Ingram, James - Baby Be Mine Lyrics

You and I, we were made for each other
Lovers know, there's a way that we can tell
You and I, we were legendary lovers
By the way, girl, there is something on my mind

Many days we don't even see each other
And little things, we don't even see a change
If you and I could steal an extra moment
I would call you on the phone
Just to tell you I'd be home
At this time

Baby be mine tonight
Your love makes it all so right
Baby please let me have tonight
Your love is all I'm living for

Many times I need your conversation
And other times just to tell a joke or two
Sing a song, touching your emotions
Anything girl just to get next to you

Maybe I could sing a little stronger
I would get down on my knees
Just to sing this melody
Might as well

Baby be mine tonight
Your love makes it all so right
Baby please let me have tonight
Your love is all I'm living for

Oh baby please be mine tonight
Let me have tonight
Your love is all that I'm living for
Oh baby be mine

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Ingram, James Baby Be Mine Comments
  1. Lyn Harrod

    This is a soul who really understood what life was really about!!! xx 2020.

  2. alro mclean

    Wow ,I feel this song so deep ,its like me pouring out my heart to my girl.

  3. Vusi Maseko

    One of my alltime favorite R&B artists....i fell in love with this gentleman's music over twenty years ago, was in my late teens... I still remember my first album "Always You".... Good Quality music truly withstands the test of time.Highly talented voice...May your Soul Rest in Peace James Ingram...And thank you for such wonderful music!!!!! 🙏

  4. Franco Russo

    James. A. Great. Singer. Great.

  5. Aina

    We would hold on to your sig tune: OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOooooooooooooooooooooooooooooh. Live on James. RIP

  6. Lebo Malete

    Got hold of this album late....A must have indeed. RIP Mr Ingram..RIP..Return If Possible..

  7. Sir Les.

    One of my favourite songs to sing at weddings.

  8. Adeline Rutabanzibwa


  9. Rachael Obrien

    very nice !

  10. Robin Hicks

    What a beautiful song trying to hold back tears ur going to be missed very much James thank u for leaving us such great music 😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢

  11. Rona Dorey

    His music is magical to all who would listen to it.!!!!

  12. Galileo Shift

    the greatest unsung underrated immediately recognized big voices of our time
    the fabulous James Ingram

  13. Joey Moses

    James really layed down some serious lyrics on this track.....1 and and truly inspired a generation to love.....

  14. Colleen Keithley

    💞💞May he R.I.H.P )-:

  15. Prime Judicator

    One of his most underrated songs. RIP Mr. Ingram.

  16. wendy mcduffy

    When I didn't see him at Q's tribute I knew something was wrong. I'm sure he would have floored them. The passion in his voice takes you to the stars. It can't be replaced. It has to be part of your core. Will miss you SIR. Rest in GLORY.

    Joseph Jackson

    Absolutely Wendy. Great tribute to the slammin, jammin singer of soul Mr. James E. Ingram. See my comments on "Find 100 Ways," New version ~ Be forever blessed Wendy ~~

  17. Tracey Green

    James Ingram your beautiful voice will live forever!!!!!! R.I.P

  18. Camar Dunkley

    I was playing your song then and I am playing them now.Thanks Sir INGRAM for helping me to fall and stay in love.Do rest in peace.


    "REST IN PEACE" Mr. INGRAM. So sad.

  20. rwilliamsb007

    RIP James Ingram! 1/29/19

  21. swamp5050

    Gone now but your music will live on!  RIP

  22. bob mbuyi

    Thanks you James...

  23. Andrew Flood


  24. Malete Lebo

    What a mellow tune....

  25. K Jay

    I love this song.

  26. yvonne Finch

    just indeed real tracks on true R.B music much love J.Ingram

  27. K Brandy

    This is a fine example of not only the tremendous talent of James Ingram but of the absolute genius of Thom Bell He is truly UNDER appreciated and is one of very of his generation Notice how this song modulates to different keys flawlessly He is legendary arranger His arrangements are magical The arrangements for Love Don't Love Nobody, People Make The World Go Round, Stop Look Listen To Your Heart and Could It Be I'm Falling In Love, Help Me Find A Way To Say I Love You and Give Into Love are masterpieces of arranging. The best example of creativity is in it's arrangement Very few people can do both as he does I'm a big fan his because I myself have studied music composition for many years He is among the best of the best! Oh and he also arranged Close The Door and the long version of 992 Arguments and Back Stabbers for his friends and colleagues Leon Huff and Kenny Gamble They wrote and produced those two but he arranged it! He's the man Check out Give Into Love by Ronnie Dyson and Just As Long As Have Love by Dionne Warwick and the Spinners, few people know that they were going to record an entire album together the record stopped it! Peace and Love!

    Bridgeman FilmS

    One of the best!!

  28. TheKoolkanadian

    I heard THAT. I was a king of the mixed cassette tapes. a bit of James on both sides, for sure. Don't think I ever got to a Just James Anthology. Inspired. This is real deal singing, writing, producing. Let's insist the industry brings this ilk back to the fore. A diet of fake popstars isn't healthy for the world. ~K

  29. Jamele Wiggins

    This was on the flip side of my cassingle back in the day (instrumental version). Want to make a new playlist dedicated to JUST James Ingram songs now!

  30. ronald antoine


  31. John H Sconiers

    One favorite James Ingram songs Mr Ingram one of a dying breed,He's one of the last croners. And my favorite R&B from the 80s.They don't make them like this anymore.

    John H Sconiers

    You got taste junior. .that's what I'm talking about

  32. Franco Russo

    James ingram. A great. Singer,and writer.

  33. PS Gary

    this song's one of my favorites. it has a tear-jerkin' problem but provides a solution. it used to make me cry back in 1989.

    Camar Dunkley

    PS Gary I use to cry too.I still cry...sigh.I wish these music would come back.Music has lost its soul.

  34. TheKoolkanadian

    I couldn't agree more. Class all the way. Mega-talented, SOULFUL &, sadly, underrated Thanks for your comment. Please feel free to check out & share my vids. Oh, & LIKE them. lol ~K.