Hyland, Brooke - I Hurt Lyrics

I keep moving, Going through the motions
Step by step, Doin' what I'm told
The lights are on me, Everybodys watchin'
But nobody knows who I am

'Cause I hurt, Yeah I hurt
All over my body
I dance, I just dance to get through
Yeah I hurt, Yeah it hurts
All over my body
What hurts most, waiting for you
Waiting for you

(Waiting for you)

I've been thinkin', What's the point of trying?
Everyday, Always ends the same
On a stage, blinded by the darkness-
And I might not see you again...

'Cause I hurt, Yeah I hurt
All over my body
I dance, I just dance to get through
Yeah I hurt, Yeah it hurts
All over my body
What hurts most, waiting for you
Waiting for you

(Waiting for you)

I just keep dancing on
Dancing to different songs
I just keep moving on
Even when you have gone

'Cause I hurt, Yeah I hurt
All over my body
I dance, I just dance to get through
Yeah I hurt, Yeah it hurts
All over my body
What hurts most, waiting for you
Waiting for you

(Waiting for you)

(I'm waiting for you)

(Just waiting for you [x2])

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Hyland, Brooke I Hurt Comments
  1. Marlee Jai

    My whole school also listen to this song

  2. alice hyland

    lowkey a banger

  3. Roxy Steele

    i love you brooke

  4. Ronnie Thacker

    Will you be my girlfriend booke

    Ronnie Thacker

    Yes or no

  5. Katherine Ujhazy

    This is so bad

  6. whatever i want to say for sure

    You r so beautiful Brooke and ur name suits u the most

  7. Ashleigh Jackson

    This is sad 😞 I which Abby would understand

  8. Regina Mills

    The production on this is atrocious


    People don't understand that words hurt more than wounds

    Wounds could heal but words never heal

  10. Thais Mafra

    Que fofa mds kkkkkk

  11. joaquin barranco

    I love your song

  12. Xiang Wang

    Sad story

  13. Helen Whitten

    Great job Brooke 👍😊

  14. Nicole Knutsen

    It sounds like she is 2 years old because of the audio.

  15. cupcake lover

    I feel so bad. Abby never excepted the fact that she was a teenager and that she needed a challenge, rather than dancing with 8 year olds.
    Brooke was shown as a grumpy teenager but I know that it was just the show itself that ruined her spirit for dancing.
    To this day I still feel like Brooke cagoule have been a star if Abby had given her more challenges.

    I feel like crying.....

  16. Fun G

    She sound like Annie lyblanc

  17. Student Chloe` Mccoy

    Her hip was hurting her

  18. Areeba Malik

    I can't believe ur 20 now

  19. Colleen Schmid

    Nobody knows that Brooke was the actual star and the actual favourite of Abby

  20. Rayan Tarig

    You can see the pain in her eyes...

  21. Nicole Jackson

    Can someone plssss make a karaoke version to this song plsssss I beg

  22. Arabella Wesley

    Hey Brooke you are the reason I dance your my idol

  23. R Dunn

    This is low key a great song

  24. Calvin Lewis

    I just heard about this

  25. Lexci Reyes

    Abby really did break her soul

  26. io contro te

    Like chi la ascolta nel 2019

    Ovviamente se c'è un italiano che la ascolta

  27. Lily Richards

    I love this song she has such a good voice I wish I was as good as that and props to brook and who ever directed this

  28. Brealeigh garcia

    This poor girl

  29. Fernanda Velasco

    I like your song so much

  30. Candy Monterroza


  31. Mohammed Rasaf

    Hi Brooke I
    ❤️❤️Love you so much because you are so sweet and strong when abby lyells at you ❤️❤️😙 I ❤️love all your songs how is page comennet me back my name is Nida bye bye were do you live ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️💋💋💋💋💋💋You are my favorite ❤️❤️💘❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋

  32. Kyla Kay

    its so sad😞

  33. FuRy- Skyrise

    Reminds me of Friday the song

  34. Tamikaforlife

    Honestly she would’ve been good if abby wasn’t so hard on her, if u hear her lyrics where she says (I dance) something like that she had dance for many years and didn’t like it and on dance moms season 1 or whatever season, Kelly wanted Brooke to dance and Brooke said I don’t wanna go I wanna hang out with my friends I never get to because of dance, this is basically a sign that she doesn’t wanna do dance anymore, she could’ve been successful but It seems like abby only cares about Maddie I feel so sorry for her

  35. Claudia Pastrana

    Just saw Brooke with Chloe !!! So beautiful and grown up :) they both are awesome !!

  36. Allie Bouchard

    The lyrics " I dance, I just dance to get through" the song touched so many things but I think losing passion was the main one but I am so proud of brooke for everything shes done. shes amazing!

