Hudson Taylor - How I Know It's Christmas Lyrics

Rainy days singing songs out on Grafton street
Got so cold I didn't know I couldn't feel my feet
That's how I know it's Christmas

Christmas night, having pints out in the wishing well
Haven't seen you for a while, yeah, but you're looking well
That's how I know it's Christmas

And I'm home, and I'm home
That's how I know
That's how I know
That's how I know
It's Christmas at home

I've got my family and my friends, my lady's on her way
I go to meet her off the train, yeah, but its running late
That's how know it's Christmas

She said, I missed you, and I said, I missed you too
I'm just so happy to have all my favourite people standing in the room
That's how I know it's Christmas

That's how I know
That's how I know
That's how I know
It's Christmas at home, yeah
That's how I know
That's how I know
That's how I know
It's Christmas at home, yeah...

I can't believe, its been a year since I was standing here
This is all I ever want, I'm so happy
That's how I know it's Christmas

That's how I know
That's how I know
That's how I know
It's Christmas at home, yeah
That's how I know
That's how I know
That's how I know
It's Christmas at home

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Hudson Taylor How I Know It's Christmas Comments
  1. Areyouokayannie

    Corny bullshit.

  2. aidan kearney

    Heard this for the first time last night watching Carol's from Kilkenny Castle on RTE1. In my opinion an instant classic.

  3. Craig Fitzgerald

    Sounds even better live🤯 these lads aren't as noticed as they should be they performed at the ispcc 2fm xmas ball then had to go and do another show in the same night big respect boys💕💕

  4. anita loftus

    This is my favorite Christmas and song

  5. Ian O Brien

    Savage tune. Love it. Well done lads.

  6. Cian O

    Best Xmas song ever!

  7. mattchurchill

    Great song lads.

  8. Switch Dolphin

    Wankers on Grafton St in skinny jeans and sheepskin coats,
    Singing weakass Ed Sheeran songs because they have a few notes,
    That's how I know it quishnas..

  9. Oonagh Malone

    Best song ever

  10. BiTheWay Yes

    liking this song

  11. Graham Mitchell

    Well done guys love it just like I love chasing rubies!

  12. Vivienne Bradley

    Lovely song Alfie - nice to see you back in Dublin! Vivienne

  13. Amy Browne

    I died at 1:29

  14. Tadhg Blake

    The lovely Glasthule

  15. Benjo out my new original song called Christmas Kiss, it’s about the romantic nostalgia feelings of Christmas past, present and future, from the album Songs of Adrian Bradley - The Nashville Takes. Please add to your playlist!

  16. Ciaran Dowling

    From ballykeffe to this class

  17. Cillian Howard

    This is an absolutely awful song.

  18. Darren Ryan

    Terrible song

  19. Anthony Quinn

    What a load of crap

  20. AmandaTynan

    Love it lads. Well done! Sounded so good in Cyprus Avenue! First time iv felt Christmassy this year! 🎄💜

  21. Nesquik de fresa

    louis tomlinson

  22. Avesta The Gamer

    Yeah can not wait for Christmas , merry hristmas everyone !
    oh wait we are still on Sepptember , oops sorry .haha

  23. Dibland Ed

    It's so cool👍.

  24. tashakolo

    I’ve been following and supporting you since the Harry and Alfie days. Went to see you twice in Manchester. Just wanna say I absolutely LOVE this song and video, it’s made me feel so festive🥰 you deserve so much more recognition.

    Maëlle Lefèvre

    tashakolo Same

  25. Andrew Byrne

    Lads you have to do a cover of do they know it’s Christmas . Your covers are brilliant hearing you all sing that will make my Christmas 🤛🤛🎄🎄🤫⚔️

  26. Bradley Washford

    👌🏼 you cannot do anything wrong in my eyes 👌🏼😅✌🏼❤✌🏼❤

  27. EmLee Gee

    You boys are good medicine <3

  28. biddlybongwong

    Loved these guys for years

  29. Rizza.

    i lost my best friend to a heroin overdose 3 years ago and we used to LOVE listening to the version of not to blame where you guys are singing it through the streets.. the video is no longer available in my country, proxy sites wont let me listen, i had it ripped to a CD that i lost, ALL I WANT IS THAT VIDEO ONE MORE TIME PLEASE!!!!

    alex B

    @hudsontaylor make this girl happy please


    Ever tried a VPN program instead of Proxy?


    Hey! I have the It Starts Here EP; I'd be happy to send you the audio file from that if there's some way to do it. And I have the links to all of their unlisted videos saved, but I never converted that specific one to mp3 while we still could because I already had it on the EP. But if you want the link to that, I can send that as well (:

  30. David Johnson

    Great job guys 👍😊🎄🎉

  31. OhSoUnicornly

    Hadn't heard this before, was worried from the beginning it was going to be a sad song! Luckily you guys know what we want from a Christmas song :D
    Also I laughed so hard at the carol singers holding their light bulbs. Genius.

  32. SophieMayLove

    Merry Christmas boys!

  33. Andrew Byrne


  34. Random Person

    Love it 😍

  35. Nicola M

    Loving the clips with the tinsel haha, great song men!

  36. Sam Nelson

    Thanks now I’m crying

  37. danielapill

    Made my day soo much better ❤❤

  38. Rizza.

    this is amazing and my favorite christmas present ever would be a new recording of you guys singing NOT TO BLAME PLEASEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!


    the only one i have found is low quality and i can't find the old video of you guys singing it through the streets which was my favorite.. bring it backkkkkk pleaseeeeeeeeeeee

  39. Elena H

    this is the best thing humanity has ever created and nothing can change my mind

  40. George N

    This is everything I wanted it to be and so much more, the bells and the choir give it the beautiful yet subtle feeling of Christmas a heart-warming, fun and all round gorgeous Christmas song. It reminds you of what is most important about Christmas, seeing the people you love. Can you tell both the video and song have left me emotional? Love it, thank you Hudson Taylor for yet another unforgettable tune, I'll try my best to share it around. PS. Bit early buttt Merry Christmas ;) x

    Hudson Taylor


  41. IndieVibes


  42. Rachael McC

    New favourite Christmas song? I think so! 🌲❤️🎅🏻

    Hudson Taylor

    Woo! That's what we like to hear! Thank you so so much x

  43. Amelie

    Love this! ❤️😍😊

  44. Órlaith Henry

    Love love love 😍 Now I just have to learn it for Whelan's in December 🎄🎅

    Liz Maguire

    Just said the same myself 😂

  45. allanah


  46. Aidan Willis

    Oh my days love it guys

  47. Kellkolo

    3:34 is me listening to this song

  48. Bethan Holly


  49. Norwaycat91

    I love this! It's gone straight on my Christmas Playlist!

  50. Emma McGee

    Love the song 🎄

  51. HawlyAly

    AH so adorable and classically christmasy! It made me miss my family, icing christmas cookies, and playing board games until midnight

  52. The Girl In Black

    November is definitely NOT too early to start getting ready for Christmas and this will be on my holiday playlist for a long time

    Hudson Taylor

    🎅🏻 Thank you so much ! 🙏🏻 Xx

    the gacha bee


  53. Mariana Quiroz

    In love with your vibes, how the music takes all my senses away. Never stop making magic like this 🥰