iAmJakeHill - We Die Too Lyrics

[Nicki:] Help me, my brother's dead!
[911 operator:] What's your name?
[Nicki:] Nicki
[911 operator:] What do you mean by your brother's dead?
[Nicki:] He killed himself!
[911 operator:] How did he do it?
[Nicki:] With his gun!
[911 operator:] Okay, are you home alone?
[Nicki:] I'm home alone with my sister!
[911 operator:] Okay
[Nicki:] Get someone here quickly!
[911 operator:] Did you find him, Nicki?
[Nicki:] Yeah, and now he's dead!"

You've been through some shit, through some shit
Hold on tight, don't lose your shit
You're just like me
I'mma prove that shit
Got a noose tied tight, better loosen it
Haven't slept all night, hallucinatin'
40 hours, mind is fadin'
Heart is racin', grip your chest
Contemplate about your death
Nobody but you got you
Fuck everybody around you
They just doubt you
Maybe you think they'd be better off without you
Think your life don't mean shit
Fuck it, what's the reason?
Wish I wasn't breathin'
All I do is resent
Anything and everything to do with me
I'm through with me
I pop the bottle
Swear to God I'm 'bout to swallow every dream
Give a fuck about me
Don't try to surround me with your positivity
I'm happy with my misery
Just wanna watch my wrist bleed
Nobody would miss me
Pop some shells
Look down the barrel
This is it
I'm feelin' it
I'm feelin' sick
I hope my family understands
I'm sorry this is really it
I'm sorry this is really it!

"Nicki, stay on the phone with me, hun, okay?"
[*Nicki screams and cries hysterically*]

Gunshot, middle of the front yard
Found the body
Questions always lurkin'
Answer's never comin'
Sick inside her stomach
Empty, feelin' nothin'
She forgot what love is
All black, life off track
Got no will to live, lost that
She just wants him brought back home again
She'll never get over it
Or ever learn to cope with it
No savin' her, she's over it
No savin' her, it's over

I've had some friends do the same shit
Left me here just blamin' myself
Said they never got help
Bitch, I was right here
All I do is fight tears
Look at me!
Now you're dead at 6 feet
Suicide on 5th street
Fuckin' pussy left a mother and a kid
Wonderin' what Daddy did
Daddy's in a better place
Said they had to hide the face
I just had to drive away
Fuck your funeral
I'm leaving you just like you left me, too
I'm sick of losing you

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iAmJakeHill We Die Too Comments
  1. Im Losing My Mind

    This 911 dude, hard asf

  2. abstractgamer195

    Damn this shit hits hard

  3. Ella S

    Starts at 0:23

  4. Brett Milligan

    Listened to this when it came out and still am. 30,000 of those views gotta be me :0

  5. Mario Serbanescu

    here before famous

    Wesley Van Torre

    He been famous bro

  6. Carter Bennett Music

    Does anyone know where I can find that original phone call?

    Wesley Van Torre


    It's a real call btw

  7. Y e l b a •

    I came here from nicky’s 911 call

  8. Styyl

    Is the call actually real? Because if its not it is one of the best voice actings ive ever heard

  9. Wintey

    All the comments 2 years ago and 1 year ago lol

  10. Marcia Osullivan

    Joclyn floress but good

  11. Toni Kuosmanen

    Yo that's damn heavy 😐

  12. Dominic Hohf

    Love the part where you scream bro

  13. Lil Pay

    Holy shit 🥺 I’m so touched by this.

  14. Marlen Abdullaev

    I love Jake Hill

  15. Swap Papyrus Manning

    I literally cant listen to this. No offence Jake

  16. [Worried Laughter]

    Had a friend hang himself yesterday. Only song I wish I didn't relate to. Helps me get through this shit tho.

  17. Kye Rafferty

    Hey... Fuck you for making me come to this video from google music to tell you that you just obliterated my considerations of taking my life.

  18. SplitZ-

    1:48 that part where it got more intense was epic keep it up

  19. Drew Van Vacter

    Man I remember the first time I heard that 911 audio. Chilling.

