Idol, Billy - Whiskey And Pills Lyrics

The sun you know it rots my brain
The way I walk is with a cane
The wind it blows it takes me in
And times it turns it makes me thin

My life is going down the drain
My wife you know she went insane
My kids are messed up in the brain
But when I’m high I feel no shame

When my mind won’t hold still
When I feel the sickening chills
When I feel I’ve had my fill
And every voice I hear is shrill
I calm myself with whiskey and pills
I calm myself with whiskey and pills

The people I know
Their number’s changed
Their view of me is rearranged
The way I see they’re really strange
I’ve got no reason to play their games, yeah

They look at me with eyes a stare
I look at them but I don’t care
I tell them all, what’s fair is fair
And here and there and everywhere

When my mind won’t hold still
When I feel the sickly chills
When I feel I’ve had my fill
And every voice I hear is shrill
I call upon my friends
Whiskey and pills
I call upon my friends
Whiskey and pills
Ooh, ooh, whiskey and pills

When you see me
I’m a-roaming around
My face hits the pavement
Yes I’m on the ground
Turn me around, see if I’m okay
Check out this smile
That’s on my face

I never thought I was gonna die
Until I stared into God’s eyes
He said to me “well, come on son,
better shape up boy, your days are done”

Up my mind I got the chills
Even though he talked with skill
Of the voice I heard the shrill
It was a sound I had to kill
I turned around and grabbed
The whiskey and pills

Can’t say goodbye to
Whiskey and pills
I call upon my friends
Whiskey and pills

I calm myself with
Whiskey and pills

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Idol, Billy Whiskey And Pills Comments
  1. Shannon Michele Patrick

    First Bitter Pill, and now Whiskey Pills. LOL.

  2. Chris Ficeto

    Punk as fuck!

  3. Panthony

    Gets better and beter and so ...

  4. Carrie Ashley

    My rockabilly you still got lvu billy

  5. Troy Frost

    Billy idol Rocks The World For Ever . 👍🤘Troy Frost troyster 😎Cool Riffs

  6. Skippy

    I stumbled on this album a few months back and I love it. I managed to see Billy Idol last september of 2018 at the Oregon Zoo. Was my first time seeing him and so glad I didn't miss. I was front row below the stage. Great time!

  7. Tina Bell

    LOVE LOVE Billy “freakin” Idol! Total 80’s girl growing up and he’s my favorite! This song ROCKS! Saw his concert and it is amazing.


    this is the best song on the album. my opinion.

  9. Vikki Ovchinnikov


  10. GARY Paul Simon SHAW

    Get a haircut and a real job!!!!!! ... Ok, you've had the haircut

  11. Heike - lein

    ღღღ love it ღღღ

  12. AD HD

    lol F U photoradar......

  13. The Next Kong Hee

    This is one of his best songs. I wish there were a music video for it that's as good as the song.

  14. professorpsoop

    no rocker like an old rocker...this is HOT!!

  15. Lesley Heap

    Billy Idol new album is great

  16. Jilligain

    Whiskey & pills...breakfast of champions

  17. Rocío Cerca

    Awesome album!!!!!

  18. Steve Taylor

    Holy shit and i thought thunderstruck was the ultimate of all songs!

  19. Rubie Mosqueda

    I saw Billy Idol live this year at the Fantasy Springs Casino in Indio,CA and when he sang this song it was so badass.

  20. Jon Gudmundsson

    I am going to be at Billy Idol concert in Reykjavik 1.August

  21. Nikola Rajic

    The Greatest!

  22. Izzy _

    My life is going down the drain
    My wife,ya know,she went insane
    My kids are messed up in the brain
    When im high,i feel no shame
    Only on an IDOL track!! Love it

  23. Drawingfandom

    Sad his new album is only popular to billy idol fans it was never played on the radio his music sounds modern enough with a nostalgic throw back to fit for both new listeners and old

  24. nathar40

    I don't know why I couldn't focus on this album when I first got it in 2014. Now it's got me.

  25. NastyKhan

    Hell, now imagine that this dude recorded this damn thing in his late 50s.

  26. lunatix

    This is rock n roll!!! Woohooo go!!!

  27. Heleno Cardoso

    idol forever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  28. Lautissone1

    muac Billy!

  29. Jacqueline Taylor


  30. Graham Chapman

    i'm very surprised his new album is not very popular


    I'm very surprised his new album is great

    Izzy _

    Bc they don't play good music on the radio anymore,only rap & crap!

