Iced Earth - Crown Of The Fallen Lyrics

Many lifetimes have come and gone
In elation of this day
By the Order's hand
The minions forged his way
At age thirteen
Dawn the Days of Revealing
The human forms will rue the day
We crown the Astral Beast

Crowned is the king of the fallen
Rejoice in his light, they live again
Crowned is the king of the fallen
Celebrate the subjugation of all man

His countenance, the venom burns
The wraps conceal the pain
Don the shroud and the armour
Deeply stained
Now place crown upon his head
The scepter in his grasp
Kneel now! for before you stands
The wicked God of wrath

Crowned is the king of the fallen
Rejoice in his light, they live again
Crowned is the king of the fallen
Celebrate the subjugation of all man

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Iced Earth Crown Of The Fallen Comments
  1. Σταύρος Λάμπρου

    Is this rif at the end from the coming curse?

  2. Raziel redeemer and destroyer , peon and messiah

    The two song are the best of the album with crucify the king

  3. Adam Spears

    I love the ending lead guitar part to Crown of the Fallen.
    It sounds like it may be Phrygian dominant in the key of "A". Then it sounds like it is played 1 fret lower in the key of "A flat".

    Just guessing though.


    Iced Earth almost always play in E flat tuning, so they probably just played as if they were playing in the key of A in standard.

  4. Blueberry Pie

    Fuck yes. \m/

  5. BotniaMkGod

    I like Barlow but this song would be complete with Ripper.

    Αρης Μακρης

    Ketunloikka thats probably tru

  6. Christopher Wiegand

    I truly believe this to be the best that metal has to offer... I have followed since Days of Purgatory. The story unfolds for those of you, who like myself, believe... yet do not follow organized religion. The things said on all of these albums may be fiction in some eyes, however; ring true in a lot of ways. I think that is why Iced Earth are the kings of story telling and true... progressive metal. If you read the lyrics they have produced as a book you gather a whole array of timelines and stories. Fucking perfection!!!

    Patchis O'houlihan

    Yes they are amazing in talents but I've heard many good unique artists not only in metal or sounding like a metal type but also different genres ...there is many great artists and more to come and many unknown.

  7. cristinel iacob

    @context min 3:23 follwed by 3:40 a.s.o... before and after! awesome!

    Yusuf Iğnak

    they both have a connection. Like a progressive metal song when they are combined like this.

  8. 666Kazekage666

    because cricket wireless fucken sucks ballls,!! sorry stupid ads,

  9. justin ladwig

    i was thinking the same thing

  10. PanteraSD

    Played the chorus riff from gauntlet just messing around at a guitar shop... Had the owner come up and say "now theres something you don't hear every day, real metal" I idolize people like that, old school metal heads

  11. Christopher Wiegand

    happily Iced Earth brings the truth. I think the one that touched John is the truth. He knows a lot. I feel it I really do. Watch for the things he deliberates from his albums. Dystopia... happening. Everything before that a warning of what is to come. I believe you John and I feel you. Please tell me this is all a vision and not just some ramblings of a bitter soul.

  12. PanteraAICtestament

    I fuckin love what Barlow does at :37

  13. Hollow Jack

    if that's the situation with IE fans, then why do they have concerts across all of Europe , for example ?

    Whiteknight 2332

    They are more popular in Europe especially Greece where i hear a lot of fans are concentrated.

  14. Mitchell S

    Youtube isn't loud enough.

  15. mohamed salah

    i feel you brother im from egypt and you can count iced earth fans on your hands if im not mistaken :(

    Thomas Ackerly

    mohamed salah cool my brother

  16. Vincent Belanger

    Oh sorry my bad! haha

  17. George Saddington

    f**k yes!

  18. Buffalodan66

    I live in Hamburg and just saw them at Town Ballroom. LOVE IE!

