Hudson Taylor - Old Soul Lyrics

Look at the fire as it burns out
Look at the time where I am now
I wanna be there when you get cold
You know

I'm an old soul
You're an old soul
We are dreamers
I believe in us

Look at our love as it grows old
Who would've thought it was pure gold
I wanna be there when it's set in stone

I'm an old soul
You're an old soul
We are dreamers
I believe in us

I was scared
So unprepared for me
To fall in love
You were there
You were where I found
My freedom

I'm an old soul
You're an old soul
We are dreamers
I believe in us

Old soul
Old soul

I'm an old soul
You're an old soul

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Hudson Taylor Old Soul Comments
  1. emily22294

    After listening to you two for years, THIS is my favorite song <3 It is SO beautiful

  2. TheDude779

    I've loved Hudson Taylor since before y'all had a name! Thank you so much for making music.

  3. Kate

    We're dreamers. Would love you to see you in Portugal someday.

  4. Isobel Sealy

    this song is so cute and calming ♡ thank you

  5. Tim White

    im shook

  6. Alejandro 0918

    Zayn Malik recommend that you

  7. Andrew Burns

    I really appreciated this. Thanks for sharing! Feeling ready to get back in the studio!

  8. Amy Reilly

    Awww love the video lads ✌️💛 it is beautifully put together love the old school tv setting & of course the 2 of yas & the tune ✌️💛

  9. Tammie Almany


  10. Alice Wonderland

    Be nicer if you were here. “I believe in us” so .....??! Pure gold

  11. gillian owens

    I love song I could listen to him all day

  12. Andrea Segura

    Love the song

  13. Andrea Segura

    I love youuuuuuuuuuu❤️

  14. gary cook

    Beautiful song and nice video ... Brilliant again lads

  15. Ronan Meleady

    Seeing you in cork opera house

  16. bob mcgus

    Goose bumps...

  17. Alex Tomczak

    Wow. This is the cutest video. Ugh Harry, so beautiful. 😍 Amazing music always

  18. debster1.0

    Love you guys!!Been to your concert with Gabrielle and so glad I got to know you two!

  19. TheLittlefee

    Finally 😍Love it!

  20. Thao Huyen Nguyen

    Amsterdam <3

  21. Finn Barrett

    Love the slowed down songs

  22. Anna Tsiotou

    I would love to see you guys! Your music makes me feel like home, wherever I am 😀❤

  23. rawr I'm a octopus

    Love all your music guys keep it coming :D

  24. Liam Mullins

    Heard this song first time in Whelans delighted with the audio

  25. Amory Sparks

    I hear Gabrielle's backing vocals and my heart gets smashed! You guys are all so amazing! Thanks for the beautiful music ♥

  26. BΞN ʙʟᴀᴄᴋʙüʀɴ

    Forza Hudson Taylor!

  27. Daniela Flores

    So soothing but so nostalgic. Love it so much. Cheers from Mexico <3

  28. Leyla Tokoeva

    I'm an old soul, you're an old soul....we are dreamers

  29. Matylda Szymanek

    I love the song and this video ❤

  30. Jazz Gipp

    Another addition to my Hudson Taylor playlist! Love the music you guys make. Been listening since around 2013 and I really hope to listen to new music from you for many more years to come!😊

  31. Aaron Requenes

    I need the lyrics please

  32. Asia Said

    I love you guys so much. You make me happy when I'm so down. Thank you

  33. Aaron Requenes

    Love from Mexico

    Tammie Almany

    Aaron Requenes LOVE FROM USA

  34. teresita camacho

    Los adoro

  35. teresita camacho

    Love you come to Mexico

  36. Harriet Taylor

    So lovely ☺️