Iced Earth - A Gift Or A Curse Lyrics

I feel a heavy burden
A million souls upon me weigh
Though I've felt uncertain
The more revealed, I've found my way
Am I a gift, am I a curse?
I'm one and all of God and Earth

And as the order guides me
The trials beckon brutal days
The Art of the Travelers
The Ghost Dance and the Shifter's Way
Am I a gift, am I a curse?
I'm one and all of God and Earth

At times there's doubt within me
To ask as much of one so young
Yet I believe in the prophecy
And the framing that's been done

And I know I possess the strength
They've molded me from birth
The catalyst of all that's planned
Cleansing man from earth
Inject the venom into my veins
Of the vile beasts of earth
The transformation now takes place
The Shifter's art is learned
The Dimension Gauntlet lies ahead
I master every age
I am a God that walks the Earth
The embodiment of rage

Now the trials are over
I am complete, what I was born to be
The crown awaits the chosen
And I begin my destiny
I am a gift, I am a curse
One and all a God on Earth

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Iced Earth A Gift Or A Curse Comments
  1. Moniza Borges

    Where are the people?👀

  2. John Reed

    I just smoke a lot of pot and drink a lot of beer.

  3. David Tinoman

    I really like Barlow's voice, sounds like a Paul Stanley on steroids but i would like to hear this song with Ripper Owens or a duet would be great 🤘

  4. miranda wabasse

    Thats wat u call a voice of a soul \,,/

  5. Sean Quertinmont

    This is true iced earth

  6. Jordan Ballard

    hey can someone help me with this i think i know the meaning but what does this song real mean pls help i been jam out to iced earth for only a year


    Jordan Ballard just as the title says a gift or a curse. it speaks of being one of the rare few and questioning if it is a curse or a gift. Pretty much the short version. there is more to it but does have more meaning to it

  7. space jockey

    plagio ?

  8. Clash of the Titans Titanup

    I am a god that walks the earth. Goosebumps. It helps

  9. james

    Perfection! Metal tunes don't get any better. And that's saying something cause metal fucking RULES!

  10. Lyudmila Andriec

    Adored !!

  11. wiltzer1

    A   T    M     O     S      P    H    E      R      E     


    Sphere of the atmos

  12. Benedikt Saurer

    Iced Earth are done, with the split of Matt Barlow...

    Sean Quertinmont

    Benedikt Saurer I somewhat agree however the new stuff isn't bad but not the same without Matt I think Barlow brings something outta Jon that he can't find without him kinda like Steve perry with journey

    Secret Secretsson

    Although Barlow will always be my favorite singer i think the change was needed, he just didn't have the same passion as back in the 90s anymore. Stu is doing a great job and the latest album is really good

  13. Ben Boyd

    Just discovered this tonight. Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck it's good!


    this song is so amazing, its almost hard to handle holy shit

  14. juan phillips

    this would be a good sex song

  15. PanteraAICtestament

    True, you definitely do not need drugs to truly enjoy and appreciate music, but it is an incredibly mind blowing experience if you take some strong ecstasy, mushrooms, LSD, etc and listen to music....EPECIALLY this song. I am the last person to say go out and do drugs, but if used in moderation, the right drug can be a very positive, mind opening experience that I think everyone should experience. But to each his own. Iced Earth makes me feel euphoric with or without drugs.


    You clearly missed the main point of that one by a mile.....

  16. Kelly Rempel

    awesome tunage !

  17. Peace Frog

    his voice must be either a gift or a curse

  18. Adam Spears

    The beginning guitar part of this song sounds perfect for a female solo strip tease.

  19. juan phillips

    the vocals at 3:13 are awesome

  20. theyrdaydreamers

    @TheBboySpooky Isaiah 14v12 kjv the falling one, the morning star. Revelation 22v16 kjv the morning star. Many are blind in it. Some read not at all, to know what the book was all about. But many has been tricked of the end. For they kill thereself's day by day, trying to find the truth. For he's got them lost in there mind. For it would be like a drug, if you forget what made you. And some will say it is not even so. But if one read's, let him start from the begining.

  21. dave thomas

    @bluton78 well said

  22. Bboy Bobcat

    @theyrdaydreamers Wut?

  23. The23Claws

    Schaffer can make any singer sound great xD

  24. Priscila Santos

    is the best rock band, this singer has an amazing voice

  25. theyrdaydreamers

    I will spit unto the sungod. And put his fire out. And bring him low. For i glory in One. That God is with us. So bring it on jesus. The morning star. For i know what i have pulled down. And i know of who i glory. Glory is the Lord of Host. For fire is in the haven's. Hope all have's water. From the truth.

  26. EpicMetalTime

    @ibanezgto ???

  27. 78starbuck

    Matt just doesn't want to do it any longer, its his choice. Its shitty that he came back long enough only to fuck Ripper Owens out of his 2nd big chance. Judas Priest fucked him, now Iced Earth fucked him. Owens isn't Barlow,no shit. But Tim Owens is an amazing vocalist. When I first heard him at Criminal Records I didn't believe that it was not Rob Halford. The dude said "alright come out here" in his car was the inlay with Tim Owens Vocals. And listen to his cover of King Diamond's Abigail.

  28. Luis Pablo Castro

    This song is just perfect i love Barlows voice i agree is like a drug...

  29. Julian Gomez

    fucking great song, majestic

  30. Hard and Fast

    @jondoetube its not only a song or a band, its a religion and a pray :D

  31. patounboy

    @john41199 actually schaffer writes the lead guitar the rhythm guitar and the i guess he can play a solo

  32. onett128

    he can write them though! lol

  33. SyluxLockjaw

    Iced Earth is my favorite band, but I just can't stand to see fellow fans arguing over singers. They're ALL good!

  34. Ray D.

    Are you kidding? cause come what may are fucking more beautiful and you see all the potential of matt on it but this one too is awsome like all this album :D! No owens scream in my ears again xD

  35. Krombopulous Michael

    This solo kicks so much ass..... o.o

  36. etherovamon

    no the guy who worked with chuck on that project was Tim Aymar, the guy with 1000 voices

  37. Sythaz

    You're thinking of Tim Aymar bud. Tim 'Ripper Owens' was halfords replacement in Judas Priest for a while.

  38. Solidsidious

    Framing Armageddon, Something Wicked Part One. Is the album name.

    Tim also sang in the Glorious Burden and the Overturn of the Wicked EP.

  39. Vincent Fink

    yeah I wasn't sure if this album would be as well rounded as SWTWC or HS but now I know...

    I buy now.

  40. Deimtime

    Wow, i really like this song. It gives me chills.

  41. Seppovesimies

    this new iced earth album is'n good as the others

  42. Uncle-Violence

    Iced Earth is a gift! And a curse because I can't stop listening!!! :)

  43. Anders KA

    I like IE, but I prefer it when their songs have some SPEED in them as well :P

  44. patounboy

    the bridge at 2:30 and the solo of this song is sooooo great!!!

  45. hawk4life65

    lol Lost Horizon is good...

    Not as good as Iced Earth, though!

  46. Bryan Foye

    kick ass shit. i fell in love once again!!!

  47. Ray D.

    shut up with your lost horizon man listen and appreciate the music or go away listen your lost horizon

  48. probatos1

    nice song-- try Lost Horizon's Welcome Back

  49. Chuloloc

    Amazing. I need the album bad. Hail Iced Earth.

  50. MetaL556

    The whole album owns so hard to me. Definitely my favorite of all time.