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I'm sick of feeling like shit, sick of feeling like this
Had some positivity inside of me, I lost it
What the fuck was I complaining for when I had everything I ever needed
Used to wake up to it then, now all I ever do is dream it

Don't try to help me now
Don't wanna hear a thing I'd rather burn than drown
Never gave a fuck about nobody else, I only care about myself
At least that's what I been told, fuck you too
Lookin' at these people like who are you

How could you say that
Not one to complain but
I am sick of this pain
Am I the only one out there
That's looking for somewhere
To get away from everybody?
I don't wanna go back
Pop a bunch of pills
Until my vision goes black

I try to tell myself that I got so much to live for
I'm tired of being this way

I'm sick of feeling like shit, sick of feeling like this
Had some positivity inside of me, I lost it
What the fuck was I complaining for when I had everything I ever needed
Used to wake up to it then, now all I ever do is dream it

Come back to my senses
Finger on the trigger, wouldn't that be so senseless?
Throw it all away and leave em left with just pictures
People never cared but now they posting I miss you's

The pressure's building up I'm nauseous weak and exhausted
Don't ever get too close to me just keep your distance be cautious
I feel like I'm exploding internally hopeless, I'm choking and hoping
Death is approaching me soon as possible hopefully

I'm sorry what I feel I say
Nobody understands unless you feel this way
Numb to everything but I can still feel grey
I'm tired of being this way

I'm sick of feeling like shit, sick of feeling like this
Had some positivity inside of me, I lost it
What the fuck was I complaining for when I had everything I ever needed
Used to wake up to it then, now all I ever do is dream it

Why me?
Put it all behind me
Thought I'd get away from it
But its right here beside me
Will I ever catch a break?
Was I even meant to be here
Look into the mirror who
The fuck do I see here?

I just feel empty not asking for sympathy
I just can't seem to find what it is with me
I wake up confused and my soul has been bruised
And the world is dead to
Me I feel like I'm losin' me
I feel like I'm losin' me

I'm sick of feeling like shit, sick of feeling like this
Had some positivity inside of me, I lost it
What the fuck was I complaining for when I had everything I ever needed
Used to wake up to it then, now all I ever do is dream it

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iAmJakeHill Help Comments
  1. Terrible Pubg Player

    2 years later I notice a person is standing there

    I’m sooooooooo dumbbbbbbbbbb

  2. Lil Ambivert

    This songs fire bro.

  3. Addy Sylvester

    Iamjakehill. An artist I have highly enjoyed for such a long time now. Depression hits hard every day, but I always have his music to somewhat rely upon. I love these types of songs, as well as his music which he screams somewhat, like 38 to the face. Thank you Jake for doing this for yourself, and us.

  4. Zealous

    anyone else in 2019.... or just me

    Dumcreeper09x -

    All the time. All his old music is awesome

  5. dead memz

    I wish there was at least a 10 min long video of just this song cause I really can relate

  6. sierra lagrimas

    His voice always changes and I love it👌

  7. GooseMooseDuck

    I feel that this deserves much more than its getting like.. when you search for help on youtube the most stuff you see is daily life things but i feel it would be much better for people in the slump when they type help that they end up here and get to indulge what Jake is. We are not alone and somehow we will all someday catch a break even if it feels hopeless.. thanks jake for being the biggest impact in my life right now.. keep making tracks.. Love from Sweden <3

  8. Sammitch

    Still my favorite song along with Lion. I was so hyped when you started that acapella in philly on the better off dead tour.

  9. the ghost

    u are the most slept on rapper more people need to know u

  10. thanks, this song is retable, this song really helps me i hope u know that. thanks

  11. Rosy Card

    Tip jake get drunk then cry in the moring

  12. IxToxicHackzxI

    Man I can so relate to this....... My childhood an still go thru it... Repeat..... My life

  13. DJ Reaper

    I lost the love of my life last year. This song hits me hard because whenever i was depressed or sad (still am) it just talks to me saying not to give up. Ive been heart broken many times but man this girl ment the world to me. Her name was Lauren Estrada. We were together for 9 years and man was that the beat 9 years of my life. The night she left me it felt like everything was falling apart around me. No one came to check on me asking if i was ok or if i am hurting. No one even asked if i wantsd a hug or just to talk. Your music is like an outlet to me. I tried committing suicide recently but i thought of your songs and started playing it and it just told me somehow to hold on a little longer. I wanted to tell my story for anyone who ever felt like they were alone. Your never alone because music helps you and can save you believe it or not. Thank you jake for saving my life and making me want to get up and keep living it means alot to me. I prey one day i can get her back and love her more then ever.

