Inigo Pascual - Next In Line Lyrics

What has life to offer me when I grow old
Watch that to look forward to beyond abiding call
'Cause they say it's difficult, yes, stereotypical

What's there beyond sleep, eat, work in this cruel life
Ain't there nothin' else 'round here but human strife
They say it's difficult, yes, stereotypical
You gotta be conventional, you can't be so radical

So I sing this song to all of my age
For these are the questions we've got to face
For in this cycle that we call life
We are the ones who are next in line
(We are next in line)

What has life to offer me when I grow old?
What's there to look forward to beyond the biting cold
'Cause they say it's difficult, yes, stereotypical
You gotta be conventional, you can't be so radical

So I sing this song to all of my age
For these are the questions we've got to face
For in this cycle that we call life
We are the ones who are next in line
We are next in line, woah
Oh-hoh, we are next in line

And we gotta work (we gotta work), we gotta feel (we gotta feel)
Let's open our eyes and do whatever it takes
We gotta work (we gotta work), we gotta feel (we gotta feel)
Let's open our eyes, woah-woah...

So I sing this song to all of our age
For these are the questions we've got to face
For in this cycle that we call life
We are the ones who are next in line
We are next in line, ooh...

What has life to offer me when I grow old

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Inigo Pascual Next In Line Comments
  1. Aries Bayeta

    Love this version

  2. Rena Rosa

    Tropang malakas

  3. Katrina Amazona

    Yung panga ni Inigo pwede ng ulam ee 😋

  4. Joemar Quibrantar

    Lang kwenta..

  5. Ivy Amor

    nice voice of inigo👏👏👏👏👏👏👏

  6. El La


  7. bopbop Uy

    wency cornejoooo lov you

  8. Chooper Doggie

    Mas bet ko pa din ang original versional version... Kaway mga batang 90's if you are feeling the same...

  9. Deo Angelo

    I liked RNB songs and this version of Inigo Pascual's Next in Line is a Boom 💨! A clap clap for you idol 😍😍!

  10. tagabicolini pinay

    Face and talent pang Hollywood

  11. tagabicolini pinay

    Extraordinary great voice with gorgeous face bravo 💖💗💖

  12. rj senolos

    omg my idol 😍😍😍😍

  13. Gerome Arellano

    Nakakamiss ang sino may sala

    Sana may part 2

  14. Princess aliya bella Diola


  15. Sun & Rain Vlog

    This rendition!!!!! 💕💕💕

  16. Noaim Mantar

    It's reminds me of 'Sino ang may sala mea culpa' ending.
    Juris " said Sorry "

  17. iwa galaus

    Try to put in 1.25 speed. Thanks me later. Goosebumps🖒🖒👍👍

  18. Hae Nan

    This was our graduation song in kinder. 💖

    I like Inigo's rendition of the song.

    Tracy Young

    ours too just couldnt figure out if kinder or elementary

  19. ItsMeYourMan Kerwin

    Sino nandito dahil sa "Sino ang may sala"?

  20. Tyler Suzor

    absolutely horrible, listen to real music with talented musicians.

  21. John Filip Salvador

    I really love this teleserye 😍, sino ang may sala pero halatang si juris na

  22. Jaris Rumingan

    Tropang Malakas
    Astig sa labanan
    Malupit hanggang sa huli
    Walang iwanan
    Di ka uurungan
    Like niyo to kung gets nyo

    A J


  23. Rafael David

    I was looking for the crappy version I heard on the radio. I thought this was that person but it looks like I'm mistaken.

    This may not be on par with the original but this is not bad.

    I still need to find that crappier version I heard on the radio. Who the heck is that so that I can start dissing it?


    Talented Inigo Pascual,
    So handsome young man,
    Love your music

  25. Lindsay Lagundino

    Wow ganda nang buses

  26. Ryan Bigheart

    Gosh ito yung palagi Kong naririnig sa radio I don't have any idea na si inego pa Ang kumunta

  27. josephine fangon

    Love his version 👍😘

  28. Jesusa Mercado

    Sino ang may sala
    Tropang Malakas ❤

  29. Grace Mendoza

    love that they put the lyrics in the description

  30. Joel Fernandez


  31. cam RED

    Woww i doll nice 1 song

  32. Leinad Airod

    Parang Hindi ko feel Yung Pag Kanta niya Parang naka Focus Lang Kasi sa Breathing at sa Pag Bigkas ng mga Words ..Parang Hindi niya ini-enjoy Yung Kanta ..Kung ka SA EMOTION ..

    Jay Oppie

    Wow can u watch again from the beginning di mo nakita emotion ? Kasi kami damang dama e

    Leinad Airod

    Idol mo Kasi Kaya Damang Dama mo ..In the beginning Lang pero paano na in the mid at sa Last diba. ? Maganda Yung Song pero Much better parin Yung Original song

  33. travel chef

    Inigo has a wonderful voice. He created a wonderful rendition of this popular 90's song.

  34. Kenneth Uy

    Truly deserving to become an international singer.

  35. arcelita mejica

    This only i can say bravooo👏👏

  36. Miss Hill

    Is it just me or he low-key look like Justin Bieber here???

  37. Litlit Luzares

    Wow! 😱😍🤗😚

  38. rikimaru saint preux

    gumawa k ng kanta mo

    Jay Oppie

    Who are you referring to?🤔

  39. Vlanchē Lovejoy

    Iba talaga yung pagkakakanta nya sa kantang 'to. Dahil sa kanya, na-LSS ako dito sa kantang 'to.

  40. Den Den

    tamang chill lang habang nasa byahe and playing this song while nakatanaw sa kalangitan. ❤

  41. Hermione Granger

    Wow! That voice is amazing! How can one person have that voice AND that look! You are amazing. I bet you're really nice, too!

