Iced Earth - Valley Forge Lyrics

Close your eyes and imagine
the soldier at Valley Forge
The suffering that he endured was real
starvation, total war.
Yet in has eyes the iron will to win
and for the cause, he won't relent

Would he look upon us now
in anger and disgust?
His providence, our birthright and our creed
Will we let ignorance and laziness
bring our demise
Complacency, we're blinded by our greed

Standing barefoot, frozen bloody hands
his musket clutched, an iron grip
and for the cause, he has but one regret,
he's only got one life to give

Would he look upon us now
in anger and disgust?
His providence, our birthright and our creed
Will we let ignorance and laziness
bring our demise
Complacency, we're blinded by our greed

It's time for us, to open up our eyes,
and cherish the lives we all can have
and to the ones who've kept our freedom free
words can't express all that you've done

Would he look upon us now
in anger and disgust?
His providence, our birthright and our creed
Will we let ignorance and laziness
bring our demise
Complacency, we're blinded by our greed

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Iced Earth Valley Forge Comments
  1. Marco Morote

    I love this song I remember buying this album as soon as it came out in 04

  2. Lazy Dragon

    I can just imagine what Washington would say if he looked upon the nation that he helped to build now. "I know not what this nation has become now, but its certainly not the one I helped in creating."

  3. Lori

    Still the best song to describe what the country has become.

  4. Raziel redeemer and destroyer , peon and messiah

    underrated song

  5. Robert Casillas

    any one man..woman steps foot in theatre are what Ive consider brotherhood...hero...balls!!Ive served with both.!!welxome home!!!

  6. D B

    This is actually a "Sons of Glory" album, not an IE.

  7. Cleber da Cunha

    Best Iced Earth Album ever.

  8. FiatBurner


  9. linda abrahamsen

    wow. im in love

  10. taznruby

    ......"Would he look upon us now in anger and disgust".....It is time to right the ship, it is time to make sure his life was not lost in vain!!.....God Bless America!!!!

  11. Niclas Nilsson

    Ripper isn't bad. He is a perfect fit for this album.

  12. John Doe

    "and for the cause, he has but one regret,
    he's only got one life to give"

    Wasn't this the final words of a soldier executed by the British? That's what I've heard, at least.

    C96 mauser

    it actually was said by a spy called Nathaniel hale before the red coats hung him

    C96 mauser

    and it actually was " I regret I have but one one life to give from my country "

  13. Tacore

    Great song

  14. Rio RIFFALL

    love the solo ,ralph Santolla rules

    Santiago Foglino Dopazo

    R.I.P =(

  15. JarnBjorn72

    Another truly epic masterpiece by Iced Earth!!

  16. Rodrigo Guimarães Lobato

    Great great song...

  17. 1977fbird

    I just got my honorable discharge after serving 8 years in the Army. I love this album and the message behind this song is powerful. "Will we let ignorance and laziness be Our demise...?"


    look up new world order, agenda 21, NDAA, chemtrails/geo-engineering, georgia guidestones

    Vampire Slayer

    To bad that line has almost become completely true.


    Hey man, it's four years late, but thank you for serving our country. I love this album and the message it brings. Glad you made it home safe.


    You mean serving politicians, bankers, and war profiteers. If the troops defended freedom, they'd attack the government.

    Jaron Talotta

    @FiatBurner the "fight them over there not over here" talking point has some validity. Considering that almost no else seemed willing to really go after the hornet nest in the middle east, without America how long before those psychopaths really worked up the motivation for a few more 9/11s?

  18. Gadaliah

    the christian muslim and jewish "god" doesnt exist


  19. Robert Boberson

    yes except they have the judast priest vocalist.

  20. Austin Hetrick

    Yes it is. There is only one Iced Earth.

  21. Matthew Guinn

    yes it is it was when matt barlow left for a time and was they got tim ripper owens who was also in judas priest for a time

  22. usquanigo

    Doubtful. They weren't vicious slavers. Some freed their slaves, some kept them because to turn them loose in that world would have been cruel (something people today can not fathom). Franklin started the first anti-slavery society. Liberia was started by James Monroe in 1820. The fragile country could not go through a fight over slavery after just beating England. It had to be allowed for the future to handle.

    But, the banks, the nanny state, the hand outs, yes, they'd puke in disgust.

  23. usquanigo

    At least they would be angered at what we have allowed to become of their struggle and sacrifice.

    This song always chokes me up. All I can think during the chorus is "yes, yes he would", and it sucks.

  24. Swe Racoon

    Not an American, so take with a grain of salt mayhaps, but the meaning of this song really hits home with me. How the USA of today is a far cry from what these poor, brave souls fought for back in the 1770-1780's.

    It also makes me wonder, as a Swede, how would the Caroleans of old look on Sweden today?


    Swe Racoon Well, now i can say that Sweden is a joke today.


    It is nearly time to go through our own Valley Forge. Swedes and Americans alike who hear the message of this song are welcome to join the eternal brotherhood.

  25. babada

    Ron Paul 2012!!! Make this one count people!!!

  26. CaptainAtomSmasher

    PC is subjective. When you're words are meant to persecute a person different than you, then I consider it un-pc. No matter the words you use.

  27. Lumilan

    Damn haha I was hoping tor a documentary over Vally Forge..

  28. cubby3o5

    Guitar solo, what are you doing here? You know your not allowed here. Go back home before I tell Jon.

  29. ExiledPiasa

    we are squandering the freedoms that the people of our Revolution fought and died for. This is not to mention the subsequent generations that died to keep us free. we need to open our eyes to what we are loosing.

  30. drizzt102

    @78starbuck I'm Canadian, and i agree with you. Every country in the world is having this problem, USA just has it the worst. We've grown complacent, started taking things to lightly.

  31. Salukis Petruna

    Im sick and tired of the political correctness that we have been force to digest within our American souls that is cancerously devours us all from within! If your one of those "Im an __________ American" go the fuck home. Seriously....if its so great, we will all pitch in for a one way boat / airplane / raft,,,,back to your shack / hut. Because of you, America is dying and im sick of it. And Im frankly sick of you.


    I see that you wrote this comment 7 years ago. You must REALLY be losing your mind now. The last year or two have been an all time low for this country....

  32. 78starbuck

    Its too bad that this song will never see one instance of radio play. "THEY" won't allow it. Yes they would be pissed and disgusted. THey'd probably go home if this is all they are suffering for. Share this video on FB and MS or any other way to get it out. Tell your friends the same message. Get UP GO OUT FIGHT FOR WHAT LITTLE AMERICA WE HAVE LEFT.

  33. Argyle9

    Fuc*ing killer song, thank you!

  34. blackmajic13

    Yea, imagine what the soldiers who fought in the Revolutionary War would think of us now. They'd think we're pathetic.

  35. missheavymetal1

    This song is INCREDIBLE !!!!