Hyland, Brooke - You Can't Hurt Me Lyrics

You hold me to the fire
Knowing I'm alone
Try and make me cry
And tear away my home

Every chance you get
Throw another stone
Don't you know regret
Never heals a bone?

No, oh, oh, no, no no
I don't wanna go
No, oh, oh, no, no no
I don't wanna go

Where did you go wrong
To harbor so much hate
I won't carry on
The fear that you create

Today I will survive
Sometimes it's hard to live
I won't forget the crying
But try to just forgive

No, oh, oh, no, no no
I don't wanna go
No, oh, oh, no, no no
I don't wanna go

And you can't make me
No, you can't hurt me
And you can't make me
No, you can't hurt me

Try to break me down
Words that scatter fear
But love's the only sound
My heart will ever hear

Tomorrow may not come
But still I choose to pray
For another sun
To greet my weary face

No, oh, oh, no, no no
I don't wanna go
No, oh, oh, no, no no
I don't wanna go

And you can't make me
No, you can't hurt me
And you can't make me
No, you can't hurt me

Another day you wake
To bend my will again
But it will never break
'Cuz hate can never win

And you can't make me
No, you can't hurt me
And you can't make me
No, you can't hurt me

And you can't make me (No, oh, oh, no, no no)
No, you can't hurt me (I don't wanna go)
And you can't make me (No, oh, oh, no, no no)
No, you can't hurt me (I don't wanna go)

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Hyland, Brooke You Can't Hurt Me Comments
  1. alice hyland

    love this one

  2. Leah Hernandez

    She’s way better with no auto tune I’m doing a duo and I sing the part cause hate can never win at my school and I have a bully when I say that I’m going to look at him and wink not that I like him he’s a jerk

  3. Angelavision

    *cough* Abby

    Shreya Nowbuth

    Angelavision lol

  4. Sarah Altayyari

    Wow such i good song i really want it i welk all the time ues of i can find in my app of music

  5. Joselin Castellanos

    i love you

  6. Makenzie anderstand

    jeez, don't know what to say. just keep it up brooke.

  7. Kay Earl

    There is a woman i love, but she plays with my heart. She loves me but she hurts me. She has hurt me for the last time.

  8. Ashia Jenkins

    brooke I love you so much I can relate to the pressure Abby put on you and the way she treated i'm so glad you moved on i'm your biggest fan now look at you your so happy and now your a freshman in college you have a lovely boyfriend Nolan Betts I really miss u and your dancing on TV what happened to u making music u have a amazing voice you should continue singing I mean look at Mack z Nia jojo and Kendall they all sing anyways I wish you and your family the best especially to you and Paige and of course Nolan Betts can't wait too see what you do in the future luv your biggest fan ashia

  9. Alicia Bishop

    beautiful song

  10. maddan bennett

    know all the words I LOVE YOUR MUSIC iam not as crazy as i look in the pic

  11. Enedelia Reyes

    Amazing song I luv it😀🎤🎵🎼🎶

  12. Vaishnavi Ashwat Ram Murthy

    luv this song

  13. pointeshoo225

    Juuuust one question, goutube8 why in the discription does it say Brooke did an amazing time? Grammar people!

  14. MadisonX XMitchell


  15. Madison Ott

    this song is probluble about abby and how she did not want to go but she just had to at the end i love her

    Chrissie Davis

    no its not

    Olivia Achard

    +Chrissie Davis Really? What is it about?

    Kelsey Micire

    +Chrissie Davis how do you know

  16. Nadine Lurz

    I wonder how many of Brookes songs are dedicated to make fun of Abby. I love her voice.


    +SepticSam Forever that wasn't to "make fun of Abby" that was a literal song about hurting. she was having back problems and the emotional hurt she was dealing with. she didn't write it to make fun of Abby. lol

  17. Stefani Fuentes

    Brooke cantas hermoso eres la mejor

  18. Live_life _as_me

    Brooke I loveeeee your songs I hope you keep making more new songs.

  19. Bubbles the wubbles

    Is awesome

  20. Bubbles the wubbles

    She amazing your vocif

  21. ChenBritMi

    love this no auto tune!!! she can sing!!!


    ChenBritMi this has atuotune

  22. kayleigh

    is Brooke still dancing?


