Hudson Taylor - Left Alone Lyrics

She says he's going straight to nowhere
He should buy a ticket home
She's a straight line on a sharp bend
He's an ending on a road.
He's got no time to be a front man
Tie his shoes wear his cloths
She will try to twist his fingers
He will try to break her bones

He's doctor and he says he's certified
She knows that that is wrong when she just looks into his eyes
He'll mend her heartbreak
And she says that he has the cure
But medicine don't kick in like it used to anymore

God loves trier but the devil loves a sin
He'll be a lier she'll take it on the chin.

He's left alone, but what he doesn't know
She's in control, and he sees her ghost
Everytime he looks into her eyes and what he knows
Is wrong is what she'll say Is right

He knows she means it,
When she says i love you back
Oh she knows just how to tease him
Keep him happy its an act
In the arms of all mistakes
Comes collision of a word
From the fragile sense of sorry
To the promise he misheard

God loves trier but the devil loves a sin
He'll be a lier she'll take it on the chin.

He's left alone, but what he doesn't know
She's in control, and he sees her ghost
Everytime he looks into her eyes
And what he knows is wrong is what she'll say Is right

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Hudson Taylor Left Alone Comments
  1. oldsoul -

    I love this song. This version is sublime. 👌

  2. Charlotte Harrisonsheffield


  3. Johovah Winter

    This is my favourite session. Tad's bass and.harmonies going on.

  4. Shapira Yuval

    I think this song talks about a guy who is in love with this girl, who keeps sending him messages that she wants him although she has no romantic interest on him.

    She cares about him deeply, and she thinks the best thing for him is to stop his relationship with her, but it seems as if he feels like he can't. She wants to let him get what he wants of her so she acts like she is the person he thinks she is, only she's not.

    She says, he’s going straight to nowhere
    He should buy a ticket home
    she knows he's repeating a path that leads him nowhere with her
    she wants him to save himself from her hurting him again

    She’s a straight line on a sharp bend
    And he’s an ending on a road
    she is dangerous for him, he is not capable of the road she leads to
    their paths don't cross each others

    He’s got no time to be a front man
    Tie his shoes, wear his clothes
    he doesn't know how to escape, or doesn't want to
    even if that's what's good for him

    She will try to twist his fingers
    she will try to hurt him, so he'll see she's not good for him

    He will try to break her bones
    He’s doctor and he says he’s certified
    he will try to hurt her too, and then be the only one who can cure her.
    he knows she relys on him too and he uses that knowlege to make her interact with him

    Oh, she knows that that is wrong, when she just looks into his eyes
    He’ll mend her heartbreak, and she says that he has the cure
    But medicine don’t kick in like it used to anymore
    she knows he can't make her be better, get better.
    but then she convinces herself that mabey he will. mabey this time she will see him in the light they both hope to see each other. 
    but she doesn't, and even though he mends her heartbreak it's only temporary.

    Later on the song it is told that she controls the relationship, although they both rely on each other. 
    She loves him, she really does, and she acts how she acts to make him happy. He makes himself believe that she wants him to be happy because she wants a romantic relationship with him but that is not the case.

    When she apologizes for all the mess she couldn't help herself from making, he mis-hears it as a promise for future hope. 

    He will keep trying but for nothing. He will keep lying to get close to her, and she'll keep believing it.

  5. Francesca Wills


  6. Lizzy Schmidt

    i just love how their songs sound its like got some of the old sound which shows through with the Irish music which is a very good thing and then its modern which when put together is a fantastic duo. I honesty cant get enough:)

  7. Hannah G

    Harry with his sweet<3

  8. Oumnia K

    You guys are simply amazing... Much love from Morocco!

  9. schokolene

    I send you LOVE from Austria (not australia) ! :D
    Awesome guys, RESPECT for all your work!

  10. Leann Cortes

    Why have I not discovered you guys earlier?!

  11. Trine Madsen

    They are going to be at Tønder Festival the 22-25th of August!:) It's very close to Germany

  12. nicholsonlouisa


  13. JaySinghMusic

    Anyone know what guitar that is? It's beautiful!

