In This Moment - Sick Like Me Lyrics

Is it sick of me
To need control of you
Is it sick to make
You beg the way I do
Is it sick of me
To want you crawling on your knees
Is it sick to say
I want you biting down on me

Are you sick like me

Am I beautiful
As I tear you to pieces
Am I beautiful
Even at my ugliest, you always say

I'm beautiful
As you tear me to pieces
You are beautiful
Even at your ugliest, I always say
You're beautiful and sick like me

Is it sick of me
To feed the animal in you
Is it sick to say
I tease the hunter like I do
Is it sick of me
To watch the wicked way you thrill
Is it sick to say
I live to break your will

Are you sick like me

Am I beautiful
As I tear you to pieces
Am I beautiful
Even at my ugliest, you always say

I'm beautiful
As you tear me to pieces
You are beautiful
Even at your ugliest, I always say
You're beautiful and sick like me

Sick, sick, sick, sick

Am I beautiful
As I tear you to pieces
I am beautiful
Even at my ugliest, you always say

I'm beautiful
As I tear you to pieces
Am I beautiful
Even at my ugliest, you always say

I'm beautiful
As you tear me to pieces
You are beautiful
Even at your ugliest, I always say
You're beautiful and sick like me


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In This Moment Sick Like Me Comments
  1. JP Dirt

    She is such a Beautiful singer and strong singer and cleavage! we do need more women like this?

  2. Zetkin

    What is the dude @ 1:11 doing :D

  3. Jeff Assassin

    Every time I'm sick and I hear this song my sickness goes away

  4. ‘Cave Beast Demon'

    This song and video are a masterpiece and so is Maria!

  5. Xannak

    Idk bout ya'll but i always feel like i should smoke a cigarette after watching an In This Moment video, Maria is just that damn hot... and the band is fucking awesome too, Maria is just hot AF

  6. Chris Haire FE

    I'm going to ask you out right now. You are are sick without me babe. You truly are beautiful

  7. Sam Anne

    I like how she actually has a BODY and isn't a singing matchstick

    Mentally Unstable Italian Greyhound

    She does Yoga a lot so she can have a smexy bod

  8. The85F0X

    There is some chick that does a belly dance to this...don't need all that, just Maria.

  9. My Falling in Veil Sirens Rivalry Romance

    I love her, her and Ariel from Icon For Hire are the two most bad ass women in the music industry I love them

  10. Vera Camaj


  11. omar htiouech

    best song that has ever came out of in this moment period <3 <3

  12. zipporah joseph

    I actually found someone I love more than marilyn Manson wow💜💕💕👍

  13. bobby harvill

    She is great. She broke the mold in a good way!

  14. SamxDan

    She looks like Katie Morgan. Lol

  15. Catalya Persaud

    This is amazing,this chicks is beautiful in everyway even the band

  16. dan williams

    @ 2:08 I realize how disgustingly badass that riff really is!

  17. Natasha Chenkov

    8.5K people can seriously go fuck themselves 🖕

  18. julien bernard

    ont kiffe ça en France !!! gooooooooo

  19. kim vu

    Actually discovered In this Moment since their early years on Myspace. Congrats to Maria Brink to where her career is going now. I still have the signed autograph when they played in Hollywood.

  20. Brandon Casey

    I love this band they are my favorite band ever and Maria brink is one of the best singers of all time

  21. fatkid4411

    All I see is a goth Nicole Arbour.

  22. Lucha Jon

    Maria Brink's body is absolutely fucking insane.


    Super Sexy Metal ..!!!

  24. Rowan Chavez

    I knew I was gay before I ever found her music, but goddamn did she confirm it

  25. JenDoll Geek

    I think that both people in the relationship tear each other up because they both want to control one another. It reminds me of the song ''You're Ugly Like Me'' Outside By STAIND. Or "I hate everything about you" by 3 days grace. In all relationships there is a power struggle...and we try to deal, but sometimes we just need to be beautiful because were so ugly.

  26. Hope Falls

    Maria f**** Brink Xxxx sickness never looked or sounded so beautiful

  27. Toni Garcia

    What is this song about? I want to put it on my playlist.

  28. Bridget Leigh

    She fuckin rocks

  29. Necrosoro1

    0:51 That hip snap... *bites lip*

  30. Snowy Tail

    Thank you. I want you MORE. And THAT is what I wanted to hear.

  31. SirJambon

    I bet she's filth

  32. Martina Smith

    I love the cinematography in all of these music videos.

  33. Mark Maddy

    she makes me wish i still had a heart. awesome power in her voice, and for those who do not understand what i mean, then you need to learn how to listen, not just hear.

  34. Ryan Robison

    Yes, God, I am.

  35. Jason Russ

    I remember jamin out to this when I was locked up, On my bum ass radio and ear buds. Turned up too 11

  36. hedi84

    Good music. But she looks like Lady Gaga. Its sad. Metal singer is not about tits or ass but voice and lyrics.

  37. Ricky Ibarra

    Memories about 2014 and 2015

  38. Britney Childress

    I've been told I look like her. More than 3 times. Lol. I love in this moment! Blasting this across my neighborhood in Panama city beach. Rock on .

