Iggy Pop - Beside You Lyrics

I been hungry way down in my heart
waiting for a reason
i been hungry like a lot of guys
i want to be beside you
lonely people pass me in the street
waiting for a reason
beslde you
grey is turning to blue
you wake up loye in me
beslde you
everything is new
you wake up love in me
i been hungry way down where it hurts
waiting for a reason
i been hungry like a lot of guys
i wanna be beside you
beslde you
grey is turnin to blue
you wake up love in me
beside you
everything is new
you wake up love in me
what a world
i really need you girl
you wake up love in me
beside you
grey is turning to blue
you wake up loye in me
beside you beside you
i want to be beside you

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Iggy Pop Beside You Comments
  1. Brian Patrick Larkin

    Aww, poor Citroen DS ,😂 always loved Iggy and the Stooges they are playing here in Ireland but far too expensive at a weekend camping festival

  2. z33d3r3ktabaaha

    Iggy has always been way ahead of his time. Man we need more music like this.

  3. Dario De mello

    Iggy Pop el mejor punk rock

  4. Johnny MFan

    I never knew there was a video for this. Great song. They never played it on 120 Minutes. I love and miss that show

  5. Pilar Antonieta Rios


  6. jorge soza

    La chica que tenga esa voz me caso

  7. jamie foyers

    One of the best songs on "American Caesar". Still mind seeing him live...crazy show..

  8. Satanen Perkele

    Iggy pop = psychopath

  9. Ingrid Huingo

    I Love it!Remember 2007

  10. Kenny Austin

    A girl's name and a registration number on a chopper. From Laura.l Rodirquez Austin.ex Tafoya.

    Kenny Austin

    76th and Dunlap circle. City called Globe Az . Jerry's Restaurant.

  11. anvil747

    Tři Sestry - Konec Bulla Máchy

  12. Tadeo

    iggy has whatsapp ! he was the fist person in the world to have wpp

  13. Pedro Ferreira


  14. xDivinitysCreaturex

    Love this video, I was looking for it. Iggy pop called it! How important smartphones 📱 would be. Like this technology...to be...beside you. And a car. Man I just 3d printed case parts for my phone. And my radiator pipe broke too but I put a new one in. Also currently hungry. Wretching around on my bed. Kinda emaciated. Love you.

  15. hernan guzman

    Iggy... Simplemente Iggy

  16. Fa Fa

    LOVE THIS SONG♥️♥️♥️

  17. chevy Dryden

    Pooky Bum 💔

  18. chevy Dryden

    Pooky Bum

  19. Francisco Nava

    Recuerdo bien cuando vi por primera vez este vídeo, recuerdos de cuando iba en la secundaria, tendría como unos 14 años y amo esta canción del gran cantante iggy pop, excelente video. Saludos cordiales desde la CDMX en Azcapotzalco para todos los amantes de la buena música.

  20. DO MAU D.S.S.D

    ian curtis se enforcou ouvindo esse o primeiro álbum desse grande músico

  21. DO MAU D.S.S.D

    do caralho

  22. M. LEE

    What an amazing song and video. Blown away..

  23. Dario Marcos Segata

    Imposible no dejar de sentir fluir corrientes de estremecimiento aun hoy cuando escucho "Beside you",en 2018...lejano 1993...cuando la emoción por escuchar esta musica era nueva....Cordoba.Argentina.

  24. LANGE J.

    Ich werde immer für dich da sein.

  25. Roberto

    Do seu lado ✌

  26. Johnny Football

    What I wouldn't give to be beside the woman I love.


    Beside you

  28. elbarrabás

    X 1.25 🤔

  29. snowhitediamonds

    So tough...yet so vulnerable... and can love a woman...refreshing!

  30. digranni

    Show de música, quem é essa mina do clip?

  31. mono punk

    el padrino del punk grande iggy

  32. Humungus Humungus

    This music attracts weirdos, eccentrics, busy bodies. Haha,haha,ha.. James you're the best.