  14. rotloeckchenx

    Ahaha, I was really surprised about Tadhg's hair in this video, I really forgot what it was like before he cut it off :)
    Love you guys and every single one of your songs! Thanks for the amazing gig at Southside in Germany, it was amazing to see you there x

  15. Jennifer Ritchie

    Can you put up tab for this song.......PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE. Im begging you!!! P.S You are now one of my favourite bands!!<3.

  16. Lily Rose

    NO. Harry And Alfie.

  17. meredithilona

    Sie spielen am Southside Festival in Deutschland! :)

  18. Mickie

    Sending love from Virginia, USA. <3 xx

  19. Lauren Pham

    I would so easily fall for you irishmen

  20. Marty Devlin

    Class! Seen you at the script in belfast. Unreal. Massive future!

  21. Ashxxx713

    Ye were epic at the script!!! :)

  22. Brendan Ng

    Come to Boston in the USA!!!!!

  23. Emmi

    i would stand next to you! i hope they will come to germany that would be sooooooooooo great :')

  24. mllevonundzuoh

    how great is this information???:))

  25. JoLeonhartt

    they do. hurricane 13 :))

  26. Goodhoof

    Any other way to download the EP? I don't use itunes.

  27. Coffeeisnecessarynow

    [Part III] . My mother’s originally from Mexico, and in her parents culture, they play music while cleaning. Sure, it’s Mexican music, but I do not care what race the singer / song-writer is. The only thing that I care about is how much passion and work they put into making the song. Peace to all who help create the video, to the background musicians and Harry & Alfie Hudson Taylor respectively! < 3

  28. Coffeeisnecessarynow

    [Part II] In this pop-cultured, Justin Beiber, Gangham Style world, people do not really care about the words; they simply care about what the mass of people care about, and they are, in a way, hypnotized by the Entertainment ‘news’ shows on the television that they cannot make-up their own minds on what the songs actually mean to THEM. I am listening to each of your songs today while I clean my dear Mothers house. [continue reading]

  29. Coffeeisnecessarynow

    [Part I] My entire childhood was without music. Sure, I heard a song now and then when I was young, but I did not care about the words. At the mild age of 21, I have begun to love music more than ever, and you two are greatly inspiring me to listen closely to the lyrics.[continue reading]

  30. Daisy Riggleman

    Come to Florida! Please?

  31. XxmarisxxX

    i emailed you guys to a national radiostation in the netherlands! let's hope they play you on the radio! you are awesome!

  32. Casey Jo

    This song is just so simple but, that is what makes it so amazing some how.

  33. BarbaraAnn Lewis

    I wish y'all would come tour the states, somewhere in the south if possible. Real talent.

  34. Mariel Ferrer

    I'm not even kidding, I LOVE YOU GUYS.


    Very Simon and Garfunkel! and this is amazing because the world has been missing this style of music for such a long time! great to see more world class irish talent! you have now just got yoursleves another couple of fans after i passed this around to my friends! best of luck!

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  37. theHannah

    yes come to germany pleeeeeeeeaaaaaaseeeeee

  38. Ninachen1607

    Please come to Germany! We need to see you live!!

  39. mjldz

    so nice. if all music had this much heart...

  40. Apples

    I NEED THEIR ALBUM!! i must have their songs :) I hope they come out with an album soon! like next week would be great :D

  41. Sarah Nixon

    so much like mumford and sons! which why I love these guys :P

  42. Trisha Bober

    tel all your friends people, tell all your friends! my cousin brought me here and i think i'll be forever grateful to her, tell your friends people, tell your friends.

  43. Jotschii Jojoo

    awesome *O* <3

  44. CinnamonAndApricot

    AAhhh... I could listen to this for hours and hours... Please. Come to Germany. Soon. Please. Im going to stand in the front row and thank you in person for coming!

  45. Danielle Cain

    Just amazing, you boys are simply angels!

  46. Mie bukhave

    ALFIIIE! You are so HOOOT! <3

  47. MollieGreenie

    I met these guys two days ago, they're perfect and they're amazing live <3

  48. TheBaggieJoe

    When they do the acapella bit... God I hope that's on their EP

  49. Antonio Dante Sisto

    im sending all your music to everyone of my friends! This is music!

