Ice-T - My Word Is Bond Lyrics

Let me tell you what happened to me

The other day I spent a million on a def gold chain
It weighted thirty nine pounds, my name plate the same
I put it on, it was too heavy
So I hired me this brother to wear for me
One night, we was out chillin, he and I minus crew
I was held at gun point by a thug's .22
But when I told him that I was the L.A. player Ice-T
The brother robbed somebody else and brought the money to me
You might think I'm lyin' but man, you're wrong
As I told you before, my word is bond

You're the master of lying, man

I played ball back in [name] Park
The [name] on the board, hit three pointers in the dark
I got a scholarship but said: "Yo, forget it"
Goin' straight to the Pro rank, coach, so don't sweat it
The Lakers wanted to pick me, but I said: "Step"
Cause takin' Magic's spot, could be bad for my rep "what"
So he sent me to Chicago, to play in front of... you know
But then I said: "Either he go or I go"
I gave Jordan a break, then came back to the city
You know, cause everybody missed me "right, right, right"
You think I'm lyin?, but brother, you're wrong
As I told you before, my word is bond

Lies man, man you're crazy
Look at Donald D comin' through the door late
We're makin' a record, brother
What you're doin' so late, man
What's up, man? "Stop lying"

My girl was pissed, so she tried to diss
The D, until I showed her my fist
I argued with her in the pouring rain
After the fightin' with her, I missed the train
It was delayed for an hour, so I fell asleep
When I woke up, I was on 14th. Street
By the time I got there, it was way too late
Came back uptown and decided to wait
Ran into her cous', and hung with him
Met Billy, Joe, Bob, Frank, Chuck and Slim
Went back to the crib to watch a VCR
And then I had to pick up my father's car
Looked around for my brother, to see where he went
And then I had to pay my mother's rent
I know y'all think I'm lyin', but listen, you're wrong
Like I told you before, my word is bond

Lies man, you be late to the show
How you gon' make some money, man?

I got so much money that the bank couldn't hold it
Car so dope that I didn't wanna roll it
So many houses, sometimes I forget
I brought a yacht and a brand new lear jet
I flew to Paris just for good meal
Then to Rome, to sign a record deal
Off to London, to kick with the Queen "what Queen?"
Back to LA, I bought a football teem
I just can't stop spendin' that green
My girl loves the water so I brought baby a submarine
But see, I left my house without my credit Cards
I think I left my wallet in my other car
If you could loan me ten, I'd pay you back
Yo man, you're lookin' at me crazy, what's up with that?
You think I'm lyin' but man, you're wrong
As I told you before, my word is bond

Yo man, I'll pay you back
Yo, you be talking about them girls you got, man
You ain't got no women, man

Monday morning, walkin' down the block
Saw this girl in a Jag, y'all, and she stopped "aww man"
She said her father casted for the Cosby Show
And she said: "Bob, would you like to go?"
You know, so I went with her, and we chilled
Got her drunk off the Eight Ball, and we illed
She was stupid rich, so I bought myself an island
Charged it to her Master charge, I be wildin'
So, after that I stepped and she was cryin'
She gave me mansion, yo, why should I be lyin'?
You got me frontin'?, well homeboys, you're wrong
As I told you before, my word is bond

Yo Ice, I did a concert in the White House
And after that me and Donald Trump hung out
And then I knocked Vanity boots in a limo'
I rejected Michael Jackson's demo
Smacked Freddy Krueger and he didn't reply
Hit Mike Tyson in his eye
Sharks around me and didn't die
Drank a case of Cisco and I didn't get high
You might think I'm lyin, but listen, you're wrong
Like I told you before, my word is bond

You think I'm lyin' but I'm tellin' the stone truth
I have been player ever since my youth
In 1st grade I was knockin' kids out cold
In 2nd grade I was truckin' the large gold
In 3rd grade I was checkin' the youth bank
4th grade puttin' Gas in Benz my tank
By the 12th I was gamblin' outrageous
I drove through Desert and broke Los Vagus
You probably think I'm lyin' but brothers, you're wrong
As I told you before, my word is bond

What you talking about, man?
You and that basketball stuff you talkin' about
Donald talkin' 'bout Donald Trump, ' man, y'all is crazy
Shawnie Mac, what are they talkin' about, man?
My Word is Bond, home boy

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Ice-T My Word Is Bond Comments
  1. Glenn Gunter

    I met these kids right before they robbed a subway then they ran back with the money n gave it to my lil big homie ....shit like that would always happen ...people just trust people like us with a sense of security

  2. William Lavagna

    Beat sounds like On My Own by Bobby Brown. Funny that Trump is in that video too.

  3. Sabrina black

    For some reason, his music reminds me of NWA. They may have been influenced by him.

  4. B. Rod Clark

    'La Di Da Di' by Doug E. Fresh & MC Ricky D ('85)

  5. Capcoor

    Brag rap. Old-school.

  6. Rufo Rufo

    little help here: i had an old body count tape that had Ice doing a spoken word piece over war pigs. the jist was he was some kind of big-brother-like figure telling us peasants we were now under government control. can someone tell me the title of that track? im having a hard time finding it. thanks.

    Ricardo Lewis

    Rufo Rufo It's Black Sabbath


    Rufo Rufo Actually, it’s the first track off of The Iceberg. It’s called “Shut Up, Be Happy.” Jello Biafra of the Dead Kennedys does the voiceover.

  7. cyke33

    Did anybody notice he predicted President Trump?


    cyke33 No. He said he did a concert in the White House, and then hung out with Trump. One thing doesn’t necessarily have anything to do with the other. Interesting coincidence though.


    @Capcoor your cognitive dissonance is showing moron.

  8. Hubblebub Lumbubwub

    Parodying Tana Mongeau way before she was born

  9. Pyxis the Musician

    Yo Ice, I did a concert at the white house, and after that, me and Donald Trump hung out :)

    Samizdat Broadcasts

    Kernel Sanders They were making America great again!

  10. Swag Buffalo

    3:41 + 4:42 = Donald Trump!

  11. SJ 26

    Damn! Talking about Donald Trump even back then!


    He was also really popular back then.

    Swag Buffalo

    He has been famous since the 80s

  12. Bushylingus

    This remided me of the police rapping Scene on police academy.

  13. Do not look down

    "i put it on, it was too heaveee, so i hired this brotha to wear it for me"

    Do not look down

    +Kevin Gormley Just listened to the whole thing again. absolute brilliance... again obvs

  14. donald d

    yes indeed greatgazoo that was a fun, great time with my rhyme syndicate family...

  15. donald d

    cool you posted all our lyrics 2 read along with the song....rHyME SYndICATE 4ever

  16. colindagreat

    ...the brother robbed somebody else and brought the money tome... YES!!!!!!!!!

  17. JustLikeDat

    This album is a true

  18. GREATGAZ00

    Look at Donald, he always be lyin' about somethin'
    lol, I love Ice, have since the late 80's.

    Super Boa

    Donald D is the other rapper on the track.

  19. Do not look down

    i hired me this brotha to wear it for me. lol this album is fantastic.

  20. Derek Pettys

    Stop Lyin.....

  21. ucmrwb

    ol skool nuttin else