iAmJakeHill - Finer Things Lyrics

Ok its time to silence all the nay say's
What they say will never phase
May 2017, I'm a day late but not a dollar short
I keep the stakes raised
Cause life is a gamble
You win and you lose
Cut down at the handle
I'm feeling so useless
But ima use this, fuck the excuses
Sever the loose ends, staying elusive

Stress til the sun comes up
Undress but I feel no love
Never blessed I'm fucked I'm a mess I'm a fuckin wreck
Point your fingers better fuckin check

That you ain't one that's just like me
Only difference is you chase dead dreams
And the indifference is interfering with my interests, dejavu
Never wanna relive this

Shit that I been through
What I'm into, is never in you
Were never on the same page, stress ensues
Another chapter fades, break pencils yeah

And my issues stay
Put em in a bottle but I'm keepin it at bay
I sink in the sand or I drift in the waves
And I just wanna say that

I'm chasing the finer things
The finer things
I'm chasing the finer things
And in you I didn't find a fucking thing
I didn't find a thing
I didn't find a thing
I didn't find a thing

I apologize for the upset
I got sorry eyes cause of unrest
I'm on a land slide I got nothing left
I keep my hands tied to my fucking chest

Cause life is a gamble
You win and you lose
Cut down at the handle
I'm feeling so useless

But ima use this
Fuck the excuses
Sever the loose ends
Staying elusive

Good times come my way
Used to have em but they seemed to fade
Growing up is such a fucking daze
One day you're 16 the rest is haze

I got blood stains and an empty heart
Tormeneted soul, bones fall apart
With a clouded vision left in the dark
My sense is missing but you never listened

You only care about you
I don't really think I even care about you
People change in a day its instant
Then you wonder why I became so distant
Then you wonder why were inconsistent
With our feelings, feeling so rinsed
And washed out, I miss the start
It began so simple but the time grew stale
Let's end it civil

Don't even start with the "miss you"'s
Sometimes I don't even really get you
Sometimes I don't even wanna miss you
Sometimes I wish that I never knew you

And my issues stay
Put em in a bottle but I'm keepin it at bay
I sink in the sand or I drift in the waves
And I just wanna say that
I'm chasing the finer things

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iAmJakeHill Finer Things Comments
  1. Some Player

    how such chill track can be so underrated

  2. GoodNightLovell

    this low key sounds like a night lovell type beat

  3. Stephen Dumeyer

    most underrated song ever

  4. John d0e Lol

    Finally a song I can play to my girlfriend

  5. Niko Marko

    The most under rated Jake Hill song EVER.

  6. Alex Wolf

    Someone plz kill me

  7. Grzecho games

    From 2017 to 19 still here

  8. Cole Sultemeier

    I love the production Ghxst puts into this, especially the usage of brass instruments. I played brass for 7 years before switching to percussion, I miss it kinda, beautiful sounds can be made with those instruments

  9. Muhammad Tahir

    Dude seriously get ready to blow up

  10. nilsthatboi

    all time favourite

  11. p w

    Jake hill and ghxst can’t get any better than that

  12. metal mania21

    dear santa all i want for for christmas is one 4or5 min collaboration with Jake and Joyner if you get me that ill never ask for anything again...mainly because the amount of fire that would be that joint track would probably be like a itty bitty nuke going off in my ears

  13. some depressed fucker

    8 months later and i still go back to this amazing song so underrated

  14. Mary Ulery

    Honestly Jake Hill you keep me hella relaxed I could sleep to all of your music and it helps ignore the stress in the world keep doing this amazing shit man ❤️❤️

  15. Dy9nasty-

    Whoever disliked this video is too dumb to realize talent.

  16. Sunny Day

    I find this very refreshing. Most music made nowadays don't have much of a message. Your lyrics sound human and I love it. You have earned yourself another subscriber.

  17. SomeThingElse Productions

    In my opinion GHXST is kinda trash but u killed it

  18. Non

    One of my fav songs from you yet the vibes is wild

  19. Matt_K02

    I use your music to hype up before matches.

  20. EdanZy

    Game of thrones vibes

  21. KiloWatt Gaming

    Why do i only listen to white rappers

  22. Redemption Gaming

    the background tho, it sounds like you are a mafia in the town

  23. Gearóid L

    This shit is lit 🔥🔥

  24. xRaw_Delusionx

    just woke up had a good sleep on you but im loving it i up others find you👍🏽

  25. blurryface 19

    I'm obsessed 😍

  26. Byakko ZuntriX

    That like/dislike ratio tho, hope it stays like that

  27. pronax

    Better than Kylie Jenner's sex tape :))))


    RmZ anything can be better than that shit

  28. Friasy

    Fucking amazing. ❤

  29. H3H3

    FIRE BOY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  30. Error

    Very Noice

  31. AfroBoi

    Any link for the instrumental please ? :x

  32. LBCTooker

    I don’t understand how you haven’t blown up yet, but you’ll get to the top one day. It may not be tmr or next week or next year but it’ll happen and when it does everyone will love your music and I just wanted to say I won’t stop listening to your music. It’s really good and I listen to your music 24/7

  33. AfroBoi

    I'm looking for the best, anyone have a link pls?

