Ice-T - The Hunted Child Lyrics

[Verse 1]

(Today in Los Angeles another youth loses his life. Gunshot wound to
the head. Street violence is at an all-time high)

No jokin', I'm sleepin' with my eyes open
Wanted for a homicide ride, the gun's still smokin'
Didn't know what I was doin' but did it anyway
Now the posse's on my trail, they say I'm gonna pay (Run!)
I had a gun, it's mine and I packed it
Out with my crew, the boys caught some static
Me and this sucker punk went at it
Bang! Nine automatic

Hunted Child
I'm the Hunted Child

[Verse 2]

(Sources say the assailant was 17-years old and lives in South-Central
Los Angeles)

Now I'm on a hideout tip cos they're after me
LAPD says they're gonna capture me
Was I crazy? I guess I had to be
Cos once you kill it's instant catastrophe
Your whole life is over (Through!)
Forget about your girl your (Crew!)
Nowhere to run, so what you gonna do?
Be glad it's me, homeboy, and not you

The Hunted Child
I'm the Hunted Child
Hunted Child
I'm the Hunted Child

[Verse 3]

I'm only 17, I didn't mean to kill, man
But I was slangin' and bangin' for the thrill, man
When they said (Kill!) I felt chill, man
But once I pulled the trigger, boy, then things got ill, man
My homeboys dipped out the back fast
Left me alone in the echo of the gun blast
Everybody saw my face, I didn't wear a mask
You wanna know my name? Just ask

The Hunted Child
I'm the Hunted Child
Hunted Child
I'm the Hunted Child

(The science of Capitalism which you teach to the youth on the streets
today with the 'ends justifying the means' mentality ain't happenin')

[Verse 4]

I'm sweatin' heavy cos my face is on TV
Everybody in this whole world's after me
Since I was young I never had a damned thing
At Christmas time I'd hate to hear the bells ring
Cos in the ghetto Santa ain't got a dime
Your mother's standin' in the welfare line
The way the youth survive is crime
My life is over so I might as well speak my mind
I killed a brother cos this system had me geared to kill
Cos what I call home you call hell
My ghetto quarters ain't no better than a jail cell
But there's a message in this story that I'm tryna tell
We're just brothers on the streets killin' brothers
This system has us geared to kill one another
Sellin' dope to poison each other
The plan of The Man, word to the mother
But I'm a sucker cos I fell into their plan
187, I killed a brother man
My life on Earth was hell, you understand?
But when I die I'm goin' to hell again

I'm the Hunted Child I'm the Hunted Child I'm the Hunted Child The
Hunted Child

I'm the Hunted Child

I'm the Hunted Child

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Ice-T The Hunted Child Comments
  1. Mahesh Sharma

    Big shout to Evil E for Perfect production and dope beats

  2. Jason Moore

    Used to play this in the Alpine stereo

  3. oliverrando

    Some of ice t albums are like kinda weird

  4. BadMoonRisin

    Ice T got the pure dope.

    Jesus Christ with a Jheri Curl

    BadMoonRisin *UNCUT RAW!!!*

  5. Tom B

    This was the B-side of High Rollers off the Power LP. ICE IN HIS PRIME!!!

  6. LGKids

    This whole album was storytelling at its best! It is slept on! Peace!

  7. Vivian Worden

    The real deal.

  8. john ferries

    Benedict brothers brought me here lol 😂

  9. Holger Werner

    Ice. As He was back in the Days

  10. Reid Bronson Harris

    Dont tell nobody y'all.

  11. Jeff Baker

    Things got ill, man....

  12. Salayo Brown


    Jeff Baker

    This and Hit The Deck

  13. Peaked and Tuned

    His best

    Jeff Baker


  14. Juan Garza

    The way yourh survies is life is over i might as well speak my mind.!!!😎😎

  15. Juan Garza

    Fukking texas rangers were looking for me...i turned myself ...cus they were after me....later thru tha years i joind la m....the mexican mafia by force not by choice.

  16. Juan Garza

    This jam is almost like a life experience i went thru as a teenager...i took a boxcutter to a associate of mine when i was young slashed his throat 14 times im suprised he lived was hunted by his family n friends...all for a fukkinkg once of weed at a party...i grew up hard n quik a o.g.

  17. DL Beaven

    Incredibly dark and sad. I lived in LA during the 80's gang wars. Mondays at school regularly revealed students wearing tribute shirts for friends and family killed over the weekend. So fucking sad.

    Jeff Baker

    DL Beaven Thank you.

