Ian Brown - The World Is Yours Lyrics

As a young boy daddy used to tell me stories
Do your thing my son the world is yours
The winds of fury will lead to paths of glory
Take it in your stride my son the world is yours

You can only find the gold by digging in the dirt
If your gonna play with fire, then you're gonna get burnt
You can never reach the heighst and avoid the hurt yeah
The world is yours

As a young boy daddy used to tell me stories
Do your thing and sing the world is yours
The winds of fury pave the way to paths of glory
Keep your self onside my son and the world is yours

Yeah you might have it all but you'll still want more
There's a law for the rich and another for the poor
There's a golden key unlock all the doors
And the world is yours

The world is yours
The world is yours, the world is yours

There, s a time and a place for everything
Not a man alive you owe a thing
From the stars in the sky to the ocean floor the world is yours

The world is yours
The world is yours, the world is yours

People say they're never gonna turn away
And then when it comes on top
They'll be firs to turn their backs away
First whose heads are gonna drop

First to slowly fade away
So remember all your days the world is yours and all the world contains

Well you might have it all but you'll still want more
There's a law for the rich and another for the poor
There's a golden key unlocks all the doors
And the world is yours, the world is yours
The world is yours, the world is yours

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Ian Brown The World Is Yours Comments
  1. Supernova MCR

    If ya gonna play with fire then ya gonna get burnt

  2. Martin O'Connor

    The world is mine and yours Ian god bless you too boy

  3. Mo Ana

    The World is mine...! I share it ..! I am created to rule in my New Kingdom etc.. everyone is free anyways ..!! So I just want to go swimming etc..! I will helpwork and rule to maintain and keep it clean and organized for everyone to live as peaceful and happy as they can .. ! That’s why I am there ...!! But ... I am giving back God my King the creator ... most of the ruleing over his New Kingdom etc...unless he’s counting on me to rule moreover than him .. !! He doesn’t care one way or the other he said ..!
    I Guess Godwill still be working ... in his New Kingdom ... Heveans ..!! He has a lot of energy and he’s the King of it all ..!!! GO SWIM MY LOVELY... lololo...he says to me ..!
    Don’t let my throne get cold ...!!! lol I’ll be back yater ..!!

  4. Mo Ana

    Chad is that u ..??? Writing songs for bands ??? We were going to be in a band together or write .... lol.... !!!

  5. Mo Ana

    Get lost ..!!!

  6. Mo Ana

    My new obsession...!!!!!! I want him ..!!!
    But I can’t ...!!!

  7. Mo Ana

    I do adore u ... I love ❤️ this song !!!

  8. Mo Ana

    Then live in my World and be happy 😊!
    Thank you for the compliment .. I did try to always smell good ... I adored u ..!!
    Thank u ..!!!

  9. gwizardstar1

    Brilliant song and as a parent... well it's fookin mint man ;0)

    Supernova MCR

    gwizardstar1 your parent?? What a legend Ian is

  10. alan mckee

    the golden key and it unlocks all the doors for me is meditation love is the key


    😊 *HERE* <<<<>>>>> *HERE* 😊

  12. Craig Ster

    Another awesome song from Ian, keep em coming man.. I love your style & lyrics.

    Mo Ana

    Just put gorgeous guys in front of ‘em coming ..!!! Same

  13. Roz Papas

    what a song!!!!!!!

  14. Donna Beattie

    😉love xxxlovexxx

  15. Dragan Jugovic

    YOUR WORLD IS YOURS how is possible that YOU cannot FEEEEEEEEEL "IT" ????????????????


    its the mandella effect

    Mo Ana

    The World is mine ...!!! Do what u want I guess ... !! Your free ...!! I don’t charge rent ...!!! Go ahead !!

  16. mark drennan

    epic song B|

  17. Neil Mcclelland

    The best Ian Brown album - can't wait for the new Stone Roses Album

  18. Neil Mcclelland

    The world is yours Alice!!

    bobby Kane

    @Neil Mcclelland thanks

    Mo Ana


  19. mr gwanson

    is best album was Music of the Spheres defo

    Ricki Paddon

    sunglasses ron Definitely! 🙌🏼

  20. SomethingEveryone

    From the greatest of all his albums!

    mr gwanson

    good album but Music of the Spheres was his best imo :D


    HOW? It's his weakest album! FEAR and Whispers are the only stand-out tracks plus The Gravy Train which is ok. Forever and a Day is good on the Greatest Album but not the version here. How does 3 decent tracks make an album, let alone his best?????

    alan mckee

    i agree music of the spheres is his finest work every track is sublime

    alan mckee

    all the universe reflected in your eyes i have to admit to using this it works every time

    Monkey Magic

    Music of The Spheres is genius.

  21. ben O'Brien

    youre welcome

  22. Lee Carpenter

    1:20 says it all.ye were all struggling here in the uk with all the government changes. it's currently ran by Muppets.

    2007 Halex

    Lee Carpenter bit late 6 years later it still is

  23. Wilson Paul

    you've no style my son, the world is yours..

  24. spaced377

    I know a man you owe a thing to Ian brown ? like well all that she left to me for a start off instead of keeping it locked away now its time I had my inheritance

  25. Anthony Marshall

    great song :)

  26. awowsmatow

    This song is wank,and I'm a big fan of Ian Brown.

  27. SampleDanteDig0

    Can't agree more :D

  28. Deondre Munroe

    good song :) :)

  29. Chossi

    absolutely amazing music choices!

  30. TheRnbf

    thank you sky sports f1


    wkaliberr- very intelligent, mother must be proud.

  32. 911cads

    love the mancs im one at heart eccless cheetham hill iv lived


    get ian on facebook x then he will be back, who writes songs like this, and sings, errrrrrrrrrrrrrrr , errrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.errrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr i dont know anyone ! oh yeh i do, ian
    brown x


    fucking brilliant, best album ever, who fucked him over ?????? someone did x im a manc girl, its obvious, a raw talent, ignored > bite me x

  35. poposisa

    yeah . I already own the album :)

  36. poposisa

    @cjdfc I looked for it. but I dont know why but this song is not on itunes...

  37. cjdfc

    @poposisa How about buying it from itunes or a shop?

  38. poposisa

    could you please send the song to me?? please...cant find it anywhere

    Supernova MCR

    poposisa buy the album mate. It’s the same title as this song

  39. LBFinnit

    slipping off my seat. so fucking good!

  40. amazonking7

    when this geezer dies the world will moorn more than it did for michael jackson and elvis presley!


    fantastic just the best !

  42. BennettRoses

    I want that tattoo'd on my arm, in black obviously

  43. Filip Beztwarzy

    great song!!!!!!

  44. oldcollins

    ian brown, a modern day legend, classic.

  45. Aidedreaper

    Amazing song