvoy101

    @Shredder249's Global Starcraft II League :) they played this song at the beginning of the Season 5 Matches.

  15. Jesus McRibb

    GSL ftw!!

  16. Araneatrox

    @Shredder249 Global Starcraft league in Korea, Every season they get new music. This was the intro music this month. Only used the intro tho.

  17. derpherp7

    Greetings from Seoul, Korea

  18. Daniel

    Is it just me or do I have this thing where I get so into the parts they use in GSL and when I hear the full song I just don't like it as much? ^^

  19. Frozen Solid

    @Shredder249 The GSL is a monthly/bi-monthly Starcraft 2 tournament in South Korea where the prize money for first place exceeds $45,000 dollars (50,000,000 Korean Won). The beginning to this song plays before every game starts during the current season, which happens to be a world championship themed tournament. All subscription proceeds go towards the relief effort in Japan, and the viewership is also encouraged to donate.
    GSL may be viewed at

  20. David Lewallen

    I instinctively faded the song out after the intro and then I heard protoss music in my head

  21. zzov

    @Shredder249 a starcraft 2 tournament held in korea. this song is used as their theme

  22. aznperson

    lol getting your song on the gsl is a good way to spread your song

  23. Ortekk

    A Tournament for Starcraft 2, and a damn good one at that!
    Check out!

  24. juicyz0z0


    GSL - Global Starcraft League. The producers use the sound clip from about 0:05-0:22 as an intro to the matches. E-Sports !

  25. Crackensan

    @Shredder249 The GSL is the Global Starcraft League, run by GOM.TV, broadcasted live form Seoul, South Korea. It's a huge Starcraft II tournament where the best players compete for large sacks of cash. (89,000$ USD)

  26. Fiestababy


  27. SigningUpForPorn

    woohoo gsl \o/

  28. Rob .w

    GSL music is all winning their doing a great job

  29. Benjamin Emanuel-Prude

    @Shredder249 Global Starcraft League :P

  30. Shredder249

    Forgive my ignorance, but what is GSL?!

  31. RahviN

    OMG been searching for this song for ages from GSL. FINALLY!

    Daaell although this song is not on Spotify :(

  32. Dan Wilkinson

    InMe have been one of my favourite bands for ages then i heard this on GSL and i was like 'O_O omg thats inme!'

  33. jerryoliva123456789

    so awsome start!

  34. Dreamoen

    GSL brought me here

  35. Daaell

    This song has an awesome start, too bad the rest is nothing special :|