Icon For Hire - Sorry About Your Parents Lyrics

I'm sorry about your parents, they sound like bad people
Your daddy sounds like a jerk
I guess your mama didn't know the gift she got when she got you
I'm sorry about your life, you had it pretty rough
Bending over backwards, never good enough
You poor thing, it must suck to be you
And I know it's not your fault, it never is, is it?

I know what it's like staying up all night nursing wounds
It takes more than I have, pick fights with the past, I always lose
Oh, don't you know? That's no way to live
I know what it's like staying up all night nursing wounds

I get it, give me a little credit
I remember when I was that pathetic
Wear my scars on my sleeve, for all the world to see
Like look what they did to me quick, lay on the sympathy thick
You probably have the right to feel how you do
You were mistreated and cheated out of the childhood you needed
And now you'll never succeed if you're so convinced you're defeated
If you're obsessed with your yesterday then you're destined to repeat it
And I know it's not your fault, it never is, is it, is it, is it?

I know what it's like staying up all night nursing wounds
It takes more than I have, pick fights with the past, I always lose
Oh, don't you know? That's no way to live
I know what it's like staying up all night nursing wounds

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Icon For Hire Sorry About Your Parents Comments
  1. Kayna Burrows

    Idk how I feel about this....Its honestly kinda rude.... Pushing those who are already hurting to hurt more by making them feel like shit for it is some bully mentality b.s..

    Don't give cats Metacam

    Its actually a really positive song. It's not meant to bully, just tells the truth. You can continue to live in the past and be a victim, or you can live in the present and become stronger from what happened. Living in the past isn't healthy and isn't good for your mental health.

  2. hanismuksim

    my parents fought for every year and almost divorced.my father have another women for 4/5 years and my mom know but choose to ignoring it.last year , my father goes to meeting and calling my mother he’ll come back home late but unexpectedly my mom hear that slut voices over my father phone and thats it.my mom run from home but my father still keep on contact with that slut.this year my parents will divorced but my dad suddenly play victim . he said my mom is the one who cheating over him.now i live with my mom but my parents still couldn’t divorce bc of my father.i’ve no allowance anymore bc my dad said when i live with him , he’ll give me anything but its just his sweet talk . ysterday i asked my mom why she dont want to live with my father?and she said she endure her pain for fucking 36 years and she couldnt endure that pain anymore.and here i am being depressed for freaking 3 years but everyone called my faked my depression and my friends also make a joke about my depression.shit i wanna fucking dies.

  3. Serenity Heart

    If people treated the way l wanted to be treated, l could. It's not my fault but those who don't treat me right. I know it's not my fault and l vow to get worse with practice. 😇

  4. Jadelyn Cutter

    We're the hell was this song when I was suffering from major depression.

  5. OddCard's World of Weird

    Listening to this song for the first time
    I thought it was about someone with real issues watching as someone without those issues get attention by claiming they did ,(hence the ,"look at what they did to me,quick lay on the sympathy thick" ) , aka, watching someone use those serious issues for attention whilst actually having them but getting no help or sympathy
    talking about this generation
    How we are so sensitive and letting things that arent that bad tear us down, (hence the "i remember when i was that pathetic" lyric) , how we act as if we've been treated with nothing but bad when we have good moments , how we cause our own miseries (hence the ,"i know its not you fault, it never is, is it, is it, is it" lyrics) and that we dont know true pain and such (im part of the generation! ) and that we should stop letting little things tear us down ,_, and try to have a more positive look on life instead of bringing ourselves misery (hence "thats no way to live" lyrics)
    Yet still empathizing with the pain we feel, despite seemingly coming from minor things

  6. Alexa Mehan

    Those cats on the thumbnail look like raven paw and ivypool.

  7. stevenstrumpf7

    Don't be sorry about the pain, Don't be sorry for me. Be sorry for the damage, be sorry for the potential lost.

