Iamsu! - I Be Lyrics

I be, I be
The man 'round here
The mayor can't do it like me, like me
My diamonds are clear
'Bout to put this shit in gear, ooh
Now we just getting started
Big racks on me
I buy it if I want it, for real
Now we just getting started
Big racks on me
I buy it if I want it

Black benz with the black seats
I can't hit the mall no more 'cause they harass me
They like "Su how you get it?" that's what she ask me
All cash, Uncle Sam never touch me

I call her, Milk Marie, she spoiled
Ice on me, I'm froze
Best believe she chose
Yet, still I need my dope
I'm on 10, eyes glazed like a donut
Imma walk inside the club but I won't throw nothin'
I'm a pea, I'mma crack her like a cold one
Got utensils and the green, baby roll up

I be, I be
The man 'round here
The mayor can't do it like me, like me
My diamonds are clear
'Bout to put this shit in gear, ooh
Now we just getting started
Big racks on me
I buy it if I want it, for real
Now we just getting started
Big racks on me
I buy it if I want it, for real

I be, I be
The man 'round here
The mayor can't do it like me, like me
My diamonds are clear
'Bout to put this shit in gear, ooh
Now we just getting started
Big racks on me
I buy it if I want it, for real
Now we just getting started
Big racks on me
I buy it if I want it, for real

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Iamsu! I Be Comments
  1. Black Gaara





  2. JV ENT

    I'm tryna figure out why dis ain't at a million views dis shit slap

  3. Peter Mendez

    This the first time I see Iamsu smoke weed wow ahaha

  4. STxRM FateX

    Damn bro I iamsu has no more clout

  5. Lucky ONE

    Young su sound is pure S L AA P...

  6. jorge santamaria

    This is a really good song
    It don't have millions of views because all they views are real they don't buy em like most rappers do

  7. Bam508 Bam

    This song hits in my crz. Built in subs

  8. sneakster5000

    I'll be honest I'm not into much new rap, due to the mumble rap bs but Iamsu! Will always be my favorite rapper. And my favorite band is Led Zeppelin so I'll let that settle. I know Iamsu! Is gonna go mainstream soon and teach these kids how it's really done 💯💯💯💯

  9. Keymon Thomas

    we need a Shanghai music video suzy

  10. Brazyy Lyrics

    Check out my lyrics for this song !🧡

  11. Jdb 2020

    This foo brought into the be in the trend mentality. I loved him when he was coming up back in 2012 or so.

  12. omar D

    Huge fan of su since 2011 but one of the reasons why he fell off a bit is kuz he completely changed his whole vibe of music . Like he says “true fans want the OG back” that’s exactly what we want. The su from Suzy 6 speed , kilt 1-2. I still slap su hard with this music but it don’t give off that attachment he gave us with his past work . Still rocking with su hbk forever 🙏🏻

    Isaac Flutey

    omar D real talk bro, kilt 1 when I first heard him and imo only a few tracks over the past couple years stood out

  13. Tasun Romero

    Iamsu saved the Bay...

  14. Pauly Salazar

    This shit knockin like a mf omm 🔥🔥🔥🔥💯

  15. Ruben Be

    Dam dope 💯🤙

  16. nana56190

    black benz with the black seats💯😍😍

  17. nana56190

    this shit slaaaps

  18. Chi. Robi

    This beat is Hard!!

  19. Michelle Nguyen

    please come to bostonnn

  20. D R

    This shit fire.. but put Hbk joe back in the line up doe

  21. CosmicRicardo4000

    He use the be one of my favorite rappers till he went full time pop 👎🏾👎🏾👎🏾✌🏾✌🏾✌🏾😑😑😑

  22. Alex Heap4800

    Iamsu never disappoints

  23. Mexico Kingin

    Been rockin with su since them pink dolphin days when he had the fro

  24. Bat Man

    Du bon °●.^

  25. Gevonna Garcia

    I noticed I keep replying this song.....🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  26. Joe Bueno

    Hell 2 da no - this super duper hella not it!

  27. jimmy keys

    Golden state bridge


    jimmy keys
    Correction "Gate"

  28. bruh chill

    iamsu all the wayyy.

