Ice-T - Mind Over Matter Lyrics

It's been a long while
Since I hit ya with freestyle
High tech selections
From the vaults of the Ice files
Kick back relax
And watch as I melt wax
Don't ever let a borther llike me
Ride a dope track
Cause once I hit it with the vocltone
It's mine, have motherfuckers
Rush'n to rewind
Cause I'll flow slow
And still twist your tongues up
Rock the house from night
Till the sun's up
Cause it relly ain't
How much you say
it's what you sy
I got no fuckin' time on the mic
To play
I write rhymes
With addition and algebra
Mental geometry
Don't even come at me
Talk'n that weak and
Popin' that bullshit
Get out my face
A fool could get his head split
A lot of doubters
Said it couldn't be done by me
them same suckers
Are now lookin' from under me
Wonder'n what i did
I didn't play myself kid
I respected my faans
And made the high bid
Sometimes I write my rhymes
At night and fall asleep
Wake up with new techniques
Grab the pen
And place it on some loose leaf
Nothin' soft, always the tough meat
The white paper and
Blue lines excite my mind
Not allow'n me to stop the rhyme
Until the whole motherfuckin'
Book's complete
Then I write on the
Back of the sheets
I maade promise
To my brothers in street crime
We'd get paid with the use
Of a sweet rhyme
We put our minds together
Made the tracks clever
Now we're checkin'
More bank than ever

Mind over matter

I can drop rhymes in twos,
And threes and fours
nd still have much shit
Left for encores
Cause once my mind locks
In on a dope idea
Mothercukin' ducks
Should stand clear
Cause I'm a hit the topic point blank
It's jail ya better keep your shank
Cause I got mine
And I'm out on a solo creep
(Uggga!) Your face hits the concrete
You wanna roll
With the niggas that don't play
I think you got false courge
Get out my damn way
Cause the car I'm in
Is rollin' full of men
No kids or boys, E got the Mac 10
Islam's got the Zulu Nation back up
DJ Aladdin's who
Hooked the fuckin' track up
Syndicate's make'n the move
With the ski masks
And I'm house'n the long cash
So now you realize
You underestimated the Ice
You thought that I was OK
But now you realize I'm nice
But that's alright
Cause I knew I'd mke it in the end
Those who like me now
Might not of liked me then
But I'm a keep impressin'
Stressin' my lesson
And keep motherfuckers guessin'
Armor plate my mind
With walls and shields
As I escape from the killing fields
Mind over matter

Wise up
Move the tempo of this hype groove
You know this shit is dope
So what you try'n to prove
Vu's max as Evil E
My niggaa dogs the wax
My brain's a handgrenade-catch
I'm a hit you with an over load
Of bottomless thought
Reversin' all the shit you're taught
Then throw words at you
Your brain recites the rhyme
No matter what you do
The power's over you
when you sleep
You'll be say'n these rhymes too
Cause the brain has the power
To control all
Think positive
You'll be unable to fall
Brain cells swell
Thought process becomes a trance
Makes you feel posessed to dance
I'll say I want a million
My mind is so deep
I'll be bustin' a check for it next week


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Ice-T Mind Over Matter Comments
  1. Justin morse

    I'm listening to ice muthafuckin T and it's the radio edit, ,,,,,,,,

  2. John Doe

    ice cold t and a swisher sweet...

  3. benjy greenberg Comedy and voices

  4. Joey Jo-Jo Shabadu

    This is the gold standard right here.

  5. Craig Markley

    Best of the Best

  6. butch cassidy98

    thanks rick and morty

  7. Ant Loco

    @ 12-13 yrs old, Ice T was my idle. Fucc al capone, f. Nitty and bugsy! 👍😠🤬They hated ur black ass u marc!!! All u bustas need 2 STOP IT!!!

  8. Ant Loco

    W/$ Rollin 40s,Nhood Crip? in da cut chilln☠️👍

  9. Eazy Duzit

    2020 still hard

  10. David Hall

    Damn this garbage in 2020 lol

  11. Ruben Dominguez

    Why wasn’t this on radio los santos

  12. Vetal83

    look at those clowns with phones.

