Iced Earth - Minions Of The Watch Lyrics

When he was born
The Elder gathered in the night
They gave him shelter
Clothed him, fed him with insight
They taught him of the course
Of human and the Setian ways
Curriculum just shy the telling
Of the end of days

Minions gather 'round
Round this child
Watch over as he grows
Little does he know
This child is the one
Fulfill the prophecy,
Bring about our destiny

As he grows
His minions gather in his light
His future though not clear to him
He holds the second sight
He has seen most of this world
Yet does not know his way
They will place him on the path
To the end of days


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Iced Earth Minions Of The Watch Comments
  1. RoyMach1ne

    Crucible is my favorite IE album when it comes to drums. The technicality/timing of the bass drum lines is just perfect.

  2. Ramiro Villalobos


  3. Blueberry Pie

    Fuck yes! \m/

  4. Tracy Connors and celina pollock

    iced earth rules so does hammerfall crowbar crematory type o neg and many thrash and goth metal especially the gathering w Anneke and her whole band

  5. Scion of Madness

    One of my favorite tracks on the album.

  6. spyd3r666

    Fuck rap and pop. Long live metal, may you only get stronger \m/

  7. justin ladwig

    thats just how good he was

  8. Hollow Jack

    Matt did all the vocal work here, recording the track over track

  9. Adam Spears

    I hate it when rappers title themselves as a doctor. Yet they've never earned a doctorate degree in anything. They've got enough money to pay cash upfront to go through a doctorate program at any college or university, bit they are too lazy to even attend one class. But they will call themselves a doctor in a heartbeat. I guess "Dre" without the false title of Dr. in front of it seems too pathetic. (Yeah, that was sarcasm.) What an insult to REAL doctors!

  10. Adam Spears

    Rappers don't seem to possess the creativity & skill needed to create a dynamic sound. They don't aim to be Acoustic Artists. Their standards are of a lower quality. They don't care about these things neither. They've found an easy, lazy way of accumulating lots of money & game & really that's a rapper's prime directive concerning music. They don't do it to because they like art, or they have a passion to entertain us. They do it for their avarice; their love of money & fame.

  11. Adam Spears

    I you like rap that's fine. But one of the things that enhances the artistic qualities of music is the incorporation of instruments. Yes, the human voice is a musical instrument, but rappers don't song; they talk. They don't usually incorporate woodwind, brass or strong instruments. Just percussion. & mostly the percussion is a looped digital track. This is why I don't consider rap to be dynamic & artistic as the other genres of music. It takes creativity & skill to create a dynamic sound.

  12. Kyle Waterson

    Jon Schaffer does some of the vocals I believe, his voice really isnt half bad, he should sing more.

  13. Daniel Henderson

    Is there a guest vocalist in this song? Some of that doesn't sound like Barlow.

  14. MetalxXxMayhem

    Fine. Iced Earth is fucking AWESOME and i want to see them live. \m/!!

  15. MetalxXxMayhem

    Ahahahaha!!! A weirdo...? So?

  16. MetalxXxMayhem

    @hellsfireD31g You can't tell me somebody like Tech N9ne isn't talented. You'd have to be a deaf fool to think that.

  17. MetalxXxMayhem

    @jimischild13 Oh, i like this too. Omg, i can like both kinds of music!! What a fucking SHOCKER!?!!

  18. jimischild13

    @MetalxXxMayhem if you like rap your on the wrong page , bitch pull ya pants up .

  19. MetalxXxMayhem

    @jimischild13 And yet you don't consider it a waste of time to tell other people what to like? Music is subjective, and you're an idiot. I like rap, get over it. Not that mainstream shit either.

  20. jimischild13

    @MetalxXxMayhem i removed it myself , because i know it's a waste of my time to go back and forth with people who listen to crap then real music and can't tell the difference .

  21. MetalxXxMayhem

    @jimischild13 Enjoy having your comments removed for being blatantly hateful.