  50. Craig Fitzgerald

    Poetry...absolute poetry!

  51. Rachel Ryan

    No words can describe how amazing this music is to me! I hope my music will be like this one day !

  52. mamamia154

    you guys are amazing! love youu long time oxx

  53. Robin Deering

    I still love this song but i think it was better when they first did it

  54. Danielle Delaney

    Love this :D

  55. Angela Sofi

    i was about to post the same thing! i want to know how to play this song so badly :D as well as other harry and alfie songs =]

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  57. amandapanda

    I can't wait until they go to America, Australia, Egypt, rest of Europe, and who knows where else they have fans. I know they can do it :)

  58. Aaron Rumley

    bummer, I feel like they weren't quite in sync with eachother during the accapella section during the end

  59. S Tommo

    I want a rabbit! O.O I used to babysit my neighbour's rabbits but they were old and passed away :(

  60. april

    @sashthesquash687 Yea

  61. Aaron Rumley

    yeah definitely, especially with the group harmony

  62. S Tommo

    They remind me of Mumford and Sons and I love that band!!!! They are so good omg.

  63. Sasha Gorski

    this is amazing :) forever grateful for niall sending me to you

  64. Cirra Halter

    posted on my 18th birthday! :)

  65. LostCheese MAAN

    a girl said this song describes how she feels about this bad?? not really sure -.-

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  67. Holly Stowell-Connolly

    You guys need to put this somewhere I can buy it. Soon, very soon.♥

  68. reeshingwithkaryn

    just found out about this band and uhh... awesomeness

  69. Talka Shellett

    all three songs you have on the channel are amazing
    such a unique sound
    i was hooked after the first song

  70. Shannon Webb

    this is incredible. you are angels manifested

  71. Dominic Hernandez

    It's Mumford & Sons reincarnated!!!

  72. Joskarr

    1:09 "feckin headphone" xD

  73. Megan Fereday

    I didn't think it was possible to be in love with someone you've never met, but alfie, i am in love

  74. Josh Healey

    wowwwwwww freaking awesome

  75. JimmyJamInAMiniVan

    @1EmilyCat live too close to the city >.<

  76. JimmyJamInAMiniVan

    @1EmilyCat i wish :'(

  77. JimmyJamInAMiniVan

    @1EmilyCat i would love a house rabbit D:

  78. Danny Marland

    @1EmilyCat You let your rabbit indoors... Near your laptop!!

  79. Autumn Merrill

    You guys are fantastic and deserve a billion views! Keep up the good work boys. Can't wait for an album.

  80. Asher Lovell

    You guys should do some kind of pairing with Brett Dennen :D

  81. Robyn Gunning

    Harry's voice when he did his solo bit was just so soft and innocent and beautiful. I loved this, I really hope you do well.

  82. Katriona Spellman

    shes in control and he sees her ghost everytime he looks into her eyes. raped the repeat button. :)

  83. Jillian Lampkin

    This is one one the most beautiful songs I've ever heard, you are very talented young men :)

  84. HopeK

    My cat just stepped on the mouse which caused the volume to go waay up. I think she knows ;)

  85. odhran heelan

    class song love it !!! cant stop listening to it

  86. MouthWateringSweets

    wow!! you guys are just good!!!

  87. Rachel Whitworth

    how can people possibly dislike this song?!

  88. Jack Bowden

    2:59 harry is looking at that guy thinking 'wow... voice :P'

  89. Oliver Elmore (Musician)

    Unreal, Proof that Irish music is on it's way to the top!

  90. Holly Cowperthwaite

    This song is so brilliant with just guitar and voices. I'm really glad they've decided to keep it this way <3

  91. Emma Limburg

    this song is beautiful you guys. Seriously. Im in love. :D

  92. Lucy Watkins

    Great song , any chance of chords or anything:)

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  94. izzy Sumner

    Cool beans, love this song

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    this is brilliant

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    I heard this on a radio ad today lads. You're already becoming famous!

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    Good job guys i think this and Battles are the best you have done so far