Ingram, James - Someone Like You Lyrics

I can hear you whisper, baby
You say you're not really satisfied
So I need to know your situation
Is there a chance you could be mine

I need someone like you
Someone to love me
I need someone like you
To love me baby
I need someone like you

Well I appreciate sophistication
And honey that's a word you do define
I can hardly wait to hold you
I can hardly wait to make you mine
I really wanna know you better
Do you wanna get together

I need someone like you
Someone to love me
I need someone like you
To love me baby
I need someone like you

Tell me now
Is it my imagination
Do you want my lovin'
Tel me now
Is it the power of flirtation
Do you want my love
Do you need someone

To love me baby
Darling I need
I need someone like you
I know what I need
Someone like you baby
Darling I need I need I need
To love me baby
Baby Baby Baby
Feel you lovin arms around me
I need someone like you
To love me baby
Darlin I need
Feel you lovin touch babe
Someone to love me baby

I need someone like you
Someone to love me
I need someone like you
To love me baby
I need someone like you

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Ingram, James Someone Like You Comments
  1. Tracey Williams

    I love ❤️ him this song is deep

  2. special moments


  3. Linda Wyche

    I love this song! So beautiful. I am 67 years young and this song makes me fall in love all over again! I been playing this song 24/7 night and day ever since I found it several days ago. Brings back so many good memories from a former relationship 25 years back. I think I am still in love with him lol! I need someone like him to love me. RIP James. Your music will be in my heart forever. You are truly missed!

  4. Kenneth L. Woodard

    James Ingram was the total package of what a soul singer should be. His voice and presence was so all inspiring he stands beside those who have left us to listen and feel each and every one contribution to the world of music. RIP my brother. You done well!!!

  5. shamim kagere

    The best song by James Ingrams, for sure!!!

    kepha lubutsi

    One of the best songs

  6. Patience Basani

    Perfect jam😍💖

  7. mercy mallari

    There's only you nd no one else v could mke me complete as a woman 😎😍😚❤❤❤

  8. Derek Kuseke

    One of the all time greats, when music had its real meaning

  9. anibal martinez

    love jAMES INGRAM

  10. Emilio O.S

    Beautiful song!


    The main main,great voice,the one only Sir James Ingram,taking me way back,RIP.

  12. kw kimbugwe

    Rip James. Why can't we go back to these productions.

  13. niarty kartoby

    Best voice ever #rip james ingram

  14. Deborah Steele

    "DELIGHTFUL INDEED" - DJS- 4/04/19

  15. Aldin Kag

    total masterpiece still remembered

  16. Alessio Roma

    God bless James 🌍❤🎶🎶

  17. Tori Hamilton of the TRUE men....sorely missing in this day and age 🙏👍😇

  18. Tori Hamilton

    All I need is a man who has these same sentiments. Oyy 🤗

  19. L.K. L.K.D

    Always Loved listening to your beautiful voice!! Played your Greatest Hits CD Soo Many Times! All of your music touched my heart and I can relate to it! You you for helping me Express myself through your Beautiful Voice! RIP!

  20. Rose Giles

    This song should have been # 1. James Ingram was a superstar and not a co star. All the duets were beautiful but overall they affected his brand . It is obvious that he did not need Michael McDonald in Ya No Be There.

  21. Hellinah Tankiso

    Rip James Ingram💔

  22. Sheldon Webb

    RIP love that soulful voice

  23. Sibongile Mdakane

    Rest in perfect peace Legend. Your music will live on.

  24. Joyce paulo

    Our virgins Years 1993😉

  25. Deborah Piggott

    I need someone like you, R.I.P

  26. Halliwellsson

    R.I.P James!

  27. Kurt Adams

    RIP brother James Ingram

  28. manqoba thomo

    thanks for the great music RIP

  29. Joyce paulo

    Music not like this anymore thank you James Edward Ingram, Rest In Peace 💔2019.01.29 till we meet again.. 🙏🏿

    kepha lubutsi

    Paula am now sixty but am still yet to listen to such wonderful music

  30. Charlene Boezak

    RIP Mr Ingram. What a legend you were

  31. blessed woman

    I just feel sexy,happy,want to fall in love again,dance in the rain with this song,damn😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍💃💃💃💃💃💃💃💃❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  32. Daniel Burns

    this song went to #34 on the adult contemporary charts in 1993!!!

  33. Kai Harris

    His voice is like silk like luther vandross. So sad. RIP.

  34. Tracey Green

    James Ingram......"Forever the man!!!!!".....your beautiful voice will live on forever!!!!...Rest in Heavenly peace!!!!"

    Daniel September

    Forever more

    Malobe Motsoane

    We will miss yr voice and nice songs rest in peace

  35. Randall Serpa

    Very beautiful voice we will miss you. Rip ❤💙💚💛💜

  36. Mercy Meladi Mabusa

    May your Soul In Peace Ingrams

  37. omubii

    Rest in power, James Ingram ✊🏽

  38. Ria Mapp

    Love You James. RIP

  39. Larry Thorpe

    Love you my brother! RIP; and, I see you again at the Pearly Gates of Heaven!

