Iced Earth - Behold The Wicked Child Lyrics

Rise up with fervid zeal
Salvation's at hand
Forged in flames as stars collide
Recite the sacred rites
Evoke the astral beast
Black magic, astrology

In sacred flames it congregates
The ancient rage and priest
Fusing the fetus and beast
The Setian redeemer
Man's blood must infect
The weapon, the grand architect

Behold the wicked, the child is born
Coalesced of the celestial beast
Divine equation, the prophecy
Rejoice in the birth, born is he

Disciples and minions
Spread the word, born is he
Thrust hell upon humanity
Baptize the wicked child
The math upon his crown
On this date we consecrate

Behold the wicked, the child is born
Coalesced of the celestial beast
Divine equation, the prophecy
Rejoice in the birth, born is he

Behold the wicked, the child is born
Coalesced of the celestial beast
Divine equation, the prophecy
Rejoice in the birth, born is he
Embrace the power of this sixth hour
On the sixth day of the sixth month
Behold the child, our path to light
We'll guide him with our undying love

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Iced Earth Behold The Wicked Child Comments
  1. Hugh Larious

    Fun facts(?)

    my brother was born at 6am and 6 minutes in on june, 6th.

    I myself was born Oct.29 1992 - the predicted "second coming" of Christ or antichrist depending on your belief.

    Bakalaudia DL

    That's pretty evil haha

  2. Angela K Adams Kreneck

    Real Talk - ya'lls reciting a luciferian chant LMAO. Thanks for the contribution.

  3. Emcee PeePants

    Praise Set

  4. SlayTheSins

    I got this album its so fucking awesome!

  5. Mairon Aulendil

    It's so symphonic but then there's 1:29 ^^

  6. EvilBakaCat

    Coming back to this song after Nomad's second boss where he creates the abomination god of Geilinor the lyrics almost seem to match. Brought back a lot of nostalgia for this song.


    EvilBakaCat i played the song while fighting him ^^

  7. Jacob Woods

    i have the wild beast number on my social security card triple sixed a fan of iced earth.

  8. Allos Anthrwpos

    Barlow man... fuck yes...

  9. Chronicflame

    Nomads requiem

  10. Sean Quertinmont

    sounds just like horror show this album should have came out in 2004 instead of glorious burden

  11. Sean Quertinmont

    good album

  12. Guildmaster Wigglytuff

    Throwback to when Nomad's Requiem was hype af.

    Ando Rexurix


    James Gamer

    Lmao that Nomad fight, this song worked really well with that video for some reason.

    One Entire Lemon


    Elmer R.

    Sosolid2k lmao

  13. chuck gardner

    iced earth never fails to deliver kick ass good rock after 16 years listening to it

  14. Crob75

    Can any one tell me what albums I need to listen to in order to fully understand this story. Amazing band and music


    +Colton Robertson Basically, start off with Framing Armageddon (Something Wicked Part 1) then listen to The Crucible of Man (Something Wicked Part 2). I personally prefer part one, but the story in both albums are superb.

    Parkway Driver

    +Delyarath he need also to listen Something Wicked This Way Comes

    jerry sklav

    +Crob75 my friend,
    first listen to Something Wicked This Way Comes, second Framing Armageddon and third The Crucible of Man...

    D B

    actually you ony need to listen to one of the theme.. the lyrics are all basically the same

    Kellen Fedigan

    Crob75 Something Wicked this way comes > Framing Armageddon: Something Wicked Part 1 > The Crucible of Man: Something Wicked part 2

  15. shane parfrey

    ok this is a awesome song damn i love this song i am new to the band but i feel inlove with this band omfg they are so awesome

    sam hahn

    shane parfrey I hope you are no longer new to this band my friend.

  16. Johan Wolfe



    I will never be able to hear something else than that in this song ;_;



    sam hahn

    Johan Wolfe lol aaaaaand I can't stop thinking that now

    James Gamer

    As much as I'd like to imagine that as a lyric, I'm pretty sure the original, unless I'm mistaken, is "fusing the fetus and beast"

    evil Mathers

    I hate you

  17. Veniamin Rozov

    SO sad that Matt Barlow left after this album...the BEST singer Iced Earth ever had..and ever will have!

    Gedgemondo :D

    @Veniamin Rozov I agree.


    @Gedgemondo :D @Veniamin Rozov Matt Barlow was the voice of Iced Earth, he now has a new band called Ashes Of Ares, but Stu Block is an awesome singer

    - Ōgon jidai黄金時代

    I think Stu is at his level, sadly he tries too much to imitate Barlow.


    epic track

  19. C.O Phazon

    SoSolid2k brought me here

  20. revrrr1

    who is this SoSolid2k fella and why is he being worshiped so? Blow jobs must be very easy for him to get. "BOW DOWN! ACCEPT YOUR LORD AND SAVIOR INTO YOU! LET HIM FILL YOU WITH HIS HOLY SPIRIT! AND YOU HAD BETTER SWALLOW TOO!"


