Icon For Hire - Sugar And Spice Lyrics

I don't want your sugar and spice, sugar and spice
I don't want your sugar and spice, sugar and spice

Sometimes I say really dumb things
'Cause it's hard to talk and at the same time think
At the same time, I feel like I should have that down,
I should've figured out the conversation by now
There's a lot of time wasted hating the way I act,
Social skills I'm not sure I have
The list of what's wrong runs way too long
And I had no idea 'til you came along

Over and over
Track on repeat
There's something wrong with me
There's something wrong with me

Got me, they got me, they got me hooked so good
High fructose Hollywood

I don't want your sugar and spice, sugar and spice
Sugar and spice and everything nice
I poured down the drain of my life last night

I'm not stressing, obsessing over who I'm not impressing
I know perfection's infectious or is it more like infection
It gets under your skin because you know I'm ignoring you
Wouldn't you rather be broken than boring too?

Over and over
Track on repeat
There's something wrong with me
There's something wrong with me

Got me, they got me, they got me hooked so good
High fructose Hollywood

I don't want your sugar and spice, sugar and spice
Sugar and spice and everything nice
I poured down the drain of my life last night

Over and over
Track on repeat
There's something wrong with me
There's something wrong with me

I don't want your sugar and spice, sugar and spice
Sugar and spice and everything nice
I poured down the drain of my life last night

Over and over
Track on repeat
There's something wrong with me
There's something wrong with me

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Icon For Hire Sugar And Spice Comments
  1. LunaOfTheDarkestNight

    She must really didn't like those spices

  2. Lionblaze's Channel

    i clicked "loop..."
    i guess i'm playing the song over and over, track on repeat

  3. Aliya S

    i love Ariel she is awesome and so is this song!!!!

  4. Jhonatas Roberto de Lima

    Música para curso de inglês avançado.

  5. CelticVictory

    The moment when you realize that there isn't something wrong with you, there's something wrong with the world.

  6. Jessie A

    The allure of some things in this world can be overwhelming at times and sometimes even glamorous. The sugar and spice part is reference to temptation to either alcohol or the like. "Poured it down the drain of my life last night" means to resist the temptation and to get well and move on with life. That's just my opinion about the song... Again I could be wrong.

  7. Ana Silvia Cañas Martínez

    This is my favorite band, strongly lyrics!

  8. The nearly icon CZ

    This song is good. When im doing gymnastics. But i love this song anyway.😎

  9. Chris Vaughn

    I am willing to bet if we were allowed to sneak a peek at their journal of jumbled lyrics that their songs evolve from, the inspiration for this recording ties in with their decision to move away from their record label.
    It has a tang of rebelliousness that is more focused towards a singular entity while staying within their niche of shining a spotlight on the mindless zombies that take the easy way out and cling to the path of least resistance to fake their way through life rather than be true to themselves (and face the fate of negative consequences).
    They are the hungry mouse faced with that delicious chunk of cheese sitting temptingly on the snaptrap. High fructose Hollywood? They say no thanks. Rather awesome message of self discovery hidden in there. A great question emerges.
    Would you rather risk starvation by cutting the cords?..Or be the well fed doll hanging from the end of your keepers strings?Clever lyrics indeed.

  10. Norah Vds

    This looks like a nice band to fangirl (said 2 years ago)

  11. Rebekah Lyan

    Favorite verse is the 1st one.

  12. Norah Vds

    When i listen to this song "over and over track on repeat theres something wrong with me"

  13. PaintbrushSparkle70

    I remember when this came out..... Me and my sister loved this band..... This used to be my jam..... Whelp..... I like twenty øne piløts now. K bye

  14. Chrissy710

    I don't want your sugar and spice..... and everything nice.

  15. AngelKittenGamer

    eats some sugar and spice during ICF's concert
    "It wasn't me"
    gets called a hypocrit

  16. Teenage Menace

    I love this band!

  17. Amy Hays

    What! Icon doesn't want the Powerpuff Girls(Sugar,Spice, and Everything Nice)?! I guess she wants the Powerpunk Girls(Salt, Vinegar, and Everything Nasty)



    Amy Hays



    go punkz

  18. hiatus.

    How do you make a lyrics video?

  19. 525 76

    I listened this song 1 milion times!!!

