In This Moment - He Said Eternity Lyrics

You're my star, guiding me
I know love

Whispers of a life, in one breath you'd be
Everything I am, you saved me

You're the light, in my darkest hour
I'll be fine, with you I can move on
This is our eternity

There are no words, to say how proud I am
You're my miracle, my angel

You're the light, in my darkest hour
I'll be fine, with you I can move on
This is our eternity

I would walk through flames for you, to light a way

I light a path for you, and carry you through life
You're my miracle, my angel

You're the light, in my darkest hour
I'll be fine, with you I can move on
This is our eternity

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In This Moment He Said Eternity Comments
  1. Tom Won


  2. Purdy Fullakisses

    Too bad she’s more concerned with her clothes then her singing now



  4. applebug

    written for her son, i believe :)

    kay tow

    This is my song for my son, whom is 21 now and it has been his since the day I heard it way back when.

  5. applebug


  6. Trafalgar Law

    Still rockin' it in 2019!

  7. Monkito Vizcarra


  8. Дмитрий Иванов

    Она просто супер и ребята классно играют.

  9. maa maa

    Love Love Love them! <3 <3

  10. Kristy S

    2017! will always love you guys


    Kristy S
    Fell in love in 09, still listening in 18

    Oh its Mike

    2019 and 6 months!

  11. Paul Johnson

    Totally Hardcore!

  12. rascalmypuppy12

    Still fucking rocking 2016!!!!

  13. David Brown

    She rocks

  14. Lorenzo Baca

    Still rockin' it in 2015!

  15. ChristBeheader666

    Can someone upload This moment?? from the same album i can't find the song anywhere on Youtube 

  16. Victoria Johnson



    Victoria Johnson Heard she is a BASIC BITCH

    Victoria Johnson

    yerwrng apparently you are a very immature person .


    Victoria Johnson You sound like a BASIC BITCH ...No cure for basic .

    Victoria Johnson

    yerwrng everyone has a right to their opinion ....... not into playing childish games .

  17. matt c

    damn she looks good

  18. 992F

    and still bad ass in 2014!

  19. 1992katri

    You can't help but just bob ur head to the music lol.. Amazing.. and her voice WOW.. her screams FANTASTIC..

  20. mohd firdaus

    this is alternatif metal?

  21. Adrian GoodBuffalo

    been following since blood came out!!! song was awsome now i listen to most of there stuff!!!

  22. mcmuffinerson

    Then what the hell are you doing here?

  23. Mephistoteles Anopheles

    ITM FTW!

  24. SoHaTutorials

    why not =) ?

  25. Cerberuhs

    still the shit in 2013

  26. charlotte sixx

    i loe this song really

  27. Edvīns Rākins

    Wow.. In this picture she looks hot.

    Jessica Garcia

    Edvīns Rākins u should see the pic of her I have on my phone as the backgrond

  28. Heather Beck

    she does look good in it!

  29. dombekdr

    I know exactly what you're talikng about :-)

  30. K Ashlee

    lol I'm in the same boat, discovered them a couple months ago .

  31. TajemnaTemnota

    04:09 a.m. here xD

  32. HolyKnightGaming

    wow good band :)

  33. Wisnu Adi Pradana

    Just found this song last night and keep repeating it till 03:00 AM :D

  34. Jose Enrique Martinez

    me encanta cuando una mujer canta...en un grupo como es este genero...wuaaaaauuu

  35. chris whittinghill

    spelled favourite wrong not being a grammar nazi but if you spell it colour put a u in the other one as well
    -btw im canadian so its right to me :)

  36. mikey barnett

    lmao same boat

  37. Dawn Layman

    her voice <3 <3 <3

  38. DrenTheLiar

    It's 2013 and I just heard it, so who's behind now, brother? LOL

  39. Shane Lambert

    freaking amazing plus shes gorgeous

  40. sheree kinsel

    My favorite band!!!!!!! (: they're fucking awesome!!! <3

  41. JHallx028

    Yeah but this is the genre that the band is. Go listen to your pussy music thats "with out the screaming."

  42. Macalah Wilson

    i know right?! in this moment is fucking amazing

  43. Koral Seaburn

    usually i dont like all the songs a band has but i down right LOVE every single song by in this moment!

  44. tentative1990

    too sad u cant say that anymore :s

  45. Fireslave1

    Now its mine too xD

  46. alan LeBlanc

    see how theres only 4 dislikes :D only tells that this band is the shiz

  47. Senpai Torpid DOW

    You're crazy.

  48. Senpai Torpid DOW

    The light blue is the perfect compliment for her blonde hair and sexy eye make-up.

  49. TheSilver300

    Its '12 and it's the first I've heard of this band. (:

  50. Shannan Davidow

    This is the first time I've listened to this band & I'm in love !

  51. cruehead12

    2012 now bub

  52. 1adolfH

    she can do both amazingly...

  53. Nerdy Gypsy

    It's 2012 and I am still listening to it. Amazing.

  54. Marta Maria Budkiewicz

    She can scream, not sing. This is only my opinion.

  55. Diamondboi88


  56. lizrascal

    @12fatbaby NO.

  57. Kira Lindsey

    Thumbs Up if your still listening to this in 2011 <3

  58. Monster

    @Gloomywoods She looks the hottest in blue

  59. ThatMetalHeadRich

    Just heard this band today for the first time. I was greatly impressed and that's saying something. Don't consider myself a music critic but it takes a lot for a band to impress me by hearing just one song. Gonna be listening to In This Moment from here on out.

  60. Sarah Godfrey

    i seen her disturbed and five finguer death punch together and it was kick ass

  61. GOALolaMUC

    @Gloomywoods Seems like. ;o)

  62. Chem1kill

    @Nikomarete I seen them and they are awesome! made my first concert exp the best!

  63. Nikomarete

    @dodo4hire Ehh.. I've seen Halestorm, Disturbed, AND Papa Roach live. They're all good.

    ...but Avenged Sevenfold is the best live, just saying ;D Never seen In This Moment live, unfortunately.

  64. 777weeks

    her voice speaks to me in many ways where you here lyrics i feel her heart and what she really means to say but cannot put into words

  65. bobbey smith


  66. Josh Martinelli

    @rustymetalblade She Auto Tunes her voice though. But it's not crap, what she lacks in live performance is made up in her boobs when she jumps around :D

  67. GamerGreed TheAvaricious

    @Gloomywoods idk but its mine now... woo

  68. LittleSpider1031

    I first saw them at Oz Fest 07 and I've liked them ever since

  69. Jiří Majerik

    jedno slovo .skvělé.

  70. yuya

    Best song of this album.

  71. Imlivinlife27

    this song is awesome!

  72. DancingNinja2010

    Finally a good quality version of this song! Thanks for posting this zeircei; some of the ones on YouTube are absolutely terrible to listen to. :(

  73. rustymetalblade

    It's '09 and I just heard this band for the first time. This is great music! Way better than all that Auto Tune crap out there...

  74. BWolfVillage

    so? its a really common riff, its used in a bunch of other songs too

  75. Fabinho Gramsiator

    she is sooooo beautiful !!!