  18. Jeff Baker


  19. luckyseven77712

    My big bro when this song came out it scared the shit out out of him because he was young and black and this was everyday in Oakland

    Jeff Baker

    luckyseven77712 That's the sign of good writing. When I heard the first Pretenders record I got chills...different I know. Anyway this is genius. Reminds me of Psychic TV'S "Skreemer" .

  20. Jeff Baker

    Psychic TV, Skreamers

  21. Marcello De Petro

    what a gun dam I I'll be just nice ...night dude

  22. altyfc2010

    fantastic. come to the UK Ice

  23. Zechariah46

    Man this takes me back!

  24. THE GRIZ

    DOPE!!! back in the day!!! STILL FUCKIN DOPE!!!

    Jeff Baker

    THE GRIZ Fucking class.

  25. spliffstar

    when I die I going to hell again ice t at his best I love his music

  26. June bug spades

    Ice at his best,couldn't get through the loop without him and spice 187,real g rap...

  27. Don Pio Cristoddio

    public enemy !!!!!!

    Zachariah Lloyd

    I know RYT.... Beats gettin bit. :P

    Zachariah Lloyd

    Well sampled....
    Not biting if U don't try 2 claim its urz!!

  28. DJ Lick

    Still have this album on cassette.

    Jose Rosado

    +DJ Lick me too


    Goddamn you are pretty awesome. I wore this tape straight out til my ghettobox ate it

    james swampy

    what would happen if  mf took  drill half inch and drilled right into the top of a mfers head

  29. Tiger Tough

    this is the Shit

  30. GoonKnox

    legend son

  31. geekrockrats

    Does anyone know what track one of this is called? It's the one with an announcement that the country is in a state of emergency and that martial law had been declared. That is never not relevant. Wait I forgot we're in the future where I can just look it up


    "Shut Up, Be Happy." The speaker is Jello Biafra.


    @geekrockrats Jello Biafra of the punk band The Dead Kennedy's

  32. Opel LaFleur

    Damn...This is the best track from this album. I'll have to bust out my old cassette and listen to the whole thing. Love me some old school rap. Late 80's to the mid 90's rules in rap! What happened to rap, anyways????


    it went gay)

    The Kniving Complex

    I recommend Lethal Weapon, its on the same album

  33. dj jacko

    KNOW THIS RAP WORD 4 WORD!!!! What a rap!

  34. Robert Acuna

    2day in LA another youth looses his life,Crime is @ all time high,i remember cruising leg lake rosemead califas,in a convertible 72 bug street figthing and all that good stuff,best sex ever.

  35. cv6ady

    nojokinimsleepinwithmyeyesopenwantedforahomacideriotthegunsstillsmokindidntknowwhatiwasdoinbutdiditanywaynowthepossesonmytrailtheysayimgonnapay RUN ihadagunitsmneanipackeditoutwithmycrewtheboyscausinstatickmenthissuckerpunwentatit bang 9 automatic hunted child

  36. Carlos Cuenca


  37. ShitJitsu

    @THESUPREMEPLATE damn str8

  38. rnkblch


  39. JustLikeDat

    Best Ice-T album in my opinion he is dope but he delivers meaning at the same time...realiest O.G. ever!

  40. YFLOInternational

    "You wanna know my name... just ask"

  41. 3 Hentys


  42. john

    you cannot beat ice for the old school flow..


    Killer Tune! Minta.

  44. mighty9100

    those two guys with the guns in the ears are going to shoot each other. I know it's just art.


    BANG. 9.Automatic... that shit is as fresh as when i heard it over 20 years ago...

  46. JDwhacker

    Who really thinks the douch bag artists of today have this kind of talent? Every word clear, sharp, and easily understood. Serious subject and message written and recited to a mix that even the whitest white boy can bounce his head to. I've said it before but it is soooo true. Todays fuck stick rappers have to make up stupid words or phrases and usually cant even string together a coherent sentence. OLD SKOOL FTMFW !!!!!!!!!!!!

  47. Nyborn Funk

    RAW MURDA RAP --- A BANGA iiii

  48. sedicirich

    beat is still phat! Still got the original casstte!

  49. sketsone

    dopest thing

  50. Tom P.

    you can tell where nwa got their inspiration from for 100 miles and runnin

  51. dvharris75

    Ice-T is dropping some real knowledge!

  52. grabhoy7

    hell yes iam on my toes so what ya gonna do...

  53. Koen Coers

    awesome.. thanx mate

  54. TheBiggie71

    bang..9 ...automatic. the real shit

  55. hereaftersix

    the hardest tightest lyrics gangsta rap ever had . thanx ice

  56. steven royle

    Awesome, i tried to find this many times and all i could find was the acapella

  57. Marneus Calgar

    Thanks mate, 21 years and its still dope.