Ingram, James - Baby, Come To Me Lyrics

Thinkin' back in time
When love was only in my mind, I realize
Ain't no second chance
You've got to hold on to romance, don't let it slide
There's a special kind of magic in the air
When you find another heart that needs to share

Baby, come to me, let me put my arms around you
This was meant to be and I'm oh so glad I found you
Need you ev'ry day, gotta have your love around me
Baby, always stay 'cause I can't go back to livin' without you

Spendin' ev'ry dime
To keep you talkin' on the line
That's how it was
And all those walks together out in any kind of weather
Just because
There's a brand-new way of looking at your life
When you know that love is standing by your side


The nights can be cold
There's a chill to ev'ry evenin' when you're all alone

Don't talk anymore
'cause you know that I'll be here to keep you warm
(Oh, darling keep me warm)

Baby, come to me, let me put my arms around you
This was meant to be and I'm oh so glad I found you
Need you ev'ry day, gotta have your love around me
Baby, always stay
[PATTI:] 'cause I can't go back to livin' without you

Baby, come to me, let me put my arms around you
This was meant to be and I'm oh so glad I found you
Need you ev'ry day, gotta have your love around me
Baby, always stay
[JAMES:] 'cause I can't go back to livin' without you

Baby, come to me, let me put my arms around you
This was meant to be
and I'm oh so glad I found you
Need you ev'ry day, gotta have your love around me
Baby, always

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Ingram, James Baby, Come To Me Comments
  1. 1keykneedeep

    Amazing tune

  2. antonio mccoy

    She sounds like Bobby and El DeBarge

  3. Christopher Santana

    One of the best duets of all time. RIP JAMES INGRAM.

  4. leo alk

    My favorite 80’s song. Who’s listening in 2020?

  5. 1970brenz

    How can this be so long ago.... still lovely!!

  6. Sunshine Monroe

    💟💟💟💟💟 lovely song, simple video. Those were the days. RIH Mr. Ingram 🙏. You are sorely missed 😥.

  7. P.H حبيبة


  8. Ran Neechan

    God blessed these two great artists with such incredible voices. I'm envious

  9. Victor Franco

    Rest in peace James Ingram!

  10. cris cristina

    Also I like the way they are looking each other

  11. cris cristina

    amazing song clasic

  12. Robyn Hawkins

    Me. 2020

  13. J. Carlos

    2020... still listening

  14. Tom Lin

    非常好聽 !

  15. L.E. Platero

    Listening in 2020

  16. Sebastian Sobczyk

    2020, this song hits differently!!!!!!

  17. maryvonne Larno . jouan

    génial j' adore

  18. Randy Rankin

    #1 always

  19. Steven McDowell

    Baby come to me,open up your heart,mind,ears,soul & spirit,please don't be deceived by the temptations & distractions,only true love can clear it,please don't fear it,take a good look at all of the things that try to keep you away from me & rear it,moving forward down the road of the negative things in your life towards the positive,do you think that you can drive straight & steer it ,to park in a good place with a smile of love on your beautiful face ?

  20. عبدالله العدواني

    Dalida c'etait mon ami

  21. Evette Holloway

    Classic love song. ❤️

  22. eric echols

    One of my favourite love songs. Patti & James, are a ,great singing combo. Rip Mr. Ingram.

  23. Henrique Hipolito

    Brasil, 2019?

  24. Classi T

    Amazing song. This song says alot, this is when Relationships had a true meaning. 💖🔥

  25. Lisa Kazmarick-jones


  26. The High Priestess

    I was 5 in 1983 and LOVED this song then!! Barbie doll my rump!! Play the music was my thing🎶🎶❤💖

  27. Voracious Reader

    I really love hearing “withouT you,” as opposed to, “withouCHoo.” Thank you!

  28. Darrell Jackson

    Luke and Laura General Hospital

  29. Juliann Beepot

    Amazing song I’ll always be in love🥰👌🏻❤️❤️

  30. soulofanempress

    I had a mad crush on Ingram when I was young. Thought he was the sexiest man alive 🙈 lol

  31. prettygirlswag21ful

    I remember requesting this song on the radio. The dj told me “what you know about that song, you sound young”. Lol. I was a teen at the time. I told him that that song came out when I was 5 yrs old and I loved it from the first time I heard it. He called me “an old soul” ☺️😂😂

  32. ThePtah

    you know what I like about youtube for me. its when a song pops in my head type in the song or something close then boom there it is. this song popped in my head today 2019

  33. Khal Sayed

    Funny thing about love is :
    You love someone and he doesn’t know and someone love you and you don’t know
    And some one else come along and marry you 😊

  34. robert garcia

    Ima get the party started early Who is listening to this in 2020!