  20. Patricia Kirk

    Is anyone else having trouble rapping the first part. ;-;

    Jay In Incognito

    @AngelKittenGamer Colormailed? xD hahaha i dunno


    @Gamer PandaGPDigital Blackmailed, but Colormailed sounds cooler xDD

    Daniel Davis

    Eminem after rapgod ain't

    Z-star *

    Yeah no idea how she does it unless it's sped up

  21. Annie Cheng

    I don't know how to feel about this song...its not good and not bad I guess, they were better off in their Scripted days. That album was amazing and honestly even until now, can't really blame them on why they're like this now, pop is popular demand nowadays....how sad...and they say rock is pure evil when there are buttloads of pop songs about drugs, sex and other stuff :/


    wait what? They changed cause that's what they wanted to do, they wanted to make the "you can't kill us" type of music.

    I'm with you on liking them better when they did rock but when did they say rock is evil? In rock and roll thugs they mentioned that that's a missconception ppl have but idt they ever said it's evil.
    Sorry if "they" in your comment meant the public not ifh.

    RC Dragons

    Though I love just about everything Icon does, I can understand how some were scared and though Icon was going pop. Im sure you'll be glad to know that in their new album, You Can't Kill Us, they bring back a lot of their heavier stuff.

  22. Rowan Reid

    If Britney Spears released a rock album, this is what it would sound like.

    mars valenti

    so true


    so true


    only Ariel has actual talent.

  23. Vkook is My lifeu

    I want you suga and your spice

    Vkook is My lifeu

    +AnimeOtaku12 lol

    Patricia Kirk

    (Insert Lenny face here)

  24. Infinity&Beyond xX

    Why was this song banned from the country??


    +Infinity&Beyond xX wait, what?

  25. stormy

    i think this is about someone with schizophrenia

  26. ThePandicorn YouTuber

    Bucket list : 1. Meet Icon for Hire. That's all that's on my bucket list. God this song is awesome!

  27. Happy Girl

    I love this group! !!♡♥♡♥♡♥♡♥♡★☆★☆★☆

  28. stormy

    this reflect on my feelings so well. sorry fit for rivals, but i luv ariel now

    Captain Redemption


    Patricia Kirk

    Literally me right now.

    Caoimhe Rothwell

    They're tied in my opinion. Ffr is just❤️❤️

    Caoimhe Rothwell

    Idek who I like better, ffr are amazing but in their own way in their own music and ifh is perfect once again, in their own music. They're pretty different but they're both fricken amazing

  29. Annathecommenter

    When I saw the name of some of the songs of this album, I thought they would be about as bad as they're stupid teeny bop songs. Boy, I was wrong. This song is so amazing!


    Annathecommeneter.... I think I've seen one of your comments before... ⸮⚆Ꮂ⚆?


    @AngelKittenGamer Yes, I've commented on a lot of Icon for Hire stuff. This was back when I hated Now You Know and Bam Bam Pop with a passion. I don't anymore. I actually like both songs now.


    @Annathecommenter sameeeeee!!! I thought Bam Bam Pop was like, worse than that stupid LoliRock TV Show... But you know what? Nothing is worse than Lolirock. (Perhaps Winx or Glitter Force...)


    @AngelKittenGamer Lol

  30. Bry wood69

    my step sister loves this band and SO...do I ....

  31. Star Green

    dale likee , si hablas español!! como yo!!

  32. Renwzy

    Could someone explain the lyrics? I don't fully understand the message/theme.

    Señor Fluffybutt

    I think it means how Hollywood celebrities usually become dead addicts and she doesn't want that, I think, I'm not too sure

    Rose Vampire

    She talks about what society really is

  33. Vestigiada

    Love this song! My friends call me "Sugar" because of this xD

  34. Gothic Nightmare

    I think I'm in love with Icon for Hire.

    Z-star *

    Join the club

  35. Joy Blue

    wtf does high fructose Hollywood mean

    Elise G

    +Gothic Nightmare I like your explanation! I just heard it as overly-sweet Hollywood, which, like your explanation, isn't good. Sugar seems good, but Hollywood is sickeningly so.


    +Joy Dugger you get fructose in fruit, and that's all I understand of that line.

    Rose Vampire

    Fructose corn syrup is in fizzy sodas and it's got from fruit

    Sean Eddingfield

    Fructose is normally supposed to be a natural sugar in fruit. However its easy to mass produce the sugar by using high fructose corn syrup which is horrible for you. So she is saying that Hollywood is like artificial sugar, it looks good and it tastes good but the closer you come to understanding it the more you realize its horrible for you.

    RC Dragons

    yooo thats a really good interpretation

  36. Joy Blue

    50 people have no taste in music


    66 now...