  13. Zachary Artis

    Bars 👍🔥🇺🇲

  14. Jrayzus Frost jrayzus frost Australia explicit

  15. SKULL D

    Hit the like if u still bumping... November 2019...

    Ant Loco

    Naw, 2020 homeboy

    John Doe

    @Ant Loco original gangsta shit never gets old....prolly still b on this shit in 2050...

  16. ditc 210

    i can see when he started his schooly d influence ...i hear rakim influence on this one

  17. Bishop Kelley


  18. 123 456

    show me what youve got!!! xD

  19. Young D 434

    Wut year this was released

    Michael Squillace

    1991 on the OG lp

  20. Timeless Truth

    Ice T was doing his best Rakim in this song. I hear Rakim's influence all over this.

    Aaron Dukes


  21. Steel Fury

    Beautiful music whats the name of the sample.

  22. Igor Markić - Nikolac

    00:13 looks like Ice-T hangin' out in Sweet's backyard

  23. the promise man

    ICE T was the hardest before TUPAC

  24. Orlando Coombs

    Ice T is the man. One of the greatest lyricists of all time.

  25. Patrick O brien

    The alcarythemes are playing tricks on my mind and it's not even close to Halloween

  26. Coldrockin

    Ice Cold

  27. David Kavalcenti

    Iced T is the only gangster that has become a homicide detective

  28. gatos fevgatos

    imagine sayin modern rap is better than this...everybody goin with the trap flow coz they don't have the respect and the talent to write something like this.

  29. Derek Miller

    "...and I bet you."
    "A Drowning man's very first word is, help, and I bet you."

  30. N McKee

    Y Cant we hear the original?  They BLEEP out [email protected]!&#R [email protected]&K but not the N word?

  31. Marvin Scott Jr.

    one of my favorite records

  32. Peter J. Goettler

    Cool 'Rap' Tunes! Thxs.

  33. John Duffy

    yeah ice!

  34. BEAT MAN

    He actually raps on beat in this one... dope.

  35. Noel Swain

    I still play this joint in my Hellcat. Ice T still top ten of all time.

  36. Mikey Meatball

    Has Ice T always looked 35?

  37. Christian Arrizon

    I used to see this the vhs cassette og album at my homies house back in early 90s

  38. Brian Masterson

    If his wifes brain was a grenade I'd of pulled the plug on it years ago 🙄😎

  39. Brian Masterson

    He should pimp his wife out a bit more she might learn a bit of respect🤔

  40. hugelius

    fuck this censored bullshit

  41. South Side Comptown

    Ice T probably had good lyrics, but he had whack ass beats, LA the West Coast has always been about the dope beats that cruising and drive by music. To me he always had that East Coast sound thats why no one really cared about him like NWA, Comptons Most Wanted, Above The Law, and South Central Cartel were way dope.

    Ahmad Robertson

    Weak beats where?

    Ahmad Robertson

    He was before everyone you just named. East Coast?

  42. Alejandro DLFM

    Soy el único que vino aqui por La Ley Y El Orden?

  43. benjy greenberg

  44. H1P-H0P-F4N4T1K4

    2K19 and still top notch... greetings from Germany!


    H1P-H0P-F4N4T1K4 Grüße aus Wien ✌🏽

  45. Michel Weiss

    1 of the best hiphop joints ever !! O.G.M.C. Ice-T at his best

  46. Salazar Salazar

    I love Ice-T n Body Count he's totally hardcore rap & fuckin metal fuckin A BLACK METAL no pun intended its cool to see a metal band of south central LA brothas sik af you can't make that shit up i got the pleasure of seeing ice in concert 3 times in LA in the 80's and let me tell you he crushed it fucked shit up at one of the shows in irvine meadows he brought our an L.APD cop car on stage stood on the roof of the car cosed the show with the most gangsta song of all time colors and in the end he started smashing the cop car with a fucking sledge hammer it was fuckin epic 1988 i was 18 and it left an impression on me Ice -T a true pioneer legend of hardcore street crime gangsta rap and a metal icon

  47. Premium Patterson

    Ice is the Godfather Gangsta and Mind over matter changed my life. The power of the mind

