InMe - Faster The Chase Lyrics

(Bring You down)
I feel alone (Feel alone)
Someone takes my picture
But never looks at me
In the eyes

You don't see me laughing
You don't
But I'll still be here waiting for you

I feel alive
You were my ecstacy
It's you that I'm craving
I feel alive
You were my energy
So why do you hate me?

(oh Bring you down)

I feel at home (feel at home)
Someone takes my feelings (takes my feelings)
Throws them all away

You don't see me laughing
You don't
But I'll still be here waiting for you

I feel alive
You were my ecstacy it's you that I'm craving
(Bring you down)
I feel alive
You were my energy so why do you hate me?
(Bring you down)

Leave and take me with you (with you)
Take me
But I'll still be chasing you


Leave and take me with you
Take me
But I'll still be chasing you

I feel alive
You were my ecstacy it's you that I'm craving
I feel alive
You were my energy so why do you hate me

I hold you close
Holding you close to me
You are my angel

I've lost control
You were my enemy
But now your my friend

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InMe Faster The Chase Comments
  1. Shane Gleed

    Saw them last night in Bristol! Absolutely stunning voice after all them years! Great guys to have a drink with aswell!

  2. Sick Boy

    I remember when I first "discovered" them...I start to talk with friends about them and no one had known one. This song is the one that stayed with me til today...15 years later. It is an amazing band, with an outstanding concept of Music. This is really the most beautiful part of Music, if u like something it will stick with u forever.

  3. MercilessTide

    Most underrated band on the planet

  4. Miss MetalHead

    i can't believe i forgot this band, brings back many memories!!

  5. Mr26464

    Such an underrated band that totally missed the spotlight that they truly deserved 😢.... Dave's voice I just epic...

  6. John Lynn

    I remember seeing Inme at the Manchester road house just before overgrown Eden came out. The place was packed and when someone tried to crowd surf a big section of the foam tiled ceiling caved in. The band handed beers out to fans outside for helping them load their van up. Good times.

  7. Stuart Nutt

    Still a banger

  8. Natasha Scowen

    I will forever love this song ❤️

  9. Mpilo Z

    still listening in 2018

  10. google account

    Still listening in 2018. This shit kicks ass tho. If you're drunk it's a jam...

  11. Foulg

    love that we went to listen to this and seen who the uploader was hahahah (sarah)

  12. Toby Ford

    Man this takes me back to being a lil teen :') thank you for being in my childhood inme 😙

  13. MercilessTide

    InMe should be so much fucking bigger

  14. GamerGamer

    Fuckkkkkk I'm so fucking late


    Christ lad I was listening to this a decade ago

  15. Stefan Heafy

    I hugged Dave Macpheerson once, true story.

    Tyler B

    He had hair once too. True story.

    Nabahat Benaïbout

    So lucky :'(

    Nabahat Benaïbout

    Tell me more


    I stood next to him at the bar pre gig and was too much of a pussy to say hi lol.

    Rachel Glennon

    Same mate, met them on the white butterfly tour

  16. Salty Cheesy

    Wow... Brings me right back to high school, maybe because I'm more into metalcore now but this is sooo different then what I remember. Maybe because it was the hardest rock that was available at the time. Then I quickly got into Slipknot and SOAD. Good song though. Can't believe I found these guys again!

  17. Max Feeney

    People actually like this. What the fuck?

    Planetary Pieces

    You can do a lot worse than this band. They're a lot better now anyway.

  18. james grigg

    I find it funny, he has so much hair then, but now he's totally bold

    Ashley Smith

    +james grigg He has Alopecia.

  19. Swftz

    Wish the music video was better quality

  20. doylustheboy

    I've met Dave a couple of times when he's done acoustic sets on his own & he's so unassuming it's ridiculous........this song + numerous other's he's written are just fantastic pieces of music..absolute pleasure to listen to.....

  21. Kostas DaGDeviL

    does anyone knows whats the model of bass is playing joe?

    Robert B

    +kostas darkdevil yes

    Kostas DaGDeviL

    +Maruragakari which bass is it


    looks like a musicmaster stingray

    Kostas DaGDeviL

    thanks :)

  22. ConfuserOfficial

    This song is so awesome.I freaking love InMe, they are so underrated.

    Aaron Norris

    He was doing an acoustic set in Belfast and Dave covered this song, was a great night, such an under rated guy and band, he's great live!

    Aaron Norris

    ... I didnt mean to write covered lol it's his song.. oops

  23. Exit K

    is the recorded version of this really low quality or something? love the song but every version iv'e heard of this recording sounds really lowfi


    Sounds okay on the album. I find a lot of videos from a decade ago weren't sampled at the high resolution of the modern day and have been ripped from rips of the original, so you lose the quality. There's plenty great live versions from gigs knocking about.


    InMe... probably one of the best artists in the world not to be rated as much as they should.

  25. Moochoo

    Love this song! Brilliant band, underrated!

  26. Darbles

    This brought a tear to my eye in 2004 and still is my favourite song now. I love covering this with my band, Dave has one of the best voices, very versatile and so powerful, he means every word he sings... /fanboying

    Ricky Sylo

    Fanboy away! Im right there with you dude :D Ive had the pleasure of seeing InMe and Dave perform so many times. Their musical and vocal talent is just incredible 


    @Rickai85 Met dave last week and he played this acoustically. made my day, tried so hard not to fangirl!!!
    Awesome guy

    Alix Moya

    Please post it when it's finished, pretty interested 

    David dr41ny

    @Darbles He was great at your wedding :)

  27. Newell Antonio Jr

    Im close to 30years old and married and this song slows down the time

  28. Johny Kidd

    Sometimes the YouTube algorithms take you exactly where you need to be at exactly the right time. That's pretty awesome. 