    Dogbiskit 75


    Joii Dusser no it’s 87 lol.
    I’m not one of them

    Mya Duke

    91 actually

  37. Brendon Urie's Forehead

    1.5 speed. Enjoy

  38. pi seseven

    hmmmm.... I'd do it, but only if I haven't broken all your e readers already by proxy

    pi seseven

    I will imbibe each and every one of your thetans again if I have to

  39. Dark Blue Lyrics

    what editing software did you use??

  40. Phylicia Bozzi

    Molly Kate Kestner or whatever they advertised before this is, I think, a good singer.

  41. LifeOfTai

    They are So fun to watch I love them But I could out dance them me and my crew dancing diamonds So if you all want to have a dance of that will be good

  42. Ramazan Okyay

    Picture link,please !

  43. Lord Rith

    So she raps too? Well I found my new favorite band.


    i read that wrong for a second :P

    icon for hire x flyleaf

    +Tygineer me too

    Ashen Rose

    Lord Rith oh yeah she does

  44. Beatrice Karaciovaite

    I don't get this....they're supposed to be rock vand, right? But most of their songs I see sound closer to pop than rock.. .-. can someone explain this to me?..


    +Beatrice Karaciovaite Why people calls every genre they don't identify pop? Do you actually know what pop is?

    Miss Dee

    +Beatrice Karaciovaite Listen to Cynics and Critics then. Love that song.


    The only pop song they made was bam bam pop.....
    And they were mocking pop.

    Miss Dee

    @David Exactly.

    Norah Vds

    Beatrice Karaciovaite i know im late but there a punk pop band by there song bam bam pop

  45. Niky9965

    I really want to meet her <3 Come to Dallas!

    Gothic Nightmare

    OMG YOU LIVE IN MY OLD HOMETOWN!!!! I miss that place more than I miss my old librarian <3

  46. Vyllaness

    _would you rather be broken than boring, too?_

    Maya :3

    perfect timing



    Maya :3

    @AngelKittenGamer ? xD

    hannah oñatè

    Love your profile picture and username!

    Rae Sutherland

    My Name Is Blurryface But They Call Me Crybaby I love your username

  47. Hazel Cortes

    Why there songs don't have a lot of viewers. they are awesome... <3 
    And not another punk rock shit lyrics... gosh... so why???? Ariel's voice is beautiful.. sob,sob,sob
    you guys deserve more...

    Rose Vampire

    I know when I mention this band and skillet ( this band is better) to my friends they know nothing about it

  48. Jwen7836


  49. catherine king

    I only discovered this band a few days ago and then BAM this music comes on and now I'm addicted :)

  50. Tyla Conyers

    These guys are amazing. Never heard of them before but I think Hollywood undead chose a perfect supporting act

  51. jtone083

    This songs amazing live!!

    Dai Gurren Dan

    wouldnt have happened to be in manchester at the time ? ;)

  52. Rob Sellick

    Saw this band in Birmingham with Hollywood Undead. Youre amazing :)

  53. Step

    I just saw them in Paris at the Hollywood Undead concert! they fucking rock!


    I saw them in Birmingham 


    im seeing them at soundwave in SA this saturday, so pumped..first time and they rock its gonna be sweet


    @GaboraAngel you will one day, and when you do you will love them :)


    @GaboraAngel I missed out on meeting the singer as there was too much people around her, but she was so nice to the fans, I did however give the guitarist a high five while he was walking around, he was so cool.


    I talked with the band's members, while they were solding their CD, their cool but some asholes found it funny to breake bear bottle in front of them, french can be douchy too

  54. Carbon2861996

    I. Want. Song. Of. Fire and ice, fire and ice, fire and ice.....

  55. Nicole Smith

    Can you make a lyric vid for the songs by Icon for hire? No one has made The grey lyrics yet :( or anything from the scripted album, thank you!

  56. jaskemr

    Ariel is such a doll.  I've met her twice and she is just so darn cute and fun to be around.  My 16-year old daughter "makes me" go to her concerts.  I'm not complaining and love this band.  Ariel has a special quality, so I hope this band keeps on making great music.  Shawn Jump is really cool too... A++++

    Crazy Life For A Crazy Chick

    My dad was actually the first person to play them in the radio which had them found by their record label then they got signed. If it wasn't for my dad we would not have Icon For Hire. P.S. I've been to every single concert and I'm like a sister to them


    +jaskemr you've MET ARIEL!!!???

