Hudson Taylor - Back To You Lyrics

Oh oh oh...

I've met my match again
It's been a while
Now you're coming back for more
(You're coming back for more)
You were my everything
Until you shut me out
Now you're knocking at my door
(You're knocking at my door)

Can't believe you had me broken hearted
From the day you said goodbye it started
I've been lonely since the night we parted

Ooh ooh
It's really breaking my heart
I never got over you
Ooh ooh
Come on and open your eyes
I'm coming back to you

Oh oh oh...

You took my trust
From telling lies
Now you wanna tell the truth
(You wanna tell the truth)
I don't believe you babe
I don't believe you've changed
Now you're coming back for more
(You're coming back for more)

Can't believe you had me broken hearted
From the day you said goodbye it started
I've been lonely since the night we parted

Ooh ooh
It's really breaking my heart
I never got over you
Ooh ooh
Come on and open your eyes
I'm coming back to you

Oh oh oh...

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Hudson Taylor Back To You Comments
  1. Bryan Sagar

    good song..

  2. Caitilin 1244

    love this song so underrated💚🇮🇪

  3. Momel Momel

    Shay = Legend

  4. Brid Fitzgerald

    Best music, singers and sound for years..

  5. Dan O’Neill

    Stop putting ads on every single video I watch please

    Hudson Taylor

    That's YouTube in general these days. Its seems you have to have premium YouTube to avoid that... :(

  6. Jaco 1606

    Saludos cordiales a todos los hispanohablantes.

  7. slice n' dice

    This song is just too good. Gives me such a great feeling.

  8. Obvious Bambi

    Nice to have Hudson Taylor back!

  9. Ciara Hogan

    I seen these two at dogs trust Ireland and they are definitely better live

  10. Jerry Fiore

    Harry, Alfie! This is BRILLIANT!! Love it! I could've gone for another 3 minutes! This needs a remix!

    I love that you both are having so much fun! Can't wait to hear this LIVE in Chicago, on your next visit!

  11. Hasmik Makaryan

    Fantastic and moody as always ❤️

  12. EmLee Gee

    So refreshing to see a music video where people are just having fun. Plastered a grin across my face. Thanks boys <3

  13. ivyginny

    Well if this isn't begging to be used in a telly ad then I don't know

  14. amersjohnston

    sooo cool seeing Dun Laoghaire and Dalkey in this video!! such a great song!

  15. Hey I'm Mav

    This video is like Wes Anderson and Hudson Taylor had a baby ahahah I love it so much! So fun and beautiful well done lads 💕

    Hudson Taylor

    😂 Thank you! X

  16. amycl123

    Fuck yeah!!!!

  17. Montrell Th.

    I'm glad this was suggested to me

  18. avocados

    vibes ❤️❤️

  19. brickwho101

    This is the kindve stuff that made me love you guys

  20. Lexi Ward

    This still brings me back to when I saw them at the Van Buuren, so beautiful and the same energy!!!

  21. Little Helmet

    Oooooh, this song is so good ! The vibes are so catchy and perfect for the end of summer :D

  22. Coque

    Have been following your music since your very beginnings (watching videos of your early busking sessions in the streets of Dublin and your home recordings). How about a concert in Madrid in 2020?

  23. Bekah Loxham

    Love this video lads! Looking forward to seeing you live again soon🧡

  24. Bryan Oriordan

    Alright fess up who hit the dislike

  25. Rachael McC

    Why did that start make me laugh so much 😂

  26. 89DoraH

    back to us :)

    Hudson Taylor

    Yes👍 back to you's.

  27. HawlyAly


  28. Franzi SR

    Guys, just wow! We're waiting here in Germany to dance to this song in concert please sooooonxx

  29. danielapill

    Soo happy for new song!! Made my day 😄😁

  30. Sarah168

    Love the song and the video, thanks for all the hard work

  31. Anali Brown

    I discovered you guys at the Galway Arts Festival in 2013. Loved you since! Come back to the States!

  32. Mario Official

    I never subscribed to this channel, do you buy your subscribers?
    I saw the video in my subscription section today.. Amazing song, but can't be forced to subscribe without me pressing the actual 'Subscribe' button

    oldsoul -

    YouTube sometimes shows channels you're not subscribed to within that category as suggestions.

  33. Amy Reilly

    Love the song it's so upbeat & love the video it looks so fun 😂😂

  34. krlangston1965

    Could see that ending coming from a mile away. Great tune!

  35. Disney Elz

    Absolutely love it heheh :D 💃🏻

  36. Orla casey

    amazing video and the women in the bar with blue hat and stripe colourful top looks amazing and i love hudson taylor best song ever

  37. Danny Cotter

    What a song think it's one of the best yet

  38. Megan Fara

    Absolutely love this!! Definitely the ray of sunshine I needed this morning 😄☀️

  39. Finn Barrett

    Great video !

  40. jadecc

    Please do another round of Christmas gigs in Dublin it was amazing last year and I need to hear this live asap!

    Hudson Taylor

    Haha funny you should say this! That is exactly what we're doing. 17th to 22nd of December as well as a whole heap of shows around ireland in October!! Tickets go on sale on next Friday the 13th.

  41. professorm0riarty

    Absolutely brilliant guys 😃

  42. grty

    What a BOP!

  43. Keri


  44. annelore B


    Golfie ButterBro

    Such a cute comment🤭

  45. Valentina S

    Amazing new song 😍 waiting the day you finally come for a concert in Milan, Italy 🇮🇹❤

  46. Kellkolo

    ....what's happening i blacked out at the dachshund

  47. avetis stepanian

    332 viewer! woo~! keep up the great work guys!

  48. Caitilin 1244


  49. Evalynn

    Oh my sweet, sweet lord that ending though lol there's that crush I had on Harry from like 8 years ago coming back full force ahaha

  50. shadowsgirl

    Catchy song and super fun video! Definitely looking forward to the new album!

  51. Albin Beart

    Awesome! So great to see you the song! Keep rocking!!

  52. elliemayfield

    Been around since Dinner for One, still love you guys. So good!

  53. iTz_Casillas_Mx

    Saludos desde México!
    I like Hudson Taylor☺

  54. IndieVibes

    Amazing song!

  55. The Girl In Black

    I stumbled upon you guys a couple years ago and I'm still so in love with your music

    Hudson Taylor

    😊 Thanks for sticking around! Really appreciate it! H&A x

  56. muse3223

    Steve Zissou would be proud.

    Hudson Taylor

    Hehe We were definitely going for that so thank you.

  57. Anahí Arellano

    I love it ❤️

  58. Brian Barker

    Hey guys, glad to see you doing good stuff still, been a fan for a long time now and its cool seeing you get more recognized. Grats! Keep it up!

  59. Elly Gee

    Okay but when are we also getting a Hudson Taylor (ft. Gabrielle Aplin) song? No pressure but just a bit lol


    *ehm* beautiful mistake XD

  60. eyepicturedthis

    👏🏻This song makes me so happy

  61. Olivia Garces

    My sister and I would listen to so much Hudson Taylor in the fall but, she moved for college and now I don’t see her that often but this video made me super happy!!❤️

    Elly Gee

    umm okay but why is your story making me cry in the club right now

    Olivia Garces

    Lol I’ve got sadder stories just be glad I didn’t tell those 😂