  19. natraan

    @metaldeathman I'm from Hawaii and there isnt much metal fans period! I love Iced Earth ever since I heard the "something wicked this way comes" album

    Thomas Ackerly

    natraan Aloha

  20. Vincent Belanger

    @metaldeathman Niagara falls is in canada....near toronto

  21. Justabitflat

    They are kinda popular where i live in, try anywhere around western Europe if you really want to meet the hardcore Iced Earth fans xD

  22. Vlad Prokhorov


    DUDE im from niagara falls ontario and me and all my friends fucking LOOOOOOVE iced earth! FUCK YA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. thomas coughlin

    spread the word

  24. Anthony Cika

    @KillzoneV3 well truth be told a lot of the Music of Iced earth tell the Story of Set Abominea (Probably spelled that wrong) Except that he a member of a species that Humanity wiped out upon invading Earth, really he's just the Setian's tool of vengeance

  25. Mitchell S


    There aren't enough fans where I am either. LONG LIVE ICED EARTH!!!

  26. YoGurtDale

    Come to New Zealand!

  27. icedone08

    fastest guitarist ever. ...... 0_0!!!

  28. SpawnRevenge92

    I fell in love with Crown Of The Fallen :D

  29. MetaL556

    A bit late reply, but duh.

    He actually doesn't decide that he doesn't want to eliminate them. He gives them a choice - if they change for the better, they will be saved. If not, he'll carry out his original plan.
    Look at Come What May's lyrics. I also saw an artwork showing two faces of the same scene - one where people are cheering in pink colors with Quest for Light on banners, and the other where they're incinerated and Set Abominae stands on a podium looking at them.

  30. Tanner Johnson

    He IS the anti-Christ. Kind of. Not really the Christian Anti-Christ, but he's a similar idea. Listen to Framing Armageddon to get a little bit more background story.

    That, and the story ends with the "anti-Christ" deciding he doesn't want to eliminate the human race anymore.

  31. DPintoMusic

    The end of this song is uniform with The Coming Curse- that's so cool.

  32. konman001

    I get the Scientology overtones in it

  33. CallingCrowe

    Anyone else get Antichrist overtones from this whole album? >__>

  34. monkeymagoo47

    The Dimension Gauntlet is amazing.

  35. BlackSwordChronicles

    crown of the fallen kicks ass! and I wish Gauntlet would have been longer

  36. BlackSwordChronicles

    even with wikipedia you get it wrong

  37. HEYabbot

    it states something wicked comes this way pt 2 on the crucible of man cd case

  38. context

    3:23 onward drives me into a frenzy. Its just nuts.

  39. SpiritConception

    "Framing Armageddon: Something Wicked Part " is part one of two concept albums BASED ON A TRILOGY OF SONGS FROM ICED EARTH'S FIFTH STUDIO ALBUM "Something Wicked This Way Comes". The saga, aptly titled the Something Wicked Saga, tells the fictional history of mankind, from its creation to its destruction.

    Framing Armageddon is Pt 1, The Crucible of Man is Pt 2. It's a concept trilogy based off of songs from "Something wicked..." as I stated before. The third part is yet to be released.

  40. Anthony Genoves

    i love the ending of this song! they used the ending riff to The Coming Curse and i think thats great!

  41. LP13 CurryFace

    thats how awesome Jon Schaffer is :D

  42. Laith A.

    The ending to Dimension Gauntlet seems to be the same riff that was at the end of The Coming Curse. Interesting, very nice tie-in they did there.

  43. Grand master of the heavens, the hells, and everything in between.

    this band is amazing...and that album art is astounding....

  44. IntermediateJesus

    Ok thats a little excessive.

  45. probatos1

    ok, after a few listenings...even though its different in a sence I think the songs are ok...I expected something else though but nevermmind...Now the next album better be a "Return of the Stormrider"

  46. probatos1

    every opinion is respectable..Yet me being an I.E. fan since day 1 and liking the previous album, I find it hard and see no motive in buying this one. On the other hand after listening to Trivium's new album I'm gonna buy it. So where does this leave us? I was happy when Mat came back to the band.yet I can't say that this album is good related to previous.Horror show a bad album?? Don't think so man.Try the new AVANTASIA album, which is even better that the previous ones -more heavy less power-

  47. MetaL556

    For me the text shines big time along with the songs.

  48. probatos1

    hehe...on the dark side of eden...I think that horror show was the last GOOD album that Iced earth made, from that point on they are predictable and somewhat boring. Matt is great but the songs must also be great besides the singer

  49. probatos1

    damn..all the songs are mid tempo? Listen to LOST HORIZON's "Welcome Back" song

  50. Chuloloc

    Awesome. Hail Iced Earth. This is getting good. Matt Barlow shines bright.