  8. Jessica A.

    Gahh icon for hire is so underrated. Bloody hell this song is brilliant

  9. trumpetsounds

    oh god I haven't cried like this since my creepy pasta days

  10. Kayna Burrows


  11. Lavender Goblin

    This song pisses me off and empowers me at the same time. I could do without its victim blaming and mocking of self harm though tbh

    Rachel Goldenburg

    Just the ultimate message of the song. I can concede “get over it” is harsh, but do you think it is a bad sentiment overall?

    Lavender Goblin

    @Rachel Goldenburg i like the beat of the song the sound is good and i level with it in a way since i knoe people who had hurt themselves to get attention but some people have real trauma and you can't just get over it.. Thats where i don't vibe with it because the " JUST GET OVER IT!" is terrible to tell someone with real trauma.

    Rachel Goldenburg

    Yeah, definitely. I guess you can kinda get behind “don’t dwell on it”? Which I think is gentler, yet forceful.


    I kinda see it as a victim of abuse singing this to their abuser who blames all of it on their parents since they were abused. And the victim is like same but i dont abuse you. (Sorry am bad at explaining)

    Rachel Goldenburg

    That’s a pretty interesting take! I think it’s the first I’ve seen, so that’s bad pretty cool.

  12. Scarton

    I wanna like this song but I don’t think I can and I think that’s just because of who I am and what I’ve experienced. For me this song mocks me just like how people would say I’m depressed for attention. However the song is meant it’s still a piece of art therefore individually interpreted and that makes it beautiful

  13. Gracie Staves

    This may just be me, but doesn’t this song go good with todoroki shoto from my hero academia?

    marilyn crow

    Gracie Staves

  14. Raven Danger Navy

    The tough love I need, now if only I could find my way out of this mess that is my mind and family

  15. Denny's Nightmare

    but hey

    *It could be worse, right ?*

    Thats what I always tell myself anyway

  16. Moondust

    The fact that people want to analyze the most straightforward song ever is sad... Love the song, don't analyze it
    P.S love the song

  17. Idkfak 28042069

    I feel like the artist is talking to her younger self

  18. Jacob Charo

    First time hearing this song and I freakin' love it. Like half way through, I was like ok this seems a little condescending - which it kind of is - but then she says "If you're obsessed with the yesterday then you're destined to repeat it" and it all clicked. She gets the pain and all the crap that you've been through. It sucks, but you need to quit your groveling and move on - you're gonna have to refuse to be the victim if you want, it to stop being so. Best song I've heard in a while and one I can relate to on both sides - the singer and the newest "victim."

  19. Anthony Cobetto

    Its official icon for hire is not a bitch she speaks truth I love her

  20. SmitteN Robo Kitten

    Don't you know that's no way to liiiive?
    ( Sorry -not sorry- )

  21. Ryliegh Sucks

    This song gives me chills

  22. Simone LewisFretz

    Finding a million comments about the number of comments saying, "This song snapped me back to reality"

    *Failing to actually find any comments that say "This song snapped me back to reality"*

  23. Tony Walker

    Today is just an icon for hire day. I've been up since 4 am since i couldn't stay asleep. I've been listening to icon for hire all day and it's AMAZING

  24. Denki Kaminari

    This fits my life so well

  25. Khowls

    This song is so passive aggressive...Like me...It's perfect.

  26. Asia or Alex Animation :3

    is this a personal attack?

  27. Seraphina Alderlead

    I love Ariel's way of smacking us out of where we're stuck. Yes it's harsh but it's . . . kind, really, kind and generous. She screamed me out of where I'd let myself be stuck.

  28. Snaked

    Best life I ever had how dare you

  29. Julene Cox

    The beat at the beginning and through out the song sounds like this song called killing butterflies

  30. marilyn crow

    Sitting here watching anime at 11:46 while listening to this anime: MHA~

  31. preshbutera

    oh so *this* is the song my sister is always listening to in her room... she has good taste

  32. Kalina Tankova

    My Homestuck just called out to me.