    He did a Boss Fight video for RuneScape. He also used this music, so introduced fellow scapers to the song. "Nomad boss fight runescape" should be the first one


    He is part of Runescape's long tradition of putting metal music to memorable moments of its history (ie, he showed one of the first kills on Nomad to this song)


     Oh grandpa things aren't so bad, if you look into the past stuff like that was happening just differently, every generation has its own equivalent to dubstep or hip hop.

  21. Raccoon Friend

    >SoSolid2k brought me here

  22. Marek Barcaj

    Sosolid2k Thank you :)

  23. Daniel Onhaus

    big part of africa was colonized by england, and fucked up their economy,culture and lives, and white man are the cause africa is such a shithole today.And dont get me started on the native americans. But i bet your propaganda headmaster never tells you that,so please continue to be ignorant and dumb.

    Hugh Larious

    Daniel Onhaus lets rap.

    The rape of africa, and the American genocide is fucked. However you seem to forgot many ethnic clensings that happened to caucasoids. Such as the stripping of Germany (lasted over 1000 years), the Armenian genocide, hell on the subject how about the rape of nanking or the 'great leap forward'?

    When you segregate sufferging to one people you isolate yourself. Mans blood is mans blood spilt. seek to prevent wrongs not seek grand retribution - otherwise tu bec Brutus.

  24. 666Kazekage666

    da fuck does this have to do with iced earth, go move to icedland, theyre 99.9% white if that shit is that much important to you

  25. Pakeha Rabbit

    Why is it that EVERY White country is forced to be multicultural/multiracial?
    Why is it that EVERY White country is told to end its own race/culture?
    No one asks that of -ANY- non-White country.
    Immigration/assimilation is FORCED upon ONLY White countries
    Anti-Whites call themselves “anti-racists” but their actions lead to the elimination of only one race, MY race.
    The purpose of “anti-racism” is to genocide White children.
    "Anti-racist" is just a code for anti-White

  26. ヤンネコ

    Jesus spells better than you.

  27. James Noecker

    all top comments of videos of this song include something pertaining to sosolid2k's (may we miss his videos dearly) nomad boss fight......we want him back!!!!!!!

  28. Kyle Jones

    Jesus Doesnt Exsits


    prolly not the christian portrayal one :)

  29. Micah Harris

    This song is sick! Love it!

  30. breno2342

    The only outstanding track on The Crucible of Man, unfortunately.

  31. Fabian Saam

    Power Metal, Iced Earth is the band.

    Sean Quertinmont

    iced earth isn't power metal dip shit

    Remastered Zero

    Fabian Saam It is US POWER METAL, don't compare it to EU Power Metal

  32. Jason R.

    Ssk promoting the band haha
    Anyone know what type of genre to find this music?

    Remastered Zero

    US power metal

  33. jacob coffman

    i love how when i come to youtube to watch videos or listen to metal just because i love the music, i see comments between people arguing over what band is better. seriously, arguing between comments on the internet is really hard core badass and really shows how threatening you are. it helps me know to not screw with the person or else they can do some harm through the letter on my computer screen.
    now can we stop the stupid arguing about dumb shit and get back to enjoying the beauty of metal?

  34. BIGMURV Rs

    Dat Base drop

  35. Servaltrix

    Same way, it's a good song and an amazing band. I'm glad I found it. Regardless if it was Sosolid2k.

  36. Servaltrix

    I found the song through him yes, but does that diminish how good of a song it is? No, where you found it doesn't matter. It's an amazing song, and we shouldn't be fighting over who found it where. Enjoy the song now, please.


    listened to this while killing nomad.. killed him first try

  38. alwin jansen

    sosolid2k nomad

  39. Werisson Miranda


  40. EvilBakaCat

    ya, I play runescape and listen to iced earch, so when I saw solids vid it was epic XD

  41. swellowlv38


  42. Pap Ant

    this is the best album of iced earth

  43. Jordi

    Fusing the fetus and beast, sounds like: Losing the Penis of God

  44. zumoku

    ummm is he saying penis at 2:25

  45. EvilBakaCat

    Honestly why would anyone who likes iced earth hate sosolid2k fans? Because of him people are finding out about this awesome song. (I was already an iced earth fan before he put that video out tho)

  46. Rs dream

    Rs is an online mmorpg from Jagex, RuneScape :D

  47. Sc0rpioX666

    i don't even know what the fuck that is. i came here because Iced Earth are fucking Gods

  48. MrHardanheavy

    1:27 :p

  49. Juank21XD

    Thumbs up if you came here from Sosolid2k video owning Nomad :p

  50. callumguitarmaniac7

    my favourite intro to a song ever

  51. Defiant Mr Raven Productions

    Behold the Setian Antichrist...Behold the Harbinger of Fate and teh Fall of Man...

  52. hermygagala

    Now this is fucking heavy!!!

  53. freddie11234

    @waterdrunk433 Peirce, you're gay...

  54. BlueDMokoto

    @GoW3xXx513 Haters gunna hate. Now shut up and enjoy the damn song.

