Ian, Janis - Fly Too High Lyrics

Anonymous autonomous
Will likely get the best of us yet
Before you disappear
If you can lend me half an ear I'll regret
If I treat you like a number
It's because I can't remember your name
So have another cigarette
And help me to forget why I came

Run too fast, fly too high
Run too fast, fly too high

On dark & lonely nights
I'm only right
When things are bright on the floor
Dancing & romancing
Gallivanting with a handsome I score
If you don't believe me you should
See me when I'm ready to score
I'll lose my concentration
On a new infatuation I'm sure

Run too fast, fly too high
Run too fast, fly too high
Got no past, no goodbye
Run too fast, fly too high

Hanging around on the infield
What do you steal
But another feel at the top
Making believe in the long run
When a shotgun
Is the way to get out of the shop
Hang tail in a new jail
Go bail, you can dance until you drop
There's no fool like an old fool
In a new school – you just can't stop

Run too fast, fly too high
Run too fast, fly too high
Got no past, no goodbye
Run too fast, fly too high

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Ian, Janis Fly Too High Comments
  1. Pieter Kock

    been watching a youtube list with lots of end 70's just now, and its remarkable how every one has its own unique voice. popular mainstream music basically died in the 2000's. thank god there is still good underground /independent music

  2. FirstAnd Last

    Lol at Sydney !

  3. Teva Bruce

    2 0 1 9

  4. Bevvy Korte

    O ,yes ✌️ I remember ✌️💖 kooooool

  5. Mark Castelletti

    If I treat you like a number it's because I can't remember your name.....classic!

  6. greg furtiere

    this song was on the 79 hit album full boar i think


    Yep, sure was, I've got the album

  7. Humble cornellious

    cant stop coming back to this song , makes me feel free and far away. love it

  8. Sharon Lee



    Yes, Sharon! What a fantastic film, too! It reflected the magic of Hollywood, the Valley, and Los Angeles in general.

  9. James Tierney

    This song was branded into my 10 year old brain in Australia in 1979, by extremely heavy radio rotation.
    This is the first time I’ve relistened to it since that year, and the first time I’ve ever seen the video, and tbh I had no idea who sung it either, it’s good to finally put a name to this iconic song.

  10. listening2all

    Fly Too High

    Anonymous, autonomous
    Will likely get the best of us yet
    Before you disappear
    If you can lend me half an ear I'll regret
    If I treat you like a number
    It's because I can't remember your name
    So have another cigarette
    And help me to forget what I came
    You run too fast, fly too high
    Run too fast and fly too high
    On dark and lonely nights I'm only
    Right when things are bright on the floor
    Dancing and romancing
    Gallivanting with a handsome I score
    And if you don't believe me, you should
    See me when I'm ready to roar
    Cause I'll lose my concentration
    With a new infatuation, I'm sure
    You run too fast, fly too high
    You run too fast, fly too high
    We got no past, no goodbye
    You run to fast and you fly too high
    Would you believe
    I was once gonna be somebody' Yeah
    I packed up my bags and I
    Took what I had to the city, yeah yeah
    Man, I was rough
    To find the best I could be
    Waiting for the limit
    On a color TV
    Now I've made it this far
    Got a room on the park and a view
    And you
    Fly too high
    You run too fast, fly too high
    Run too fast, fly too high
    We got no past, no goodbye
    Run to fast and you fly too
    Hanging around on the infield, what do you steal
    But another feel at the top'
    Making believe in the long run, when a shotgun
    Is the way to get out of the shop
    Hang tail in a new jail, you can go bail
    You can dance until you drop
    Cause there's no fool like an old fool in a new school
    You just can't stop
    You run too fast, fly too high
    Run too fast, fly too high
    Got no past, no goodbye
    Run to fast and you fly too

  11. poopet and springbutt

    Top 10 hit Aus in 1980

  12. Nicomedes Santiago

    Loved FOXES. Though I'm not a discophile really dug the soundtrack as well. Morodor and Janis Ian, who knew? But, it worked. Solid track in a wonderful mess of a movie.

  13. Albinobeach

    Played this song a lot in South Africa when I was a toddler. Gives me a weird feeling. My earliest memories.