  33. Joy Broxton

    Am i the only one who thinks the song should be called "Nursing wounds"...btw i love the song i just happen to never remember the name of the song cuz it only says stuff about the parents in the beginning so when i try to search it up on YouTube i end up looking for it for hours cuz i didn't use the right name! Dang! I love this song (T.T)

  34. allison the radio demon

    i love this song it explains me so much

  35. North Draws

    This song is r/Iam14andthisisdeep

  36. •Frosted-Bird•

    This song matches someone I know PERFECTLY

  37. coquin

    i relate to this song so much oh my god

    theres this trans kid in my choir that gets on my nerves
    they're constantly begging for attention and when he doesn't he acts all sad
    he always complains about his abusive family when he's actually spoiled; meanwhile i have an actual abusive mother with depression and bipolar disorder.
    he says how suicidal he is and how he talks about wanting to kill himself yet brushes off all the advice to get over it and continues to bitch and moan about it.
    i even tried explaining to him my story, how my mother was abusive and how i would cut and burn myself and how hurting yourself doesn't help; he refuses to listen to me.
    me and him are the only ones who play guitar and so when i bring my guitar for a song im learning, he /always/ touches it. if it's either him trying to 'tune my guitar' when he's actually tuning it too high or he's trying to play chords that i'm learning.
    me and him also have high sensitivity issues involving our eyes and ears and he /always/ complains about it while im silent about it. recently i've been giving him hints that i don't like him, yet he constantly wants me to like him and im at a point where im about to yell at him. he's so conceded about singing, like he knows how to do so much and brags about it all the time; when i try to talk about me being in all county chorus for 6 years, he brushes it off like he's better when he's only been in band for a year.

    Not To Be

    Hope you're doing better!!
    And I think you should tell him right in his face what you think and put him in his place. Such an attitude not only affects his entourage but is also bad for him as a person..

  38. Carolina Mejia

    Me gustó desde q la escuché..

  39. I have half a heart

    "It takes more than I have pick fight with the past, I always lose"

    *cry in the corner of the room*

  40. Sierra Propps

    Wish there was a good male version of this song. Can anyone make one?

  41. EternalKastaway

    Lemme get real edgy for a second and tell you about how this song helped me in a rough time and how it led me to discovering Icon For Hire. Keep in mind I am diagnosed with PTSD and even after all these years, some details are still fuzzy.

    In 2015 I was sent to live with my dad and his girlfriend. Said girlfriend was, quite frankly, a horrible person. She hated my mother and took her hatred out on me. ("Every time I see you, I see your mother.") I was manipulated, emotionally and verbally abused by her while my dad did nothing but sit back and watch. No one ever stood up for me and all I could do was endure it.

    I discovered this song in 8th grade and it just resonated with me. 13 year old me had been tricked into thinking that my mother, who at the time was desperately searching for me without my knowledge, had abandoned me. Moving to Texas and practically disappearing (Dad and girlfriend hid the letters she sent me and blocked her number)

    And then I realized I like girls.
    Since I didn't trust them not to search my room while I was gone (it happened a lot) I kept my diary in a locked memo on my tablet. One night I had unlocked the memo so that I could put the tablet into sleep mode to listen for footsteps coming to my room. I guess she had been too quiet for me to hear because one minute I'm writing about a girl I had a crush on and the next my light was on and the girlfriend was yanking my tablet away from me. I remember crying when she started reading what I had been writing. I can't remember what she did with my tablet but she pulled me out of bed by my arm and screamed in my face that I was not bisexual because I'd never had sex with a girl (i was 13, mind you) and I could not be bisexual under her roof.

    That summer I finally snapped from the pressure of being compared to the girlfriend's son (a straight A student while I got B's and the occasional C), her homophobia, and my dad suddenly wanting to know all about my (non existent, as i was THIRTEEN) sex life so in the summer of 2017 I tried to kill myself. As had happened many times before, my dad stood back and watched as his girlfriend screamed at me, calling me a disgrace and failure because I was suicidal. For the first time I actually tried to stand up for myself and told her that it was her fault. She slapped me. My dad laughed.

    After that a lot of things after that are blurry up until 9th grade. I was phasing out of my love for this song and the band entirely, trying to live up to the girlfriend's expectations of a prim and proper young lady. By that time I was 14 and fully identified as a lesbian.