  57. Michael Yacoub

    'Track on repeat' I do that a lot too.

  58. Candy Rainbows

    I like this song! It's different

  59. QueenFrog

    She should rap more often like she did in the beginning . Nice !!

  60. Leigh

    Track on repeat indeed

  61. Paige Lockhart


  62. HelloKittyBands

    I saw them live at Warped Tour and god are they amazing!!!

  63. Clockwork Lily

    sugar and spice!

    lia serenity

    omg hiiii there

    Clockwork Lily

    @lia serenity hi! X3 long time!!! X3

    lia serenity

    Yush i have been away from g+ Dx

    Clockwork Lily

    @lia serenity DX *HUGS* X3

    lia serenity

    XD *HUGS* ^^ 

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  65. Nicemec

    Can someone explain this song 'cause I don't understand the meaning :s 


    I think it's about how Hollywood likes to get it's all it's stars on drugs and she's saying she doesn't want that. That's how I interpreted it

    Rosas y Lirios

    It's talking about beauty standards for women and that she doesn't want to follow them.

    Rose Vampire

    It talk about society and how if you blend in your boring or you could stand out be different that's what just about all their songs are about

  66. Danielle Hope

    Troll: watch fairy tail

  67. Kelly Murphy

       "sugar and spice and everything nice i poured down the drain of my life last night " over and over " track on repeat" there's something wrong with me "

    Kelly Murphy

    @***** im pretty sure that by the end im gonna love it

    Lloyd Everson

    SAO for the win

    Kelly Murphy

    @Lloyd Everson  lol yusss

    JD Love

    seen them on the 28 they gave my mom a free CD

    Hari G

    hello, it's been 3 years

  68. Chris Burr

    cant wait to see them at a future Winter Jam!

  69. Chris Burr

    hopefully and prayerfully they will be at winter jam 2015!

    Icon for Hire + Fireflight + Superchick + Plumb

    Dylan Parsons

    @Kevin Lewis You, my friend, have great taste in music.

    Kevin Lewis

    thank you buddy! @Dylan Parsons 

    Jessica Joyner

    That sounds awesome. Now if only i could go any of that. 
    I almost went to a Icon concert back in April But i got "sick" and missed it which made me soooo mad.


    Icon for hire is just like twenty one pilots. Both have faith, both have a few songs that reference there faith, but they are not Christian band.

    XxÃlêxTheWølfxX 16

    --- yup!! Icon For Hire and Twenty One Pilots are my two favorite Christian band members, but not a Christian band... Can't deny it

  70. Kathy Nicole

    can't wait to see them at warped tour (:

  71. violet qween

    I sing every sing in my head that cane out as a puzzle . Unlocking the dream within one storm to bring a dark hole of lost soul claming life and fighting war in earyh making them do what they think they know besf..more the fight.kill hate..angry..i get stronger and stronger..make them stop..or forever theh close there eyes.. She will pull them in with in hell..she he the fire of hell..gate of open door to freedom where god left you when the time has been up..only obe who keeping theñis earth going and .yet be to be in peace

  72. Miranda Rosansky

    this song has me written all over it

    Rose Vampire

    Same I never fit in

  73. The Toilet Effect

    Over and over, track on repeat, there's something wrong with me...

    Allie Wilson

    The Toilet Effect I actually have that part stuck in my head. Lol.

  74. Sutōmī Naito

    They killed or on this song!

  75. Sutōmī Naito

    They killed or on this song!

  76. Madeline Usher

    She sounds like Ke$ha in this song. 

    Zac Mowles

    What part lol, or in relation to what song. I don't really hear it aha


    Yeah I have to agree with Zac Mowles , To me she sounds nothing like kesha

  77. Halston Connally

    Best song off the album

  78. PacomLive 2.0

    Hey everyone, check this out /watch?v=BTnD0wDgr-Q

  79. Michaela Talbot

    I really wish I could rap like that! They are amazing

  80. Luke H

    I dont know how, but they make rap tolerable for me. love em!


    @***** Okay you are officially my new best friend x3


    @***** I don't watch too much anime (I'd like to start watching some, though. I'm just not sure what animes to start with.) but I am a huge gamer- I spend pretty much all day either a) on Tumblr, b) on Youtube, c) Playing video games c:


    @***** Yay :D

    Marco Pohl

    no mumbling, no swearwords for the sake of being edgy, actually having soemthing meaningful to say. i guess that's how they did it