  34. Jack

    can we get the beat anywhere?

  35. Ruz Gaming

    Im glad Spectrum came out. In Spotify I can finally listen to the best songs without anything like Bandzzz showing

  36. rly ash


  37. Josh

    Bruuhhh make some merch

  38. PgirlRangerz

    I JUST discovered you & your music...wtf man all your songs bang

  39. Kimetrius Tekalye

    like really dank

  40. Kimetrius Tekalye

    pretty dank dude

  41. Parker Ti

    respect man ı am turkish

  42. Meme De La Woofy

    your music has come a very very long way

  43. Lee Ah

    Almost unsubscribed bc I thought you were jake paul before I hit play

  44. PooperMan Perico

    Could someone right the lyrics to this song? I would be so thankful! What an amazing song Jake,just like every other song of yours :)


    Lyrics in description near bottom :)

  45. Zjay Alon-Alon

    xmas is so early
    thank you santa jake :3

  46. Mexican Miriam Does Things

    Who's hyped for the pinecone Christmas album???ME

  47. Mexican Miriam Does Things


  48. Jim O'Connor

    The 7 dislikes are all Jake Paul fans

  49. bluehand345

    Fav song from album


    same 🔥🔥


    This is very relatable

  51. Bush


  52. Bread Crumbs

    Love it.❤💛💚💙💜

  53. Charlie lestat

    Keep it up jake Hill, your 100% gonna be huge in the rap world!!!

  54. Josh

    Cant wait for that Lil Pinecone Christmas album

  55. Ad0ns


  56. Slavko Anisijevic

    *growin up is such a fuckin daze,one day your 16 and the rest is haze*
    Man im 16 now i feel really depressed right now,this shit is so reletable.


    Slavko Anisijevic Stay 16 as long as you can

  57. Kurosenai

    nice track

  58. Monsey

    Ty for putting my fave on youtube

  59. XelaR

    Omg this is fucking amazing, your the best Jake



  61. Captain MacMillan

    This makes me HAVE SEX

  62. Karp

    We all know that the dislikes is who this was about and their alt accounts

  63. Tray Muse

    Dis dat devil music

  64. Why Y

    Yesssss please keep em coming

  65. Mostafa Zalloum

    hi ( sorry for my bad English )

  66. Muqsit Rayyan

    this is soo good 👏👏👏🔥

  67. Theeking

    So good like every other song, keep it up bro love the music!

  68. Robert S

    Lit asf, you should try to do another lit track with Lil Pinecone

  69. Nehal Patel

    It pisses me off how shitty rappers like ricegum are bigger than you even tho you are 10x better

    Nehal Patel

    The Real Kenzo comedian are supposed to be funny


    The Real Kenzo "comedian"


    Well honestly ricegums music can't be serious so it has to be a joke. so yeah i'll call him a comedian

    blurryface 19

    Fucking thank you; someone agrees

    THE MelMoh

    Ricegum thinks he is good but he spits SHITTT

  70. RatchetC99

    I’ve been addicted to this song from the album thanks🔥🔥❤️❤️


    I’ve been addicted to it since he shown a little bit of this song on instagram, it’s my favourite song from this album 🔥🔥

  71. Leofossi

    Now this is why I'm subscribed. Fucking brilliant.

  72. Bruther Billy


  73. Carl

    yoshi city remix?

  74. Osama alshofi

    Nice job Jake keep it up lit 💥💥

  75. Mystery MM


  76. Kavi Tenuwara

    515 likes 2 dislikes

  77. Benji

    What do we want? JAKE HILL TOUR! When do we want it? RIGHT FUCKING NOW!

  78. DEaD-'-RiSE

    🅱iner Thin🅱s

  79. Goatmeal VR

    Song is good, the lyrics are really really good. Nice work

  80. yeezy.

    Gimme a Heart

  81. Mike Hunt

    Jus when thought there was hope for hip hop ,wack ass beat and flow ever since gucci coffen with Josh a both Jake hill and josh A have been getting fuckin trash with these shitty beats and wack flows.


    Carlos Yanez Let me get a hit off whatever you are high on.

    Mike Hunt

    deezzy that's the thing man I'm puffin on some loud and I can't vibe with this shit.

  82. LapisGoBlue

    Omg i used the same background when I had my old music channel

  83. Mark AC

    It's true, I didn't find Finer Things, I found the strange ones

    Stranger Things Season 2 is available now on Netflix (sorry for the pity self-promo)

  84. 1FutureFuturistic

    (pop) verry noice

  85. 1FutureFuturistic

    My fav artist

  86. Hamza Srk

    "I am chasing the finer things and in you i didn' find a fucking thing"
    Thats what i said to my ex

  87. EdanZy

    Stranger things season 3 confirmed

  88. Pddnos

    This litterly dropped when I woke up I could've been the first person fuck!

  89. T Edits

    327 likes to just 1 cuz this is too fire

  90. zeph

    Jake bringing the chilled out fire 🔥🔥

  91. rotacc

    how are you making so many tracks? they're all good too. nice job jake

  92. Jeeva R

    smooth as fuck