  14. A fera interior

    here because of Bob Kulick

  15. erik bulte

    With the marvelous Clarence Clemons on the sax. This song is a beauty!

  16. Geoffrey Scheldt

    I think it is as good as Moondance by van Morison.

  17. Geoffrey Scheldt

    The song is so cool.

  18. José Carvalho

    1 week at number one in South Africa.

  19. Michael Roper

    I heard this playing on the supermarket P.A while shopping many years ago and I remember hearing this thin demure voice singing "You should see me when I'm ready to roar" and it made me giggle.. Yeah, c'mon Janice, show us your scary fangs

    fluffy bunny

    Yeah I giggled too

  20. Jud McCranie

    I got this record at the time but I never saw the video until now.

  21. Mono gram adikt

    childhood fave

  22. Antonio Vazquez

    what a n aamzing hit

  23. Robert Pacho

    Maybe it's me ..but this song seems faster than the version on foxes😎

  24. Dumfries Spearhead

    This song is even more relevant today with Tinder and hook up culture. "Run too fast/Fly too high/Got no past/ No Goodbye and "Anonymous Autonomous will likely get the best of us yet" ; very prescient.

    Princess Taboo

    It's easy to see why this song was used in the movie 'Foxes.'  Excellent!

  25. Paula Storey

    Great....from Watsons Bay on Sydney Harbour

  26. Tamara La Mer

    If velvet had a voice it sounded like this

  27. Kerry Jayne

    So talented; the so called singers of today are crap

  28. davidrlfield

    silly video , but great Janis Ian performance !

  29. Chillednfunked

    Great production still a fantastic track.

  30. marcel topper

    good song in 1979 damn i was 9 years old

    colin waldron

    Youngsters!!!! I was 18.


    I was 5 or 6, but still loved this song and do to this day. Some may say daggy, I say it's COOL.


    I was in development-stage.

    Débora D

    I was 8

    Alice Knows

    I first heard it in Foxes. It was 1980 and I was turning 12. Duh

  31. Sven Jansen

    This song makes me horny.

  32. monogramadikt

    shes so amazing, song still sounds modern in a strange way ;)

  33. Danny62

    Excoriating good at all levels

  34. Susan Szabo

    This song is from Foxes not Tourist trap

  35. australka25

    I remember this song as a 9 year old watching countdown on tv

    Tj Scott

    Same. My older sister guided me well

  36. nick wright

    Great song . Thanks for posting.
    Please listen to "Make things right the writers ".

  37. Christopher Bubb

    According to Janis in her autobiography, she wrote the lyric about the gay men's bathhouse scene in New York.  Also, when she went to record this song with Giorgio Moroder, she sang only two takes - Moroder was going to use the first take until Janis insisted she'd only been warming up.  I think it sounds pretty damn good though.


    Which is odd because nothing in the lyrics suggest a bathhouse...it sounds much more like it's set in a disco.

    Alan Hickman

    Bathhouses had discos in those days.


    Alan Hickman I miss those days. Lol


    Giorgio Moroder Produced Electronic Beat  <3  Check Out Sparks No1 Song In Heaven EP & 12" Single Brilliant This Is Aint The Best Sounding Version Of This Track   FIND BETTER :D   It Makes a Difference :o

  39. rudy de Moor

    She can sing...!  No doubt !

    Emile Ross

    Great old time!

    rudy de Moor

    @Emile Bhageloe The golden years...! 

  40. Jeremy Simms

    I grew up hearing this song. I knew it was old, I knew it was a bit cheesy, but it made 10 y.o. me think of some big city (probably Sydney) where everyone was cool - the opposite of where I grew up, which was small-town New Zealand. Good tune.

    Let me shit on you

    Jeremy Simms Are you the same Jeremy Simms that has acted in Australian tv shows?


    same for me, but in the uk...

    James Tierney

    I was 10 as well

  41. Stefanie Pezzino

    I like the version on the movie "Foxes" with Jodie Foster. It has no drums, just tambourine,keys,congas,&the vocals. More laid back. The song itself plays just the first verse & the chorus, but it was enough to have an impact on me.

