Huey Lewis & The News - Don't Make Me Do It Lyrics

A girl like you is never wrong
Someone like me can't be too strong
I know you always get your way
You better listen when I say

Don't make me do it
Don't make me do it to ya

Don't make me do it
Don't make me do it to ya

I won't just be your broken toy
You look again you've got no choice
There's no such thing as wrong or right
when does the day become the night


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Huey Lewis & The News Don't Make Me Do It Comments
  1. Ian Snyder

    I love this song and Chris kills as usual..."the kid" one of the great unsung guitar maestros!

  2. Semi-Sweet Edits

    You know I had to do it to em

  3. cwyn


  4. Marshall Lancaster

    Great track. This album and the one after it—sheer bliss

    Rod Beauvex

    Not to diminish their later work, but there is something special about their first two albums.

  5. Brett Koeshall

    Huey Lewis and the News trying to make it big back in 1980.

  6. Matthew Larson

    A little too New Wave for my taste. I prefer Sports where they seemed to come into their own, musically and commercially.

    N. O. Vate

    God Larson, you're such a weasel! Did you know that, Larson? A weasel.


    nice one babe

    Sum Ego

    Hey Paul!

    Steve Thompson

    I feel exactly the opposite. The Wave Huey was better.

  7. Guitarzan

    Without doubt, the best lead guitar work Chris Hayes has ever done here... to this day, I still try to work out how the hell he does that spider solo at 2:06-2:09. Just inhuman.

    Adolph Oliver Bush

    Open e string is the key. Keep trying, bro.

  8. Adolph Oliver Bush

    Chris Hayes BURNS on this solo.

    Adolph Oliver Bush

    Figured it out last night. Hint - that open E string, man.

  9. The Hound Of Love

    So tite.