Huntar - Be My Girl Lyrics

Let's talk about it
Why do we keep running from love?
There's just no way around it
I'm caught and I keep coming to us

I've been sipping all my secrets
And drunk on all the reasons
But I could never keep them from you
I've been worrying about it lately
But it's been missbehaving
I wanna share my secrets with you

What if I told you that I've fallen for you
Would you runaway?
You're maybe wasted in bed with someone naked
But it's not my place to say

I don't wanna share your body
With nobody, with nobody, but me
Oh won't you be my girl
Be my girl
Be my girl
Be my girl...

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Huntar Be My Girl Comments
  1. Alfie Lowis

    actually i know this lad from fifa 17 by anyway song n after that thought about stalkin him on his songs haha . so be my girl s a awesome song.. i just bought it :D thanks for singing for us mate cheers :)

  2. AtlasMIKTIA

    In youtube 32k but in spotify 3M, good song.

  3. Lily B

    How come he's not that well known???

  4. sakib Mulla

    Dude... U r just awesome... Its my everyday compulsory listen song... Amazing music... Best luck

  5. Erik Loney

    I love these songs so much. I hope to see you live someday ^_^

  6. Ruel DiCaprio

    This song writing by Tom Mamn

  7. S A

    Why you are here, boy?!
    You are amazing! I love you and your songs so much. Stay strong. Once upon a time your songs will had a millions of watching.

  8. SayonaraKitsune

    Needs more attention tbh😍😍💕💕

  9. Guillermo Vega

    love ittttt♥

  10. Abhishek Dubey

    Who's the one , who unliked it😏

  11. Yareth Ferreyra

    I love it <3

  12. Daddy hex 420

    I love this song! 😍👌

  13. EpiiKHD

    You deserve so much more subs this song ,4AM, Anyway and Pony is so good

  14. Randoms Nawaf

    You just got another subscriber

  15. CryroOfficial

    HUNTAR RETWEETED MY PARODY of His song with Gucci "Pony" check it out !!!!❤️

  16. lakaza 3

    the best song on YouTube!!!


    Big love for listening and the support 🙏