  14. Pss Dstrer

    I were in this state of mind twice. Once on my best friend’s father funeral and once because I was tired after working for 20 hours straight in high stress, then going with girlfriend on ice skates and later getting drunk in pub. If I were terrified with ideas which were passing my mind for about 1 hour straight every time, I can’t even imagine how horrible it is for depressed person to act in front of everyone, that everything is good. Forever respect my internet friends, you’ll find a light in the darkness.

  15. Cole Claudel

    upchurch is a Superior being

  16. Jayd Arroyos

    I legit found you a month or so ago. And I nonstop have been listening to you. I've got my boyfriend hooked on you. You're amazing. Keep doing what you do best. ❤

  17. KiwiGamingCSGO

    _love this song <3_

  18. black rose

    I love this so much ♥ you're amazing <3<3<3

  19. MNDarkfire !

    This song perfectly captures what it’s like to be dumped. Especially the line “had some positivity inside of me I lost it. What the fuck was I complaining for when I had everything I ever needed.”

  20. Kaiden Pierce

    Feel the same right now tbh, everything in my life switched up completely and I'm still young trying to figure out everything, thanks for this song to relate to and the rest of your music Man! Hope to see you in concert one day

  21. Shubhojit Bose


  22. Gearóid L

    I thank god I’m over this problem but in all hell please talk to someone if your feeling this way like I did.

  23. TheGhostOfSif

    I love you

  24. Revolutionary Cinema Productions

    Jake hill is the new eminem. So jealous bro 😂😂

  25. jerry //ジェリー

    I can relate to it

  26. Tyson

    Omg jake hill is all i listen to

  27. Mustafa Sweiss

    You speak truth brother, but the truth hurts! This makes me believe denial is a privilege! Hate it. Love it? Keeping rolling that tape, your music hits the Heart!

  28. metal mania21

    guy, for the love of god i might literally die if we dont at least talk about doing a ft. with joyner lol but on a serious note bro killed it as always. Your gonna have to be careful man gonna catch a charge if ya keep merc in everything you get on!

  29. The Triple K and D

    Just... thank you.

  30. Mythili Venugopal

    Wow! I have never been able to relate to a song at this level. Thank you so much man, this song means so much to me

  31. BigDaddyZ Tha Doughboy

    Deeper and tighter than the imaginary girl that I didn't fuck

  32. SillyBunny49926

    yo i want the beat to this song so badly

  33. r6.clipsz On instagram

    I heard this song when it first came out. I just came back and it still hits me. I’m glad your amount of fans are increasing for such a talented artist.

  34. Princess Baby Girl

    Love your music

  35. Avram Alkalay

    I just like this song so good

  36. Milo Pesce Ares

    Something good came out of 2016

  37. Ms. Zombangle

    Oh, I have depression and I can relate... :/

  38. ivan bobrov


  39. Tina Dennis

    Can't wait till you get on Pandora. 👌

  40. Brittani cabree

    How am I now seeing this

  41. nunya business

    Too fucking underrated! You're going large, Jake!

  42. SootCoot

    This song is just like me now. Lil bit of happiness of finding you ;)

  43. CJ Flye

    Well this is relatable im here every step of the way

  44. Parsa Hosseini

    My anthem

    X lIAxisIl X The badass one

    Parsa Hosseini same

  45. follower505

    Man, my mate just found you today or yesterday and he showed me you. Really strikes a chord my guy

  46. Isak C

    You’re just the best

  47. space invader

    Replay replay reaplay

  48. Omni Stellar

    Found you through my favourite rapper currently, and you already know who that is; Josh A. Heard your bars on one of his songs and couldn't help but check you out. You guys better not stop collabing my dude! Consider yourself subscribed.

  49. Squire

    is this my life story? wtf so relatable

  50. Cristiano

    This song basically describes my life, I love you so much, You,Josh A, Logic and J cole are my idols.

  51. Sir-Chuffey

    I hate how much I relate to this song.