  22. MetalxXxMayhem

    @jimischild13 For an entire albums worth of words? Yeah, that's not easy. Quit being so fucking close minded.

  23. MetalxXxMayhem

    @hellsfireD31g You'd be suprised. Go listen to some fast rap and tell me that shit isn't full of talent.

  24. bizhat

    @ mtr666; so ur saying yur too lazy to do what u love?
    - man, I sure dont envy yur sex life! :D

    Thanx for the song.

  25. Defiant Mr Raven Productions

    @ MinionOfDeth2112 or April 2029 according to Peter Steele (Rest in Pieces brother.)

  26. MinionOfDeth2112

    @EmpyreanFrost - We can only hope to be so lucky... LOL.

  27. Defiant Mr Raven Productions

    I stopped watching mtv after i saw this vid on Headbangers Ball

  28. Defiant Mr Raven Productions

    that pic is what Dec 2012 is going to be like ^_^

  29. NiggeliNG

    @archados underrated? they are one of the most well known power metal bands in the world! don't know what's unknown about them...

  30. WeepingBurma

    When I bought the album, The Revealing wasn't included in the lyrics, it was strange.

  31. Dakota Lee


  32. Daniel Golubovic

    Matt is my favourite singer, but I like also Owens, The Glorious Burden and Framming Armageddon are great, but the 90s classic are the best in my opinion. I am a little sad that Matt must leave the band again, but i want to hear the upcoming Dystopia, let us see what is John Schaffer preparing for us.

  33. archados

    Iced Earth is one of the most underrated metal bands I know. These guys have contributed to the metal scene with very traditional and yet unique and fresh material for years. If you never heard of them listen to or watch their live performance in Athens to songs like "Pure Evil", "Stand Alone", "Violate".

  34. Metal666ATX9ers

    @neocloak i don't think schaffer is a racist bigot....

  35. Jack McMillionaire

    @TheAmeader Ignorance is bliss I suppose...

  36. Anthony Cika

    @danukenator123 Emminems early stuff was good....I still think he is, he's better at pacing than most others at any rate. But recently his music sounds like a description of any page off

  37. Jack McMillionaire

    @hellsfireD31g I don't listen to rap but you should at least acknowledge that there are skilled rappers that take time to very carefully select their words and incorporate themes.

  38. ToothlessWizard

    @michaelba86 Ofcourse :-)

  39. michaelba86

    @ToothlessWizard yes but not the high pich back vocals, coz mat does those

  40. ToothlessWizard

    @macktherocker666 Correct Mack, though schaffer can be heard on more tracks since he is taking a lot of the background vocals for his bill. Like this one :)

    Again, dude, super that you combine what should be combined, a true Metalhead :D

  41. ToothlessWizard

    @zmh24 Schaffer does the backing vocals... you hear them both

  42. DriftHero

    I think its schaffer that sings back up, but i don't know. His voice is harder to recognize.

  43. Jason Kim

    LOLLOLL so fuking true!!!

  44. SkullCowboy333

    So good it hurts and equally deep.

  45. Tanner Johnson

    As much as I agree with you on how awesome Iced Earth is, I'm not sure if I agree with how you're advertising. These last two albums were pretty light compared to older IE albums. I mean, come on, Domino Decree had a keyboard solo.

  46. mpdiglio

    If you like this CD... get into all of them... great, consistent band... Days of Purgatory is a combination of their first two albums and with Barlow, instead of the old singer. Every album is f'n sick.

  47. Lindwyrm Weisseritter

    He doesn't need it, and they did it a bit too much. But there's a few times when they only do it once at the peak of a verse or chorus and fuck if it doesn't sound epic.

    Makes me wish I had about seventeen voice boxes.

  48. Chris Trump

    Minions of the Watch is one of my favorite songs from this album. Thanks for uploading it!

  49. Mark Meekhof

    Thanks for posting, I'm addicted to these songs and I haven't been able to find them anywhere else yet!