  29. westcoastproduct1

    Shits straight ass. He used to be dope now he wack. If you bumping this in the whip you’ll look like a straight clown

  30. 5'9 frankk

    iamsu been getting slept on ,

  31. Quizzy SSBU

    He fell off

    New Jack Forever

    lay off the crack family.

    tope booker


  32. Randy Gonzalez

    Back with another singing song

  33. DeVaughn Alexander

    this nigga dreads got long asf hella quick, i'm tryna grow my shit like that

  34. tonga

    0:22 shouldve been the chorus

  35. Ben Osama

    This hard 🔥🔥🔥


    peopleee chek me for beats and original mixes¡¡ i will give the for free if you send me a serious proyect¡

  37. MGKBoss 99

    This deserves way more views #dopeas'f

  38. Its Moises

    this shit bang 🔥

  39. KingAldeezie


  40. iKilluBic Yo

    songs lit , its just short , Too $hort haha

  41. North Bay

    Bay Area Surenos Music Video ft. Sad Boy Loko 4hunnid records 💯🔥🔵🔵🔵 https://youtu.be/_Fr4FfTr-Cw

  42. Dolphin Lopez

    Su straight gases my goodness continue doing you fuk Wat anyone got to say

  43. Angelica Bustamantes

    Love your music you don't disappoint thanks to my daughter & son in law for introducing to your music 🎶💖

  44. evolkuf hellafornia

    Yee slapper cutty

  45. RedWrath Karu

    Your music has really helped me through some hard times in my life over the last few months. Where is the best place to purchase iamsu merch!?

    New Jack Forever


    RedWrath Karu

    You the real MVP, Appreciate you!

    Bam508 Bam

    Get the iamsu app too man literally called iamsu in app store

  46. Alex Lee

    su's flows are st00pid

  47. Killer man

    Iamsu can do better than that

  48. ygnightkid

    I ain't even mad that Suzy is slept on. The only thing that's keepin him from being called a Bay Area Legend is age. Suzy 6 Speed gon die a legend believe dat yadada.


    ygnightkid Legends don't die 👍 Suzy is 🔥🔥🔥

    Dyami Pitka

    Young scooter

    Antonio Nunu

    only reason he slept on is cuz he ain't never sold out


    These beats hard AF

  50. Savage Daniel

    5k views only? Remember back then he had millions of views damn

  51. Phillip Dean

    the people that dislike must not have subwoofers.

  52. JCruz Ya Bishh

    420 likes, i wanted to like it too but i cant be that guy to put it up to 421. smh.

  53. Marsellis

    Bumpin this hit out in Florida though!!!

    fetty wapp

    you best get the fuck outta there. irma coming tryna catch a few bodies cuz


    fetty wapp foreal though pray for us 🙏🙏🙏

  54. BLoodNiGquh BN

    This Is My New Favorite Song

  55. Dpe$o

    Please dont ever stop making music su been listening since 2010

    Anthony Rking

    Dpe$o dem richmond California Bois dope

    Pizamo Gaming

    Dpe$o i dont he will anytime soon

  56. paisa 408



    Handsome 😍😘🙏🏾🤘🏾🔥💙

  58. California Blackwoods

    Do yo thang Suzy 💯 yo real fans in this bitch

  59. Brenda Quezada

    This would've been a lit ass song for the summer but it's gonna be the fall slapper🔥🔥

  60. Demetria Freeman

    Shit slaps

  61. Martin Ramos


  62. Xavier Sanders

    HBK Gang rules 🔥🔥🔥🔥💯💯

  63. David Salinas


  64. Antwon Walker

    Real Richmond cuz

  65. runiton3

    Follow my ig- cheapasskyle

  66. Thesauce King

    I was here before 1 mill

  67. Jovany Pacheco

    I saw iamsu about 2 years ago when I was 17 takes me back it was lit af ... Los Angeles watts where I'm from 😎

    fernando Garcia

    ayy thats wsup gardena right here brotha!

  68. RC Saucy


  69. lane castro

    the return of that grandproductionsmedia.com intro, thats that 211 shit


    lane castro fr

  70. DiRTBAG LYnO

    Su keep pushn boii

  71. Iam_Louie30

    Fucken 🔥🔥🔥🔥💯💯💯 slapper

  72. KingJoJo

    Why do people be sleeping on Iamsu!?

    ezekiel rodriguez

    KingJo Jo real talk


    KingJo Jo knew him since pinole valley high school he came a long way and making beats

    Bam508 Bam

    Cuz he sacrificed radio pLay to be independent and make eyez on me llc. Join his app too the iamsu app

    daily reacts & interviews

    KingJo Jo nigga ain't nobody sleep on this nigga 2 years ago he was one of the hottest out he just fell off


    KingJoJo too busy listening to niggas like SOB. Gully Eazy Suzy and Jack best in the bay. People against real shit . This ain’t even su’s good shit either