    All throughout my life I've shown signs of ADHD but despite many teachers recommending that I be tested/checked/whatever I was never fully diagnosed. My dad's girlfriend never bothered to listen to the many people making it plain as day that there's something going on, only heard that I wasn't paying attention in school. I got punished for anything below a B and any missing work resulted in I think 10 or 15 pushups per worksheet (lots of missing worksheets)

    Fast forward a bunch because its foggy and I don't want to type it all out. Sexual harassment from my dad because he had (or still has) a thing for lesbians csn pretty much sum it up. Turned 15 yada yada... I just don't wanna type it out and this is already really long

    Mom finds me. Dad kicks girlfriend out, moves mom in. Dad walks out. Mom and I don't have a car. We get kicked out because dad won't pay rent and we don't have any money (we were also running out of food, for the last week or so we'd only eaten instant rice. I hate instant rice now).

    One thing I'll never forget my dad saying and even have an audio recording for proof is "I don't have to be there for you... Constantly."

    So yeah. Homeless.

    Moved in with an old family friend. He had a thing for kids. Just power through it and always lock the door.

    I started voulenteering at an animal shelter and one day my mom comes to pick me up in an unfamiliar car (roommate had a jeep we'd been allowed to use. I really miss that jeep and the bigass speaker in the back 😂)
    The car is her therapist's roommate tried to hit my mom and locked her out. We stayed in a hotel for a while and my then girlfriend broke up with me because of it.

    We rented a storage unit and a truck and got an escort to the house to get our stuff (in case he tried to hurt us)

    We stayed our last night in the hotel and in the morning we moved to the nearest city to stay in the homeless shelter.

    I had been an atheist for a long time (about 4 or 6 years, I can't remember) but during our stay I converted to Wicca. I found power in music and you know what I loved more than ever? Icon For Hire :) (low key had a celeb crush on Ariel and proudly won't deny it)
    It was only December 13th, 2018 (my mom's birthday!!) That we got our apartment. Been here for almost a year too.

    I'm 16 now, 17 in April. Its hard at times but things are getting better. I've tried my best to let go of the past, I can't change it. I still listen to this song sometimes, it and many others helped me through what was probably my darkest hour. I recently came out again as bisexual, too. Remember the "girl" I had a crush on? He's my boyfriend now and I couldn't be happier.

    I know it can be hard but I *promise* things will get better. It sounds cliché but it is so, so true. You've made it this far and you have the power to keep going and to find that happiness.


  42. blizzard_ 21

    This makes me think of my dad wjo is never with me, he left after my mom had me it feels, and yes he is a jerk

  43. Morgan Lemons

    Why can't people just talk about their past without being accused of wanting pity. Like some people just wanna feel like their not alone and make others not feel like their alone either....there's nothing wrong with that....

  44. TschayTschay

    Blaming just oneself is as easy as blaming just the others. Both play their part.

  45. Millevenon 585

    This song cuts to deep. My feelings of abandonment and neglect are resurfacing

  46. Nyx Lanche

    Story idea!

  47. Queens and Queers

    I broke the replay button.

  48. Bridget Mc Clung

    This song is teaching me not to be a victim anymore.

  49. Chocolate Marshmallow Kitty

    When ever I feel sad I tell myself someone has it worse and my pain is not so hard.

  50. Ava Johnson

    I used to sing this loud when I was angry cause my mom made me clean my room 🤦

  51. Faith Fernandez

    So I’m pretty sure my parents are getting a divorce my dog is in really bad condition my life is falling apart and the anniversary of my attempted suicide last year is coming up (I don’t really know if there’s an anniversary for that kind of thing) so ya I want to die

  52. North Draws

    me: JFC calm your shit down friend, but yeah. Haily stfu we don’t give two craps

    I can hardly listen to this song because of my crappy headphones *;v;* at least they’re better than blasting music through the house

  53. X Emma X

    1:14 - 1:37

  54. Kirkland's ass

    I love how I feel so attacked and get so disgusted about myself everytime I listen to this song :D

  55. Ms GarlicBread


    This is someone talking to their toxic parents because most abusers have been abused by someone else...