  37. Isabel Shearer

    This is so horribly auto tuned that it makes sound her annoying and she has a great voice but why did they do that

  38. Zakir Ali Khan

    Oh yeah I wanted to listen her voice not 5 to 6 levels of auto tune

  39. hannah mulvey

    brooke hyland good album i hurt make happy

  40. s and a stars

    She is talking how much it hurt when she dance but if abby would be nice to brooke and give her nice respect and solos she would be happy

  41. Brooke Bennett

    It way to simple

  42. Joanne Jauncey

    Your beautiful better then what eny of you could do

  43. stan fromis_9

    2019 september anyway? hahaha

  44. stan fromis_9

    cant believe its already 5 years ago

  45. Chloe Lewis

    Broke your such a good singer

  46. sleepy seokjin

    GOD this was my jam when i was 12

  47. Kaylee Gacha girl Gacha

    This is a rlly good song it like the way I am at school there one girl at school on the dance team who likes to tear me down

  48. Turu Pao

    0:05 Minha reação ao ver o crush com outra

  49. Ranjana Sen

    I personally am glad that she is taking a time of all of this and is focusing on her life, and studies. Her whole life she never got to experience the normal childhood, her whole world was revolving around dance, singing, fame, money, drama, shows,autographs, paparazzi and dance moms, so I am actually glad that she is focusing on her own life, friends and college for a change.

  50. Yolanda Com Y


  51. ItsDaydreamGirl

    TOO MUCH AUTOTUNE. It’s making it sound weird

  52. Anna

    Real recognise real 🧦🌻🚜

  53. Relixnce

    Abby ruined this with autotune

  54. Emma Neophytou

    Who else thinks she sounds so much better with no auto tune?

  55. Emma Neophytou

    I'm just assuming abby directed the music video because he dies tricks I'm so jealous she can act she can sing and she can dance and I can't even whistle

  56. Lily xox


  57. Carlos Varela

    Alguien que hable español??

  58. km km

    Brooke don't listen to all those mean comments you're music video was the best its my fave song and care about anything that people think about you.
    By the way I get the point of I hurt. 💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💌💌💌💌💌💌💌💌💌💌💌💌💌💜

  59. km km

    Ediets it was amazing

  60. Anika Rahman

    She doesn’t post anything any more

  61. Anagha Ramasubramanian

    Brooke you are awesome
    You are gorgeous

  62. Hanan Saidou

    Oh lord

  63. Sienna Filipe !

    Why did the person put so much auto tune...she doesn’t need it she has a beautiful voice 💕

  64. • makiaia • • uwu •

    If I was in dance mom......
    And quit.......

    I would listen to this song everyday-.....

  65. Madison Nicole Ziegler

    I think this is made in 90's ...........

  66. Zina Tings

    Omg she sounds like she’s screaming and how ever did her auto toon I hope someone fires you

  67. Eclipse sleeps

    ...the autotune ruined this

  68. Esme Burnzy

    I just listened to lyrics and my heart just shattered

  69. micaela Scherpf

    I don't get why the autotune cause Brook has such a beautiful voice ❤❤

  70. rossa Rahim

    Brooke sanged this on stage

  71. OkMoonShapedLimb

    sorry but this will forever be my bop

  72. Geraldine Kelly

    Omg this is like so old now and like it’s weird she’s so big now lol

  73. Lindsay White

    I love u Brooke u were always my fav on dance moms

  74. Lindsey Arganbright


    Aiyana Li-A-Ping


  75. Victor Mora


  76. Lily Richards

    2019 ?? Anyone

  77. Tony Solis

    ke rik broke

  78. stargirl stargirl

    I love this song

  79. Maynara Lima mongelos

    Gente conheci ela de dance moms

  80. jane smart

    The lyrics actually makes me cry

  81. Fin Wright

    I have a crush on u Brooke

  82. Maggie Miller

    I miss young brooke😂 love you❤

  83. Paige Key

    brooke will always be my favourite girl. she’s way underrated

  84. Sophia Trz

    this song is hprrible

  85. Kimi R

    I Love brooke she‘s so amazing and beautiful🌹

  86. #Blink #Rosè

    Love your song Brooke also love you

  87. lollipop candies

    She has a lot of foundation 😬

  88. Kookie smoothie


  89. Nicole Pinelook

    This is a bit autotune

  90. AnixAaron


  91. Gamer Jazzy

    Brooke has a beutiful voice

    Kendalyn Kruger

    Agreed it's just sad how abby loved her then ditched her for maddie... I think they are both great but don't abandon someone you loved before...😕


    Kendalyn Kruger ikr :( I hate Abby