  33. Humungus Humungus

    Great song, I had this empty energy, after drinking till3 am, I would go for a run in the dark woods, with my Walkman, all most every nite for like 10 years, this was my soundtrack, I just needed to be by myself with this music. Total darkness, rain, snow, winter , summer, it didn't matter. Melancholy and flashbacks, then after like 6 miles, the endorphins kick in, I would get high like a kite. Better then heroin.

  34. Marcio silveira


  35. Daniel Felipe

    Um som de um tempo perdido.. minha adolescência... quantas minas já passaram pela minha vida e elas seriam "unicas"....kkk a ambientação do clipe em um local demolido... caótico... new retrô... carro arcaico e tecnologia, juntos... e uma gata intangível......

  36. mono punk

    grande iggy el padrino del punk

  37. Jurresp Dougsp


  38. Marco Virgilio

    Who's the female singer?

  39. stephen fein

    a great video....can't believe this is my first view...don't think it'll be the last.

  40. BazNard

    Great tune. Lisa Germano is excellent too

  41. Raphael de Lelis Funchal

    Muito bom! Iguana o pai do punk-rock!

  42. Pedro Ferreira

    Does anyone know where this was shot? Industrial wastelands of the heart... so cool!

  43. Pedro Ferreira

    This is the motherfucking BOMB!!! Very very deep!

  44. O bairro de Cajazeiras como você nunca viu

    iggy foi o primeiro cara a levar um fora da garota pelo wat zap!

  45. Orteth


    This music have been hunting me since the 90, when I stated watching Mtv in my country!

    I didn't know the name of the song for... 20 years!

    Thanks for the uploader! This vieoclip is is still as awesome as I remember!

  46. Mauro Huenchunao

    +1 if you Facetime in '94

  47. Leo Dostoevsky

    great love song

  48. Sergio Raúl Alfaro Vives

    music 21!

  49. manuel torres

    Larry Fong is the director of photography and Mark Romanek is the Director

  50. Brooklyn Avenue

    This steals a bit too much from Temple Of The Dog - Hunger Strike in the intro, but it's a great song.

  51. manuel torres

    Location ???


    It was an abandoned steel mill in Ontario California.

  52. Marin Bratetić

    The most topless man that ever walked the earth :P

  53. Spider Jerusalem

    I want a Citroen.

  54. YaroSz.

    ...ech Iggy, vgood 😊

  55. Nina

    this is a really sweet track

  56. Julio Dominguez

    Thank you very much for this song Iggy and Lisa. I can't play it for less than four times. Let the music take it all, my friends. Beauty needs no words.

  57. Wendell P

    Someone please send me back then....

    troll hunter

    get young within, in the morning you want to do pushups ,walk outside or garden ect. you want to be apart of a meaningfull

  58. Thorfinn Karlsefni

    Happy Birthday Iggy! <3

  59. looksdirty

    I was on the set as a still photographer and this will always be one of my favorite jobs. :-)

    Marcelo Godoy

    Really? You are a legend, guy!!! Your job is amazing!!!!

    Andrea Consolandi

    Really!!! Great! Go to see your website!!

    Andrea Consolandi

    Follow you on instagram now!

    Pedro Ferreira

    It's one of the most beautiful things I've ever seen

    Robert Surname

    I just saw this post, an checked the webpage of this guy - and yes, there is the photo of Iggy from this music video! Great job, man! Absolutely love this photo, you rock!

  60. CZarny Piotr

    I want to be beside you ....

  61. Karicat Watts

    Iggy really knows how to use his look. Awesome song and beautiful video. Bravo!

    troll hunter

    I love cry for love

  62. Juan H. M.

    buenisimo y el video tambien

  63. nunzia dematteo

    Beside You

  64. Israel Manzotti

    "La Iguana"... uno de los mas grandes artista del mundo rock... inigualable e inimitable

  65. José Linhares Jr

    Eu amo essa música.

  66. Bobby CheeZ

    this video reminds me of wall E!

  67. Raphael de Lelis Funchal

    I like this sound.

  68. OnceWasRStrathfield

    lol at the whole thing... c'mon Iggy, man up

    Michelle Norman

    OnceWasRStrathfield youtr a nob dude even iggy can get shoft for love its cause hes a real man .pffffft amateur

  69. Mile Risteski


  70. llezzamagu1

    fucking AMAZING IGGY!