  20. sonofhorror1995

    My boss kept telling me to listen to Jake hill, completely understood the mental breakdown at work after I listened to this. Really fucked me up

  21. Brad Riggien

    i literally dont mind this killing yourself lyrics and shit but that.. thats just something i cannot listen to.. just.. :/

  22. Traforz

    Who I was>who I am

  23. Song Finder 40462

    Here before 1 million

  24. Veterans Milita Paintball Hawaii

    This song really got me on a rollercoaster from those bomb ass lines and beat to the heart wrenching phone call.
    You know how to make a song these mumble rappers got nothin on you

  25. BlutBad

    This is so lit i listen this with my jbl xtreme in my school so lit 🔥🔥🔥

  26. mysticReviews TV

    I listened to this now I want to die a king

  27. Bela and Lily


  28. GhostBoy


  29. Ben Walsh

    This breaks my heart with the call at the start because I have a little brother, and have considered suicide many times. Hearing that physically hurts. Really puts in perspective the consequences of my actions if I go down that path.

  30. kdawgd

    Daddy is in. Better place that shhit nit me

  31. kaZe Vxq3t On Xbox

    Still a lit song in 2029

  32. yazmin !!

    yooo theres this on soundcloud but it’s a remix & im sorry but it’s better than this one 🤭

  33. Jerry Ratman

    This is what it feels like to step on a landmine

  34. Evan

    Dude wtf. The intro

  35. Boiz Beiyt

    Idk if this is real or not but that’s sad (the call)

    Paddy Griffin

    The call is real, she was with her sister and her bro killed himself her dad comes home later and the call ends with ems on the way it’s sad af

  36. Zilly Zoap

    i feel bad for relating so much to this song

  37. paychisweird

    This song gives me so many chills but I love it so much

  38. Walking On The Blue Surface

    I love you.

  39. sycle

    well now im scared

  40. some kid

    I sent the lyrics to this to my best friend and he flipped and was like " oh God are you ok what the hell??" I later told him it was a prank but that wasn't until I saw him again a week later. My best friend had to live a week of his life worried about me. I still feel a little bad about it


    whyed you do it is the words of the 5 - 6 year old kid in the full call

  42. Velajuel

    Fuck I miss you Gregg

  43. galaxxy

    This is me..
    Like shit

  44. Hal

    can anyone link me to the full audio of the 911 call?



  45. TTV_ mountain_ dewi

    If anybody wants to her the full 911 call I got link it’s

  46. What the heck, what the frick It's Pickle Rick XDDD

    1:12 loved the M9 gunshot sound from COD MW

  47. Diana Burgess

    I couldn't believe that the intro of these song was a real 911 call😱

    Aura Darkskipper

    Yeah, me neither.

  48. Sir Noodle

    This song is so sad omff

  49. Mifa Gang

    i love u

  50. Falco

    this song is like 20x better than all of your other songs, its pretty amazing


    yeah, it's not only the best jake hill song, but the best song in my opinion

  51. Austin Haynes

    Well I almost killed myself

  52. TGKimphunter

    Wow. I can’t believe someone would put that audio into a song. I just started getting into him, and I was really liking everything, and then I heard this and lost almost all respect for him. It saddens me how someone so talented can put that into an otherwise great song.


    Then you missed the point of the song my man.


    It was supposed to help convey the message about suicide you big dummy

  53. Алексей Сумаров

    Why i cry everytime listening to this song :(

  54. Vivek Natarajan

    Traumatized Child: My brother's dead... (RIP)
    911 Operator: What's your name?

    Am I the only one who finds that crazy

  55. The Gaming Pickle

    This goes hard!

  56. TwoToneRebel

    Fucking christ this is dark

  57. Robby Wilson

    Just started listening to this guy and I've listened to this song so many times and I still get goosebumps everytime. It's crazy how underrated he is.

  58. Sphere Clear

    Showed my friend this song he said God damn that was dark and I got him to listen to Josh a and Jake Hill he still won't listen to this one thou

  59. LemonZeppelin

    This is some sad shit, plus the last verse is a bit harsh but understandable as it's coming from a place of frustration.