  50. gege117

    really nice stuff

  51. J L

    \m/ The song rocks, what more do you want?

  52. Henry Culp

    Dude ha thanks for uploading this playlist of their new album, badd ass man you rock

  53. Mark Meekhof


  54. BlackSwordChronicles

    Theres no such thing as super market metal, because metal heads are far from being a "super market". Well...maybe a bit on Europe, metal is big there.

  55. hellsfireD31g

    MTV just plain fuckin sucks. Its been taken over by rap and that nu-metal punk shit. it wasnt cool to watch since headbangers ball in the early 90s. No talent these days. i don't even consider rap takes any real talent to perform. its not even music compared to,like say, this song.

  56. Thrasher88

    I was not saying that it sucks. Hell I am glad its not MTV. Metal can stand on its own. I was merely replying to XYZmachina's comment that Ice Earth is supermnarket metal for low [email protected] people. Thrash til' Death!!!!

  57. Uncle-Violence

    Just because it isn't on MTV doesn't mean that it's maybe even better, too much fame becomes only sellout...

  58. Uncle-Violence

    Yea...the Alive in Athens thing was blazing! I still do listen to old songs :) but whatever Iced Earth does, it's worth listening...and HEADBANGING! ;D

  59. Eclipse

    very good songs of the crucible of man

  60. Michael Allen

    i dont really listen to power metal but this is pretty sweet. i like the song the revealing. Isnt the lead singer for this band also in judas priest and with yngwie malmsteen or an i thinking of someone else?

  61. Grand master of the heavens, the hells, and everything in between.

    i just recently found out about this band...and i have to say..i usually do not listen to this kind of metal..but this is sick...its absolutly notch metal right here..

  62. BlackSwordChronicles

    revealing is just fucking killer. too bad it doesnt last 5 minutes

  63. Thrasher88

    If its not on MTV. Its not supermarket Metal.

  64. Lee Drage

    Hey dude, would it be okay if you sent me these two songs together as an mp3 format, along with 'Crown of the Fallen/The Dimension Gauntlet'?

    Lee \m/

  65. probatos1

    When they will be playing these songs in the concerts the fans will be sitting on their chairs and listening??? Good song-songs but such an album would never make me wanna headbang like when they first came in Athens after Dark Saga.. (ok that was 11 years ago I know-call me a old timer!)
    + in mellody
    - in energy and power


    damn fuck u iced earth is the best iced earth and blind gaurdian are bad and demons and wizard and also Pyramaze fuckin true power metal \M/ fuck all that weak shit

  67. cody scott

    this song is so fuckin bad ass

  68. ThinkShink

    It may well be that you're just burning out on metal. Hearing Matt ripping it again pumps me up. One way to keep listening to metal without burning out that desire for metal is to expand your musical taste.

    I will always love metal, but I've branched out to post rock and some other things. This is my counterbalance, it calms me, helps me think and sleep. Check into Red Sparowes, Steve Von Till, Russian Circles. Anything to get you in a different (but equally good) mental state.

  69. probatos1

    he does it a lot anyways...from youtube it seems to me this album is weaker than the previous despite Matt's voice and guts...I thought maybe it's me or the fact that I'm tired of metal...I just don't feel it..(Ice T) Then why when I listen to Trivium I feel something? I wan't another travel in stygia or pure that way songs...I am a hardcore fan and I'm gonna think alot about buying the album. listen to LOST HORIZON's "Welcome back" song - best metal song ever!!!!!

  70. Mack K

    I Cant Remember But Yah Shaffer did sing on 1. i think it was a gift or a curse

  71. SlayerPayback

    i heard john shaffer was doing the vocals for the verses am i wrong ?

  72. Chuloloc

    I totally agree with Metal L. Absolutely awesome, bar none. Hail Iced Earth.

  73. MetaL556

    Absolutely awesome song, hands down.