Iamsu! - All On The Line Lyrics

Came up from the bottom
All I had was grind
For the love of the homies
Put it all on the line [x5]
For the love, nigga!

Hold up, got this Bay shit sewed up
Kush rolled up
Young nigga, money grown up
Startin' to think I'm one of the realest niggas breathin'
Open the door and then I let the whole team in
I can turn your boy into the man
I can turn a grown ass nigga 'to a fan
Livin' in the present I won't take this shit for granted
Why it seem like everything works out to my advantage?
Like I said it, then I did it, like I planned it
I go stupid, hear a beat and I do damage
Like total impact, send shots and niggas send back
It's HBK for life, the whole crew we intact
Up all night, no rest, you know we workin'
They can't call my next move, gotta update they service
No metro, on a jet though, finna rock out, Depeche Mode
And I'm constantly chasin' the money you probably find me wherever the check go


Come from rich city by the way
Got that wet too, got the bitches goin' cray
One thing about me, I'm a always get that cake
And I never gave a fuck what a nigga gotta say, okay
Bitch just flew back from L.A
Shorty seen the wave, got her wetter than a lake
I done earned my spot, so you know I'm here to stay
And I guess without a limit I [?]
Better pop that safe when I rock that club
Comin' from the city where they cook a [?]
I be gettin' to the commas, you got baby mamma drama
Hop up out the whip, that shit be clouded like a sauna
Still do it for the love, never givin' up
Even when I'm gone, go beyond and above
Started from the bottom but I never been a scrub
Got the power in my hands like a motherfuckin' plug
Real nigga shit


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