  55. duriel oakheart

    sosolid2K ownsXD but this song own more=) and your right rs players does got good taste of music. sosolid was the man who made me addicted on firewind=[]>

  56. fang91polo

    Well at least we know RuneScape players have good taste in music

  57. Sam

    nomads requiem!

  58. Nick Jacobs


  59. EvilBakaCat

    @AxUxSonRS not really, I was a fan of iced earth before he used it.

  60. Christopher Rinaldi

    Is it just me, or does the intro sound a lot like Ozzy Osbourne's "Diary of a Madman"?

  61. Jonathan Garibay

    soooo, the comments made me say that im not the only one that watched that nomad battle and find the song.

  62. ffspkzorz

    This song is just great <3.

  63. Crows Descend

    wow... you're all RS players too? wtf... How is this possible on a random epic song on youtube? hahaha

  64. Apocalypta96 awn

    stop talking over fucking runescape ffs, i play runescape too but talk about it on some forum or something not on this song.

  65. Kevin Richie

    Actually this is an apocalyptic song, the first minute and a half are in latin, look up the words you will be amazed :P

    evil Mathers

    What does it say?

  66. EvilBakaCat

    I found a new boss fight theme! >:D

  67. LordPoozzab

    This song is so fucking good. If anyone asked me why I loved Iced Earth I'd direct them to this one. It's everything that is right with metal music....

  68. Justabitflat

    this looks more like a Runescape Chat Room ffs... Just cause some guy used it in some boss...couldn't you move to a Forum?

  69. John A

    @GodzillaCO yeah sucks i quit all those bots and dicers i wish i culda added you :( He looks kinda like one of the dragonkin but no dragon face.

  70. GodzillaCO

    @johny11150 Nah, he looks more like one of the Mahjarret. Maybe Lucien because he's holding that staff.

    Fuck I need to play this song when I get to the final boss in Ritual of the Mahjarret now haha.

  71. percyal1

    @bloodguiser i havnt herd som1 say nerd or loser for like 15 yrs, bttr yet any1 saying stuff like that needs to leave there fuckn house and get out more but cmon now... ur bashing ppl who play a game.... i can garentee u more of these "nerds" nowadays play call of duty or somthn on the 360/ps3 and ya i did come here because of it but alls it did was give the song 1 more like... oya if u understand wat runescape is it most likely means uv played it u fuckn hypocrit

  72. Smithacat

    lol it dont got 7:06 only

  73. Smithacat

    sad runescape nerds...

  74. IcedEarth426

    Amazing song

  75. Servaltrix

    I like how all of you are getting mad at the sosolid2k fans, who cares? They know what to listen to, this song it awesome!

  76. John A

    He looks sort of like the fucking nomad in a way.

  77. Henry Standing Bear

    @00oli00123 no it doesn't.

  78. zeroa69

    that is one baddass album art

  79. Nyaan Caat

    It looks like Nomad..

  80. kriszzowNage

    Why are the two top comments about RuneScape? I understand Sosolid2k used it for one of his vids but there is no reason to comment about that and not the song. <.<

  81. Justabitflat

    @yoyoyo123yo4 It's "Fusing the fetus and beast" but yeah it sounds a bit like using the penis of god lol

  82. Justabitflat

    @69roklord69 no it wasn't , Nomad is mighty! i was wipped out several times :s

  83. Leon Ovenden

    @yoyoyo123yo4 LOLOLOL.

  84. It's high noon

    How does it look like Nomad? Nomad has a more greyish outfit, a green cape and is bald/has no helmet. Nomad's cape also covers part of his face like a scarf. His staff and this thing's staff also look nothing alike... Lol.

  85. freddie11234

    lol, he doesn't look like nomad, just because he has a staff also and a thingy covering his face doesnt make him look like nomad...

  86. Vancha Marsh

    i love this song so much i listen to it like 3 times a day]\

  87. Vancha Marsh

    @bloodguiser the nomad quest everyone is talking about is in a game called runescape the guy in art cover looks like the nomad

  88. Vancha Marsh

    Thats the fucking nomad from runescape
    but i love this song so much

  89. Vancha Marsh

    Thats the fucking nomad from runescape

  90. Jesse M

    @bloodguiser its a game.... guy used the song for his vid.

  91. Saltair

    lol yep heard about this song from sosolid2k =P i beat nomad with range *like a boss*

  92. jason shek

    epic song!!! mega catchy can't get it out of my head i just mosh to this all day and all night!

  93. George Saddington

    i'm glad Set didn't just do what he does on the cover of this album, otherwise we wouldn't have such amazing music as this because there would not be much of a storyline

  94. Servaltrix

    The intro is one of the best intros i have ever heard

  95. Chris

    Sosolid2k sent me

  96. Jonathan Garibay

    @jonathan8156 thumb this up if u heard about it on sosolid or just becouse you want 2

  97. ittooklongtomakethis

    @warbirdjr agreed...

  98. warbirdjr

    @IIRsGodII um no

  99. IIRsGodII

    @warbirdjr are you here from sosolid2k's nomad boss fight?

  100. Craig Gorsuch

    i'm not normally a big metal fan but ran across this song and I really like it