Iced Earth - The Devil To Pay (July 1, 1863) Lyrics

In July 1863
A nation torn in tragedy
A trick of fate, two great armies merge
Gods of war at Gettysburg
Devastation lies ahead
50,000 bodies litter the land
Hell rages three full days
The reaper sows, there's the devil to pay

The pressure's on and the reb's attack
The yanks must hold, They can't fall back
Just two brigades, 2000 strong
Against 20,000 they can't hold long

General Reynolds makes his way
Expect no mercy from the iron brigade
Until he shows they're on their own
But Buford's men have a will of stone

Bayonets gleam in the morning sun
Smoke and fire belching from their guns
Another volley and again they strike
Thousands more comin' down Chambersburg pike

This tragedy and what it brings
All the devastation
(The reaper has his way)
Men will kill, Blood will spill
To preserve the nation
(There's the devil to pay)

South of town down the Emmitsburg road
The first corps are starting to show
For Buford's men, they're here just in time
The desperate need to strengthen the line

Bodies dropping the blue and the grey
Muskets fire and cannon blaze
The union fights defending the town
But they're outnumbered and losing ground

From the north and the west more rebels arrive
Thousands more and the fight multiplies
McPhearson's ridge and the black hats strike
A rebel sharpshooter takes Reynolds life

[Repeat Chorus]

Attack! Attack! General Lee gives command
They're overwhelmed, The situation demands
The federals retreat and rush out of town
But they have fortified and saved the high ground

The day ends in victory for the south
Lee's as convinced as God's will is profound
They are invincible and their cause is just
But Longstreet is cautious and lacking in trust

Across the way the union digs in
The round tops, Cemetery Ridge and out to Culps Hill
Their lines are strong, no denying they'll stay
When the confederates strike
There'll be the devil to pay

[Repeat Chorus]

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