    Nah you missed the point

    Ms GarlicBread

    Yeah, I'm pretty sure that wasn't the main message but idk food for thought

  56. Alex Died Inside

    At one point this song was my morning alarm so now whenever I hear it I feel like I'm just waking up at 6am somebody please send help

  57. Lumia Gelo

    I'm writing a story (original) that's gonna have ALL icon for hire songs, like "soundtrack". Every song of them fits PERFECTLY at each part of my story.

  58. azy fan wolf

    I like this song

  59. Neon Majic

    I understand the purpose of the song, and gently it's amazing. But I can't help but notice how some of the lyrics seem like the singer is mocking someone who had a bad childhood. "It's never your fault is it", " When I was that pathetic", "wear my scars on my sleeve for all the world you see, like look what they did to me, lay on the sympathy thick" are the main explames. Excpushly the last one sins there's a stereotype that people self harm for sympathy or attention.

    You don't have to agree with him, this is just an opinion. But if this song is ment to encourage people that things will turn out ok, some of the lines could bring up bad memeorys or doesn't sound like they are there to help someone.
    It's still a good though

    Monty Harrison

    Singer is a girl called Ariel, and in my opinion she’s telling the listener to learn to deal with their trauma and not use it for attention or special treatment


    The song is mocking people who hyperfocus on how bad their childhood is and uses "oh my life is so bad" to get attention.
    "...pick fights with the past I always lose" means that it's a waste of time dwelling on what happened to you
    "oh don't you know that's no way to live" and that is absolutely right
    "I remember when I was that pathetic" meaning she recalls when she would act like an attention seeker

    I could go into more detail if you want me to, but long story short, you shouldn't live up to the depressed stereotype of "oh poor me look at me I need all attention look at me"


    You do have a good opinion, and Im not saying that you're wrong!
    In my opinion though, this song is made for the purpose it being like how kids say things like, "My mom didn't buy me this," or "My dad grounded me for a week." Again, you could be correct with you're statment, but it feels like she is calling people out for basiclly complaining about the simple things. Mabye....... I dont know.

  60. reptile twink

    This song kinda strikes me as pro recovery from the past, and anti building your identity around your trauma.

  61. Nananut dreamers

    Honestly this song makes me angry. Its anoyying to think about. I mean its in the past for me but still.

  62. Nananut dreamers

    Honestly this song makes me angry. Its anoyying to think about. I mean its in the past for me but still.

  63. Onesowndemon

    i look at the comments section and realize i am not the target demographic, so i will hold my tongue with my critique

  64. Juliet F

    This is passive-aggressive tough love at its finest.

  65. Blake_TheNBHD

    I wish I discovered this when it came out. It would have been great for me at the time. I needed the tough love to get through and move on

  66. Penny Henry

    Reality check thats off my bucket list

  67. B-atiful!

    Its been 2 years sense i found this song and 2 years sense ive been in the fandom but i just have to say i cant listen to this song without thinking about annabeth and luke

  68. Light Underwater

    Yep, I know what it's like staying up all night nursing wounds. Picking up with the past and keep wondering and wondering where did I do wrong. Then I realized, it wasn't me. It was them. I, or should I say, we always thought it was our fault. Because people keep saying, about family first before anything else and bla bla bla about blood thicker than water.
    But some people need to accept the reality. Not all parents are angels. Not all family had wonderful relationship.
    People can judge, but they aren't the one in your shoes. They aren't the one mending your broken heart. You did.

    Iced jade


  69. Cringy Doodle

    The first bit of the sing gave me Nobody Likes Me vibes XD

  70. Fire Fur

    Does anyone else think the singer sounds like they're being sarcastic?

    Monty Harrison

    I’m pretty sure the singers name is Ariel (if u wanted to know)


    No she's not being sarcastic, she is literally saying like "stop being obsessed with what happened to you, stop showing the worls how awful your life is, etc." It sounded offensive to me first but it's literally a wake up call to stop moping and feeling sorry for yourself

  71. Curtis Lee

    Just discovered this group tonight and I really like their music so far.

  72. Daze

    “You poor thing it must suck to be you”
    The voice he has when he says it excites a part of me I probably immorally love.