    Johny Kidd

    +Johny “Buzzkill” Kidd Holy fuck.

    André Shackleton

    The algorithms do still suck balls, i guess sometimes they just get it right by accident

  29. Jessica Mason

    Still listening and loving in 2014! :-) x


    2017 and still loving!


    2018 and starting to feel old :(


    I know the feel

  30. ewingmick1

    You're confusing me for someone who actually cares.

  31. We Like The Echo

    its not a thread its a 'reply' your confusing with other websites mr ewingmick1.

  32. DjReedu

    yes. :D

  33. Jason England

    Yes... Yes I am.
    Inme are epic... Timeless.

  34. ewingmick1

    thread ruined.

  35. Rage in a Cave

    saw these guys a couple of months ago in manchester and he knocked himself out on stage but still carried on playing like a boss

  36. romeleon89

    2013 i´m bitchin´

  37. pivitosl

    Nope, 2013

  38. DjReedu

    well ye :D

  39. Deren Ozturk


  40. Lee LM

    2014 still hittin it!!!

  41. TheRyuTatsu

    2013 actually

  42. Mother Vloggers

    erm, 2013..

  43. Kushti

    I am!!!

  44. Aaron Brown

    Im still listening in 2013, are you ?


    Greetings from the distant future of 2018 where this is still appreciated

  45. Nova D

    Good song, but for me the B-Sides struck a chord more than this did. So nostalgic...

  46. Jason Ridgwell

    Still watching in 2013... :)

  47. Lewis Jackson

    2014 not here yet but will be still chilling too this song js

  48. Ian Pether

    still listening in 2013 :) saw them live last year in guildford :D awesome

  49. Michael Roake

    this is why i started a band!!!!!

  50. Michael Roake

    best band ever, saw them last year in ireland!!! best gig and band ever please keep going

  51. TheWaffleMan100

    Nope, I'm fapping to the video on mute in 2013.

  52. moffman87

    no, 2013 :-)

  53. DarkDragon665

    Anyone who votes up these kinda comments "Im still listening in 20xx, are you?" Should seriously just go hang themselves.

  54. Andy Z

    i normally dont like lyric tattoos but that actuially sounds pretty cool (Y)

  55. JoyDeparted

    Still listening in 2013.

  56. Andi Saunders

    "Garage" highbury corner later tonight can't fkin wait!!!

  57. Ricky Sylo

    you miss the point of this, the band are still touring and they still play this song live. So of course people are still listening in 2012....

  58. Andy heron

    Iv had this as my ring tone for about 8 years haha

  59. Nayf

    most definitely, inme will always be inme.

  60. Ser Tendercrisp

    Nah, I'm listening in 2007.. :)

  61. FalseAustrian

    Albums 3 and 5 are amazing and 2 and 4 are hit and miss. Buy all of them still.

  62. Scott Robertson

    Still my favourite song in the world today in late 2012! Even got my photo in their Pride album. One of the most under rated, hard working bands out there!

  63. rich smith

    gonna give youa quick heads up, ill be listening to this in 2013 as well!

  64. cass murphy

    i love this version. the gap is the best bit sdhjkfh <3

  65. Scott Robertson

    Where are they now?...It's not that hard to look them up, follow the albums through and stick to being a fan and supporting what they do, honestly some people.

  66. Carly Newman

    love these guys all time fave band when i was 18 and still are 11 yrs on!!!

  67. Lukeisonfire

    No I'm listening to it in 2500BC on my fucking iStone.

  68. John Dunleavey

    I'm listening in 2013, are you? that's right time machine.

  69. andy. douglas

    what happened to music this kind of music?

  70. Adam Sedgwick

    just released The Pride and are on tour! My mates band is supporting them in northants soon


    just saw these live, fucking awesome.

  72. codewahn

    i'm still listening in 2013, are you?

  73. jimmycrow1992

    if you meant that comment for me then no worries atleast they have good taste in music

  74. Natalie Radlett

    I apologise for that comment. It was my partner who didn't have the common curtesy to sign out of my account before posting!

  75. jimmycrow1992

    then i will be listening to it while chilling with my family

  76. Natalie Radlett

    What if you die before then?

  77. jimmycrow1992

    im still listening in 2050 because i will be

  78. Connie Worthington

    bitch please, 2012. yeah thats right you thought we were gonna die, IN YO FACE

  79. michael harding

    seen them live this year in cambridge was amazing

  80. vegetto101

    No I am back in 1942 listening to this with Winston Churchill

  81. DjReedu

    Im still listening in 2012, are you ?

  82. Nyle Trew

    @FadedState and looks damn cool!

  83. Nyle Trew

    @carolineatthedisco no no , 2012 :)

  84. Mimmy Mladenovic

    @carolineatthedisco don`t know about you but it`s 2012 now :D

  85. Kmac2021

    @carolineatthedisco 2012 mate!

  86. Unhallowd

    @JDandcoke01 Sheffield on the 8th

  87. brissmas

    dabba <3

  88. Scythe Greene

    InMe are Legendary

  89. Violet

    @carolineatthedisco nope , i'm listening to this in 2012

  90. Luke Kelly

    @carolineatthedisco im still listening in 2012... god i feel old, but i love it.

  91. R6 Siege 256

    @drewcadaver Awsome xD whats your band name? a few bands from dundee i like :D

  92. Drew Cochrane

    @scottishblob1 I'm playing with them on the 15th in Dundee. :)