Houston, Thelma - Saturday Night, Sunday Morning Lyrics

Were fooled by first impressions
They're not always true
You thought that I was made out of ice
But I caught on fire with you

I sparkled for a moment
Then I flickered out
I couldn't feel the flame any more
But darlin' I'm feelin' it no

Took such a long time to convince me
You could fill that empty space
But Saturday night is shining
On my Sunday morning face
Saturday night is shining
On my Sunday morning face

Sunlight is streaming
Through the open window
While you're dreaming in my arms
Took such a long time to convince me
You could fill that empty space
But Saturday night is shining
On my Sunday morning face
Saturday night is shining

This is the real thing
Look at me beaming with love
Saturday night is shining
On my Sunday morning face

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Houston, Thelma Saturday Night, Sunday Morning Comments
  1. Diamond-Lady 01

    Good taste in music brought me here 😘😊


    Ha, yeah, that's the ticket!

  2. philippe

    i was 14!!!!!!!!!! saturday night!!!! olala souvenirs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    Moi aussi.



  4. Wesley Mical

    "Cara gente branca" me trouxe até aqui kkk

  5. chuck branch

    I can still feel the morning breeze flowing through the dance floor at dawn in 12 WEST in NYC


    With a young lady on either side of you.

  6. LiverpoolSoul

    Still great in 2019

  7. Sidnei Nunes

    Maravilhoso dancing.

  8. Melany Zambrano Zamora

    Soy la unica hablando español que escucha esto? 😂😂


    You're not likely to be the only one as back in the 70s many latinos & latinas had their groove on.

    Melany Zambrano Zamora

    @funkEsavage i'm spanish 😂


    Obviously... in regular English anyone who speaks a Romance language is called Latin--Spanish, Italian, French, Portuguese, Romanian, Catalan, etc. 'Romance' as in 'Roman' and 'Latin' as in the language the Romans spoke. I was remarking that in the 1970s many speakers of Romance languages contributed greatly to disco and funk, usually singing in [email protected] Zambrano Zamora


    No! No eres la única. Que ritmo por Dios!! La mejor era musical de la historia, final de los años 70's y principios de los 80's. Que musicaaaa!!!

  9. iiwana wara

    Love this song, was played at a disco & everyone danced!


    I think it's got more longevity than her bigger hits. Groove, melody, & man--what a voice.

  10. Leon Holt

    GROSSLY Underrated VOCALIST!!!!🔥🔥❤💙💛💚!!


    She can sure belt out a tune.

  11. J Eshun

    After her worldwide smash with a great cover of Harold Melvin's Dont Leave Me This Way in 1977, Ms Houston followed up 2 yrs later with this club hit in 1979, on the Motown label , produced by Hal Davis


    This track was released in 1978.

  12. one star

    Dear white people introduced me to this bop!


    Yeah, I've noticed that. DWP is certainly exposing the younger folk to some of the classic grooves from back in the day. And, it's an interesting show to boot.

    one star

    funkEsavage im glad i've watched the show i love this song so much <3

  13. Gilmar Carvalho

    Clássico maravilhoso da Thelma Houston! O tempo passa e eu sempre vou curtir

  14. Joni Soma

    .....1980....reno nevada

  15. David Collins

    Dear White white people ... I love that scene


    Yep, memorable.

    Ced Bigby

    I thought this was Saturday Night Fever thou?


    @Ced Bigby It is. She never made a video to this song.

  16. sicily1973

    Love the '70s TV set! Thanks!


    Thanks, you're probably the only one who likes the TV frame!

  17. chuchiu8 McLeod

    I prefer the single version of this rather than the extended version.


    Only 20 sec difference.

    chuchiu8 McLeod

    Long version is over 6mins.


    That would be the 12" I imagine. Very common to issue several versions of disco songs back in the day.

    chuchiu8 McLeod

    Yes, that must be it. Thx.

  18. darrenb3730

    Dear White People brought me here too


    A decent show.

  19. Fernando Lozano

    LSD bought me here tho!!!


    I believe coke was the drug of choice when this track hit the charts!

    Fernando Lozano

    Its a skate video!!! Lol

  20. keith moore

    great bloody tune this still after all these years KTF still at 51 love it


    This sistah definitely had her groove going on back in the day.

  21. Simba Usore

    Dear white people brought me here 🙈


    A show that really knows the old tunes...

  22. ty munoz

    Dear white people broght me here too😁


    It's an interesting show, told Rashomon-style.

  23. Melody Sanger


  24. Corey Persons

    Dear white people ! Brought me here.


    The unco whiter-than-white-dancing (yep, I said it!) I purposely set this incomparable vocalist to only serves to highlight the soulfulness of her voice.

    Joni Soma

    funkEsavage ....you ass, the people featured here are Italians. Do not ever confuse an Italian with a white person.

    Joni Soma

    funkEsavage ....you stupid hillbilly....know who you are dealing with.


    Clearly, I'm dealing with a first-class moron. If I'm a hill-billy I'd be the first Polynesian in history to be transplanted from the Pacific to the Appalachians--don't want to launch into a geography lesson. Second, most Italians are of European descent and therefore considered 'white' in layperson's everyday language--don't want to launch into a genetics or linguistics lesson. Third, even John Travolta conceded these dance moves were as dorky as they come and so worked hard to restore his image only one year later in making the musical 'Grease'.

  25. Malcolm Hunia

    Love you Thelma Houston...

  26. Mark Taylor

    What can I add. This lady was the very best, so nice in person, and Jack, my mate, wanted to marry her. As for the track, I introduced it to him, and he said I wouldn't be his best man.
    Idiot, but long time forgives fools. Hope you recall Jack, and regret you could've met her. Git.
    NOT my fault. As for the song... oh Pow, what a mind blocker for a DJ, testy as unique, yet
    did it when needed... hell knows how. What happy-happy days running clubs, even for Jack.
    DJ Skid.


    Did you meet Thelma, DJ Skid? Very cool. She could certainly belt out a tune.

  27. soulie 52

    Yes I am funkEsavage. It is played out on the Northern soul scene over here in the UK.


    Great to hear you folks are maintaining the old standards, soulie!

  28. soulie 52

    Cracking Northern shuffler


    Northern? You must be referring to the old British northern soul scene 'cause Thelma is a Mississippi southern belle.

    keith moore

    and its a great northern soul shuffler KTF still at 51

  29. Mike Dennison

    I was posted to the States when this film was released. This tune would have been great in the movie.


    It definitely would've been a good fit for the story, but nothing is going to help some of those tragic John Travolta moves!