  52. yungg blud

    No one will see this, but I must say, you are damn good rapper compared to these shit wannabe rappers out here *cough* Jake Paul *cough* any way keep it up you have TALENT

  53. Dylan Frederick

    I listen to this at school

  54. uknown

    This really hits the spot,your stuff is so good,i hope you blow up and get big man,you deserve it,much love

  55. galaxy antman

    Jake you so good when im sad I'll listen to your rap you so good keep it up to you can do it bro

  56. Spring Rain Hill


  57. Spring Rain Hill

    Glad this circumstance of

    what was happening is finally Over!

  58. dadtx76

    Hang in there man we all love your songs

  59. Rainye Shanta

    I know im late but Jake your songs help me keep the hella dope music

  60. shliiit 420

    damn dude this is nice.

  61. RampagexLegitx

    i love this song 10/10 song 7/10 of emotional pain

  62. Vixor YT

    I know how you feel man, I'm feeling that right now

  63. Blazed UPP

    I Fuck with this too

  64. Arianator Since 2013

    "Sick feeling like this" 💔

  65. kaylynn elizabeth

    I'm super late but I just found you and omg I love this song so much ❤ I really hope you get big (favorite song by far... Relatible)

  66. anian the viking

    you just got a new subscriber

  67. rexrap cow with gills

    oh god i just had a friend who outted himself do this made me cry

  68. Parkour Squad

    hey this was the first song i heard from you and now im in love with your music my friend showed me this song and said "i thought of you" well as you can tell that song kinda sounds like my life and how i feel so whenever i feel like im having a bad day i listen to this song and know im not alone and i can fight through the pain and get through it all just like everyone else thx so much and keep making music your amazing.

  69. Dustin Moles

    Appreciate this song man I lost my cousin and little brother to gang shit and this hit home been a rough last 4months

  70. Ty Foster

    Actually one of my most liked songs by you actually i pretty much just found you and iv heard a good majority of your songs and man im loven them keep it up this hits deep. Peace.

  71. Mozzie

    I relate

  72. Sierra Bessinger

    your voice is so beautiful

  73. Sam_Dead

    like your songs keep it up

  74. Mateusz

    Real talk here , thats my fav song

  75. Mohammed Awad Ahmad

    this is legit my life :(

  76. Josh M

    Why is this man not getting 1m+ views? Subbed bro, keep it up

  77. Cameron Hancock

    This reminds me so much of, Blackbear - Sometimes I want to die, but better. One of the lines is, I'm so sick of being tired, I'm so tired of being sick.


    Was just listening to that yesterday lol

  78. Ricardo hogerhuis

    sick songs dude!

  79. Vibe Nation

    just became my favorite rapper I dead ass just banged all his songs for like 3 days straight lmfao

    Sam SoSavage

    legit just did same exact shit....cant stop....im hooked

  80. Çağatay Sarp Aksu

    Never knew that I can cry to a rap song. Shit I can't stop

  81. RiseFromTheDust

    you are amazing <3

  82. Jeffrey Concepcion

    im so happy I found you a while ago now I bump your songs all the time. help me with all my tears.

  83. Douglas Labat

    stay real some good ass shit

  84. Sage

    hey Jake love your stuff

  85. CousinCat

    Why doesn't this have more views 😭

  86. Nick

    hi how r u jake


    Family Gaming helloooo

  87. Habu

    Forever headbanging, keep it up fam you're a huge inspiration to all of us <3

  88. Rilan Robinson


  89. Vincent Olvido

    Damn man this hits me hard question tho will this be on spotify?


    just uploaded. It'll probably be on in like a week

  90. danny __

    I feel like this
    finally someone said it

  91. ImLuckyLucid

    Dude first of all, I want to thank you over the fact that I am able to listen to your music! You truly have a fucking amazing talent! Keep it up homie.

  92. DEVO 2x

    can i use this


    Res_reactions f/a ya

  93. Bulba saur

    bro, where tf have you been

  94. Quik Inquistor

    goddamn i really love all your song

    Firery Ninja

    Quik Inquistor j

  95. DEVO 2x

    can i use this song


    Ya just credit

  96. LunaLLena

    Soooo good💙


    #relatable props to you Jake this was an (another) awesome song and I can relate a SHIT ton of the lyrics man keep it up and stay true to yourself man


    By far my favourite song

  98. lpgoD

    see u at 1 mil