    Nope. You broke the rules, you will no longer be permitted to comment on YouTube.

    The High Priestess


  35. Troy Evitt

    Who stole the verse hook from whom? This or Tina Turner/"What's Love Got To Do With This"?

  36. Andres Lara

    RIP james :(

  37. Cassandra Jackson

    Luke and Laura-General Hospital

  38. sveta kus

    This song is so beautiful .. makes me cry every time I hear it

  39. philippe pesm

    so many memories of my past life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  40. A Crawford

    Two of the best voices in the business!

  41. Rebecca V

    Don’t let it slide......please💔💔💔

  42. sunshine funa

    Thank You ingram r.i.p

  43. Selease Rodriguez

    Patti has THE most beautiful eyes I've ever seen!

  44. Lynne Armstrong

    Love this ❤

  45. Chantel Young

    I remember this song, this is my song. My mum use to talk with me about love, one day I realize LOVE is all I got. I later grew to know that if you don't have love then you have nothing, and found that anything that you do have that without love it means nothing. I was born in the nineteen eighties, January the 12, to be precise, still filtering out the 70's; that's why I still feel the mix. It was my mother whom gave me this record, and she gave me a little record player just for me when I was 5 or 6 and I played it over and over again; it helped me to sleep good and well, and to not have nightmares. I liked it a lot. I also was given a learning record and this kids songs record and I had the Jackson's 5 tweeteleet record, smile.



  47. Chantel Young

    Love is the only magic you need. Light of mine. LOVE CONQUERS ALL.

  48. Randy Rankin

    i so love the heart and soul in that song, what power

  49. Marcus Polk

    1 of best love collaboration in da 80's

  50. Lorri the scorpio

    Sure miss the the era everything of it...amazing to grow up in it..🤗

  51. Funky Town Fort Worth

    Rod Temperton wrote a bad song with this one.... RIP James Ingram and Rod Temperton 🙏

  52. Dee Trujillo

    Ain’t noth’n like this music. At least you can understand the meaning!!!!

  53. MrEnglewood78

    RIP James Ingram

  54. Bertha Serrano

    This song will never get old in my home and in my heart❤

  55. Papadoe21 Papadopoulou

    For my babes Bayer love u

  56. MegaRock1fan

    I hear this song almost every day at my job. I like it

  57. Martes Marsden

    Never get tired of listening to this beautiful tune .

  58. Ben Moorer

    Love it

  59. Jane Kennedy

    I love Edward Snowden

  60. Ardijey Rafael Diaz

    I miss those times when talent mattered and music was really important; I miss 80's.

  61. Sandra Robinson

    Baby come to me I miss you so much can't live without you 💔

  62. Dinos Rhodes

    real music !!!!!!!!

  63. tonytwenties

    Man... Growing up east side detroit.. sitting on "colored" Johns porch with him and "Polish" John listening .. like 8 years old.. driving home with Dad (Detroit was grandmother house) song come on radio, father would crank it all rhe way up, we both be singing ... Get home.. mother have the record playing.. lol....