  60. Vscrly

    any1 my video? LMAO

  61. Doomsday 1234

    Jesus fucking Christ that was dark.

    Great song tho

  62. Sebastian Keefer

    I cant stop listening to this song. Has a lot of meaning and the way you change up your flow is insane. I love it

  63. idkwhoimtryingtobe

    although I don't like rap all that much this is one song that makes me feel emotions no other song could ever

  64. Gene

    My Friend Jordan, He Was Always There For Me When I Was Depressed, Killed His Self Without A Warning. Just One Day My Friend (A Friend Of His To) Told Me And I Broke Down. This Song Reminds Me Of Him Alot. Sleep Well Jordan. Amazing Song Too.

  65. Lakota Ramos

    I like your song iamjakehill

  66. Antonio Castro-Harlan

    Literally have given like my whole school the idea to look and check out this song... my school is huge like 2k people.. I stood out in the courtyard and screamed LISTEN TO WE DIE TOO BY JAKE HILL LADIES AND GENTS got a referral but was worth it :)

  67. Louie Forsythe

    I need more songs like this...

  68. malakhi francis

    this shit hit me hard

  69. Midekuoriya

    *W I L L T H I S B E O N R O B L O X ? ! ? !(

  70. DAS DING

    Es berührt mich immer wenn ich es anhöre ich krieg immer Gänsehaut omg

  71. Lil Numb

    2019 boys ?

  72. Woof Wizard

    Really great song I like the beats and the lyrics! Now if you will excuse me I have to put out a big fire due to these beats! XD

  73. Alexandros Mavromoustakos

    could you possibly post the beat by itself? I would like to perform this at my school's talent quest :)

  74. AnaMae Deere

    I always come back to this song and keep it on repeat when I'm creating my art. Songs like this helps me focus on certain emotions 😂but 1:33 🔥

  75. Actual Real Jesus

    1:50 n on defo hit me hard man, I felt that shit, relatable as hell.

  76. Starvibes悲しい - Music I Guess

    Now it's a 21Savage album cover !

  77. SkyPirateAustin

    This is.....wow

  78. Troy Lack

    If your hurt look for a reason to love not for the other people that are hurting.

  79. RAGE QU1T

    This song open my mind

  80. -Lope Leaf-

    i have deppression and this hit me hard. you k?

  81. Blue Raven

    Not suicidal anymore. But I still do self-harm. And nobody can stop this...

  82. Suleykka

    This song still needs to be on Apple Music

  83. Rockstar Miami

    i saw this 911 call on top 15 scary 911 cals at number 3...



  84. Blue

    I love this song but hearing that call gives me nightmares and shit. I hate it, but great song.



  85. Halil Acar

    I'm here for the daily dose.

  86. ok retard

    I keep replaying this song because those two minutes seem like two seconds

  87. TristanKaos

    The fuck?😂 Bruh this is fire but like... Where's the metal?

  88. Zombi3Slayer117

    Bro every time I here that kid I start crying

  89. Exploring with Brogan

    This song is fucking disgusting I hate it this is a real 911 call

    Mandaben Bordewijk

    i dont really know how to react to this. i understand your opinion. and it ain't a song that says no to suicide. but i think this song is good because it scares people who listen to this. but he could've done this in an other way, less psycho.


    Yes a real 911 call to show how serious depression and suicide is. The message of this song is that while you don’t see it, you’re hurting others by hurting yourself, and this 911 call helps sum it up.



  90. That Kid Named CJ 999

    Gives me chills


    Thats cool

  91. Madeleine Reeve

    My likes keep disappearing and it's pissing me off...

    That Kid Named CJ 999

    Thats cool

  92. lil nutz

    This is hard to listen to sad I try suicide I wonder how my sister would feel

  93. Gamer

    *S H O O K*

  94. GiniMonster Z

    I put these lyrics in my Xbox live bio and got banned for a week.

    Logan Johansen

    Sad boi hours mate


    Nevermind i was gonna put the same thing but nevermind

    500 Sub without videos

    Bc they fucking pussies