  42. Rea De Leon


  43. iam lhotz

    Paganda ng paganda ang boses lalo ni Papapeh habang tumatagal...ang sarap lng nya pakinggan at panuorin... good luck s career mo Papapeh.. sobrang nkaka proud ka lng talaga..We love u! #MarNigo 💙💎

  44. Jemerson Jhade Pascual

    I love it

  45. Bing Abenoja

    Wow ang galing nman pag ka version na knta mo inigs nkka talented boy

  46. Manuelito Amparo

    kamukha nya na si piolo pag nakapikit😂

  47. Karamajika Delafuente

    #OMG ito ung kinanta namin ng nagraduate kami sa #GRADE 6
    Thank you so much po
    Galing galing👏👏

  48. Dwija `K

    Verry nice inigo ...👍😍😍😍😍

  49. Kine Video

    I became a fun

  50. Jamaema Aprille

    best version 👍💯 ang galing mo inigo! 😍

    Jemerson Jhade Pascual

    Jamaema Aprille yup po

  51. GeoffOfficial

    Minus one please

  52. Rand Alfahad

    When wengie released mr. nice guy I thought inigo was mor famous so I went to check it out and the difference oh my gosh not even close wengie is waaaay

    Jay Oppie

    and your point is? he is just starting his international exposure but he is an important and widely popular singer/songwriter/ dancer/ actor/ etc in the Philippines while wengie is more of a YT vlogger/singer/dancer. there is no point of comparison there.. he is male she is female lol..but the fact that the producer trusted Inigo means he is deserving of this project. They were the ones who reached out to Inigo's managers, hence, this collab!

  53. meme cbm

    Grabe galing mo Inigo,Ang gwapo pa hayyy

  54. Laiza Ciriaco

    Proud of you inigo 🌊🌊🌊🌊

  55. Jibby Tugade

    whyyy u alll sleeeeeepin on Inigo's talentttttt abs !

  56. JR RAYMUND D. Bernal

    I love the way inigo^S sang ❤❤❤❤

  57. Glennn Esta

    👍👍👍👍 ganda talaga nang boses mo lodi.

  58. Saina Arap

    Owhhh. Our graduation song when i was elementary 🎓😘😍
    This cover is amazing, loveyou papapeh 😚

    Jay Oppie

    Yes ours, too, in HS :) brings so many wonderful memories! I'm lovin' Inigo's millenial version I sing it while in the shower, car, work hahaha enebe inigo!

  59. Cristy Castro

    So Talented in Singing and Dancing !!! 👏👏❤️❤️❤️

  60. Jannwaynedell Daus

    i really love ur voice inigo.

  61. Leslie Telde

    idunno pero sobrang ganda lang ng boses ni Inigo dito 😍

  62. Leslie Telde

    so prouddd ❤❤❤❤

  63. reba billy


  64. Jay Oppie

    Sarap ulit ulitin di ba and he's so guapo!

  65. Analiza Lindo

    Ganda talaga ng boses ni inigo👏👏👏

  66. mai joana27

    We love you bebe pugeh kakainlove ka talaga kumanta😍😍😍

  67. mai joana27

    Idol ko yan...

  68. Shaine_ Wenjie

    What a beautiful voice. Papapeh!

  69. Erika Joy CM

    Lamang na lamang tlg siya sa kantahan/talent sa tatay nya

  70. Flora Escalambre

    This is one of my favorite songs by Wendy Cornejo coz of the message. I love it more now that INIGO gave a new color to the song with his VOICE

  71. ALdrin Jaya

    Galing tol 🤣😁

  72. Antonio Mart

    I rememberJologs every time I hear this song but now it reminds me of Inigo's great rendition 👍

  73. remel mosquiola


  74. Isabel Santillan

    Galing mo talaga Pugeh 💎💎💎

  75. Renz Kieron Villero Mateo

    Eargasm! Congrats, Inigs!

  76. n0rdamz ever


  77. Vivi S.M.

    🔥 🔥 🔥

  78. Jaycyl Tabobo

    Ganda nang boses ☺️

  79. carmie aki

    Hay Inigo, galing Mo talaga, love it 😍

  80. Donna Soquena

    Ang galing ni inigo...ang ganda.

  81. Rosse Angella Ariano

    i love it that you gave a whole different vibe to a classic song, this is so lit..👊👏👏❤

  82. Rose Gamay

    I usually like the original version better than covers 99.9% of songs,but this is the exception.Inigo voice is very special.

  83. khieyanna_2626 pascual

    Congratsss inigsss

  84. Janet Garcia

    masyado ma echo hindi tuloy natural pakinggan voice nya...

    Jay Oppie

    ha? i disagree sobrang dinig nga natural na boses nya ang ganda mapa high or low notes and that ending is so good!

  85. Shy_Meow dotcom

    Cool post, thanks for sharing! 😂

  86. vivian leonor

    Loved d arrangement. Millenial 🤗

  87. DominantsKiller

    Original version pa di n.

  88. Anica Kim G. Alfante

    Eyy what's upp

  89. marnigo forever


  90. marnigo forever


  91. Reneline Bansi

    I like the song ang galing mo inigo pascual bravo 👏👏👏

  92. Precious Rolette

    Iñigo 😍😍😍

  93. Alegro John Vincent

    galing talaga ni inigo

  94. Gilbert David

    I prefer Inigo singing live not in a recording studio it doesn't sound natural for me because of the sound effects and echoes.He sounds like a robot to me.🎙🤖


    I agree. He sounds way better live.

    Roxx Man

    that's because of auto tune

  95. Norman

    7th commentator here hahahaha

  96. Corazon Yvañez

    10th he's so good❤

  97. Reymon Diaz

    run's 😍😍