    It's A Human Bean

    The lead singer for this band is a girl.

    Monty Harrison

    Female singer dude, fix ur comment

  73. Snowy storm

    Tbh this song explained me. How my stepdad was. This song really does show my life. I hate my stepdad!

  74. Plastikh Patata

    I had forgot how good this song is

  75. Faith Baker

    For people calling this victim blaming I think this song isn't addressing people who are currently in an abusive situation. I think this song is for the people who got out of it but are more interested in getting pity and feeling affirmed than in actually healing and moving on. A lot of icon for hire songs talk about the people who wallow and celebrate in their depression and misfortune rather than try to heal.

    Bio Livbanon

    So true.

  76. Ella Griffin

    I honestly think I took this song the wrong way. I thought that someone was like my life sucks so bad but obviously the narrator’s life is much worse. So the narrator is “sympathizing” with the person who’s looking for attention but she’s inadvertently explaining that she’s the one who’s life truly sucks and the other person is just fishing for sympathy.

  77. Artistic Fruit loops

    I haven't heard this song since....the obsession of anime in 7th grade

  78. Violette Satanister

    Some of those lines are almost aggressive, I think she's a little angry at herself for having been there as well, being forced to go through that and wasting time not "waking up" sooner. You want to be sympathetic to the others who are suffering, but when you've been in their shoes yourself, you talk to them as much as you're talking to your past self, and your words can go pretty harsh because somewhere you want to make sure there really was nothing you could have done better at the time and you're really, totally ok now.

  79. AnimeFreak

    1:08 - 1:37
    2:06 - 2:24

    Just stamps for me 😊

  80. Morgan Schodlatz

    Some people really need to hear this song. Like, you can't just tell someone to get over it cuz it's not that easy, but you can't let them use their past as an excuse to be a dick. So it's gotta be like, "Yeah, you're parents sucked. Yeah, it hurts, I get it. Stop being such a dick and learn from the past instead of living in it."

  81. Ryliegh Sucks

    I’m so glad I stumbled upon this ( I was looking at get scared songs lmao)

  82. Ryliegh Sucks

    This is deadass my life tho😂

  83. Ryliegh Sucks

    Ok at first I was offended but now I get it and I needed this😂😂 I like how she’s saying she gets it but you need to stop moping around and make something of your life

  84. lost girl

    I have a very mean girl in Class that actully bulied me for a while and i kinda heard her talking bout her bad parents and Now i just feel Sorry for her. But i could Never tell someone bc i know how her and her ftiends are going to react. It fits her very well

  85. Prism Cosplays

    I really thought this song was an apology about killing someone's parents before I actually heard it.

  86. Empire des tortues

    I think this song deals with depression in an original but healthy way. Yeah, some might feel attacked or whatever... But the thing with depression that no ones ever talk about is that sometimes when you're used to deal with it, you just settle in that state, find some comfort in being a victim that everyone should pity and care about and try to help, you like staying focused on your miserable state and repeating how it's your parents, the other kids at school and everyone else's fault. While that might probably true, it quickly becomes an unhealthy spiral of self hate/harm and pity, and you end up being obsessed with your pain and problems and thinking the world is shitty for not coming up to you and tell you how they are sorry for you and how you are a martyr that everyone should kind of "respect" and acknowledge. All of this because, no offense, but depression is actually an egocentric problem, where you just stare at your past and scars and hate youself and inflict yourself mental suffering.
    What I like with this song is that it tries to make you stop focusing on yourself and tells you that others know what this is too, and yeah poor you life has been shitty, but damn all that pain is not a way to live. Yes if you stay obsessed with the past, the only thing you're going to do is repeat it. You're so conviced you're defeated that you make that true. While you sit and think of how worthless you are, you let yourself just be a ball of angst and that's it. No going forward, no comfort except by cutting. Hooray that's great, you're stuck with depression and you're doing nothing to help yourself. Because yes, you can accuse others for being all responsible and uncompassionate, but the only one who can decide that this is it, you're gonna heal and have the future you want is you. People's lives shouldn't be defined by whatt happens to them, but by what they do, how they deal. We all have our struggles, and yeah just saying "oh no this is too much for me, why is life so unfair, why are people so horrible, I should die" is pathetic. It's pathetic and we should fight against that, instead of just writing everywhere in the Youtube comments how bad our life is to attract attention and pity.
    Now of course it's hard, and a little help from others can mean a lot, but in the end, we are the only leaders of our lives, and we only can decide that we will fight for ourselves. Life is unfair, some people are horrible, but that's normal, we just need to accept what is and what has been done and move forward. It's useless to fight the past, the only thing that can be changed is ourselves.
    To me, when you realize that, when you're fed up with your self pity, it's a first step towards healing. That's why I like this song, a person who was depressed but fought against it telling another one stuck in their pain to get over it : this just fills me with hope.