    Back when everything was better .. music . Race relations.. before NAFTA sent our jobs away and brought even more drugs than we already had.. back before the media outlets could keep us divided.. back when someone said "racism" and it actually was... How is it we are going backwards with every single thing???? Growing up didnt see color.. all black friends from 4-7 years old. Finally found out there were other white kids when I was 8... After dad finished fixing our house up, he put in pool.. then on sunday he pick me up from Grandma's in summer and all my black friends got to come stay with us for the week.. the white kids by me finally seen black kids. Immediately everyone just started playing ... And then boom!!! Fast forward 25 years.. game over . Thanks media.. and social media.. way to keep us divided.. id give anything to relive them 25 years and then just die after... Id be good, instead of having to watch our country rot away every day... dad died.. cleaning his house out.. started playing his black records (75% of his collection).. newer black neighbor moved in..met him at father's funeral... Knew all his black friends, black co-workers and black Vietnam buddies , but didn't know one man... So I introduce myself .. he expressed his sympathy... He just wanted to say by to my father and thank him and us for sharing him.. went on to tell me,my father pretty much remodeled their house (2-3 hours a night) teaching him how to do everything... He said he didn't know white people and thought we all hated black people... Then he said when roof contractor was cutting corners to rip em off and not follow code all while doing It without a permit.. my father walked over n acted interested in hiring them as well, guy gsve him his card, in return my father said "you might wanna take my card", my father's card said eastpointe Michigan building inspector and code enforcement... My father told them , they better do this family right or he would violate him and prosecute them.. he told me funniest thing though, never seen my father for first three weeks they lived next door, finally dad got in early and walked over to introduce himself... The black dude says " oh, how many houses down?" Dad told him right next door.. guy tells his wife that all that Luther, and Peabo and al jarreu and James Ingram music always playing at night must be the black folks 2 House away .. dad started cracking up.. said nope, I'm your black neighbor ... Guy was amazed. Actually came back morning of final service snd speak ... Many spoke that morning.. blacks, Italians, polish folks that survived death Camps , parents of kids that were friends of the grandkids who my father always helped too... But the black neighbor was most touching , choked everyone up, because he said it changed his whole outlook on white folks and came so he did not brainwash his kids with the whole "whitey don't like you, don't trust him"....... Told everyone dad helped all his black neighbors and old white neighbors . Even as little as bringing their garbage cans in or out on garbage night.. father raised us all the same... Hired black employees even less experienced ones because like my father we were great teachers to whoever.. one kid was sharp.. gave him raise.. then he started second guessing orders .. when I left site, he was in charge, I'd tell him what order he makes others do the work. So on my return I could do my hard stuff.. he thought he had better way.. costs me $$$$$.. so finally I had to let him go...he can in for his last check during our Friday am mtng... Had 7 workers there , 3 black, 1 Mexican, 1 white guy and 2 hillbillies... This dude calling me punk , every name in book... I let it go.. then he pulled the RACIST shit.. saying I fired him because im racist.. I snapped Immediately thinking of my old timers and dad's nam buddies the men I looked up to since a kid, men who i know lived through the tough times .... Then. I had to remind him I knew he was black when hiring him,. And giving him 25% raise after month because I seen the great talent in him..... Also had to remind him how long the other 3:black dudes been with me... Sorry... This is depressing to see us going backwards .

  64. Karen Kelly

    Wow Talent at its BEST

  65. Troy Evitt

    Tina Turner accidentally snagged the verse melody for "What's Love Got To Do With It?".

  66. Uncle Sweets

    Doctors office music.

  67. Mete a Boca

    Your voice sounds like Michael Macdonald's voice.

  68. Sean Hamlet

    RIP james your music just brings happiness and love.

  69. Missdeejay

    RIP Mr. Ingram

  70. D E

    I grew up on this song. My big brothers played it a lot along with other old school then. It's always so emotional and make me teary every time Its playing.

    And btw, those days were when black men are beautiful and good looking in their afros. Not now when black men acts and look like girls with stupid braid, and crazy lines all over their heads lol. They're now competing with girls. It's a shame some are acting like we've lost out identity. No we haven't. Some of us still rep to the fullest. And there's talents, class and substance and meaning in their music then. I love my blackness.

  71. Lisa Wolfgramm

    Love this song brings back memories of my siblings and myself growing up in Auckland New Zealand. Just like I've always said these musicians are fantastic

  72. Kwuan Kendricks

    ❤😥❤ Oh my Lord the breathtakingly beautiful memories I have attached to this song and era of time.

  73. Jetstar Transportation

    Perfect song, perfect simple video & perfect afro. RIP James. 👊

  74. RB Colbert

    2019! Love it!!!

  75. Debbie Rodrguez

    Never understood good ole american music ❤he was more of a compa type player that's why we ain't together!

  76. mijo mcgyver

    RIP Mr. James Ingram.
    This is but one of the many amazing performances you will be remembered by.

  77. S Littles

    My imaginary God! This was my grandmother’s favorite song.

  78. Hector Osuna

    Miss you wish it went right but it's life

  79. Dee Mo

    All I can say is “This was the shiiit”!!

  80. Robert Crawford

    Timeless...what a song!

  81. Randy Rankin

    I still love that song sing the first time I heard it

  82. Sean Hamlet

    This brought tears to my eyes wishing I can go back to those days.

  83. boss 2


  84. Perry Ellis

    I love to hear this song..the voices are so much in harmony 🎶🎶🎶🎶

  85. Jamison Trotter

    I'm still listening in 2019...Breaks my he art in many ways...RIP my love mate1985❤👼...

  86. Monica Bethea

    Rest easy James Ingram

  87. Kris Radke

    This man needs to be put in the Musak hall of fame. I cant imagine not hearing this shit in elevators, call waitings, and grocery stores. Thank you for the ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZS.

  88. Sandra Robinson

    Baby come to me now I need you

  89. Chimere Manos

    Rest in peace 🙏 James Ingram

  90. Tsaps Rapzz

    There is something very weird with me, 1983 was way long before i was born but when most old songs i feel like i was alive when they first came out.

  91. Brandy Ross

    Love this song this is music pure talent 💛

  92. Ali Henrich

    RIP Mr Ingram 💕