  39. natalia lima silva

    Lady gaga totally stole alot of her imaginary!

    natalia lima silva

    So did Taylor Swift and Halsey

  40. Animal Language


  41. Steve Musser

    Can she make a bad song..... doubt it.

  42. Aidan Maurice

    Listening in 2006

  43. ryan bates

    Did people forget about OTEP.

  44. cortney sechler

    I love her!!!!!!💋

  45. Lola Wolf

    صوت اكتر من رائع

  46. Sandrine Miya

    Yes ♥️

  47. Jeffrey Holman

    In this moment rocks hard.
    Love the respect maria brinks gives to others. Hope too see her live this summer.

  48. bebe zhask

    yaaay 2019!

  49. Caroline Skrleova

    Saw them in Cologne last night! Incredible energy!!!! LOVE them 😍😍😍❤️🥰🤘🤘🤘😊

  50. Vincent Knight

    Pray for me my peeps, this song is so damn sexy and I think I sunk further into bliss haha :D

  51. jelojones

    Fuck yes, nothing else needs to be said.

  52. Larry Schuchardt

    Yes i will tear u to pieces.....ummmmm

  53. Scarleto

    I wish I'd found In This Moment earlier in my life because Maria would have absolutely been my lesbian awakening goddamn.

  54. Austin Henderson

    Tell my wife I'm sorry..

  55. Escaping Wonderland

    Trump or Drumph 2020 thing or thang

  56. N.Z. Storm Waver

    Very Lady Gaga in this particular video if Lady Gaga sang more metal.

  57. Rother William

    What a song... What a baaand pfff am a zing

  58. Kayla Demon

    She made me bisexual

  59. Sou corinthianos com muito orgulhoAntonio Norinho

    Muito boa esta banda .

  60. Kelli fry

    She is awesome screw the haters..

  61. xiko80


  62. Shashi Meitei

    You're beautiful you're sexy even more every day and I'd love for you to tear me to pieces 😘🤘🏽

  63. Ruth Esther Ogando

    She's so f*cking hot.

  64. Mera

    Damn. This video, the outfits, the choreography, the everything, damn.

  65. Maceo Garza

    I'm so glad I stumbled opon her thank for you amazing vocals

  66. SkyRiderZom_B

    I love her! I can’t stop thinking of the Grinch with her fingers, though 😭😂

  67. Melanie Schneider

    1:37 'am i beautifuuul' HELL YES YOU ARE IS THAT EVEN A QUESTION?

  68. Somekind of Dude

    How much is their video budget wtf ?

  69. vincent insinga

    DELAWARE is Rocking The Shit out of
    In This Moment Amazing
    Nov 3 2019 ! ! !

  70. Joe Rollin

    Me and my girl We absolutely love maria brink. Seen her a couple years back in Nashville. Best concert ever!!!!! We never heard of her til the song with papa roach gravity. And haven't stopped listening to her since. She's like a female Alice Cooper. The theatrics, music and show is awesome!!!!! She's pretty much like her videos in person. Stunning!!!!!

  71. Noelleta Cappuccino

    Damn.... she can make a straight tree snap and burn with her fire.

  72. M M

    My family. One bite.

  73. Ralph Acuna

    I love this girl she is the sexest girl ever

  74. R.A. S

    Is it sick to say, I want you bitting down on me!!! 😋



  76. Heather Rispoli

    Goddess, I Am like you☀️

  77. Izzy Bat

    Best Band Ever 🖤😊

  78. Michael Cavanaugh

    Nice band to see in concert

  79. Gosling


  80. Lorioyama Emma-O

    Yes, she's the mother you ever wanted you perv.

  81. Ryan B

    Seen them live at Chicago zopen Air this year their set along w her and the back up dancers were just as wicked and beautiful as you would imagine shit was epic

  82. the face

    I love all her music-I think she's awesome/and beautiful as hell.

  83. Йокдзуна Асасёрю

    Величайшая! Для всех времён и народов.

  84. Devyn Horton

    Her and marilyn Manson need to do a song together 😍

  85. maritza valdovinos

    2019?? I love her so much <<33 I remember when this song first came out, so amazing!

  86. Zoe Bueche

    I want fingersssss mmmmm 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  87. Dol Gill

    I love the way she strains her voice box but she does the upkeep. It's a lot to do the vocals she does. I appreciate her art! She's fantastic

  88. Trash Panda

    One of the best concerts ive ever been to

    maritza valdovinos

    Awww lucky!

  89. michael hall

    an ex of mine actually got me into her music. I no longer have the ex but the music remains... love this!

  90. Wolf_At_The_Door

    I have no words ... except she's fascinating and I've hit replay over and over...

  91. xxBrixx

    I think I’m in love.

  92. Devon Webster

    I can’t listen to this song and not watch the video.

  93. Kal El

    I'd drink her bath water

  94. Джонатан д

    I love her rasp. So fucking sexy.

  95. elaine layne


  96. Vitaliy Sapiga

    Ахуенно, что музыка что голос

  97. Kenneth Hannon

    I could have went to in this moment concert in philly 2night but got into too late