  42. Re△Love∞ution

    Are all comments from Australian in their fifties... I'm happy this never reach France it would have drive me nuts (we had our load of bad music here as well)... France used to be seen like the worst music made in the world then , now but I gather the australia was right behind us hihihihi


    I'm early 40's.

    pamela salvo

    I'm 38 and live in Australia and know not think this song is amazing!

    Mono gram adikt

    Giorgio Moroder was a pioneer electronic music producer, so i guess aussies were ahead of the curve with their tastes even back then, im nearly 48 and am still very in touch with modern contemporary music *even though some of it is completely cookie cutter rubbish lol


    @mur38 1) he's Belgian
    2) ca plane pour moi is STILL an awesome song

  43. Tim McElhenie

    Don't remember hearing this song but I like it. Thanks for posting it.

  44. obaidCarkey

    i hate this song!
    used to work at a supermarket in the 80s and this song was on all the time.





    seriously, imagine hearing this song 120 times a day.........2400 times a month for six consecutive months!


    I know the feeling. Worked at a restaurant one time that played "How Long Has This Been Going On" thousands of times. Amazingly, I was the only person there that saw the irony of the title.

  45. Tony Catalano

    I'm in Brooklyn. I don't think this received much airplay because it was simply edged out by a million other songs at the time. It sounds "foreign" to me.

    Christopher Bubb

    @Tony Catalano I have Janis's autobiography and her opinion as to why this flopped in the U.S. is that radio program directors associated her primarily with folk-pop songs like "At Seventeen," and when she dared to step out of that box and do something uptempo they resisted. I agree though that it sounds like the kind of record that would be considered too "exotic" for U.S. radio, although it appears to have gotten a fair amount of airplay in some Canadian markets. It's a great song but probably not a good intro to Janis's catalog as it is so different from much of her other work.


    +Christopher Bubb That's a pity because it was such a cool song. It was huge in Australia and I remember it well.

    Bonanny Lagasse

    In NY anyway.

  46. marcel topper

    dit nummer is een topper van janis ian

  47. marcel topper

    i am waking up from a coma from this song in 1979

  48. TrixM

    Oh PLEASE. I loved this song when it came out. I think Lady Gaga does some fabulous stuff. This is pop. Gaga does pop. They are both very talented. I think Janis Ian is very very awesome for many many reasons (not just her music), but let's not set up a false dichotomy of whose music - based on a song like this, and, say, Bad Romance - is "better" or "more intelligent".

  49. marcel topper

    topper dit nummer van janis

  50. Susan Szabo

    great song from Foxes. Great movie too!

  51. MensHelpTv

    Gee I was young then, I was in Australia, I think this was on countdown and some other shows that pass my remember skill.

  52. Robert Moore

    I remember WLUM/Milwaukee playing this song in heavy rotation.

  53. mark kearney

    Oh, fair enough.

  54. mark kearney

    Please, don't make yourself appear even more stupid.

  55. Fat Cunt

    Gaga is a artist. and art is about creating a reaction, thought or a emotion. some people think shes a waste of space others dont... Thats art!!!...

    Daemon Hauyer

    Oh, that explains why antifa and sjws pull knives and stab people.

  56. mark kearney

    I'm hardly a hater. A realist, maybe?

  57. Fat Cunt

    hey dude, Lady Gaga teaches us not to hate, she is accepting of all talents and would probably be the first to acknowkedge Janis Ian as a great talent as i do aswell. take a leaf out of the book of Ga Ga and stop being a hater!...

  58. mark kearney

    Well, one has talent, and the other is a waste of space.

  59. rhodie007

    Moyra Jennings/Grant/? This one is for you!

  60. Fat Cunt

    Lady gaga wrote all her songs, and if you listen closely the lyrics are clever, she learned how to play the keyboard by ear at age 9 or 10. and had to live in shitty holes, and got out there and sold her music until she made it big. She is a magnificent businesswoman... the song at seventeen, actually represents the people who are her fans, the little monsters. or outcasts.. I reckon had Janis not written at 17 lady gaga would have..... I admire and love her.... and love Janis aswell

  61. Fat Cunt

    why is it necessary to have a crack at gaga?? I agree with what you said about Janis but leave gaga alone. a different artist in a different era...

    matches malone

    Janis Ian and her contemporaries displayed class and dignity when they performed. Your lady gagas your beyonces and rihannas have no class whatsoever. They can't even keep their revealing clothes on. I don't like their type. They come across as strippers and wanna be pornstars. They scar young minds when all they should be doing is standing there singing.