    I think she is doing gymnastics now

    Kelsey Micire

    +Leonie🐼 me too

  23. April Williams

    ABBY lol

  24. April Williams


  25. annalee anderson

    honestly the best singer out of all the dancers that have ever been on dance moms. im definitely not hating on any of the other girls, they are all absolutely beautiful, but i wish that abby would take out all the auto tune in their songs; it really downgrades them. i really like brookes voice, and her songs; they're actually well written for how young she is. go brooke, keep doing you!!!


    @redkidrocks1 Still, this comment is 3 years ago! At the time in 2012 Mackenzie didn't even want to show her singing. Brooke did and you had no right to say that Brooke shoulden't be a singer but instead a songwriter. No no and no! Brooke loves singing and shes amazing in it! If you don't like her click away and if you're still here trying to explain your not hating which I totally don't belive you can test out the way you sing and also, woulden't you have a dream of beinga singer and then someone tells you that you sing bad and should be songrwiter instead? Oh please, give the girl a break.


    @Lýnn Actually i have won singing competitions at a national level. I've also placed nationally in songwriting as well. I do both. I've won competitions in both. So you don't know me. And I know a lot more about singing and songwriting than you do. Like Brooke was trained in dancing I was trained in singing. When I give an opinion on someone's vocal ability, I judge for a unbias standpoint. It doesnt come from hate or love. There are artist I cannot stand but I would never say they can't sing. Which I didn't even say Brooke can't sing. I said I've never heard her actually try. So until I hear her attempt live. Then I'm going to guess she probably can't. Not because I hate her but because MOST PEOPLE CAN'T SING. So like with anyone in the world. Until I hear her I can't assume any better. You're putting words in my mouth. I didn't say she shouldn't sing. I didn't say she should song write instead. In fact if you are a songwriter you should sing your own stuff. That's something I honestly believe. As for when this comment was posted that doesn't matter. That has nothing to do with the current topic. And if I have an opinion. I'm aloud to share it. Now I like Brooke. In fact she was one of my favorites on the show. But I don't let how I personally feel about them cloud my judgement on their abilities. I won't respond to you again. You're hurtling out accusations left and right that have no real weight or truth to them and you're to blinded by your own prejudice to even have a civalized conversation with some one who doesn't completely agree with you. Good day! Good bye! And I hope you have a nice life


    @redkidrocks1 Nonsense. I do not belive that you ever were a singer. Listen, how would you feel about having dreams of becoming a singer but people think you should be a songwriter instead. just because some person added autotune into her video's and just cuz she doesn't sing live doesn't mean she's ment to be a songwriter. She's good as a singer and you should not compare Mackenzie to Brooke in Brooke's video's. Brooke and Mackenzie are a diffrent age and singing styles. Mackenzie is 14 and does pop, Brooke is 20-21 and she does like these nice love songs.


    @redkidrocks1 Oh yh, by the way, the original commentar did not say ANYTHING about Brooke being the best. No one is the best. They're all good


    @Lýnn Well you need to go read the original comment again because literally the first thing she says is "Honestly the best singer out of all the dancers". And on another note, oh my gosh! Just how petty are you? You are literally continuing this argument nearly a year later? Seriously? This is ridiculous!!! Please go and get a life because this is just childish.

  26. Gillian Gadany

    probably the worst song I've ever heard

    Jessica Wever

    too bad!

    Serena A

    @Gillian Gadany I love how you are saying this is the worst song you have ever heard when I doubt you can do anything remotely good as this girl

    P Tina

    Maybe your just jealous because her singing

    Loriana G

    Gillian Gadany ironic how this comment has no likes

  27. Irem Y.

    she sounds like ashley tisdale 0.0

  28. Macon

    I would eat this chick's asshole with ice cream and mashed potatoes.

    PurplePuppy Pawz

    Umm what


    @Johnny Matthew um, she's only 17.


    @kayleigh lindahl 17 is a consensual legal adult where I'm at.


    @Jojohairline 2020 Whoa I totally forget about this song!

  29. Sierra Martinèz

    she never will give up no matter what

  30. jessica nguyen

    i love you songs what's you number

  31. pointeshoo225

    And it's not attack-y it's calm yet powerful

  32. pointeshoo225

    Her voice is SOOOOO BEAUTIFUL And yeah it is triggered at abby  

  33. A B

    really beautiful song, all about Abby.