  71. André Heib

    Lisa Germano is the singer with Iggy Pop

    Julio Dominguez

    Thanks, 20 years at least searching that info. :)


    Quem te perguntou ?

  72. Alan Geoghegan

    wow, he sounds almost Bowiesque here, never hear this before, brilliant!


    <3 <3 <3

  74. ST. DENIS

    Does anyone know who the JapaGirl?

    Matteo Prezioso

    +ST. DENIS She's my wife, why you wanna know that

    p.s. lol just taking the piss :) I believe she's Suchi Asano, his ex-wife from 1984 to 1999. Which makes sense should have been made in '93.

    Rene Lio

    +ST. DENIS Sings Lisa Germano.

  75. Alan Batistela

    O velho do Iggy Pop muito loco na boléia da caranga e a japinha muito linda esperando ele.... Bem a  cara do Iggy Pop, muito legal!!!

  76. Alan Batistela

    Ouvindo em 2017........


    clip is more relevant now than ever

  78. Mateus Barbosa Nutri

    SAPORRA DE PROPAGANDA '' ja enfiou o pau na boca? ai ó ele n responde... '' TNC

  79. Lonnie Severson

    Suchi was really beautiful.

  80. Thomas Philip

    I always thought the line was "I want to be inside of you"... Ive sung that in my car many many times.

  81. nacho gomez

    steve jones in guitar, love this song !!!

  82. Thomas Andersen

    Carlos R. ...no that's WHY you love love him not because

  83. Tanya racine

    Love that beautiful attitude! What an inspiration!!!

  84. StingWolfpack

    iggy the prophet

  85. Paul Cottrell


  86. madrugabros

    Iggy sempre mandando bem !

  87. jose alfredo reyes lopez

    excelente musica y musico por siempre iggy pop

  88. jeferson de souza alves

    som da hora!!!!relaxante

  89. elsykilmister

    Ja, ja, tan adelantado estaba Iggy, que hasta chateaba desde esos años...¡Gracias!


    @elsykilmister Jajaja, no, no, no he querido decir eso, todo lo contrario. Como tú decías que ya chateaba por esos años, pues yo quise decir con lo de que "Iggy siempre había sido mucho Iggy", que no me extraña, porque él siempre ha sido un tipo con mucha originalidad y personalidad, alguien diferente al resto, un genio.


    Ja, ja, mientes ¡Mientes con todos tus dientes,  teleñeca! Una vez dijiste que el pobre Iggy era solo un: "Culito fiestero", ja, ja, ja ¡No se me olvida! Besiux para Coraliux.


    @elsykilmister Schhhh...., silencio, no digas eso que me vas a crear enemistad con los fans de Iggy,  jajaajajaja, si, es cierto que lo comenté , pero no recuerdo haber dicho que fuera "solo" eso, pobrecito Iggy jajaja. Como te decía  ayer, él, es un tipo genial y original y lo sigo manteniendo. Lo de "culito fiestero" lo dije, si te acuerdas, por un vídeo que pusiste donde movía el culo de una manera que me pareció muy divertida, y que me hizo mucha gracia, lo cual no quiere decir que no me guste. Fue una broma tonta que se me ocurrió en ese momento. ¡¡Ay, Coraliux y sus bromas tan babosas!!! Bexiunes para ti también.


    Ja, ja, ja, fue una buena broma...los fans de Iggy no se enojan, son gente de mente abierta. Besos. 


    @elsykilmister ¡¡¡Eso es muy bueno!!!

  90. Ricardo Novelo

    Nice video. Haven´t watch it for about 20 years now...

  91. Manuel Gaisne

    I found out this song by looking for Lisa Germano songs. I didn't know at that time that she did this with Iggy Pop.
    Since, it is my favorite love song, very deep, twisting my guts, touching me to the depths of my soul.

  92. evilwitch4ever

    Quien me dedicó este tema me leyó la mente. A quien corresponda: Gracias!!!  Siento lo mismo por tí.

  93. Jeff Spicoli

    That is the hottest chick I have ever seen...and a great tune to match. 

  94. cudownykanal1

    brakuje mi cie

  95. sasse Brasse

    so fuckin good!!