    Tøxič Siñ

    I dont rlly like the people that go and complain in the comments, looking for the pity of others. I like how you explained everything, its naturally true and helpful in a way. Thanks, this has made someones day and may make another's soon.

  87. Angel Gervin


  88. animus aqua

    i think this person probrably commited suicide, i mean the writer

  89. Anxious Animator

    I kind of relate to this song, not the parents thing... but, I had a friend who was a bit manipulative using her abusive past as a way to get sympathy and attention. I’m not trying to say it’s bad to talk about you’re past but, because of this I would always find myself in uncomfortable situations where she would use me as a therapist fully knowing she had a professional to talk to and that I also have a bit of a negative past. I tried talking to her about it but low and behold she once called me in the middle of the night saying she wanted commit suicide and after that she managed to drag me into a deep whole. For a while I tried coping methods because I personally don’t like opening up to people about my problems. I won’t be specific about what I did but I can say it wasn’t healthy.
    I’m not telling this story to get sympathy but to show people who are going through this that they are not alone and that they can get out of it. surround yourself with the right people and always look for warning signs and pay attention to them.


    Oh man, if your telling the truth, that really sucks man. Mental health is no joke, but with people like your friend you start to question things... I went through something similar (manipulative assholes for friends) and boy does forgetting them feel good. I agree with looking out for warning signs though- too long and you become attached to them, even if just a little.

  90. Angry Space Boi

    I was listening to this and my little brother goes "that sounds so steampunk"

  91. Borbity Borb

    Tw... twenty-nineteen? :D...

    sleepy woods77

    go away

    sleepy woods77

    *_stares at you from the corner of my room in disgust_*

    Borbity Borb

    @sleepy woods77 *holds up a mirror so that you're looking in disgust at yourself*

  92. Lucy Thomas

    all i get from this song is a mocking tone and sarcasm

  93. Mcconnellbe the Clown aka Fmccoy63

    My friend messaged me a while ago saying this song reminded her of me, and I just now listened. I guess so.


    What kind of dickhead friends do you have? 'hey man, this totally depressing song reminds me of you lol' I mean, it's a great song but still. You're ever really close to you friends or... Well, not. Not that I'm judging your friendships.

    Mcconnellbe the Clown aka Fmccoy63

    Mitochondria Is The Powerhouse Of The Cell She is my best friend and she sent this because I had a tough home life and still kinda do. She really cares about me


    @Mcconnellbe the Clown aka Fmccoy63 that's a relief! I'd hate to see someone stay friends with someone who doesn't care for them... Did she think you'd feel better listening to this song? That's kind of her

    Mcconnellbe the Clown aka Fmccoy63

    Mitochondria Is The Powerhouse Of The Cell I think so

  94. Agata Kornacka

    This song hits deep

  95. Naomi Gold

    Can never tell if this song is being sarcastic or not xD

  96. Aj Sakura

    Just subscribed luv ur vids keep up the good work
    P.S. more plzzzzzzzzzzz

  97. Johnny The Homicidal Maniac

    I forgot icon for hire existed-

  98. I’m tired of my continued existence.

    This song came up behind me in a dark alleyway and stole my kneecaps

  99. Heaven Arteries

    Youre not picking up fights with the past, you're picking fights with you, they remain dormant inside, and you always lose.