InMe - A Great Man Lyrics

Sink burn or take her a prize
Let's not make this complicated
For a moment of complete silence
So many years I have waited
A heart & mind in a room confined
So much beautiful violence

One day I'll figure out how
To show you all my master plans
Someday I won't be just a shadow of a great man

I admit it I was wrong
My apology stretches so beyond this song
We all deserve a second chance
I'm only human, we all say things we don't mean

Save me a little oxygen
My lungs feel so deflated
Gazing up your stellar canvas
So many stars you've created
Orion rides Pegasus, a brand new legacy
Will you be my Andromeda?

You are a great man

You strip the sky away like it's a blanket
You poured the tears of joy in a cup & drank it
You're my cement
Binding the brick that surround my heart
I won't fall apart
'Cause I never want to fail you again
Now sing along my friends

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InMe A Great Man Comments
  1. Jason England

    How the f❌ does this song only have 7k views?

  2. SaD TV

    Oh my god, this acoustic version of this is 100000 times better, I have to say..

    Samir Dathi

    Have you got a link??

  3. Dolorosakil

    I love Inme so don't wanna say anything bad or negative...
    Looking forward to the new album! :D

  4. Crazycode666

    ROFL you right xD

  5. Alec Hallam

    sounds like a Sonic the Hedgehog level

  6. 101010xNOVAx010101

    Love Inme, Always Have, Always Will!!!, Glad I bought all there albums and have seen them live!

  7. SilverStoryUK

    Fucking TUNEEEEE!