  40. slow learner


  41. Anelisa Jaca

    Rest in peace James Ingram, you were indeed a legend.

  42. Mandla Tshabalala

    Rest In Peace James Ingram

  43. molebatsi webster mohakane

    Rest in peace James Ingram

  44. Melstine Nanlohy


  45. Sanele B. Gumede

    Rest In Ertenal Peace Brother James Ingram.

  46. Refi Mojaki

    RIP Mister thanks for the good music!

  47. Kuhle mragala

    Rsst in peace legendary ✨😇. Your music will live forever

  48. Nthato Mahlaba

    RIP James....Thanks for the music....Thanks for the memories!

  49. marian millings


  50. philip fondo [VDJ PHILO KARIARA FONDO]


  51. Lindy Mnikathi

    RIP Legend 😰You PURE talent & your music will live on & on

  52. Rogsmi Love

    RIP James Ingram

  53. Sassyloveist Beatrice

    Wow... this is 2 sad... why do the good ones go... love this song...

  54. D.J. John Hulsey

    r.i.p sweet voice

  55. jenny Jenny

    Love songs by James Ingram...we will not see the likes of him again...this song so full of real love and desire Wow...thanks forever James now REST.....IN.....God's....PEACE

  56. Rose Giles

    James Ingram was a phenomenal talent!

  57. Theresa P.

    Rest in Peace

  58. Dale Gonsalves

    RIP James Ingram.

    An exceptional talent and easily my favourite Male vocalist of all time. Your music enriched my early years and it was a pleasure to see you live in concert.

    Thanks for being my wingman on many of my early dates, your music made my clumsy attempt to impressive the ladies successful. Lol.

    I hear the Angels are all signing up to take your singing class.

  59. Zebulon Crawford

    R.I.P. James Ingram

  60. Thomas Wilson

    R.I.P. 2019

  61. Minnie Mouse

    Takes me bac to a time, wen love was real 😍

  62. Kiky M Priatna

    i need some songs like this from the vocalists today

  63. Masego Mokgoatlheng

    Refreshing.......2018 still my jam

  64. Esdras souza do ó

    A versão desta canção é eu preciso de alguém como você.!

  65. linley caesar

    Where did u go James.

  66. Denise Richards

    How can this have more likes than views?

  67. Amanda Ngwenya

    my mom's got me singing with her this magical song. this are the kind of songs will forever cherish as young as we are...

  68. Bosede Nuel Abimbola

    This song still blows me away!

  69. Chris Williams

    One of my favorite songs from him!

  70. niken cutez

    I need someone like you to sing this song..

  71. amanda jacobs

    this is music

  72. Nduduzo Satimburwa

    I was born in 1996 but I still get touched by this song

  73. J C O

    pls pls where can i get this album

  74. jackie miller

    Perfect !

  75. Mike Will Clarke

    A rear gem from the past..hmm

  76. Donna Parris

    Sweetest music ever!!!!!!!

  77. Dawn Devey

    I love you baby and we should get back together now xxxxxx

  78. Zandi Maphaha-Erasmus

    my mom played this song to death when i was a kid,reminds me of her,didn't even know james ingram was such a hunk lol! epic song

  79. Jacqueline Bryan

    ....I need someone..someone to really love me.😞😞for me

    Ife Omowumi

    am sure the person is out there searching for you

  80. Cherely Ane

    I like this song every time I listen to the song I really mic my late hubby siphiwo shoba😢mic him so much ,cherleyane Goliath

  81. Helen W

    I like your voice James Ingram.

  82. Andrew Flood


  83. Tshepo Mohohlo

    oh boy...great album timeless...

  84. Molebogeng Segole

    Oh yeah CM.....just only someone one like you that is all l want

  85. Jacob nm.hills

    i need some one like this December holidays

  86. Elmah Setswammung

    Talking of good music......Music that speaks to the heart.

  87. Seipati Monareng

    his voice and his music is relevant. him

  88. Ysa de Souza

    Linda canção. muito linda mesmo.

  89. Aisha Habibi

    U don't need the Queen of the Coast as A Lover so Let Go,so that I can live a Quiet & Peaceful LIFE coz we only Live Life Once.

  90. Aisha Habibi

    It's too LATE now. U didn't appreciate me when I was yours.

  91. Evodius Kaijage

    fantastic song

  92. Nkululeko Gambushe

    The way the song is I can listen to it all day long and night too

  93. Calvin Sipho Sibanda

    l use to listen to this song back in SOWETO Jabulani hostel in 1993

    kepha lubutsi

    And then you stopped it's a wonderful song

  94. Kasirye William

    Dudes used to enjoy good music from tallented artists like Ingram back then but our generation is in tatal dilemna when it comes to today's trush of music

  95. Mickey Goodwin

    He's the best of all time. Mickey Shoe!

  96. cc ds

    In this world there are some real evil loveless people.Who could dislike any song done by James? only a human being who did not have a mothers love.

    Kasirye William

    imagine disliking such a song by a tallented guy of James's callibre