Household - Wistern Lyrics

I claim freedom from confinement
And that freedom has offered me questions
Have we thought that appearing whole
Is worth more than true wholeness?

My hope is found in what's ahead
So, I spend time looking at what You've said

I'm taking time away from perfect
Searching my life to find the surface
Taking time - searching my life
Taking time - searching my life

There is no telling what's inside of me
So, in seeking and asking I'm brought sincerity

We're all demanding the world provide an answer
Each story bares its own open wound
Let's take time to look down at ours
And start to learn. In time we'll grow

Done with arrogance and unfiltered youth
Raising my nose up high as if I had a clue
Somehow, I started asking questions
It led me straight into confession

Will You hear me calling?
And when I can't hear the answer
Will I let You take me as half of a whole?

Finite and figuring out what all this means to me
I ask openly in admittance of what I don't know
Hoping that I will find strength in the unknown

I've never thought of this time as a platform
So, I will not just speak as if I have one
Experience like a twisted path
Leads me to conclusions that others won't have

I understand that I don't fully understand this
All we see are the broken pieces
Finding assurance in what's yet to come
Here's my hand - take it and run
Take it and run

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