  62. toosboos

    They don't make m like this anymore ....

  63. buzzguy72

    Well...you have a point. On the other hand, video clips weren't exactly so sophisticated in 1979. The song alone was a great stretch for Janis, I think she pulled it off nicely. The dancers and horn players get to do the interesting stuff because...well...do you really think Ms. Ian was going to disco down to this in something glittery and tight? Would we really want to see that anyway?

  64. Brett Jones

    Thanks for the post - this is my favorite Janis Ian song!

  65. sauquoit13456

    Happy Birthday Janis Ian; born on this date in 1951. {Apr. 7th}

  66. Hooptie Hamburger

    A Janis Ian disco video? Wow... I think I've seen it all now.

  67. 'you got no past..no goodbye"..

  68. @photoman2004 yeah...I can dig it. lol
    I love Janis she is supremely talented. We don't get it like that anymore, that real

  69. Michael Malone

    Had a girl called ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,. That wouldnt be fair, but she had a love of janis, and i have it still.

  70. Vince Balázs


  71. 1966human

    cool and good

  72. jewellers100

    I think this was Janis's biggest hit in South Africa. Must have been a top 5 tune during the year end charts on Boxing Day, Radio 5. Top tune. Takes me back to my time in Chatsworth, Durban. Beautiful times.

  73. Harrie Jean

    80 tour i was at Lincoln Center where had honor sell Janis Ian programmes with my dad Samuel Aginsky,no one knows it my dad was world's greatest programme man- he started selling programmes for ballet companys age 14.

  74. magottyk

    Janis Ian top singer so so beauty.. FFS peoples this is singing 10/10 love missy Ian.

  75. Mitchell McCreath

    I have the 12" Love tl.

  76. rhodie007

    Where were you when this was a hit? I was in Bulawayo, Rhodesia, in a disco called Marjories!

  77. Chris Sawyer

    Seing Janis in Brighton, West Sussex, UK, in November, on her first European tour for 5 years plus! Magical artiste.! Am into a blues song , "As Far As Lonely Goes" from Take no Prisoners album. Search it out, you'll love it. Would suit Adele's voice, me feels!

  78. musiclover59

    Outstanding song. Classy arrangement.

  79. Sodham G'morris

    Brill post. I lurve this video...I don't care if she's 27 years my senior - Janis Ian is smokin' hot sexy!

  80. steve smith

    And she was a lesbian too !!!!

    Mitzi's Mom

    So what? And she's bi, btw. Read her memoir "Society's Child ".

  81. Sunny Meadows

    Oh my goodness, what a bland video performance from Miss Ian! Loved this when I was 5.........never saw the film clip before today and man is she boring to watch!

    Sweety Pie

    Most video clips from the 70's and 80's are poxy and the singers usually stand there like statues lol Not like today where they have everything hanging out and are near naked.

  82. Sunny Meadows

    Oh my goodness, what a bland video performance from Miss Ian! Loved this when I was 5.........never saw the film clip before today and man is she boring to watch!

    Warrenbennett LuntLunt

    Ur a loset

  83. derek motion

    i was 2 years old when this song came out. it puts me in a muderous rage.

  84. Steve Mullington

    @trueblueaus1488 happy to us all :)

  85. Aussie Nationalist

    @mullio lol lol lol thats true

  86. Steve Mullington

    A catchy foot tapper!

  87. Steve Mullington

    @trueblueaus1488 Nor will you in 30 yrs.

  88. Aussie Nationalist

    She doesnt look like that now

  89. marsalis686

    great song

  90. ben andré

    parfait cette chanson, excellent souvenir

  91. swift12y

    When I was in high school, this song was played a lot in the morning on the radio (ABC Sydney). Very happy memories and thank you so much for posting!!!!