  34. Catherine Crichton

    Less auto-tune makes Brooke sound much better, she's really talented at everything she does💕

  35. Emily Rojas

    She sounds so much better with less auto tune

  36. Josh Engel

    She is so good

  37. Star Kattie

    Such a really good song but it sucks that it's about Abby. Or well probaly is about Abby. Because the lryics describe how Brooke was treated by Abby or well.. The lryics are written and it was basically how Abby treated Brooke. And how Abby won't hurt her (Brooke) anymore. Anyways it sucks that it's about Abby cuz Brooke should be able to write about anything not just about a certain someone


    She didnt write this song

  38. Vyviana Murdock

    I hate myself right now...😢😢

    Loriana G

    Vyviana Murdock I’m sorry.

  39. kayla

    All her songs are awesome

  40. erica

    playing this as my alarm on the first day of school! "i don't wanna go! and you can't make me!!" lol

    Demia Thomas

    This my alarm as well

    Demia Thomas



    "Sometimes it's hard to live"

  41. Misty Thompson

    I feel like she's talking about Abby in this song.

    lizzie coulthard

    i agree

    Nadine Lurz

    I agree


    +Misty Thompson  She is

    Michael Smoothy

    that is mean but true no harm

    Shreya Nowbuth

    Misty Thompson she is

  42. Noura Osko

    Brooke is so perfect in this OMGG.
    but I'm pretty sure this is about the tension between Abby and Kelly bc of them leaving the aldc which is so sad. & how Abby doesn't like Brooke, or Paige, or her mom. if you watch one of the episodes in season 4, Melissa called Abby and said when are you coming back, and Abby said "whenever Brooke and Paige get the hell out of my studio" and Brooke started to cry.
    yes it may also be about things that happen that aren't on camera, but think about it. The fact that Brooke cries because of what Abby says, it's really hurtful. Just think about what I said, and don't hate on my opinion bc I've been reading the other comments, and their strange. just put what I said to thought and then you'll realize who this song is about. have a great day;)💕 [noh8 doe]

  43. Michelle

    This defenitly is about abby and about brooke leaving aldc. She's amezing no matter what abby says!

    #swagworld avec Lens & Naomie

    This song was made before she left


    @Michellelovesdance this came out before her and Paige left the ALDC.....


    @kayleigh lindahl Oww oops 😂 nvm hahah


    Maybe its only about Abby, not about leaving ALDC


    Since, (you already know) this was made before she left ALDC

  44. Vyviana Murdock

    My friend Arianna knows this song! She taught me the "no oh oh, no no" part

  45. Neha Rani

    I love this song so much it really speaks out her emotions

  46. Erin Rachel

    About Abby. 100%

    Erin Rachel

    Ok I take it back 90% about Abbey, 10% about her personal life.

    Erin Rachel

    When I say Abbey I mean Abby and Kelly

  47. kim lance


  48. Leonor Soares

    the begining of the song reminds me of "no one- alicia keys'' o.O

  49. Hana A

    so beautiful i can now hear her voice i looooooooooooove it

  50. Ale Morales

    Brooke es lo mejor que a pasado en mi vida i love you

  51. okay melo

    It feels like in this song the sound of her voice is better. 

    Zora See


  52. History Justice

    this doesn't have alot of autotune so shut up haleigh chaney

  53. Linda Yenicag

    Her voice sounds Amazing in this song! It's my fav song of hers. Her voice is not nasally in this song. I also love the lyrics

  54. Suzette Chavez

    i want to be brooke

    kelleigh cooper

    I know she was on a show she is a talented dancer and singer she has it easy

  55. LittleSimmer02

    I think this is about Abby and Brooke leaving Dance Moms

  56. Brittani H

    this song is pretty good :) This sounds like the song with her best vocals

  57. Jaria Browm

    Brooke u r amazing and awesome love ur voice

  58. Crafty Nattie

    She's an intelligent writer listen to the lyrics

    Joan Nieves

    She dosent write her own music

    Rebecca McCamey

    @Joan Nieves hohow do you know she doesn't write her own music


    @Rebecca McCamey the album has writing credits to her and some other people that she works with at the studio. a lot of the time artists tell the writers there feelings or ideas and the writers write a song and the singer basically edits it.

    Xiomara Polanco

    Crafty Nattie totatianna❤️🎈🙃😈👍🏼👍🏼✌🏼🖐🏾👅💅🏼💄💍💋👣👃🏼👂🏾👂🏾👂🏾👂🏾👂🏾👂🏾👂🏾👂🏾👂🏾👥👤👨🏼👧🏼👩🏼👶🏻

  59. Hplands-Lukasisk -Fraizer

    Brooke is always looking so withdrawn she rarely smiles brooke is not happy I thing the constant battling between her mom and abby has gotten to her and I think she love to dance but she would prefer to stop dancing so she wont have the to witness  or hear the broken record of her mom and abby day after day brook is not like paige she is the emotional type paige is the farce one she is neither here not there when its comes on to their mom and abby fighting she always tuff it out brush off and go on again.... this is sad thou I just wish kelly and abby could let bygones be bygones I really miss the Hylands on dance mom its so not the same without them.....  