    Greg Voevodsky

    I think it's as good as his original - like a lost album with some more wisdom. One of his best. Good Job Billy - Keep playing! Found you on Alexa asking her to shuffle Billy Idol songs and your new album came up - Awesome!


    That's how the music industry is now. Most good music is hidden and has to be searched for. There's just so much bulk, and the charts have become completely corrupt. That's why people assume music is worse now. It's not, there's more good music than ever, but that won't be what you encounter. Try brute force. Pick a year at random and just look for absolutely anything and everything that might be of interest. When you find artists you like, go through their catalogue. If there's musicians you remember from a while ago (like Billy Idol), it's worth checking up on them. A lot of these artists fell out of the limelight but are still making good (and sometimes better) music. Toto is a great example. Another handy thing is to check foreign charts instead, as many of these remain uncorrupted, i.e. Finland.

    I didn't grow up with Billy Idol. I didn't hear his music on the radio or in media. I had to go out of my way to find it, using the methods above.

  31. Derek Jarvis

    Jul 6th Casino Rama. Vital Idol!!!

  32. Richard Tarwater

    I must admit I didn't like it on the first listen, however, after paying closer attention to the lyrics and being nearly 40 with RA and having kids I can definitely relate. Great song from an aging Billy Idol.

  33. LordNIBAVAS

    Rock 'n' roll is back!

  34. Critical Android

    Ohhhhhhh man, Trevor Horn's bass playing. Fantastic.

  35. royal nass

    i am surprised mr. rebel yell would put out some garbage like this. your still the man though cheers

  36. Noobyrooby s

    One of my favourites <3 ___xX

  37. Chris Cherry

    Seeing him tonight!!!

  38. Wise Guy4U

    You should have been the soundtrack consultant for the new watered down Terminator movie. It would have been way better.

    Noobyrooby s

    +Rudolf Menon wat new stuffs good, he brightened up my life ^^)

  39. Steve Plant

    Brilliant Album.......

  40. melinda vance

    love, Billy and his music <3

  41. Elayne Aguiar

    Perfeito esse álbum! Melhor de todos. Lindo! Maravilhoso Billy Idol!! 

  42. Luca Norini

    Billy idol is back great album

  43. kevin jones

    Good rock n roll.

  44. Seweryn Juszczykj

    Bomba kawałki!!!!!!

  45. Jack Crow

    I am destroyed by the time the 2000s I took thee not billy no you you can not make me his to me makes music like before you represents my childhood

    Jack Crow

    I simply said that billy idol would have to continue to make music on the albums as above

  46. Jack Crow

    I hate his new album is to the big shit music today is that we must unfortunately also starts in

    Ezra Stewart

    @Jack Darrell Why is it people don't know what Billy Idol is about, he IS PUNK Music!

  47. Quinn Dalton

    *IDOL* IS THE KING OF "PUNK"******

  48. Wesley Rice

    great album, just got it. every track is going on my main playlist


    @Wesley Rice don't like ''can't break me down'' too much actually -
    but the rest is just great !

    Izzy _

    59mar- what? Its one of the best songs on the album!

    Ian Harrison

    @Izzy _ incredible track you're right

  49. bill196454

    love the new album, can't wait to pick it up to add to my collection

  50. Andrey Gavrilyuk

    all of with is so familiar for me, but i hope i can stop it -at last , some day, i suppose, maybe ))))))))))). can't say goodbye to whiskey and pills. God damn it!!!!! 

  51. dizzotizzo69

    I won't make it to 58 yrs. old unfortunately, but you have more energy than I do @ 43 yrs old.  Keep rockin' William. 

  52. Steve Vollmer

    Love it!!!

  53. fatboy4148

    Thank you for the hardest party song ..we loved it here in sweden    We gonna buy the cd


    we sure do

  54. edbingey

    Squidgy shit drums!

  55. 86443

    A rocker!!

  56. sarah duncan

    hell fucking yes.

  57. Abdullah Drury

    Great stuff.

  58. Joaquim Duarte

    Oh Yeahh, Rock & Roll. I Like It

  59. TheKaffeeKlatsch

    Is Graham playing bass? Rips.

    David Raynor

    no its producer on all tracks


    @TheKaffeeKlatsch Trevor Horn from the Buggles