  48. Deshayzx

    Bruh this was the mumble rap of the 80’s and 90’s

  49. macerton1

    this muthafucka is the alpha in not just rap..look at his cars before rentals...look at his friends..Tyson.. Trump..and pretty much everyone... he has put himself on the world stage..dude BEEN ON before on...Cool as water hard as stone..Black Mac of the Microphone

  50. FightMang36

    Ol school reign supreme fuck all these new rappers

  51. bottle2lip

    ICE T back in day got clowned for some reasons, not this song, this is actually not that old. Im talking back in late 80s/early 90s..anyway, this track is hella dope. He has good flow, i like alot of his material in rap game. Hes almost 60 now, should get back in and school some niggaz in proper rap game


    well back in late 80s/early 90s you had dudes like vanilla ice, who actually is a pretty good rapper also, mc hammer, kid n play, wu tang was forming., west coast rap was booming with early eazy E, ICE T just kinda of fell through cracks....and went more into movies and shit....

  52. HHstutz55

    That Slantnose Porsche is so dope

  53. Mikey Meatball

    185 bloods disliked this video.

  54. Charlie Fernández

    His sunglasses are fucking diferent that the shit made in China of nowadays locs...I had similar sunglasses made in Taiwan in 1993 and nothing to do with the fucking shit from the fake Locs trademark of today.

  55. Mika Tuominen

    Good thecnics

  56. nebstaism

    😂He's got the thug life meme glasses on 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 og is such a wicked album ice t at his peak !!!!

  57. Zildjian Gustafsson

    I love old school hip hop

  58. Generic Name

    T is seriously one of the worst rappers ever.

  59. Enrico Palazzo

    Eliminating enemigas!1

  60. Raam Ravi

    Great Song!

  61. Felipe Silva

    Classic. True o.g. peace

  62. alienresearchlab

    Mind over matter! Listened to this 1,000 times when I was going to college. Ice is the true OG.

  63. javier bautista

    First rapper who had parental advisor on his lp album my brother had to buy me this and the chronic

  64. javier bautista

    The best

  65. Devo Flexxx



    One of the best in the game. This def one of the hottest joints.

  67. koolmoe1971

    Filmed in The Rollin 40 Crips hood!

    Gusto B

    koolmoe1971 Ice supposedly from there 30s or the 40s

  68. mauricio morales

    Severo track

  69. Jennifer Lewis


  70. Helen Bostock

    nice ice T

  71. daniel swart

    Ice, a true legend. Still in 2018.and this track is a hell of a track.

  72. john argue

    Dope song. Anyone impersonate his voice? I wonder if anyone is so cold as the ice. Guru of gangstarr once said it's mostly the voice. Ice t .....fuckin o.g

  73. Sk8 And destroy

    I don't mind because they don't matter

  74. Tozak Mort

    Love this sound

  75. FightMang36

    Nice Figaro link

  76. Beeniecris

    Mind over matter

  77. N F


  78. James Newsome

    Peace& is one cold fan4ever.peace&love.

  79. Timothy Jones

    Big L ( Flamboyant).... Sampled this song from Ice T .... Ice T sampled this song from P funk .

  80. Jon Clarkson

    You can't Fuck with this.

  81. D. Moonspell Rites Productions.

    The epicness in those sort of videos are the old school mobile phones they use...and are always used in the videos.hahaha

  82. Randall Wray

    Cold blooded, this is da blue print of rap,peiod! ! $!!


    He sampled PFUNK's betcha on the hook......

  84. Chrs D

    The G.O.A.T

  85. yordan statev

    Keep it O.G

  86. C Tsek

    Rick and morty brought me here

  87. Edward Ryder

    This is real rap/hip-hop, fuck lil peep and others...

  88. Xeno Morph

    Ice T is dope, but censored rapsongs sucks, nobody need that

  89. Soulja LilRude The Assassins 561

    That my nigga ice-t 🔥🔥🔥

  90. Kitxia Sanchez

    La ley y el orden: unidad de víctimas especiales :v

  91. Krule_1981 Lion Kingdom

    first gangsta raper ICEBERG

  92. Graciela Brown

    You look very beautiful in this.

  93. Steven Segal

    gig m bratts

  94. Steven Segal

    fuck u i t

  95. Steven Tilmon favorite jam by Ice! 💓

  96. Axel Will

    not happening yo..neways ice ..big up your self..

  97. E Kap