    Ale Morales

    yo creo que eso es sierto 

    Rachel Davenport

    agreed I miss the hylands its not the same I love them they are so sweet and talented @Hplands-Lukasisk -Fraizer 

    Barbara Boronda

    chloe and the hylands are going to a different studio from what i have seen on twitter and that they are focusing on school more and paige has been modeling. 

  60. trinity akers

    Cool song I like them all

  61. Julia Dela

    brooke is amazing ,so sad shes off DM 😭

  62. anna mcd

    This is definitely about Abby and Kelly

    julianna zavaglia

    This song may be about Abby and Kelly but it also may be about her school life, boyfriend, and other things not on camera. I don't think any of you people think about what goes on in the dancers' and their families lives outside what's produced on T.V. I don't think that you should be saying things like "this is definitely about blah blah blah" It really doesn't concern you anyway so why get involved? My point is maybe you should think about what your going to type before you do it because it might really hurt someone like what if Brooke herself, or her mother, or sister, possibly Abby saw this? Don't you think it may hurt them? Maybe outside of the show Abby and Kelly get along well or maybe they don't. The truth is we may not know because we don't know them closely. I particularly like this song and most of Brooke's other songs and I think she's very well put together, and also very talented and pretty, but that doesn't mean I know her. This comment isn't meant to offend anyone but I do want to make a point of maybe you should think about what I said next time before you type something that's on here forever. :)
    -Jules <3


    @julianna zavaglia Abby loved brook, she had a real soft spot for her, if you watched the series closely it was very clear

  63. Adriana Ojeda

    About abby

  64. xo HeyyItsHannahxo

    Love it ! It reminds me of catching fire

  65. Todd Hartman

    Who writes her songs

    Katie Biddell

    Brooke writes her own songs

    Shaylee Lawrence

    she does she writes all of her song by herself

    Tony L

    @shaylee lawrence That's amazing that Brooke writes her own music!

  66. lins-madds love

    I wish I could sing like you

  67. Bryanna Schaffer

    This has to be about abby.



    Loriana G

    Bryanna Schaffer it is

    Shreya Nowbuth

    Yes it is

  68. Kristen S

    Brooke is a beautiful young dancer with passion and shes a great dancer! Such a great album brooke did a great job its my fvorite becuz there isent alot of autotune:)

  69. Paula Alvarado

    I'm sure this is about abby

  70. araceli benitez

    This song is about abby

  71. araceli benitez

    This song is about abby

  72. helliantheae

    I really like her lyrics, but honestly... Her voice just isn't that great.

  73. Ariel Alejandro Blanco

    me encanta esta cancion! brooke <3 i will always love you

  74. Dance Moms Fan

    she might not have written the song, but the way song writers work is that you tell them feelings and what the song is about and they write lyrics. So, I believe the song was written about Abby

  75. Ellie Copeland

    shes an amazing singer i loveeeee her music and her dancing i always watch her in dance moms

  76. Jesse Carroll

    good luck brooke luv all ur songs. best of luck

  77. Leanne Jones

    Favourited this vid. Love it!

  78. Jason

    My fav song

  79. Jason

    She is the best singer

  80. Jason

    My fav song

  81. Valeria López

    Brooke <3

  82. ashlynivory

    Did she right this to Abby or something

  83. Mireille Tjien

    This is my life

  84. seb1999

    It reminds me of Alicia keys

  85. Glizel Evangelista

    I love this song.....she is so good.....Brooke you are so good

  86. Alexis Rejouis

    Best song on the album

  87. balletgirl1126

    I love this song and your other songs i miss all the good memories i had al long time ago

  88. Abigaildarrelle Mekodjoukeumoe

    This is a very nice song.I think that the song talks about Abby.I know that she talked about ❤ but she spent so much time with I'm sure that she learned how to 💙 her.

  89. sweetred38

    This song is amazing!!!!!

  90. Dance Moms Fan

    This is definitely the best of all her songs <3

  91. Hope Rushing

    I love you brooke you are my role model and ur amazing!!!!!!!!

  92. nat bet

    I have chills ilysm Brooke! !

  93. ashley ginzburg


  94. Malligator

    I like this song